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Robbert van den Broeke claims images and ... - Colin Andrews

A CHALLENGE TO ROBBERT VAN DEN BROEKE ... In my research I have followed the Robbert van de Broeke case with an open mind waiting to be convinced of his claims.

The Family of Deceased Crop Circle Researcher Pat Delgado ...

The Family of Deceased Crop Circle Researcher Pat Delgado Issues a Statement Following Claims by a Medium, Robbert van den Broeke and Paranormal

Robbert van den Broeke: Paul Vigay Family Statement - Colin ...

Medium Robbert van den Broeke claims images of Pat Delgado and David Chorley appeared on his camera with messages for Robbert and Nancy Talbott.


STATEMENT OF THE CHORLEY FAMILY CONCERNING ROBBERT VAN DEN BROEKE ... representing his family and Robbert van den Broeke's gatekeeper, Nancy Talbott

Colin Andrews, Uri Geller, Crop Circles, Consciousness

Creating crop circles, Uri Geller, Colin Andrews, ColinAndrews.net. WHAT'S NEWS. ... As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who

2014 Crop Circles around the world - Colin Andrews

2014 Crop Circles plus other interesting designs. ... Photo by Robbert van den Broeke Media: 1: England Harewell Lane, Besford, Worcestershire. Taken by Mr Gyro.

2013 Crop Circles - By Colin Andrews

2013 Crop Circles – The End. By Colin ... By Robbert van den Broeke: England Hoden, Nr. Evesham, Worcestershire. By Jim Peyton: Netherlands By Robbert-van-den ...

2012 Crop Circles - Colin Andrews

2012 Crop Circles as recorded by Colin Andrews on his ... man made but those in Holland and associated with Robbert van den Broeke have been given a seal of genuine

Snow Circles in The Netherlands. - Colin Andrews

Snow circles found near Hoeven The Netherlands. ... called the young Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke in Holland, and we talked until about 1:30 ­ 2:00 am ...

2011 Crop Circles - Gallery. Colin Andrews

Robbert Van den Broeke. He claims association with the events and also has produced photographs in which UFOs, ... 2011 crop circles. My work has revealed large

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