Andrew Pyrka would like your help - Is this a person and UFO?
                                      Date: 1st July 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen

Over the past few weeks I (Andrew Pyrka) and Paul Jones have
experienced very unusual things here and there. We have filmed and
photographed Orbs and other light entities. I call on your assistance
here as one photo which I took at the YING YANG formation is rather
interesting ( my eyes by now could indeed be seeing things ). On the
morning of our YING YANG discovery, myself, Olivier Morel and Roy
entered the formation (we were the only three at the time) and we
quickly set to work by taking photographs as others in the distance had
noticed us coming in. The aim was to take as many pictures before
other public started coming in. The photo (wk7) which I have attached
shows Olivier and Roy - at this stage other people are coming in
behind me.
There are two objects in the image which need explaining:

1. Is at the very top of the image ( zoom in ) is this a person ? (Photo
(Photo WK12)  shows a black figure in front of where the
possible craft was. This figure doesn’t appear to have legs
or is standing in the tip of the crescent. The head is rather
odd as well.
Photo Wk7
Photo Wk7 - enlarged
(Photo WK9 ) shows the first few people who came in about
10 - 15 minutes after us. This photo is just for observation
2. To the left of the image in a shaded type crescent there
appears to be some kind of craft still in the
formation.....(Photo WK7)
(Photo WK10) shows no craft  and the black figure in the
(Photo WK10) enlarged.
(Photo WK11) shows just the black figure.
(Photo WK11) Enlarged.
Photo Wk12 - Enlarged
32. England
Milk Hill, Wiltshire. Copyright:
Russell Stannard.