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Crop Circles: Nuclear Concerns
Posted April, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, UPDATE Woolaston
crop circle 2011 further alignments, Warning!
From John Scott (Australia)
Six Crop Circles from July 2010 showing Nuclear Energy or BioHazard Themes
By Red Collie (Australia)

First posted on this website March 28, 2011

Six different crop pictures from July of 2010 showed “nuclear energy” or “biohazard” themes,
in the context of a nine-month lunar calendar centered on March 19, 2011, and seem to have
predicted the Japanese nuclear events eight months beforehand. The work of scientist
(Pseudonym).  Colin wishes to thank him for his permission to post this and also The
Crop Circle Connector
website  HERE - Full report
"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
Respected Researcher Andrew Russell Discloses He Helped Make The 2010
Crop Circle Which Was Thought By Some To Hold Warnings Of The Japanese
Nuclear Disaster.
As seen on Circlemakers TV Last Night.
Posted By Colin Andrews
April 14, 2011
Andy talked of taking part in the making of this design along with others and he repeatedly had a
feeling of a time distortion. You can hear his interview on
Circlemakers TV.
Andrew Russell announcing that he was invited to be one of the team who made this
design. Circlemakers TV April 13, 2011
The work of Red Collie (Australia) and posted on the Crop Circle Connector.
From: name known - (Australia)
Hi Colin

I always read your updates and I'm really glad you are doing what you are doing.

I'm baffled by Mr Russell's actions as I'm sure others will be also.  I'm also stunned by the strange
alignments that came out of the circle he and his team made.  

The synchronicity is amazing, but it's very disturbing that a group of human circle makers actually put
those alignments together.  Do we know anything else about those circlemakers?
Are they being ";told"  what to put down by others? And if so, whom?  Who are the orchestrators of
that particular circle?  I do have some ideas and I hope you will bear with me ...

That, from the future or from another form of dimension/space, or from a place deep in space
(therefore back in time), there is a group who hold humanity dear to them.  And that group is aware of
the events that are unfolding because they either have technology that enables them to view
probability outside of time, and thus see the next set of events coming for those on earth, or just
simply exist outside of our own time/frame and can see back into our time... or perhaps reside in a
galaxy thousands of light years away and see how things have eventually unfolded for humans on
earth (maybe even suffering the effects of those events)

Now if this is so, then it's possible that this group has designed the circle and many other circles in the
language of the sciences that we can understand.  Andrew Russell's group making the circle must
have someone in that group who "knows" about things to come or who is in contact with
those from the non-human group who want to warn humanity about these things.

My concern is that there is an agenda to get rid of anything that can possibly save us, or open our
eyes ... anything pertaining to the Christ phenomena perhaps, and any capability we have of
defending ourselves via military, and nuclear technology.  Don't forget the mothman and UFOs that
were seen circling the reactors before and after the tsunami.  Are they the causes of the quakes and
of all other events to come?  Just like a game of chess, if you strategically remove your opponents (in
this case knowledge and weaponry and its power, social order and govt/monetary stability), you are
free to come in and take over without any formidable opposition.

So I wonder if even the 2012 will be an already-prepared event where humanity is "saved"
by supposed good forces... but is in fact part of the great disarmament of humankind. Maybe
Quetzocoatl was aware of all of this and departed with the simple message that it’s a planned thing, it’
s going to happen and he leaves markers all around the earth that can be witnessed by everyone.

Maybe the circle designers (not physical makers) can see the events very clearly years before they
occur. This is theoretically possible ... you can look into the night sky today and see a galaxy that
exploded 1000 light years ago, and if you were to follow the light pathway back enough, you would
see theoretically see it before its explosion. Are you with me on this?  So why not the reverse?  You
are the one 1000 light years away from earth witnessing each event that unfolds … and as you
analyse the light data that is closer to earth you get to see the next thing that is due to happen.  

Another thing before I go, about that  grey alien crop circle with that ASCII message ... maybe the
circle designers are already on their way here and perhaps other places in the cosmos where these
negative aliens have rooted themselves and caused so much destruction.  Have you read Nigel
Kerner's work?  perhaps there are few kernels of truth in them.  

Anyway, I can't believe one little email turned so large.  Sorry about that Colin.  I just have so many
ideas about what can be possibly happening.

I think the first place to start investigating is to follow the Andrew Russell trail ... who are the "team"?
and most importantly --how-- did they get that design in the first place. He is the clue.

There's one in the group who knows.