Young Dutch Medium with Extraordinary Abilities


As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who
lives in the southern Netherlands' village of Hoeven, is singular in his
ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new
crop formations in his general vicinity. Now 28 years old (2008), he
has since early adolescence experienced "visions" which contain both
the location and the design of the new crop circle-accompanied by a
clear sense that the new formation is either occurring at that precise
moment or that it will occur soon. In the days just prior to these
experiences he generally feels a build-up of physical and/or mental
"angst" (nervousness and tension) which dissipates once the crop
circle has actually formed.  

Over the years he has also visually witnessed quite a few crop circles
forming, these circles usually accompanied by unusual light
phenomena-although not the same light anomalies in each instance.
In both daytime and at night he has observed single or multiple
spheres of bright white or yellowish light hovering over a field
(frequently the one that is directly behind his home), under which the
plants suddenly flatten into a crop circle. Sometimes he simply sees a
flash, or multiple flashes, of light, after which new circles or formations
of circles are seen in the field.

As Robbert has matured the strange events which occur around him
have escalated and now regularly include many which are generally
labeled variously as "psychic" or "poltergeist" situations, "out-of-body"
experiences, "remote viewing," physical "translocation," "lucid
dreaming," and "UFO" and/or "ET" encounters, etc.

A large and diverse library of anomalous light phenomena
photographs exist which will be outlined and discussed in an upcoming

In the 2 photos below there is no ceiling light, no apparent light source
for the strange streaks (F-stop on camera = 2.8).  

In addition to Robbert's ability to perceive the presence of unidentified
energies which are apparently present just before and during the
appearance of crop circles (and often remnant afterwards in the
fields), Robbert increasingly exhibits other unusual sensitivities.

He has become known in Holland as a "medium" of considerable ability
(a person with enhanced psychic talent) and now regularly sees
clients who have requested healing sessions and/or "readings" (for
which there are long waiting lists).
With a 1-3 minute focus, Robbert is capable of reading your thoughts
and visions, also known as telepathy. Robbert says telepathy is
possible for most people, however due to certain events (he wouldn’t
elaborate), people have lost this ability.

He also confirms that most of the crop circles are not done by physical
extra terrestrial flying objects. Robbert says only in one case he
witnessed a physical extra terrestrial craft that shot bolts of energy
down a field creating a very complex crop circle with lightning speed.
He isn’t sure if the energies he sees are somehow connected or
controlled by a physical craft.

The most interesting Robbert’s admission is that when visiting the crop
circle fields sometimes (not always) he feels tremendous energy of
love emitting from them. He says this energy is meant to lift people
and raise their consciousness.

As Robbert ages, he finds himself being able to do other things that
he wasn't aware he could do. He is capable to focus mental energy
and bend or 'destroy' physical objects without touching them. Robbert
can also influence and "confuse" a compass, changing the magnetism
field around it. An arrow pointing to North was within a minute pointing
to West as Robbert moved his hand across it. With two minutes of
mental focus, he was able to move the Compass' arrow anywhere
Robbert pleased.  

My meeting with Uri Geller who offered to make a crop circle
form with
his mind.
By Colin Andrews

Uri Geller is a well known psychic living in England.  He has
demonstrated an ability to bend spoons with his mind as well as many
other extraordinary mental feats. People who know Geller claim that
inexplicable things happen around him; ball bearings fall out of free
space, watches and other valuables dematerialize then re-appear in
distant localities.  The stories are boundless.   In 1989 I began to
wonder; if Uri Geller could bend spoons with is mind, could he also
bend crop plants and make a circle? Was the mind the force behind
the formations?

At the time I was director of Flying Saucer Review magazine. On our
board as legal advisor was a well known London barrister who knew
Uri Geller well. He arranged a private meeting for me at Uri’s house.  I
spoke of this to Bloomsbury Press, the publishing house that was
soon to publish my and co-author Pat Delgado’s new book, Circular
Evidence. We became excited at the idea of a book launch that
included Uri using his mind to make a circle in public.  By the time my
meeting was arranged, Bloomsbury had already begun negotiations
with Uri Geller.

The day of the meeting, the barrister and I met near Heathrow
International Airport and drove to Uri's home near Reading in southern
England. We arrived at the house and stopped in the driveway before
large, closed gates. After we stated our names over the intercom, the
gates opened slowly and we made our way to the elegant stone pillars
that supported an archway to the main entrance of his expansive
home.   We parked opposite the main doors and walked across the
gravel as his wife, Hanna, came out to greet us.

Hanna took us into the foyer where a long arcing staircase rose up
and away to other levels. She called Uri and while we waited for him to
come down we all went to the kitchen with their children and talked as
Hanna prepared food.  The atmosphere noticeably changed when Uri
made his way down the staircase. His presence had a very marked

Uri invited us outside to sit and relax on the patio next to his boat, tied
up along side the garden overlooking the river Thames. We talked
about crop circles, our research and Uri’s abilities. He asked when
Circular Evidence was to be published and we talked about the
proposed book launch.  Bloomsbury press had been working out the
details with Uri and negotiating a fee. The plan was for Uri to attempt
to produce a crop circle with his mind before live television.  The
chosen site was next to Silbury Hill.  I asked Uri how confident he was
that he could actually produce one.  He claimed to be completely

As we talked I asked if he had any ideas about how the patterns in the
fields that we had been researching had been formed and what they
might mean.   He said he knew both how they were made and what
they meant. He claimed he had been shown identical designs during a
UFO close encounter as a child in Israel.  Not the first such claim I had
investigated **(1).  He offered to show me sketches he had made at
the time.

Unfortunately we will never know if Uri could do as he claimed, nor was
I able to return and view the sketches.  Bloomsbury decided the fee
was too big a risk for such a complete unknown and the launch was
cancelled.  Although I understand Uri’s financial concerns, I do feel an
extraordinary event was derailed over money. I have no doubt that Uri
Geller has exceptional abilities and may have been able to pull it off.  
Many of Geller’s abilities are similar to those being claimed by Robbert
van den Broekein in the Netherlands. It may be that due to finances,
we have waited 26 years for another person to demonstrate that the
phenomenon is about the human mind.

My research has led me to believe that the phenomenon is about
ordinary and not so ordinary people engaged in an evolving process
of consciousness. The ramifications extend in many directions. Dr.
Dean Radin, director of the Consciousness Research Laboratory at
the University of Nevada in Las Vegas is performing cutting edge
research into these subjects. He and other scientists are beginning to
question the sequencing of human thoughts and actions and are
questioning some fundamental human principles, such as whether or
not we are truly agents of free choice (more on this in a future
'Consciousness' article).  This is the direction we must now look in
regards to crop circle research.  It may go a long way to explaining
why people who make them feel compelled to do so.

I often wonder what would have happened if Uri had made a circle of
flattened plants with his mind. Actually just bending one plant would
have turned the research to a whole different direction. At this point,
the only truly original crop circle research to be conducted over the
past 10 years has come from people like Dr. Simeon Hein with Ron
Russell and also Dr. Joachim Koch and Hans Kyborg who are working
with the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University. Hans
Kyborg is now sadly deceased.

Today’s arena demands that we move beyond simplistic, black and
white thinking.  It’s not about whether crop circles are being made by
humans or an unknown source. This simplistic thinking must change if
we are to unfold the deeper aspect of the phenomenon.  As far as Uri
Geller is concerned I am hopeful that he will consider future
experiments in the interest of the direction current research is moving
in. We are on a new road, one with the potential to change everything
we thought we knew about physical reality.  It’s time to put the old
arguments to bed and expand our thinking to new horizons.

Uri Geller bio:

Nancy Talbott and BLT have been close to the Robbert van den
Broeke case.  You can see  more of their findings at:


1.        Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt close encounter incident near
Winchester, England. The 1975 incident was the first of a series, in
which they claimed to have been shown the same designs and even
the fields where evolving patterns would appear – and they later did.  
The ET’s message was: “This is OUR field”.  This case will be subject
of a full future article.  Its stranger than strange, take that from
someone who thought I had seen and heard it all until I investigated
this case in the 1980s.
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My meeting with Uri Geller,
who offered to make a crop
circle form with his mind.

By Colin Andrews
December 22, 2009