Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
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Copyright: Gary Keel for CPRI
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Wayne Mason:
John Randall.
Colin Andrews.
Dmitri D'alessandro
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
Copyright: Raithy
Copyright: Dmitri D'alessandro
Copyright: Dmitri D'alessandro
Copyright: Solveig
by William J. Griffith
by William J. Griffith
Copyright: Wayne Mason 2010
This musical composition arranged and
played by Erik Stitt. Here with his kind
Copyright  John Randall
Copyright  John Randall
Copyright  John Randall
Copyright  John Randall
My gorgeous 'Angie' - painted as a gift to Synthia and Colin Andrews by artist
John Randall who has offered to help raise research funds by painting your
favourite pet as the prize if your e-mail address is drawn from those who make a
minimum donation of $20. If you are interested in having John paint a unique
piece like this of your pet, please read side panel
John Randall, the Animal  Artist
(and more) who gifted this
wonderful painting of my most
treasured pet dog 'Angie' has
kindly offered to donate his time
to paint YOUR pet if you are the
lucky winner of a Donation drive
towards this website and on
going three decades of research.

If you wish to make a minimum
donation of $20 towards
research before July 31, 2011
your e-mail address will be
entered into the draw.  When
your donation is received, you
will be sent a receipt and
confirmation that you are in the
draw. This is a touching way to
reach beyond the interests of
humans and to nature that
abounds around us and to help
those like you who care enough
to make a difference - TO

Thank you very much for your
support and to John Randall for
doing this. John's
Long live the arts, so essential to the quality of our lives.
I am honored to feature in the work of the professional Australian artist, former regular
weekly contributor in Australian and New Zealand newsprint Derek James, who is now
running his own website
The Broad View.  Copyright: The Broad View 2012 by Derek
James.  Visit his
new site as it develops.