Tree Trilling - Continued.
This report is the strict copyright of Pat Delgado and Win Keech - 2009
Published for the first time with their permission.
Discussion between Colin and Pat in Summary:
March 15, 2009

What differences are there between trees in Alreseford and those in Cheesefoot
Head or Manchester etc.?

There are no differences between trees in Alresford and any other location.
Only living trees give this sound.  Everything else I have tested so far gives no trilling
sound. The sound posted in this report was recorded at Cheesefoot Head, behind the
car park and you can hear me saying this on the tape.  The tree that I recorded from
at Cheesefoot Head I judge to be about 200m from the position of the 1989 circle .

Is the same or similar sound heard when other 'things' are tested, like people or
poles etc?

So far it seems its trees.  The larger the tree the louder the sound. Small shrubs have
very faint sounds but the same sound.  As one measures higher and higfher up into
the tree the sound gets quieter but transmitted signals from nearby radio transmitters
is stronger.  Another strange effect is that as the voices being picked up by those
transmitters increases the level of tree trilling increases with it.

Is it possible that what is being recorded is the sound of the living earth or plant?

We simply dont know.

Is this the sound of electron conductivity across any conductive pathway which is
being tuned and modulated by the electronic circuitry of the tape recorder or is it the
sound of something 'alive'?

We dont know.

Has this been done by anyone before?

As far as I know, only Win Keech and myself have recorded these sounds.
                                Closing comment by Colin:
Its such a tragic loss that Paul Vigay was not able to look at this development with us, coming as it did
shortly after the Cheesefoot Head article was finalized and of  which he was a part.. He would have so
enjoyed taking his own look at the analysis.  Less than one month ago Paul agreed to visit the site with
us again this summer but tragically
he left us before we finished the article and set those  plans.
Colin: As it was pointed out to me by journalist, Brigitte Trahan from Quebec, Canada,
after reading Pat's report: "Planets in our own Solar System also generate sounds.  
Listen to these sounds from Jupiter".
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Updated: February 7, 2011 -
Snow Rings appear around trees in Southern England.
Scientists discover 'singing' tree.
One study finds Wi-Fi and cell phone signals are killing trees.
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Thanks to David Wisbey for drawing this article to my attention.
Snow Rings appear around trees in Southern England
Colin Andrews
Posted February 7, 2011

Looking as if they are communicating with each other as one community. Can
this be an effect caused by ultra-sound, the same discovered at Cheesefoot
Head, the location of our interaction with a sound in 1989?
Studies also suggest that man-made signals are effecting
trees and in fact W-Fi and Cell phone signals are killing them

Seems to me having listened to a lot of the tree recordings and experimented with some myself, that
there is much more going on here than meets the eye.

Colin Andrews
California Academy of Sciences discovers a 'Singing Tree'
Debate on blogs recently forwarded:

Thanks for that link – great find & very interesting. It looks like something has “tuned” the trees, if
some sort of standing wave has caused the snow to distribute around the trunks the patterns are
all similar = same wavelength?? Question is how was the signal input into the trees and what form
did it take? It’s almost as if the ground vibrated in resonance to a vibration emanating from each
tree trunk (these would be low frequency vibrations) – there’s a thought – any earthquake
tremors in the area at the time? We have had some in Cumbria recently?

Second look – even stranger is the “rings” are tear drop shaped around each trunk – an aerofoil
shape – is the snow also being blown whilst vibrated? However the tear drops point in differing

I’ve come across the fact that trees transmit an EM signal before. I’ve attached a couple of links I’
ve found, another example of our ignorance of the natural world, and yet again it seems we are
causing problems with our Wi-Fi signals. Interestingly a lot of the persistent morphing orb
sightings are associated with woodland.

PS – another thought Google the Paul La Violette Project Camelot interview – right at the end I
seem to remember he talks about entering an altered consciousness state whilst he was
preparing his PhD thesis. He claims to have been able to observe an energy field around trees.
Interesting – a person of considerable intellect undertaking a prolonged period of sustained
“brainwork” enters a state of altered consciousness, I am thinking shamanism, American Indians,
and other ancient civilisations whose cultures talk of being able to make ethereal contact with
other life forces (spirits) after meditation or taking hallucinogenic plant or fungus extracts.
Snowy spectacle leaves residents of Gloucestershire, England baffled.

Dog walker Freddie Holding could not believe her eyes when she came upon this wintry woodland
scene on Leckhampton Hill.

She and her black Labrador Guinness stopped and stared as they found themselves surrounded
by a labyrinth of ring marks in the snow.

The beguiling effect, in woods off Daisy Bank Road, was created by dozens of contour marks
encircling tree trunks.

"I couldn't believe it," she said, "I have never seen anything like it before.

"It was an incredibly beautiful sight so I went straight home to get my camera."

In a bid to find out the cause of the mysterious pattern, Freddie sent the photo to the Echo.

But when we asked specialists at Cheltenham Tree Services, they were also left scratching their

Managing director Adrian Phillips said: "This is not something I have come across before.

"There is no reason for any kind of fungus to affect the trees in the cold weather, and it seems
unlikely things falling from the branches could create such a pattern.

"The most likely answer is that the pattern is manmade."

Do you know the answer to the riddle? If so email

Concentric Snow Rings around trees in southern England. Copyright Freddie Holding
A set of concentric rings in snow
during 1957 in Russia. A small
double ring inset on the same
ring shared by a tree was
suggestive of the tree having