Another UFO Report from Pine Bush, New
York - 21 Years Later and it still bugs
Larry Sullivan: "This Towering U.F.O Was
Hanging From The Sky and Was Actually
In the Driveway"  
Eye witness Larry Sullivan
My name is Larry Sullivan and I experienced a close
encounter in Pine Bush, New York in 1991. I  have
detailed drawings and a detailed account of the
events as recorded that evening.

I was living in a fourteen-room home in Pine Bush,
New York when I had the U.F.O. experience of a life
time along with my friend Helene.

Because we had no camera, we drew a picture of the
event. Below is the final picture that was drawn by
Helene, who was with me through the entire episode.  

In front of the huge fourteen-room house, those two
tiny dots represent us as compared to the size of the
U.F.O.  We were standing in the driveway staring at
the towering U.F.O. which was ALSO in the driveway,
hanging from the sky,  It actually was IN the driveway.
The sketch by Helene that night: March 24, 1991
We lived at 399 Awosting Road and at about 10:30 pm, we went out the back door to put the garbage
in pails. To our right, (north) hanging in the sky over a conglomeration of trees, was, what we later
called, “the huge red mist.”  To the left of  the red mist were three sets of, what we later called,
“Windows of Light.”

You can see the Red Mist and the Windows of Light in the drawing. The windows were huge,
rectangular boxes which appeared to have golden electricity inside each box.  By the time we reached
the front of the house there were no longer three columns of windows, but, FOUR, distinct columns of
Windows of Light.  

We could NOT see through the windows,  but, we could see through the spaces that
separated the windows.

There was an extremely bright light, off in the distance,  behind the windows.  Looking toward the
bright light, in the spaces available to see past the windows,  I said, “At least we know where the moon
is located.”  Helene pointed at the moon, which was in the opposite direction,  behind the house.  We
never did identify the huge bright light at the end of the driveway.

We stood in the midst of this other worldly phenomenon for about thirty-five minutes. We kept looking
straight up in the air to locate the bottom of a sky ship from which the Windows or the Red Mist might
be emanating.  No sky ship.  There was no sound coming from the sky, either.  The night was still and

The rows of  Windows never did stop reproducing.  As we stood there, every four or five minutes a
new row of lights would magically appear.  Eventually, there were about fifteen rows of Windows of
Light making its way around us toward the back of the house.

The next day in the back yard there was a large circle of grass with holes going around the
circle.  The holes were about 2 feet deep. I am guessing that there were probably 16 holes.  
This was amazing.

I still look to the skies hoping for their return.

I have more many ideas and insights about this - below.
Colins Comments:

I asked Larry a number of questions and in response he sent the following:

The circle was in the back yard and was simply grass. A large area of lawn, (grass) with holes dug, in
the grass, in a circular.

There were no footprints or machines leading up to the holes. Some years ago I was talking to my
brother and he asked me, “Where was the dirt from the holes?” To this day I have tried to figure it
out. My GUESS is, the dirt was down in the holes, because there was no dirt anywhere around the
circle.  The holes were very exact, it did not look like anyone forced the holes with a shovel or any
instrument. No photos were taken.

Concerning the UFO there was no vibration of any kind. There was no sound of any kind. We stood
there for 25 or 35 minutes trying to figure out what we were standing in and staring at.

After about 20 minutes had past, I pointed at the Windows of Light and I said to Helene, “Are you
ready to go?” She paused and finally said, "You are not going to leave me here alone are you?” I
paused and finally said. “No. Of course not.” I have no idea why I asked Helene if she was ready to
go. Would they have taken us/me with them?  I have not a clue.

Finally Helene said, “I am cold let's go inside.”  I agreed. Why I agreed I will never know.  We turned
and  went inside. Helene drew the pictures and then we typed up what happened. Finally I said, “Why
did you say you were cold and we should go inside?" She said, “Why did you come with me?” We
glared at each other and both ran back outside.

It was a perfectly clear night, The moon was right where it should be, The stars were shining and,
there was no sign of the Red Mist or Windows.

There are no published reports about this and you can certainly  post this on your website to share.  

The original notes that were typed up that night are below
The towering UFO hung in this driveway
399 Awosting Rd in Pine Bush, New York, north of New York City
Colin Andrews with the sketch made on March 14, 1991
If anyone in the area that night saw anything remotely like this or anywhere come to that, I would love to
hear from you:  
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CA: Photo taken of the huge ring of lights seen
by thousands along The Hudson valley near
Pine Bush, including my father-in-law Dr. Gale
Ramsby on his way back home from the
Connecticut Health Center, where he was
head of radiology.  He pulled over as did many
others to look at it..
Pine Bush UFO.
Downtown Pine Bush, New York State.
Larry gave me his reflections on the Pine Bush Sighting:   

There is never a day that goes by that I do not think about the red mist and those windows of light.  

Today, when I consider why we were chosen, I recall a conversation I had  a few days after the encounter.  I was
talking with a friend about U.F.O. experience.  He asked me, “Were you frightened?  Did you want to scream out
for help?  How about happy?  Did you feel like the luckiest person in the world?  Were you scared out of your
wits?”  It was strange but I could not answer my friends questions. However, I remembered being astonished and
dumbfounded while standing in the driveway but  I could not recall any other feelings.

Months later it dawned on me why I had no feelings in the driveway.  I had stood in that driveway for thirty-five
minutes communing with a presence, from an unknown reality.  I could not possibly comprehend what I was
witnessing.  There was nothing in my reality, to which I could compare, to what was in my driveway.  An
experience like that is numbing. It is beyond comprehension.

My thoughts about my Pine Bush sighting have changed. At the time I was  mesmerized and excited expecting to
be taken into a “window of light” and be transported.  Somehow I thought, believe it or not,  I would be taken
home. But, for whatever reason, we were meant to stay here.

Today, the event has led me to a strong belief that LIGHT is what transforms and transports.  Perhaps the
beams provide the energy in some way.

I believe that “Beings of Light” have visited artists through light, impressing them in such a way that they
artistically convey their experience. I have some far out thoughts on this subject.

I believe there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of as far as extraterrestrials go. I believe they will guide us to the
next level of awareness when, and if, we are ready to go. I have some interesting thoughts about December 21,

Once I thought E.Ts may live in those rays of light you see coming down from the sun. They seemed to remind
me of the light that was encased in the rectangular windows in the Pine Bush UFO.
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Pine Bush 1991 UFO
The area where the red mist appeared in 1991 is seen by today's Google sateliite to
reveal  a spance of land covered by dumped vehicles - Polluted ground perhaps???