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Public Outraged by Claim That Crop Circles Heal Parkinsons by
Croppie Researcher Lucy Pringle
Posted July 8, 2011
More circles cropping up in Marlborough area.
Thursday 9th June 2011

There has been a bumper crop of corn circles in the Marlborough area, says researcher
Lucy Pringle, who is investigating whether this annual phenomenon could have health
restoring properties.

Hampshire author Miss Pringle has spent 20 years studying and photographing the circles and other
formations that have appeared mainly in Wiltshire with the focus on the Marlborough Downs and the
Silbury Hill area.

Formations have appeared at two favourite locations, in a field by The Sanctuary on Overton Hill
between West Overton and West Kennett and at Hackpen Hill on the Marlborough-Wootton Bassett
road to the downs.

Miss Pringle photographed two of the most recent formations at Wroughton and East Kennett and
said that so far there had been about 12 patterns, more than at the same time last year.

She said she believed from the experience of one of her friends that the patterns could
hold a mystical key to alleviating some health problems.

“In 1997 a friend with Parkinson’s Disease stopped shaking for 24 hours after going into
crop circles,” said Miss Pringle, who said that traces of a dopamine – a substance in the
nervous system which helps regulate movement and emotional response – had been
found in the patterns by researchers.

“My focus this year is trying to establish a connection between Parkinson’s Disease and
crop circles,” said the author who is also fund-raising for Parkinson’s research.

Miss Pringle, who has lectured world-wide on crop circles, has appealed to people not to trespass on

“I know that people in their excitement tend to rush into the fields without thinking and without realising
that it is not their land; the land belongs to farmers and it is their livelihood.”

More about her research and the latest crop circles can be found on her website:

     E-mails to the website and Newspaper in Wiltshire, England:

Granti, Marlborough says...
2:31pm Thu 9 Jun 11

shame on you miss Pringle for this vapid new-age twittering!
Suggesting people can be healed is a huge fraud!
How about telling people about the poisons on the crop? The insecticide & pesticides, growth
inhibitors and the like that Can damage peoples health.
Anyone who thinks that crop circles are made by anything other than people needs to seek help from
a therapist!”

overthebridge, marlborough says...
2:35pm Thu 9 Jun 11

Each year someone claims something else about the crop circles, yet trying to prove a link between a
cure for Parkinson's and human-made crop patterns strikes me as being a bit cruel.

Crop circles are a hoax, any link between them and possible health restoring properties is completely
spurious. There is no factual evidence or actual truth in these claims, just a jumble of pseudo ideas,
put together in an attempt to make a serious claim.

Perhaps, instead of appealing for people not to trespass into farmer's fields, she should appeal to the
people who make them not to inflict the damage in the first place!”

Triton, says...
6:22pm Thu 9 Jun 11

Talk about gullible. Miss Pringle should lay off the herbal tea a bit and then she would realise that all
the crop circles are man made and that Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and God
him/herself is just a figment of man's imagination. I bet she buys "lucky" heather from the pikeys as
well just in case.”

who dat?, Swindon says...
9:37pm Thu 9 Jun 11

As there is no by-line to this "story" one is left to conclude that the only "journalistic" input was a bit of
cutting and pasting from La Pringle's press release!!!

“In 2012 a friend with FLATULENCE will stop **** for 24 hours after going into crop circles,” said Miss

overthebridge, marlborough says...
6:20pm Sun 12 Jun 11

Ksrandall - who the h*** are you (to use your words) to come on here and attack people for
questioning Lucy's ideas? I am not a member of the EDL, nor do I support any of their ideas. So,
please do not make assumptions about people you don't know.

As she has made a claim about the possibility of a cure for Parkinsons, I absolutely have the right to
question her methodology and criteria. I also reserve the right to question her beliefs and theories to
how the crop circles are formed.

I don't care what she believes, if she thinks that little green men made the crop circles, then so be it.
But if a person makes claims, creates a website etc, then they must expect to be questioned and
challenged on that too.

I openly acknowledge that those beliefs are different than mine and I respect that, but that does not
mean I have to believe them!”

Lucy Pringle Website                   =====================
Lucy Pringle - Copyright Peter Sorensen
A 2011 Crop Circle in Wiltshire
Return to Crop Circles Research - 2011 Crop Circles
Dopa is used in treatment of
Parkinson’s disease which is often
thought to be associated with low
levels of dopamine in certain areas
of the brain. This discovery
immediately drew my attention
back to 1997 the year of the Torus
Knot at Alton Priors. In my article
`Noughts and Crosses I described
the following:

The shaking stopped

“That we are dealing with low
frequency micro wave radiation still
appears to be the case. Indicative
of such evidence came in a report
from a friend of mine, suffering
from a condition similar to
Parkinson's (subsequently
confirmed as Parkinson’s). She
experienced a temporary but
wonderful physical respite from the
exhausting and continuous
shaking after sitting in the centre of
the Torus Knot at Alton Priors for 20
minutes. Subsequently she did not
shake for 24 hours. The physical
relief was enormous during that

Not to shake for 24 hours is a
remarkable occurrence
considering the person is
powerless to control the shaking
which in certain cases can occur
so many times per second, let
alone during a 24 hours period.
That we should find a connection
this summer with regard to
dopamine in the brain wave activity
tests has decided me to focus on
this area of research.

The fact that dopamine is a
monoamine (a compound
containing nitrogen formed from
ammonia by replacement of one or
more of the hydrogen atoms by
hydrocarbon radicals).

Can we therefore make a further
connection, this time linking the
findings of ammonia found in the
water sample in addition to those
found in high Beta and Gamma
brain activity results? This is
potentially exciting and deserves
further in depth investigation. If it
were possible to further the
advance of research into Parkinson’
s this would be my ultimate dream.
A vision and goal towards which I
am prepared to give my utmost
energy and dedication.
"The shaking stopped"
Lucy Pringle speaking of
Parkinsons - Lucy Pringle's