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2013 Crop Circles - By Colin Andrews

2013 Crop Circles – in this form, its The End. By Colin Andrews Posted July 9, 2013 It’s all gone bad, very bad, but the bottom line will be clear when it’s fully played out.

2012 Crop Circles - Colin Andrews

Robbert van den Broeke was Trickery - this statement was made directly by Pat Delgado's family which I posted but I did agree with their view. That is an important difference. 4. Like anyone else I am allowed my opinion. No I have no absolute evidence that Robbert has hoaxed these images, its my opinion that he has - that is all, although the

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Report: Robbert van den Broeke: Investigation closed. See Colin's blog HERE September 11, 2012 9/11: If I am not to be conscience driven for the rest of my life, to understand why the official government findings on the 9/11 World Trace Center attack dont tally, please somebody explain to me

UFO Files - Colin Andrews UFO files

As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who lives in the southern Netherlands' village of Hoeven, is singular in his ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new crop formations in his general vicinity. Now 28 years old (2008), he has since early adolescence experienced "visions" which contain

Colin Andrews - Postings Archive - Page 3

Colin Andrews postings archive, page 3. "The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"

Colin Andrews, Crop Circles, Consciousness, UFOS, Photography

Colin Andrews is a well known researcher and visionary who coined the term crop circles and has impacted the knowledge in the studies of consciousness, UFOS, Remote Viewing and Climate Change.

2011 Crop Circles - Gallery. Colin Andrews

Robbert Van den Broeke. He claims association with the events and also has produced photographs in which UFOs, glowing crop circles, people and animals manifest - not seen while taking photos. Ive been gathering data about these incidents, for more than 15 years, mostly via the published findings of Nancy Talbott of BLT.

2014 Crop Circles around the world - Colin Andrews

Crop Circles during 2014 from around the world - also other unusual circles of interest - Colin Andrews

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Eartha Kitt died today. Colin and Pat with Eartha Kitt and Ed McBain with their best selling books in 1989: HERE December 24, 2008 Fantastic book reviews coming in from around the world for our new book,

Colin Andrews Research into Crop Circle since 1983

Colin Andrews Crop Circles Research since 1983 - He coined the term crop circles and co-authored the first book on the subject 'Circular Evidence'. Advised Margaret Thatcher's cabinet via the Secretary of State for the Environment and also Queen Elizabeth.

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