The Astrology of 2012
By Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O.
By Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. former FBI special
Agent in Counter Intelligence and Terrorism,
member of the Secular Franciscan Order, and
founder and President of the Franciscan
Family Apostolate. Since 1972 he has been a
student of Astrology.
“In this year we will see neither a solar or a lunar eclipse, but most wondrous
positions of the planets will occur. For in February there will be small, mean, as
well as great conjunctions, 16 of which shall occupy a watery sign. These will
signify indubitable change, variation and aberration for almost the entire world,
climes, kingdoms, provinces, estates, dignitaries, brutes, sea creatures, and
crops, such as we have rarely heard of for many centuries from historiographers
or our ancestors. Therefore lift up your heads, Christian men.”
(Almanach for the year 1524).
What is Past is Prologue?

The much feared deluge suggested in the above quote never occurred. As a
matter of fact the day it was to occur, the deluge
in piscibus, was a sunny day.
The planets, it was thought, were to be aligned in the water sign of Pisces
exactly as in the days of Noah. It was believed that the predicted Flood of 1524
was a punishment from God for the corruption of the Church and the Lutheran

In 1596 England, the Star Chamber, the government agency which mandated
the censorship  of publications, recalled all the publications of  “A Most Strange
and Wonderful Prophecie.”  According to the astrologer, Tarqualas
Vandermers, this publication predicted the end of history in that year through
various natural disasters, wars and bloodshed, as punishment from God. If
England would change its ways, because it is the “elect and chosen,” it would
escape the fate of the “papal Anti-Christ”, the Turks and the Spanish. The Star
Chamber squelched its publication, destroyed the printing press, forbidding the
printer forever to again operate a print shop. The prophecy was considered a
danger to the Elizabethan government as “the potent apocalypticism …was too
dangerous to be ignored” because of the volatile nature of the English political
scene at the time. Again, as in 1524, nothing happened. Are we going to see
the same empty stage for 2012, where the audience showed up but not the

Nonetheless, the astrological chart for
December 21, 2012 is amazing. As a
matter of fact, to the studied astrologer, it is stunning! One wonders how the
Mayan astrologers arrived at this apparently auspicious date inasmuch as the
aspect configurations and the planets involved, unseen by the naked eye, are
familiar only to contemporary astrologers. Whatever method they used and
whatever “the end of the Mayan calendar” means astrologically the 2012 chart
is one of international social, civil, political and military unrest. However it plays
out  it will be difficult.  The world will be a different place, much like the 70’s
were to the 50’s.  It will be a consciousness raising period for some, and hurtful
to others, especially those who will resist change. The question is – will it be a
single event, a catastrophe as the moneyed media makers will portray to line
their pockets? Ironically, in the less civilized age of 1596 England, the producer
of the movie “2012” would be sitting in prison for six months and prohibited
from ever again producing a movie! Or will Dec 21, 2012 be looked on as the
time in which tremendous changes started having their influence – a rebirth
where changes over time spur belief in a new paradigm?  If so, what paradigm?
There is a boatload of paradigms from which to pick.– democracy, autocracy,  
theocracy, Christianity, Islam, socialism, capitalism, New Age. All want center
stage. Or will everyone decide to jettison their long held beliefs for some other
paradigm not yet known until it visits us on December 21, 2012?
End of the world scenarios have been with us since pre-Christian times. The
Jews awaited the “day of the Lord” – one day there is violence, the next day all
is transformed and the lion will lie down with the lamb.  The quick fix didn’t exist
for Christianity, as seen in the Book of Revelations.  The day of the Lord would
be coming in a painful destruction with the battle of Armageddon as old habits
die hard.  In the Middle Ages, the Calabrian monk, Joachim of Fiore,
prophesied the coming of “the new spiritual man” and the age of the Holy
Spirit, an age of
plenitude intellectus, downplaying the violence of Revelations.
In the 18th Century it was the “novus ordo”, the new world order, that still
appears on US currency. In the 20th century, “the new socialist man” was
heralded by the Soviet Union and Germany proclaimed the advent of the 1000
year Reich by the pure Aryan. In a word, fear of going to the brink and ending
it all and actually almost doing so has been a human legacy for a long, long
time. Lessons learned? Most assuredly the most important lesson is this – if a
paradigm shift is in the offing, then who you are and what you believe will
definitely affect your reality. And, if past is prologue, the change that does
come will happen piecemeal through our response to events that precede
2012 and thereafter.

Astrology, today as was true yesterday, is not equipped to address the
doomsday scenario. In the past, attempts were made but failed. The
Franciscan friar, Roger Bacon, predicted the end of Islam with the conjunction
of Jupiter and Saturn.   In the 13th Century; the infamous bubonic plague,
called the Black Death, considered a punishment from God, was declared,
after the fact, by the doctors of the University of Paris to be the result of
changes in the air caused by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  The 14th
Century Roman Catholic French Cardinal, Pierre d’Ailly, predicted the coming
of the Anti-Christ in 1789 because of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  
According to the Almanach of 1524 the world was to be consumed by a flood
as in the time of Noah as the result of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
with other planets in the water sign of Pisces. This prediction was believed by
many astrologers including Lucas Gaurico, the famous and most favored
astrologer of Pope Julius II and Pope Paul III who rewarded his astrological
prowess by making him a Bishop.

Of all these predictions that of Cardinal d’Ailly’s is the most instructive. For a
French Cardinal to predict the end of the power of the Catholic Church, in
France, four centuries after his own time is significant. His astrology was
apparently right but the reality of how it would happen was wrong. The Anti-
Christ did not come as a person but as a series of events, spurred by an anti-
Christian spirit, which decimated the French Catholic Church.   France had
been THE jewel in the papal tiara, having been the papal seat for almost one
hundred years in the 14th Century. Its king was known as “the Christian King.”
Even today, the Church has all but vanished in its influence in France, subject
to the secular spirit of the French Revolution. The Cardinal’s prediction was
expected in biblical terms, as in Revelations. Instead, it manifested the zeitgeist
of the age, reacting against the
Ancien Regime and the Church, changing the
face of Europe from the seat of Christendom to home of secularism; and in
many respects anti-Christian. Cardinal d’Ailly would be stunned as to how it all
came together.
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Secular Franciscan Order
Chart for the Mayan Calander December 21, 2012.
The sky on 21 December 2012. Page 90 from The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Society of Former Special
Agents of the F.B.I. Foundation.
Alan J. Ouimet began researching the 2012 Astrology chart after reading 'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012'  
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