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The 2012 Debate
        The Astrology of 2012
       By Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. - Continued:

The Amazing Feature of the 2012 Chart

What makes the chart of 2012 strike a note of amazement to the contemporary
astrologer? The configuration of the four planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and
Pluto form essentially one configuration which is esoterically known as
Finger of God,” combined with a square aspect, suggesting the need for the
physical manifestation of a reality which promises to be deep and revolutionary.
This is auspicious indeed!  This type of configuration, along with the planets
Uranus and Pluto, was unknown not only to the Mayan astrologers, but also to
the Western astrological tradition of the Tenth Century. Were it not for the
students of the 2012 calendar I suspect most astrologers would not have come
upon it by their own devices. The “Finger of God” aspect is hardly a big
influence in present day astrological parlance and non-existent, to my
knowledge, in those astrologers beholden to the medieval and vedic
astrological schools of thought.

The Finger of God’s proper name is a Yod or a Double Quincunx. Probably the
best definition of this configuration was given by the astrologer Bil Tierney
(Dynamics of Aspect Analysis) wherein he describes it as
“arriving at a fork in
the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without
knowing where it will lead to.”
 Further, it is symbolic of “an unrecognized
abruptly gushing forth after brewing for years. More importantly, the
“activation of the Yod will cause the dropping, or psychologically letting go, of
certain interests and habits in order to become involved in what is showing on
the horizon.”
 If there are any malign influences “maladjustments are prone to
surface and actively struggle in the environment.”
The most important planet in this type of configuration is the Apex planet. In
2012, this the Apex planet is Jupiter in Gemini opposed to Mercury and Venus
in Sagittarius - a combination points to the tension between the forces of
secularism and the forces of religion It also points to the need to bring these two
forces together, for moral enrichment impacting negatively on material,
economic and political concerns because it is too abstract, disorganizing and
impractical. Expectations may fall short due to bad judgment or overconfidence
and overreaching. Tierney suggests the effect can be the dropping of
“a former
belief or long held ideology, and instead adapt another worldview…to become
more effectively aligned with the inner spirit. Usually due to a seemingly
providential twist of fate…greater opportunities to take part in a larger social
pattern of ideal development”
is provided. Caveat emptor, free will could
mismanage these energies leading to dire consequences, fateful circumstances
and the imposition of dominant personalities who will impose their will on others.
Jupiter does not stand alone in this “finger of God” aspect – it is opposed by the
planets Mercury and Venus which conjoined indicates
idealism; these planets
are in the sign of Sagittarius suggesting the assertion of
religious and other
strongly held beliefs
. Further Jupiter is retrograde rendering it more reflective
than spontaneous, giving possibly deeper insights and less flexibility to religious
and spiritual matters.  In a word, the present national and international tension
concerning secularism versus religion, West versus East and an increase of
religious fanaticism ( Editor:
Example ) be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or
atheist is highlighted as getting more severe in terms of resolution needs. The
2012 chart suggests hard times ahead.
    Some Things about Mythology

In order to better understand the “finger of God” configuration one must
appreciate the mythological significance of the planets involved in astrological
lore. Jupiter is the astrological symbol of God; Saturn the Law. When in celestial
relationship to each other astrologers, at times, have given events a prophetic
meaning as previously mentioned in the predictions of Friar Roger Bacon,
Cardinal d’Ailly and Bishop Gaurico. In medieval rabbinical literature, Rabbis
Abarbanel and Eliezer promoted an idea that the conjunction of these two
planets in Pisces heralded the birth of Moses. They had gotten the idea from
Josephus, the first century Jewish historian, who reported the contemporary
beliefs of the Jews. This story, in which Pharaoh is advised by a priest
astrologer of the coming birth of a Jewish messiah leading to Pharaoh ordering
the death of all new born Jewish male children is, in all probability, the source of
the Magi story, and killing of the Innocents in the Gospel of Matthew. Influenced
by Abarnel and Eliezer, Johannes Kepler, through his  astrological research
promoted the idea of Jesus being born under the same configuration in Pisces.
Even today we can see some serendipity at work. The head of the Nation of
Islam, Louis Farrakhan, officially proclaimed President Barack Obama as the
Messiah – Obama’s chart contains the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – and
to many he is. Jupiter and Saturn not only have such religious meanings as
God and Torah, Prophet and King; Pope and King, Divine Judgment and
Retribution. At a mundane level it means growth and stability, and hard earned
progress. Financial astrologers use the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn for their
stock market predictions. Things religious, philosophical, conservative and
progressive combine under the symbolism of these two planets.

Uranus and Pluto, the other two planets involved, are another matter. Since
their discovery their cyclical pairing have been the benchmarks of radical
change in society in addition to Jupiter and Saturn. Discovered in the 18th and
20th centuries respectively, Astrologically, Uranus is significant as the planet of
radical change and revolution; Pluto is the planet of death and transformation;
the combination of Uranus and Pluto suggests the purging of the old and
outdated for the new. In the words of the famous international astrologer, Noel
Tyl, their stressful configuration is analogous to Jesus overturning the tables in
the temple evidencing a return to purity by purging the dross. Death may come
in the wake of such change as systemic change is tough. For Jesus it was fatal.

Of similar value is the story of Prometheus, a son of the gods, symbolic of
Uranus. Feeling sympathy for the miserable condition of humankind,
Prometheus decided to steal the fire from Mount Olympus and give it to
humankind. The fire was not just fire, but part of the inner life of the gods so
vital for humankind to grow and develop. Apollo forbade it. Prometheus ignored
Apollo and brought the fire to earth. For this act he was sentenced to be
shackled to a rock, where a large bird would come daily to eat at his liver for
eternity. He was saved by Hercules and lived among humankind. Seeking
revenge for his hubris, Apollo sent Pandora to Prometheus with a gift. Seeing it
as a trick he refused the gift and told his brother, who was enamored with
Pandora, to “have nothing to do with the gods.” Not listening, his brother
opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed all the diseases that have plagued

Have Nothing to do with the Gods

Prometheus’ advice to “have nothing to do with the gods” indeed reflects the
theme of the pairing of Uranus – Pluto. Both Jesus and Prometheus rebelled
against the organized society of their time. Both saw the need for the eternal
inner fire; one represents the wisdom of the East and the other the inherited
wisdom of the West. Uranus in astrological thinking reflects the Promethean
spirit of humanity and revolution, the path of individuation, of humanism, the
“Novus Ordo” of America. It is the planet which “upsets” the Finger of God
aspect containing the planets traditionally identified with God and His Law,
Jupiter and Saturn, in the chart of 2012.  When stressfully configured with Pluto,
(planet of perspective,) the contentious forces of religious conflict versus
secularism are at play
in extremis. In the real world it is best expressed by the
conflict between Islam and the West – the tip of the spear being radical Islam. In
the States, the increased fears and reaction of people of religion against the
forces of secularization has created a deep polarization.  Accusations of deep
immorality and self-aggrandizement occur on the right, and witch hunting and
Nazism on the left. In Europe, fears of being overtaken by Islamic immigration
and changing the very nature of European culture, is the topic of daily
The Finger of God - Modified
The Finger of God - select to enlarge
National and International tension concerning secularism versus religion
- west versus east - Religious fanaticism.