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2013 Crop Circles            
Comments by Colin Andrews

2013 will be a defining year for
crop circles and more besides.

The conclusions of my 30 years
research into this subject, also the
UFO and consciousness will be
published in August in the form of a
new book called
'On the Edge of
Reality'. (New Page Books/Career

Long held secrets will be revealed
and new findings made public for
the first time.

Some of the most talented land
artists on the planet have some
surprises in store, just as
mysterious forces have had some
surprises for them too.

Probably the best artist of his kind
on the planet has already set off
into a new direction, which will be
very revealing in itself. Julian
Richardson, known only to a few
insider friends is a key player but
others that remain invisible will
make this subject even more
strange and mysterious than most
would ever have imagined.

Take a look at Julian's work on the
sand along England's south west
coast to see that he has all the
skills called for by those who
questioned many of the similar
designs could not be man made.

The outcome of my 2000 statement
that at that time 80% of the crop
circles in England during 1999 and
2000 were man-made is about to
take on new meaning.

What does the UFO, 9/11, world
economics and politics have to do
with the ultimate crop circle maker?

This year the pieces will come
together that answer for me
whether we are alone right here,
right now. The evidence is
Posted July 4, 2013
As predicated by my research, the
crop circle season in England is
experiencing a sudden turning
point. Just as in all other fields of
human activity, as we face our
own demons and embrace the truth
surrounding the subject, it
becomes obvious to the informed
that this is indeed The Crossroads.
2013 crop circle update coming

"One of the most important series
of interactions with a non human
higher mind, has taken place over
the past three decades. Some might
say an experiment by unknowns, to
fine tune human interaction.

We are truly on the edge of a new

Colin Andrews
United States
New Haven, Connecticut
South Africa
Diamond mining
The Netherlands
Cereal -
By Robbert van den Broeke
United States
Gray, Tennessee
Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
Oil Seed Rape - By Jim Peyton
Brean Beach, Somerset.
Sand - By Julian Richardson
Barbiano Lugo, Nr Ravenna.
Finale Emilia Modena.
Greenpeace Constructed
Demonstration against GE foods
Cisterna Latina.
England - article
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.
Cereal - By Jim Peyton
Italy - media
Cavallo Grigio Robella Asti
Cereal - By Roberto Giordano
Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire.
Cereal - By Jim Peyton
Rheinau, Nr  Zurich.
Cereal - By Ricardo Perret
Imling, Near Sarrebourg.
Cereal - By Crop Circle Connector
Timashevsk Krasnodar.
Brean Beach, Somerset.
Sand - By Julian Richardson
Brean Beach, Somerset.
Sand - By Julian Richardson
As usual, my sincere thanks to The Crop Circle Connector website
Cava Manara, (Pavi)
Cereal - By
Yatesbury, Wiltshire
Cereal -
By www.CropCircleConnector
Brean Beach, Somerset.
Constructed by crop circle maker Julian Richardson along with his team, which included Stuart Dike of the website  
Brean Beach, Somerset.
Thanks to
Julian Richardson and Malcolm Trencher for details.
Ridgeway, Avebury, Wiltshire
Cereal - By Jim Peyton
Access to Crop Circles in
Wiltshire, England:

Approach the farmer for
permission or:

2. Purchase an access pass from
a new organization who have
authority to grant access only to
those farmers who agree. Most
farmers have said they will cut out
circles as soon as they are

Day pass: £10, introductory offer
this year of £7,50

Week pass: £30, introductory offer
this year of £20

Season Pass: £60 , introductory
offer this year of £40.

The background:

and from Derek Viner HERE

3. Pay for access to a few farmers
land who have not signed onto the
permit idea above. The charge for
this will be two pounds paid at the

The whole dynamic of fun,
pleasure and a day with nature
and mystery has gone. It took 30
years to reach this point, but I have
to believe that someone
somewhere knows just what they
are doing!!


As of July 7, 2013
The passes will permit access to
one crop circle.

A hand full of other crop circles
exist in the area but the farmers
have denied access.
2013 Crop Circles – in this form, its The End.
By Colin Andrews
Posted July 9, 2013

It’s all gone bad, very bad, but the bottom line will be clear when it’s fully played out. We watch ourselves
unravel to find our ultimate worth. This subject is far from alone in this process.

I am the person who coined the term
‘crop circles’, before the hundreds and then thousands became
drawn to this platform of human experience. Our small original team of Busty Taylor, Pat Delgado, Terence
Meaden and myself, on occasions joined by  Don Tuersley and Ron Jones, each of us recognized a
strange interplay with our thoughts, actions and events in the fields and it was this unseen and unresolved
aspect along with everything else taking place which fueled the mystery for others who followed.
Years later in 1999, with only Busty and I left of the original team, I undertook a two year project to
investigate very specifically the people we knew by then made crop circles.

During that investigation and with thanks to circle maker Matthew Williams,  I found that the same strange
interplay each of us researchers had experienced in the 80s, was also being experienced in various forms
by the people making these exquisite designs. Right back to senior citizens Doug Bower and Dave Chorley
in the late 80s who also expressed that it felt like something outside of them  was breaking into their
consciousness and encouraging them to make them - they could never explain it.

Matthew Williams, along with super crop circle-maker Julian Richardson have both been vital pieces of this
puzzle and I take the opportunity in my next book to discuss the wider implications of that. The subject is
more fascinating than I ever thought possible but it takes a very wide stretch of the mind landscape to
finally ‘get it’. The book for those interested is
‘On the Edge of Reality’ to be published in many countries
during early 1August 2013.

The human factor is now in full cascading flow and can be appreciated by visiting the websites below and
reading the various perspectives and opinions at work.

The culmination of years of personal effort by a lot of ‘initially’ well-meaning people has been consuming
for each of them. The whole array of truths and falsehoods, the sense of giving by some and taking by
others is what is now working itself out. The ‘master mind’ and ‘ultimate planner’ knows exactly where this is

– look outside at every other function of humanity and even the solar system and Mother Earth herself to
see the clues of ‘an intelligent  construct’.  The inter connectivity of the paradigm shift with all of the life
force entities are in transition and all is apparent when we look outside of ourselves.

The winning tide takes us all to that new place and it will only be a better experience than we have now, if
we each learn from what has gone before. We must drop the axes, all the past discord and take the huge
challenges ahead together.

Somehow I think that we don’t fare on the top of the list of importance as far as the larger
picture is concerned.  It’s up to us if we want to experience wonderment, joy and dare I say the
love we all have deep down inside.  Time is short and change is here and it won’t be waiting for
us. More important is that thousands of other species are in trouble, and yes we too are in
trouble and we don’t have control of the forces at work this time.

When we see what is going on inside this subject, we could be mistaken for thinking that we are observing
the political discord in Washington D.C. or London or  the discord taking place in countries like Egypt and
who knows what tomorrow will bring - but this madness must end.

My wife Synthia and I co-authored
'The Completer Idiots Guide to 2012' and in it we indicated that the
Maya had predicted this period and they had it right on the nose.  They said that the period around 2012
would be the end of one major cycle and the beginning of a new one. We said that the way we read the
prophecy, or what is known, strongly suggests that we have to establish coherence of love within this
narrow window of opportunity.

The myth that the Maya and researchers of the 2012 Prophecy had forecast the end of the world was a
myth created by the media and Hollywood themselves, which they played for top value until the 22
December 2012 when they turned it around and aimed it back at us all for blame and ridicule (that is how
social engineering works). This served a complete injustice and lack of respect for the Mayan people
because they never said such a thing nor did any researcher I ever spoke with on the subject in research
for our 2012 book.

The media too is in crisis within its own ranks. There are a handful of good journalists trying against the
odds to do a good probing job.

There are timely and brave Whistle-blowers in vital positions of trust who are also looking in the mirror and
have decided they can’t continue to live the deception and lie they see being perpetrated on their fellow
man and woman. This kind of loyalty is being quickly engineered to have us think they are enemy when
they are friend. Another example of
The Crossroads we have reached.
We have not been served well by our politicians nor our money making media, have we?

And so we return to the crop circles where it appears the worst of all incentives which is driving the
widening disparity between honest researchers, who know what is taking place and those in crop circle
related businesses who also know but choose not to say so is  . . . . MONEY.

All of this can be forgiven and all of it should, because what faces us all is infinitely more important, the
common cause is our survival and that of our planet.

Ironically this message is what most on both sides of the fence intuitively felt was behind this mystery from
the very beginning. Many felt an internal calling to change the world –  so let it be so.

Colin Andrews

2013 Crop Circles

The End.
By Colin Andrews
Posted July 9, 2013

Read comments on left panel.
Also interviews with Colin Andrews and
Matthew Williams.
Andrews research and Williams crop circle
making experience come into agreement -
its over except for the unexplained events
that continue to take place.

Listen to Andrews and Williams interviews on
The Paracast.

Two men who found themselves different
sides of the crop circle subject, book end
them and agree that an even more bizarre
mystery exists.

<<<visit each site to experience the current world of the crop circles   >>>
Derek Viner from the above organization explains: Select
Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire
Cereal - By Jim Peyton
Updated: May 17, 2017       : Made by Puffer Fish - video. See below         
Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire
Cereal - By Jim Peyton
Brean Beach, Somerset
Sand - Thanks to
Julian Richardson, Stuart Dike and Peter Sorensen
Czech Republic
Cereal - Thanks Crop Circle Connector
Photographs Continued
Brean Beach, Somerset
Sand: Made by Circle-maker artist
Julian Richardson, and team: Stuart Dike, Paul Burton
and Mirka. Photo Copyright: Matthew Williams.
Thanks to Malcolm Trencher at www.inquiringminds (UK)
The Crop Circle Connector.

The 8-bit ASCII code within the sand design reads:

"Finding your God particle is just the beginning"
The design is taken from the ATLAS particle detector at CERN
By Crop Circle Connector
Amber-Michurinsky, Nr. Krasnodar
Crop Circle Connector
Bienate, Nr Milan, Lombardia
Crop Circle Connector
Ridgeway, NrRoundway, Wiltshire.
Jim Peyton, Crop Circle Connector.
All Cannings, Nr Stanton St Bernard.
By Jim Peyton - Crop Circle Connector
Czech Republic
Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circle Connector
The Netherlands
Crop Circle Connector
The Netherlands
By Yvonne
By Jim Peyton
Stonehenge, Wiltshire.
By Crop Circle Connector
Milk Hill, Alton Priors.
By Philippe Ullens
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
By Jim Peyton
British Media
'Where Have the Crop Circles Gone??
Daily Mail
The Times
Daily Express
Swindon Advertiser (Wiltshire)
Why Are Crop Circles Dying Out? asks the Daily Mail
Uri Geller says.....
Update November 1, 2013

The most disappointing season
to date. Numbers down, quality
and complexity down, human
animosity and discord up and
the best crop artists moved
pallets to the sandy beaches on
the coast of the English Channel.

Well known for its crop circle
tours and conferences in UK,
WCCSG posted on their website
at the end of this season:

Sadly due (to) a recent decision
to close the group in July next
year (2014), the WCCSG (and
its charitable company CAER)
are no longer accepting

Many who questioned my
findings in 2000 of the level of
man-made circles, finally come
to the realization I was right but
still the importance of what is
transpiring has not sunk in. -
The timing of our new book
the Edge of Reality
' could not be
more appropriate.
Endorsements and Reviews
The Netherlands
By Robbert van den Broeke
Hoden, Nr. Evesham, Worcestershire.
By Jim Peyton
By Robbert-van-den-Broeke
Santa Monica, LosAngeles
Thanks to Crop Circle Connector
Pacific Ocean - Puffer Fish -
video of manufacture
Inchydoney Beach Nr Clonakilty -WestCork
Inchydoney Beach, Nr Clonakilty,West Cork
Uxbridge, Massachusetts
By Enoch Mayfields
Cooks Plantation, Beckhampton.
By Jim Peyton
South Coast - by Julian Richardson
South Coast - by Julian Richardson
South Coast - by Julian Richardson
South Coast - by Julian Richardson
Etchilhampton Hill, Devizes
By Jim Peyton
Colin Andrews interview on Paracast on November 10, 2013 was
quickly followed by well known crop circle maker Matthew Williams
on November 24, 2013.
The interviews with these two men who have found themselves across
two sides of the fence for many years, book ends the crop circle
subject as its been known and marks the beginning of the most
important phase - The truth and their shared understanding and
experience that a higher mind is actively involved. Colin believes
involved in ALL subjects and humans future.
Two men from different sides of the crop circle subject,
book end them and agree that an even more bizarre mystery exists.
Posted December 4, 2013
Listen to the interviews HERE
The conclusions of 30 years
research into the crop circles
forms a part of this new book. Now
in all good book stores. Select the
cover above to read the reviews,
endorsements and to purchase
your Christmas copy.
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
France (Alps)
Snow designs - by Simon Beck
South Africa
New South Wales, Gerroa Beach
New South Wales. Gerroa Beach
North Dakota
Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire
By Jim Peyton
Armstrong, BC
Stanton St-Bernard, Wiltshire
West Kennett Longbarrow, Wiltshire
The Netherlands
Copyright: Roy Boschman
Eye Witness Robbert van den Broeke
South Africa
Namib Desert
Eden, New York State
Ice Circles -
The last known report of 2013
Chualar, California
'The New and Fastest Chip Ever Made'
Media 1 - 2 - 3 - Mystery solved: 4 (Circlemakers below)
For the last report of
see below
John Lundberg - Circlemakers, London, UK
Rob Irving - Circlemakers, London, UK
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