Cyclone Paul hits northern coast of Australia and just as before a new
series of mysterious rings explode over the national radar system.
NATO Report is smoking gun:
Posted March 29, 2010
Colin Andrews
Since January 15th 2010, numerous
mysterious images have appeared on
the Australian national radar system.  
This page shows a repeating pattern of
strange symbols which appear just prior
to the arrival of severe storms.

Its now nearing three months since I
began this research project and after
several E-mails to The Australia Bureau
of Meteorology they have not been able
to account for what they have described
unknown interferences.  Below and
prompted by this research, they still
show a caption about the patterns.
Some scientists I have consulted about these effects suggest the secret HAARP
project could be responsible for the patterns, others that the Australian
government are either knowingly engaged in a cooperative project of weather
control with the US military or the country is even possibly experiencing a new
form of warfare on its territory. The latter seems far fetched but until BoM make a
formal and complete response to all the various strange patterns, one can only
speculate about what is taking place.  There is now no doubt something is.

I have read a very large NATO research document which the Australian
government have signed onto which might indeed reveal the smoking
gun. It is my contention that HAARP is indeed at the bottom of the strange
weather developments across this continent and possibly globally but
the grave concerns for modern military and civilian infrastructure as a
result of a large solar flare is also involved here.

The last 12 weeks or so has constituted a new and unique research
project which started during a 1000 year drought and finished after three
cyclones formed and the most severe storms in 100 years rocked cities
as far apart as Perth and Melbourne.

For now it seems like progress and truth will have to come from 'We The People'
because the media are too afraid to get labelled as anti-government or some
such thing.

Can I suggest or request that any of you who feel sufficiently moved by the
strange radar symbols and the equally bizarre weather down under, that you
E-mail BoM on the contact button at their website or contact your government
representative and ask them for an explanation.

I am hard pushed to know what more can be done from here to move this
investigation forward.  What do BoM's own radar and weather experts have to say
about each of the events shown on this site? They have stopped answering my
and other peoples questions. While I am sure many radar effects we have missed
but what we have recorded is extensive and does reveal a pattern which demands
This Project
1 This is very strange.
2  What now?
3 HAARP in Australia.
4 The Ring of Fire Fault.
5 HAARP Low moves to Olga.
6 BoM in Radar meltdown.
7 Official investigation begins.
8 Tinkering with the evidence.
9 The map of events.
10 The Shaman answers
11 The Intuitive answers.
12 UFO over Sydney on radar.
14 Drought to storms - Melbourne
15 Tom Bearden/Bruce Maccabee
Cyclone Ului and UFO photos.
The visible satellite and radar images overlaid on the BoM website with a the largest series of concentric rings yet seen
appearing on the radar on the east coast. - The satellite is de-selected on the right.
All images are copyright: The Australia Bureau of Meteorology.
Below is the caption the Bureau continue to have on the site
following numerous inquiries this investigation has prompted.
The local Grafton radar showing the center of the rings approximately over Coffs
Harbour on the east coast.
Cyclone Paul hits north coast.
The Pressure chart 1800 UTC 29 march, 2010.
This page in the NATO technical report refers to experiments conducted by radar on
the north coast of Australia.
A 'Security Related Project' is underway that is focuses upon
experiments and data monitoring of the Ionosphere. There are
grave concerns about the vulnerability of modern infrastructure
(Military and Civilian) to solar flares (space Weather), especially
the coming peak of cycle 24 (
see 2012 - Debate).

The NATO Report by Task Group IST-051
A small flavour from the NATO report - An article is coming about Solar
Flares, Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and the 2012 peak of Solar Cycle 24.
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April 2, 2010.
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Toyota Cars and BoM
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