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January 15, 2010: This is very strange weather happening here.
January 21, 2010: The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology and the public response to this article.
January 22, 2010: What now? Seen on radar by thousands today over Australia. What is going on?
January 22, 2010: H.A.A.R.P. in Australia plus updates.
January 27, 2010: This dramatic spiral burst known to 'Insiders' as The Ring of Fire Fault was observed on  
  national radar over Melbourne Australia today - but then what? Is this the H.A.A.R.P.
        smoking gun?
January 29, 2010:
Two new bursts over the north west of Australia as the H.A.A.R.P. Melbourne Low Pressure
        system heads towards Cyclone Olga - watch this low.
January 29, 2010:
NASA comment about the unusual persistence of storm Olga.
February 1, 2010: An unplanned case study into strange weather over Australia. Out of a single radar ring
       report, came a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days. I just
       happened to monitor it all unfold. Was it the perfect cup of tea by HAARP?
February 1, 2010:
The well known 'no messing' former United States Governor Jesse Ventura investigates
February 4, 2010:"
Houston we have a problem" - H.A.A.R.P. or not the Australian National Weather radar
       network goes into meltdown after the strangest 18 days on record. Official statement admits
       they have an "Unexpected problem". It begins to look like more than cyclone Olga was
       being controlled.
February 4, 2010:
 A reply from the Australia Government's Bureau of Meteorology.
February 9, 2010:  The Australian Government begins an investigation into mysterious radar images.
February 9, 2010: Official reply from the Bureau.
February 9, 2010:  When the drought-ending rains came to Australia what was in the water that fell?
February 9, 2010: Striking comparisons between the real crop circle spirals and the radar patterns. Also UFOs
        witnessed at the site of both phenomenon.
February 19, 2010:
It all started here, but since then, there have been many strange symbols, tropical storm
         Olga and two human made weather systems, this is the map. Now is someone going to
         explain what is going on over Australia?
February 19, 2010:
Melbourne at the center of something strange from above or below - HAARP?
February 23, 2010: A report of happenings today.
February 23, 2010: 'Cloud Ripples' as seen on Australian radar, appear mysteriously during NASA mission
          launch at Cape Canaveral.
February 25, 2010:
UFO? captured on Australian weather radar off Sydney shore today-new pattern appears
March 4, 2010       : Thomas Bearden and the radar/weather patterns over Australia.
March 4, 2010       :
Looking for answers the Shaman way with dowsing.
March 4, 2010       : Looking for answers from inner intuitive - Secret Weather Control by American Military.
March 10, 2010     : What turned a 1,000 year super drought into a 100 year super storm over Melbourne?
March 10, 2010     : Dr. Bruce Maccabee comments on the radar images.
March 15, 2010     : Another cyclone ( Ului) approaches Australia and a second series of mysterious
          interferences on the national radar system.
March 25, 2010     :
Shocking symbols, Super storms and UFOs over Australia - This madness keeps coming.    
March 29, 2010     :
Cyclone Paul hits north coast of Australia and just as before a new series of mysterious
         rings explode over the national radar system. N.A.T.O. report is smoking gun.
April 5, 2010          : Toyota and BoM on the same radar screen. N.A.S.A. to join search for unknown
April 8, 2010          ;
Coffs Harbour and also after three months, conclusions.

April 10, 2010         : KTVL reveal source of strange weather radar in the north west of the United States.
April 30, 2010         : Radar again erupts into a Firework Display. Woomera may have given us the answer.
"Its what happened as I carried out an unplanned case study into a strange
ring on Australian weather radar on January 15th 2010. That lead to the
monitoring of a persistent cyclone
Olga and a weather busting seventeen
days in which I observed a 1,000 year super-drought give way to a series of
100 year super-storms. I just happened to monitor it all unfold and thanks to
my website so did the Australian people who soon became as baffled by
what they saw as myself. Strange symbols appeared on radar across the
continent as equally strange weather also took hold. I got the impression I
walked into a situation that revealed unforeseen clues to something greater
and the authorities had little time to resolve the technical filters needed to
close the door - I think they likely regret admitting that they did not know
what was causing the wide spread interferences"

Colin Andrews
April 8, 2010
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Ive had dialogue with various experts in a multitude of disciplines about these radar images including
radar specialists and even meteorologists and no one has all the answers to this.  I have read
various websites and am aware that there are people, mostly laymen who believe they are simply
blips on the radar and obviously they might be BUT most of the patterns seen over Australia have
not been seen before.  There are more common patterns that have been seen in various countries
but many of those also can not be easily explained.

Regarding the last three months worth of data and research I cannot say what this is.  However I can
say that this is not natural.  It is either a computer glitch or something more sinister.  I can also try to
relay what goes through the mind of some of the experts Ive spoken to as they looked at one of the
last series of concentric rings which appear centered upon a place called Coffs Harbour, where
incidentally there is no radar (officially anyway). This series of concentric rings is being picked up on
a radar located at Grafton to the north of the 'interference' - see below.

See : 512km Radar Loop for Grafton, 18:00 28/03/2010 to 18:00 29/03/2010 UTC

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If you select the Grafton loop (below) you will see a tool on the right hand side of the window (Like
the one seen above) that gives a time series of returns and below it a histogram of the return
power.  There are two notable peaks in the time series associated with two radar pictures each.  
This means the returns exist for a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of almost 30 minutes.  Of
course I am assuming that the returns do not occur at an instant in time consistent with the radar
picture (unlikely).  Also the histogram shows that these concentric rings are made up of very weak
returns.  This means it is essentially noise.  However the radar is detecting something off center
from the radar??

The question becomes; is this weather modification or the testing of some scalar weapon or an
error?  This will be difficult to sort out because numerical weather prediction does not consider
electromagnetic effects.  My hypothesis is that if somehow the atmosphere could be charged in a
certain positive/negative pattern then it could cause dynamics.  It could cause divergence of
ionized atmospheric gases.  This means mass leaving an area or converging into an area causes
vertical motion (weather).

My hunch is what ever is going on may be on too small a scale to see a cause and effect.  One way
to try and figure this out would be to try and get a numerical prediction say 6 hours after the radar
echo (which should be reliable after only 6 hours) and compare it to what is actually happening on
an analysis from a met office.  If there is a large difference maybe we are on to something.  The
reason being numerical models will not forecast EM effects (in fact met scientists don’t consider
them in the atmospheric equations), so what they forecast will be independent of them.  However
the analysis from observations has embedded in them all effects.  My guess is data is too sparse to
be able to see any difference.

Another way would be to transform the time series of returns to the frequency domain via a Fourier
transform.  This would tell us at what frequency this variance in the data comes from.  Although I do
not know where to obtain that data currently.

Colin Andrews
April 8, 2010.
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Select the heading below to observe the radar loop based at Grafton and watch out for the
interference effect centered upon the small town of Coffs Harbour to its south. Keep an eye on the
Histogram and the effects.
The national chart showing satellite overlay and radar together at the moment of one of two designs appearing at Coffs Harbour.
After Three Months,of mysterious radar
patterns, amazing weather and UFOs
over Australia - Report and Conclusions.
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UPDATE: United States meteorologist shows strange clouds and says on the air
"Its the military". Select