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Actual Field notes and drawings submitted by the plant sampling team.
As can be seen here and in the video,  they made no efforts what so ever to give
anything but accurate information - they did not give any impression that the
samples came from different spots within one common event, as Talbott falsely
claimed. They clearly marked two separate events 100 feet apart, one as wind
damage (as stated by farmer Geoff Smith) and the second a small grapeshot crop
circle. The only thing not stated and in line with legitimate blind testing protocol, was
that the small circle was made by BLT's own sampling team, who themselves had
become concerned by BLT's findings and assessments (below)
Most damming of all came these comments  from Levengood in his BLT report, seen in part here,
that the area marked as 'wind damage', as stated by the farmer, was not wind damage at all but
transient energy of an even higher degree than the small circle nearby. The circle which was
observed made by the sampling team. The blind test confirmed the concerns of the sampling team
as well as many other serious researchers such as George Bishop a council member of CCCS along
with Montague Keen a farmer of 30 years and myself.  
I am sorry to say I don`t have any of the reports that I received from BLT not
that there were that many anyway, we never seemed to get much in return for
all the work we did for them.

I do remember that the samples that we took from some wind damage and the
circle that James and I made that time near Danebury Ring, according to
Levengood they were all circle related because they had the so called 'circle
energies' in them.

James and I had our doubts about the results of several samples sent to
Levengood, that is why we wanted to give him some blind samples. What he
said about them confirmed our suspicions. We didnt do a lot for BLT after that
because we thought we were wasting our time.

I am sorry that I have not got any of the crop research papers anymore, they
got lost when I moved to North Wales. I am just presuming the boxes got thrown
away in the move.


CA Comment: Fortunately I have many of them in the Andrews Archive.
BLT's Own Primary Sampling Team Had Grave Suspicions and Speaks Out.
Shelly Keel
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Calling the kettle black: William Levengood secretly "Blind Tested" a sharp eyed friend with soil samples sent by Pat Delgado:
See letter below sent to Pat by Levengood, February 24, 1991. -
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