My investigation into the Carlos Diaz
UFO case - In 1995 our team flew to
Mexico to spend 10 days with Carlos.
By Colin Andrews

Posted: Nov 8, 2008.
It is claimed the experiences still continue, now 20 years later and they have been eye-witnessed by thousands, including
journalists, scientists and the Mayor of Mexico City.

The Carlos Diaz UFO case is considered the most comprehensive ever.

According to Carlos and other published material, experts who participated in this investigation include:-

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Harvard Prof. Dr. John Mack

University of Mexico Prof. Victor Quesada

University of Pisa Prof. Corrado Malanga

University of Mannheim Prof. Manfred Kage

University of Louvain Prof. Auguste Meessen

Colin Andrews, Dr. Jean-Noel Aubrun, Dr. Randall Ferrell and CPR International team.

Academy for Future Science Prof. James J. Hurtak

Dr. Robert Nathan, NASA, JPL

Enrique Kolbeck: Senior Air Traffic Controller

Photo Techn. Jim Dilettoso, Village Labs

Journalist Jaime Maussan, Televisa Mexico

Col. Phillip J. Corso, author of The Day After Roswell


An excellent film can be seen about Carlos Diaz, produced by Michael Hesemann, called 'Ships of Light the
Carlos Diaz UFO Experience'

EBE Award Winner! Best UFO Feature Film - International UFO Congress Film Festival.
In April 1995, I was asked if I was interested in assembling a team to fly down to
Mexico and  investigate the famous Carlos Diaz UFO case.

I accepted and flew with my wife Synthia and a team to meet Carlos and his wife
Margarite near Mexico City.
Synthia and I with the full team assembled on the village of Tepoztlan football pitch near the home of Carlos and Margarite
Diaz.  The kitchen window of his home could be seen from our position - the window from which he filmed the UFO.
Copyright - Colin Andrews 1995
One of the first of many UFO photographs taken by
Carlos Diaz.

Shown with permission of Michael Hesemann
This is the brief outline of the case as it stood then:

It was still dark one morning in January 1981, when Carlos Diaz was in his car in
a remote car park in an area known as Ajusco Park, near Mexico City when he
noticed a yellow glow coming from the valley below him.

The glow rose to be within 30 meters or so from his car hood (bonnet). Carlos,
who is a photographer, grabbed his camera and took the first of many
photographs. This incident was to become the first of a long running series of
contactee cases in the history of ufology spanning a number of years.

His experiences continued and followed him to his home.  He began to know
when 'they' were coming and took many 35mm transparency photographs of the
distinctive UFO over his back garden and the mountains behind his house.

When his case became known by well known Mexican television presenter Jaime
Maussan, a door opened into scientific investigation and also an extensive and
thorough questioning of the case.  I knew Jaime through the broadcasting of my
first video documentary "Undeniable Evidence' first aired in Mexico in 1989.
Jaime arranged for Professor Victor Quesada at the Polytechnical Institute of
the University of Mexico to analyise the transparencies. The University
concluded no fake of any kind, as did Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in California.

Incredibly impressive video was obtained after Jaime told Carlos that he could
do no more with the still photographs but if he was able to obtain movie footage,
he would stay engaged in his case.  Jaime Maussan gave Carlos a video
camera and left it with him.

To his amazement Carlos phoned to say he had filmed the UFO - what he had
on film was amazing.  The footage was obtained after my team left Mexico City
but I met Carlos again with Michael Hesseman and Guillermo Velez, a close
friend of his in San Antonio in April 1996 to view the material.

If this was a fake then it was a dammed impressive one.  The video showed the
object, just as it had been seen on the 35mm still photos (seen above) but the
video camera zoomed in to see a dark grey membrane pulsing in the heart of
the object.  It looked for all the world as if this object was a living creature of
kinds.  It looked somewhat a jelly fish with a beating heart, visible through the
bright yellow and red segments of the body of the object.
Carlos Diaz seen here explaining to me that during one of his contactee
experiences, just before he went inside the UFO, he was told by 'them' that he
could only enter through the sides of the craft and through the yellow segments
not the red.

He told me of things they showed him and how he believed those were
associated with some of the real crop circles and also the message about the  
serious condition of Earth's environment that they gave him, resonated with a
story of my own that I have yet to state fully in public.
Synthia and I were joined by Carlo's wife, Margarite.  She offered additional
details some of which confirmed information I was given by an N.S.A. operative
during the following year. Some of these details I was told to keep secret by the
agent and in fact it was somewhat more blunt than that.  I was told of long
duration programs using children and the use of certain drugs. The stimulus of
certain brain cells and fluids opened them to amazing kinds of brain function - I
was told direct communications of the Diaz kind, with Extraterrestrial species.

After spending many hours with Carlos Diaz, his wife Margarite and close friends
of theirs and also having spent hours in his small village and talking to multiple
witnesses and looking at the photos and video he had taken at that time.  I have
come to believe that the UFO's of the kind seen here can be witnessed by
probably anyone in the vicinity of them, indeed we spoke to many other
witnesses. BUT I have reasons to believe that when certain chemicals are
present in an individuals body, it makes other more advanced experiences

I am saying that Carlos Diaz became aware of what had to happen for him to gain
access to this realm and was able to do so at will.
One of the first of many UFO photographs taken by Carlos Diaz.

Shown with permission of Michael Hesemann
Copyright - Colin Andrews 1995
During one of Carlos encounters inside the craft, he said it became perched on a
platform inside a huge cave. He said he saw what looked like stalagmites carved
Mayan like sculptures.  He was taken to a smaller cave in which there were
seven smaller glowing egg shaped orbs. He was told that what he experienced
inside one of these was 'Information' stored inside them as storage devices.  He
remembered not being able to touch the many trees he saw inside, he could feel
the moisture and feel the atmosphere, just as if he was walking through a forest.

This was like walking through a holographic forest, all seemingly living memory of
forest life somewhere on earth.

I will publish other details on the investigation shortly, including information Carlos
told me he was shown and given inside the UFOs.
Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, showing me
some of the footage being analysed at 'Village Labs" by Jim Dilettoso, a
processing expert in Tucson, Arizona. Dilettoso concluded the footage was
genuine. Side Note: The actual footage seen on the monitor above, was the
Phoenix UFO event, which also underwent extensive testing in this laboratory.
Read about the call upon President elect Obama to release secret UFO files.  Also the similarity of the photo above
with one taken by a doctor in France during a 1974 UFO flap.  
The photographs below
were taken on April 26th
1996 by Rod Dickinson at
Chilbolton Observatory,
the following account
describes the conditions
under which they were
taken. This is the first
time these photographs
have been in a public

I took this sequence of
Copyright: Rod Dickinson.
Is This The Same Object?
This Time In England.