The anonymous letters - #1
June 16, 1989
Large folded Envelope - front
Large folded envelope - back
Envelope inside - front
1. Ring A Ring o Roses
A pocket full of posies
tishoo tishoo the CORN SAT DOWN.

It has been said that crows are black
one white you seek is that your track.
If no white has near been seen
why spend time for one pipe dream
If black they be thats where be I
So simple flying in the sky.
Black on Black you cannot see
Although you climb the tallest tree
Your sight is set for yards apart
But crows fly high Now check your chart
Where I be is ALL around, Listen hard
You'll hear my sound
It seems you work from back to front
Looking for the cause of such
Find us first the next you'll know
All will be clear for rings to sow
In your hands you have the key
to talk to us we are so free
One soul is there, They have signed in
Who has the mind to link within
Your machines you have set up
what eve they cost is not enough
The human mind is what you need
To me you can't see wood fro trees
The chosen one you do know who

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We left our mark at house of Jew.
Switch off my friends And listen do.
And - I will tell you what to do
Get this mind and sit around
In quiet of dark upon the ground
Listen hard for every sound
Not white of bird? but us around

To prove we are the ones who know
Which of you has hurt his toe?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Like eternity they have no beginning
they have no end.
Round and Round like atom chain.

Check your charts when you have time
Same patterns are in the sky.
The anonymous letters - #2
July 3, 1990.(A year after White Crow)
They fly the nest like one White Crow
when is it time to let go.
Back to Circles made in time
I spoke of this is other Ryhme.
By next year you'll know of me.
I will come through and speak to thee.
That is if she will agree.
One night in winter sit and see who is She- A trusty friend.
Stuck by you to the bitter end.
Not after gain nor money too.
But seeks the truth in all they do.
My friend I repeat. We needed strong energies to speak to you our Noise
was our COMMUNICATION. Even after that. So many Rows disbelief.
We Must
Come Again to help you We need 'Her' to sustain our visit. I am
aware you do not want to look a fool on Camera. I tell you this will not
be so As long we have the
correct energies on the spot without any pre
plans just a normal situation on you watch week that you
Must do
No need to even have a date or time You should not know when I shall
act then all there will believe it will be an evening More than one
evening you must watch.
No need to mention Anything that is expected.
I promise you "The Noise Our Words will return" louder than the last time
And more? they will never Scoff Again.
Tell her the Leicester Lady of my letter. Everything is free choice Trust
and discuss I promise My friend they will not sneer Again ouR Marks in
the land Are too important for Mankind.
White Crow 3.
From North and Mid Now East I send
Another note! Your EAR I lend.
With everything that youv'e been through
Not trusting me is nothing new.
I take no Umbridge Sir at this
to others I do shake My fist
This note is not for other ears.
Read and log Not for Peers.
My last of note Youve Shelved for now
Not for me to take a Bow.
I use A Book for Clues I send
Turn to Page My true friend.
Lamentations 3 - Despair.- Tis so true - (9)
Read it where? in Book of old
Your Road was Blocked by Man of toe!
A fright you had and Swerved to go
A Bird he said Said Ran into CAR??
Another Crow - Black By far.
Well my friend my words Were true
The toe I picked did kick you
You dwell not knowing And not Sure
If hand you Reach and try once More.
My Advise?
Keep right out
Your Wife is Right without a Shout.
Do Not Worry About your Child.
GRowing up is nought but Mild.
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