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White Crow and BBC Sound.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Grasshopper Warbler
Pat Delgado
Colin Andrews
Ken Smith
Dr. Terence Meaden
Don Tuersley
Busty Taylor
George Wingfield
Rita Gould
Steve Gould
Ron Jones
Copyright: Peter
Mike Scott
Appeared close to where Pat was scooping from
the sound.
Photograph: By Hampshire Police MUST NOT BE
The circle with ring that appeared the same night
George Wingfield asked for one and close to the
sound event.  Photograph by Hampshire Police
Meteorologist Dr. Terence Meaden (right)
stood in front of the weather station set up
at Cheesefoot Head.
Contact with Colin select >
What happened to Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and a team of crop
circle researchers at Cheesefoot Head, England, on 18 June 1989,
reached the highest levels of the British government.  

After 20 years the story is told.
By Colin Andrews (edited by Synthia Andrews)

The Operation.        
Eye Witness Accounts.
Anonymous Letters.
Hear the sound.
See the photographs.
View the Sound Analysis.
The Operation

Operation White Crow was the first organized crop circle surveillance operation.   It
was planned and conducted by myself, Pat Delgado, and Busty Taylor in June of
1989.  We decided to muster this project to see if we could strike lucky and film a
crop circle being formed. Aspects of the events that unfolded have been written
about in journals and books and told in lectures and interviews. However, this is the
first comprehensive account.

The location we choose was Cheesefoot Head, near Winchester in Hampshire,
England. Cheesefoot Head is a natural amphitheatre where we had been finding
crop circles for years. In fact, a previous farmer stated in a
letter to me that circles
had been occurring on this land since 1922.  This field was personally significant to
us as it hosted the first circles that Pat saw in 1981 and the first circles I saw, a set of
five in a cross formation, in 1983.  

The project was scheduled to occur over a ten day period. We obtained a caravan to
be command central which we parked at a look-out point over the field. The caravan
was equipped with specialized low-light and image-intensifier cameras. The research
team consisted of Dr. Lyons, Professor Archie Roy, Dr. Terence Meaden, George
Wingfield and about 25 other participants. Together we maintained a 24-hour
continued presence of a minimum of four people.  We took turns observing the field,
keeping an eye on the equipment, and regularly recording data from an on-site
weather station set up by meteorologist and physicist, Dr. Terence Meaden.

During the course of the project we did not film a crop circle being made, although
several circles did appear in nearby locations. Additionally, a number of unusual
lights were seen in the night sky over the target field and
photographs taken during
broad daylight revealed several mysterious objects on the photos when they were
developed. In the case of one of these, no objects were seen by the photographer at
the time the photo was taken (
photo).  This was eerily reminiscent of a photograph of
a crop circle taken by Busty Taylor in 1987 in a field near Cheesefoot Head.
Although Busty did not see anything unusual when he took the photograph, on
development it revealed two black objects which we named ‘ribbon darts’ (
Was this object the source of the Cheesefoot Head sound?. The extraordinary
shape of the 'Ribbon Dart' if oscillating as the picture suggests, begins to suggest its
possible, especially as this weird 'thing' has shown up in other photos. We simply
don't know.

This report details the strange events that occurred to six of the participants on the
last night of the project when we encountered a mysterious force in the fields.

Eye Witness Accounts

The unusual events at White Crow occurred on the night of Saturday/Sunday 17-
18th June, 1989, when six people climbed up Cheesefoot Head hill and sat in a crop
circle at midnight. The majority of this report is derived from my own
notes, recorded directly after the events occurred.  I have correlated my notes and
remembrances with the statements of other eye witnesses.
Pat Delgado has
described the memorable parts of his experience
here. His statement was written in
January of 2009 and is followed by his original notes from the 18th of June 1989.  
Information was included from the notes of
George Wingfield, also written directly
after the event, and from a report by
Busty Taylor and Ron Jones written at my
request in January of 2009. More reports may be forthcoming from others who were

As any experienced detective will tell you, no two people see exactly the same thing
and there might be deeper reasons for that than meets the eye. There were six
people who experienced +/or witnessed most of the events that took place on the
night of the 18th of June. They were joined part way through events by three more
individuals.  It’s by listening to what they perceived, saw and heard, as well as what
they didn’t see or hear, that makes the events of that night so fascinating. This is
clearly a wonderful case for a study into human consciousness.  

If you read the actual reports in the above links you will notice distinct differences
between the experiences of different people. In some ways this goes beyond the
discrepancies expected in multiple accounts. You will notice that each person seems
to have focused on very specific parts of the events to the exclusion of other

I see striking comparisons between events at Cheesefoot Head with another multiple
eye witness
UFO experience I participated in with Dr. Steven Greer.

Before we start unraveling the events at Cheesefoot Head, let’s look at a letter that
arrived the night before the project began.  This anonymous letter was delivered to
me at my home in Andover, Hampshire, a letter that seemed to predict events to

Anonymous Letters

The large brown envelope came double-folded on Friday the 16th and was post
marked ROCHDALE, ASHTON-O-LYNE, at 8.15 PM 14th June 1989. A 19 pence/first
class stamp was attached. The letter was address to C.P.R. Mr. Colin Andrews (left).

On the top left hand side of the envelope were the words: UTMOST URGENCY TO
READ - 1st Class.  On the rear of the envelope: VERY URGENT INFORMATION RE:

Inside this envelope was a second much smaller one and written on the front: A

The letter consisted of two pages written in pencil as follows:
(Editor: Emphasis, etc., as written in the letter.)

1. Ring A Ring o Roses
A pocket full of posies
tishoo tishoo the CORN SAT DOWN.

It has been said that crows are black
one white you seek is that your track.
If no white has near been seen
why spend time for one pipe dream
If black they be that’s where be I
So simple flying in the sky.
Black on Black you cannot see
Although you climb the tallest tree
Your sight is set for yards apart
But crows fly high Now check your chart
Where I be is ALL around, Listen hard
You'll hear my sound
It seems you work from back to front
Looking for the cause of such
Find us first the next you'll know
All will be clear for rings to sow
In your hands you have the key
to talk to us we are so free
One soul is there, They have signed in
Who has the mind to link within
Your machines you have set up
what eve they cost is not enough
The human mind is what you need
To me you can't see wood fro trees
The chosen one you do know who

(Editor: Continued next page)

We left our mark at house of Jew.
Switch off my friends And listen do.
And - I will tell you what to do
Get this mind and sit around
In quiet of dark upon the ground
Listen hard for every sound
Not white of bird? but us around

To prove we are the ones who know
Which of you has hurt his toe?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -(Editor:underlined)

Like eternity they have no beginning they have no end.
Round and Round like atom chain.

Check your charts when you have time
Same patterns are in the sky.

I received a
second letter just over one year later, on July 3, 1990, prior to Operation
Blackbird, our second surveillance project.
A copy of this sound, along with a report, was sent to the highest levels in the British
Government.  It was referred to in a document I posted in my article last month titled:
by the person involved to remove the document which I have done.

As dawn arrived we began dismantling the camera tower. We were nearly ready
to leave when a stranger, introducing himself as Mr. Budd, stopped in his car to
inform us of a new crop circle he had just spotted (above). A police officer also drove
by and confirmed the sighting.  It was slightly over the hill to our east and about 450
meters (500 yards) from where we had been during the sound event.  Five days later
another circle with a 'coma' tail appeared (left) very close, and in alignment with the
spot where Pat had scooped energy.

Sound Analysis

Some excellent analysis has been carried out on the sound by Gunner Sandberg at
Sussex University in England, Doctor Ronald Stearman from the Department of
Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas, Thanatos Industries, Advanced Space
Systems and my colleague Paul Vigay.  


When reports were published about the events of that night, I received a letter from a
French research group consisting of Robe Lionel, Pierron Herve, Yues Chosson
(Chemist) and Raoul Robe. They told me that they had been at Cheesefoot Head at
approximately midnight on the 14-15 July, 1989 and had also heard a sound similar
to ours. The sound they heard lasted for about one minute.  They later analyzed
several bird sounds and concluded that a rare bird in southern England, the
Grasshopper Warbler, was responsible.

There are a few problems with this explanation (not the least the odd behavior and
ability to pull Pat off his feet). According to bird manuals, the Grasshopper warbler
does not frequent open fields and
NEVER sings in flight.  The 'sound' we heard was
moving around us at the level of our heads.  Unlike a bird call, this sound was
continuous for several hours. Additionally, the analysis of my recording at
Cheesefoot Head has distinct differences from the Grasshopper Warbler as can be
seen in the above link. One month after this event the BBC recorded a similar sound
through the aerial of their remote microphone attached to Pat while filming us both in
a crop circle. This incident hit national headlines (left)  because the sound did more
than interact this time, it destroyed the TV camera. This incident along with many
others will be reported in a future article on the sound and can be read about on
page 105 in Crop Circles - Signs of Contact.
We are left to contemplate an unknown energy field which seems deliberate
and seemingly aware. Considering people’s personal accounts I have to
wonder if the “force” has the ability to interact with people’s brains and
emotions, creating individualized experiences.  Are we ready for this?  What
could it do if circumstances changed?  Or have we missed something here?

NOTE: After this article was posted I received an e-mail from Terry Butcher
in Andover, England.  He told me that he was at Cheesefoot Head on July 16,
1991 during daylight hours and saw a wispy high level cloud above him
which was spinning where it exited or entered the cloud layer and had a
long tail stretching a long way across the sky.  He took a photograph of it,
which he kindly sent me.

The cloud type nor weather conditions were conducive to the creation of a tornado.

Several days later, I received Ron Jones report in which he speaks of a very
strange high level white cloud. Ron's description is extremely similar to that
of Terry Butcher's. Neither person knows each other and Ron has never
seen or heard of this photo before now.  Could this be the same
phenomenon seen the night of the Cheesefoot Head encounter? Terry
photograph can be seen below Ron's report.                  


Future Articles

•        Part III – White Crow: A Consciousness Experiment
•        Unexplained Sounds in Crop Circles.

1) Kimpton, Hampshire - June 1987: I was stood next to a ring and prayed for a clue.
The sound that started quietly about 6 feet away from me grew louder and louder
until I became very alarmed and left the field.

2) Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire - June 1989.

3) BBC Sound at Beckhampton, Wiltshire - July 1989. Pat and I were being
interviewed by BBC television and a loud sound was picked up on the radio mike as
an electrostatic field surrounded Pat and at the same time the TV camera was
destroyed. This sound too was recorded and contained 5.2 Khz frequency (extremely
close to the Cheesefoot Head sound. The BBC sound analysis can be seen with the
analysis of Cheesefoot Head
Written from my original notes.
The first anonymous letter
Photograph by Hampshire Police - 1989
Copyright: Busty Taylor - 1989
Copyright: Colin Andrews - 1989
Operation White Crow. Copyright Colin Andrews.
Operation White Crow. Copyright Colin Andrews.
Operation White Crow. Copyright Colin Andrews.
Left is Ralph Noyce, the former Under Secretary of State,
and former Head of Defence Secretariat 8 head of the UFO
desk at the Ministry of Defence, Pat Delgado, Timothy
Good and myself at White Crow. Copyright: Colin
The 5.4 khz White Crow Sound.
"Its back, its our old friend Pat"
BBC Blasted by strange sound.
Saturday the 17th: Rita Gould and the letter

The day was sunny with scattered clouds and a pleasant sunset ensued as evening
arrived. Rita Gould and her husband Steve Gould arrived at the caravan to help with
site observation. At 9.45 PM I invited Rita Gould to sit in my car with me as I wanted
to share with her the
strange letter I had received the day before.  Rita is a well
known and acclaimed British materialization medium. I handed her the envelope
containing the letter, inviting her to read it.  Instead she chose to hold it and tell me
what she thought was inside.

She said, "I see flowers and rings - ring of roses."  

She proceeded to give me a very accurate account of what was written in the letter,
using terms like "Flying high above" etc.  She said that she could see six men of high
standing who were sat around a table.  This I could not understand, I knew that this
was NOT in the letter.

She opened the letter about twenty minutes later in a matter of fact manner.  She
was reading it and reached the sentence: “We left our mark at house of Jew.”  She
asked me, “Do you know any Jews?”  I told her I didn’t think so.  She replied, “Yes
you do, Steve my husband, he is a Jew. It’s those pegs that appeared on the lawn.”

Rita was referring to an event that had happened some months earlier. She had
sent me a letter at the time containing photographs in which she described wooden
pegs that she found mysteriously pushed into her lawn (the photographs are held in
the CPR Archive). My impression was that she was either very attuned or she had
direct knowledge of the person/persons who wrote the letter, or possibly even wrote
it herself.

If she did indeed write it herself, then how could we begin to account for the events
that were about to take place?

12.10 AM Sunday 18th June, 1989: The Strange Sound Encounter

On the last night of the surveillance operation more than half a dozen of us were
assembled in the White Crow caravan. We were all disappointed to be ending the
surveillance without having filmed a crop circle forming. We were discussing the
anonymous letter I had received when it was suggested that we walk up the hill to a
pair of crop circles that had appeared prior to the project and attempt some kind of
contact with the ‘circle makers’.

It took no more than ten minutes to arrive at the formation and we sat in the larger of
the two circles. My notes say that six of us were present: Busty Taylor, George
Wingfield, Steve Gould, Rita Gould, Pat Delgado and myself.  This is collaborated by
George Wingfield’s and Busty Taylors notes. The six of us sat in a circle on a
blanket in the middle of the formation.  From here on, people’s reports begin to

my notes, we were only sitting for about three minutes when Pat felt an urge to
move to a spot near the NNW edge of the circle, which we did.  From the outset it
seemed as if Rita and Pat were sensing similar things.

Rita suddenly exclaimed, “We have one missing, we can not go ahead.” Rita had
earlier dictated the number and composition required of the group to create the
conditions necessary to connect with the ‘circle makers’.

Pat replied, "A spirit person has arrived, I can feel it". With this he sprang to his feet
with his hands outstretched. “Oh God,” he said, “it’s so cold.”  George reports that
Rita seemed to accept this as the needed seventh person.

The site weather station (left) recorded a dramatic temperature drop, confirmed by
Dr. Terence  Meaden. This was not a regional or national change, but a local event.  
Busty Taylors report states that the barometric pressure plummeted as well, which
was also confirmed by Dr. Meaden’s equipment. Neither was recorded by other
official weather monitoring stations in the area.

Pat complained that he was very cold, especially down the back of his neck, and I
asked him if he was okay as he seemed distressed. He replied, "Yes, I must go
through with this".  Although clearly distressed he expressed determination to go
through with whatever was happening. He sat back down with his hands still out-
stretched in front of him. Rita Gould was slumped into the chest of her husband and
started shaking violently. At the same time Pat's hands also started shaking violently
even though his eyes were closed and he did not see Rita.  

At this moment I heard a piercing sound coming from my left (South). It sounded like
a cricket was very close to my ear. I could not understand why the others did not
seem to react and why nobody, including me, was saying anything about the sound.
I wondered, “Is this just me that is hearing this?”  As the sound continued it seemed
more like an electronic chirping sound and was very reminiscent of the sound I
heard when I was in a crop circle ring at Kimpton on June 30, 1987.  (A report of this
can be read in Crop Circles - Signs of Contact).

George Wingfield
reports that when he first heard the sound it seemed to come from
the middle of his own head. He states that, “although it was not loud in decibels, it
was pervasive”, also that it was impossible to ignore, unlike anything he had heard
before, had an insect-like quality and seemed to come initially from the direction of a
bush outside the circle. He say’s, “The effect of the sound was mesmerizing. I was
very conscious of a feeling of expansion inside my head, unlike a headache, but
nevertheless, uncomfortable.”

After the sound had been present for several minutes, Pat and Rita both stopped
shaking and broke the groups silence by asking if everybody else was able to hear
it. At that point everyone acknowledged that they could, in fact, hear it. Amazingly,
once acknowledged, the sound started to get louder and began to come towards the
southern boundary of the circle.

We stood staring out into the dark field in the direction we thought the sound was
coming from. For a few seconds I thought I could make out a fuzzy ball of luminance
on the surface of the crop.  Rita said that she too saw something but described it as
a light colored head of what she thought was a short being in the plants.

As this was happening, two more of our team, Ken Smith and his friend Mike Scott,
arrived from the caravan, having walked up the side of the A272 highway.  They
were followed ten minutes later by Ron Jones. Later all three told us that they could
hear the sound from the highway before they reached us.  I noticed that as Ken and
Mike approached, the sound seemed to move further away and was less audible.
George reports in his notes that these three arrived much later in the course of

Rita was engaged in a dialogue with the sound, asking questions of it. When the
sound began to diminish as the additional people arrived, she exclaimed, “Please
come back, we want to have contact.”

George Wingfield then asked, “Will you make us a circle?”  In fact, a circle with a ring
did form that night (left) about 500 yards from the place where this event was

All of the other observers stood still, wondering what was about to happen.
Suddenly, the sound returned, coming closer to us.  Pat suggested we all move
close together, which we did. To him the sound seemed very close, and was all
around us.  I sensed the direction of the sound was coming from the south and was
within a few feet of the circle, not more than six or seven feet.  During the course of
events the sound moved in arc-like patterns around the group and George
describes a point at which it seemed to surround the perimeter of the circle.  What
was clear to everyone was that the sound not only seemed to know we were there, it
was intelligently interacting with our thoughts, words and actions as it moved around

Rita and Pat beckoned to me to come forward feeling that I should “be walked”
towards the sound. I questioned if this was wise. They both said yes and held my
hands, Pat on my right, Rita on my left. They walked me slowly to the south, towards
the sound. When we reached the center of the circle they both simultaneously pulled
me back, telling me to stop there for a moment. The sound seemed to be playing
with us, backing away a little when we stopped, but still in the southern quadrant.
Rita and Pat then told me to walk to the edge of the circle. As I began to make my
way, Pat pulled me to the west-southwest sector instead and the sound moved to the
same location. George Wingfield makes no mention of these events describing
instead that everyone present moved to the edge of the circle simultaneously.

What happened next was odd and very significant to me. I remember it clearly
although my original notes do not refer to it.  Pat and I stood in front of the sound
and with his right hand forming a cup Pat began a scooping motion above the tops
of the plants, as if filling his hands with something invisible which he then pushed
towards me. He made this scooping motion three or four times towards my heart,
then moved his hand towards my lower stomach. Pat later told me that it was totally
involuntary on his part and that the energy was being taken into my chakras. The
scooping had been carried out directly in front of the sound, as if we stood before an
invisible entity whose energy field was so great that the surrounding air was not
enough to insulate it from static discharge.  As when I heard the sound at Kimpton, I
had the impression that at any moment something would materialize out of the
sound. George Wingfield also reported feeling something was about to happen, but
was stopped and the moment passed.

It is odd that my original notes written the next day make no reference at all to the
scooping sequence of events. I think it was simply too shocking for my body and
mind to process at that time.

Shortly after the scooping motion ended, Pat and I walked back to join the rest of the
group. Pat suddenly stopped and appeared to be physically pulled backwards at an
impossible angle which all of us saw. Any person or object leaning at that angle
would fall over, but he did not.  Pat reports that he also levitated although no one
else witnessed this. Suddenly his face was overcome with fear and he reached out
both hands towards me and called for help. I immediately grabbed onto his hands.  
We were both pulled towards the sound, Pat was backwards and I was facing him.  I
made an extra big effort and pulled Pat free. George Wingfield’s report mentions
that he also helped Pat with these unseen forces.

Busty’s report states that after Pat called for help, “Colin got up and grabbed Pat's
shoulders and tried to stop him from falling on his back. Both of them seemed to
move backwards a little before Colin got his balance and started to push Pat up-
right, shouting that he had a job to hold him up and that something was pushing Pat
backwards and he could just about keep Pat on his feet.”  I have no memory of ever
being behind Pat during this event.

After Pat broke free of the force, he suddenly said, "We should get out of here".  
Rita agreed and the group left the circle at 1.45 AM with the sound still present, but
much quieter and about 150 yards away in the southern part of the field. We walked
back to the caravan but few of us remember the walk.  When we arrived at the
caravan, Rita and Steve left almost immediately for home.  Pat turned to me and
said, "You must now know Colin, from here on, it’s up to you."   Then he left for

Not able to let things go, at around 3.30 AM, George Wingfield, Ron Jones and I
decided to go back up to the field to listen for the sound, this time in the safety of my
car.  I had a tape recorder in the car.  We were accompanied by Ken Smith, Ken's
daughter and Debbie her friend. We got out of my car and walked past the crop
circles towards a small grassy area on the edge of the field where we could indeed
still hear the sound and were able to record it. Although we continued to walk
towards the sound hoping for a better recording, it retreated, always keeping the
same distance from us.
Ron Jones had his camera with him and decided to point his
camera towards the sound and take a photograph. The moment his flash lit up the
area, the sound immediately stopped but then slowing came back. I wonder now
what would have happened if we had been able to get closer. Would our equipment
have been destroyed, as happened one month later when the BBC encountered the
sound in a circle in Beckhampton near Silbury Hill?

I did manage to get a reasonable recording of the sound.  A short piece of the
recording can be heard here.
Everyone present experienced or saw something unusual:

* Pat - "I Levitated and was pulled backwards by an invisible Force. I was terrified".
* Colin - "I had a real job to break Pat free from the force".
* Rita - "I saw the head of a small ET".
Busty - "I observed Colin and Pat moving backwards, Pat at an angle".
George - "I asked the sound to make a crop circle. One formed nearby that night ".
* Terence -
"The barometric pressure and temperature dramatically dropped".
Ron - "I lifted my head slightly upwards and I was rooted to the spot by what I saw".
* Ken - "Mike and I heard this strange sound from the highway".
* Steve - "The sound was clearly interacting".
* Don -
Became unwell and left before events unfolded.
Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and Timothy Good discuss events at Cheesefoot Head. Copyright: Colin Andrews 1989.
The second anonymous letter
Google Maps.
Many reports exist of UFOs and
strange lights at Cheesefoot Head.
What would be the sound of such
objects?  Copyright: Busty Taylor 1987
No Photo
No Photo
Yahoo Maps.
WHITE CROW -  Encounter at Cheesefoot Head

Tree Trilling sounds
By Pat Delgado
March 14, 2009.
Win Keech

Avebury - Infrasound and Leylines.
Any connection?
November 8, 2009.
By Robert Hulse HERE
The New Book: 'Government Circles'.
Paperback/E-book or PDF: available here
Rare television footage
of Operation White Crow >>
That unexplained sound,
heard while making a crop
circle in 2012.
Unexplained sound: by UK
researcher Andy Russell:  

In 2012 I was invited to watch a circle
being made by two established circle
makers. It was a fairly clear night and
progress on the circle was moving a
long at a suitable pace. I was close
to the centre of the circle when
myself and one of the circlmakers
heard a metallic trilling noise. At first,
we looked at each other thinking
someone had forgotten to turn of a
mobile phone. A quick fumble in
pockets to check confirmed that all
phones were off. As we listened we
then recognised it as very similar to
the sounds from the Cheesefoot
Head circle, but more metallic
sounding. It stopped as abruptly as it
began. The sceptic would argue that
we hearing a bird, but most birds are
usually frightened out of the crops
by the movements of the
circlemakers. I don't remember being
a huge amount of trees around.
However, the sound was close to us
and it was just too metallic to be a
bird, in my humble opinion. The
sound was close, that is something
that really struck me, the closeness
of the sound. This is the interesting
thing about crop circles, that despite
their maker (human or something
more exotic) strange things do
occur. I have witnessed a number of
circles being made, and have seen
strange things either in the circle or
on the way home from the circle or
experienced odd things. Intention
and creation invite in some curious
things. - Andy
Andy Russell (UK)
Wanborough Plain, Wiltshire, England
- 2012.
Copyright: Steve Alexander.
Heard strange sound during its
human construction
Update: November 30, 2015
Update: Nov 30, 2015
Strange Sound.
Thanks to Andy Russell,
(Bottom of left column)