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September 4, 2008

Crop Circles and Consciousness: An Overview
Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND

When Colin and I met in 1991 we were overwhelmed with ‘high strangeness’ events that
seemed to be a sign of our connection. We found ourselves inundated with synchronicity
and anomalous happenings resulting in expansion of awareness for both of us.  It
focused us on the impact crop circles have on consciousness, a study that became the
center of the work we do together.  Here is an overview of ideas we have encountered.

Crop circles have been associated with anomalies since the phenomenon was first
recorded in the 15 and 1600’s.  Anomalies associated with today’s circles include:
electromagnetic effects, radio and equipment interference, observance of balls of light
moving in and around the formations, changes in plant growth rates, changes in the
cellular structure of plants, strange animal behavior around the circles, and human
experiences of healing and altered states of consciousness. In addition, a high pitched,
two-toned sound has been heard on several occasions and recorded twice. The sound is
5.2 kilohertz and has been described as an electrostatic crackling (1).  It’s postulated that
the anomalies are all different manifestations of an energy phenomenon related to the
crop circles that correlates to higher levels of human consciousness.
 It’s interesting to
note that anomalies happen regardless of whether a crop circle is man-made or made by
an unknown source.

Exploring consciousness
Claims of healing and altered states of consciousness relating to crop circles are
pervasive. People visiting formations report curative experiences including rapid healing
of injuries, improvement in chronic conditions, and an increased sense of well-being and
euphoria. Several companies specializing in energy healing have used crop circle
photographs or plants from the circles to make vibrational essences and other healing
tools (2). The Institute for Resonance Therapy (I.R.T.) in Germany conducted controlled
research studies into the effects of crop circles on the health of plants and eco-systems
with extremely positive result (3).   

Altered states consist of heightened awareness, trance induction, intensification of
emotions, and clarity of perception. Emotions can include awe, inspiration, sadness,
upliftment, and ecstasy. Simply viewing crop circle photographs or hearing the recorded
sound can provoke these same effects.

Researchers and observers also report an interactive engagement with the
phenomenon.  Mental projection of designs by researchers and enthusiasts seems to
elicit a response in the fields.  On several occasions the appearances of specific designs
have correlated to individual or group mediations on designs.  People also describe
having dreams or visions of crop designs which shortly after appear in the fields.   

Another aspect of interaction occurs with the balls of light that have been seen and
filmed in and around crop circles. They display an element of awareness and interaction
as they appear to move intelligently in response to human thought.

Circles Phenomenon Research International (C.P.R.I.) and Masahiro Kahata conducted
research into the effects of crop circles on brainwave patterns which are characteristic of
different states of awareness (4).  Additionally, C.P.R.I. has studied the electromagnetic
signature of crop circles and their possible correlations to anomalous effects (5).  

Theoretical Framework:
Theories on how crop circles may affect and interact with physiology, mind states and
consciousness may include some aspect of all of the following:

Placebo effect: This has become a catchall for any physiological effect that cannot
be ascribed to a specific mechanistic pathway. Recent research suggests that the
placebo effect actually represents the power of the mind to activate specific physiological
mechanisms simply through the intention or belief of the recipient (6).  This indicates that
the mind can directly interact with the cellular intelligence of our bodies, a belief that was
present in traditional forms of healing but absent from models of modern medicine.

Sound: Research by Dr. Hans Jennings into the effect of sound demonstrates that
sound vibrates matter into reproducible geometric patterns (7).  As energy is added into
the matrix via sound, different geometries form to constrain the energy. As the frequency
changes, the geometries change.
    • Consider this in relation to bond angles in molecular chemistry. Bond angles
    change as energy levels are increased in order to absorb and constrain more
    energy.  This causes the molecular structure and geometry to change as well. If
    enough energy is added, the bond angles break and the molecule disassociates.
    • The sound geometries demonstrated by Hans Jennings change with different
    tones or combinations of tones and contain the ‘energy information’ of the sound
    frequency they represent.  
    • Dr. Gerald Hawkins (deceased) analyzed crop patterns and determined that
    many of them displayed diatonic ratios in their geometries.  In essence he
    demonstrated that crop circles have a relationship to sound frequency, as
    predicted by the work of Jennings.

3) Frequency: Every substance and energy has a specific frequency signature.  Mind
states, specific thoughts and emotions all display signature frequencies. Mapping
frequency signatures has been in development by many people and agencies including
the Royal Rife Society, Dr. Hulda Clark, New Vistas, Stan Tennon, Dan Winter, Bill Nelson
and more.  Augmenting frequencies that relate to improved health or disrupting
frequencies that relate to poor health are thought to produce beneficial effects.
Some of the effects of crop circles maybe related to the frequency they emit.
    •The frequency of crop circles can be imprinted on people in two basic ways. They
    can be imprinted into the person’s subtle energy field through direct exposure, or
    they can be imprinted through a carrier substance such as water, a picture,
    electricity, microwaves, etc.  
    • A frequency can be imprinted on a carrier substance in the same way; by direct
    exposure to the frequency, or by exposure to the geometry or sound that
    represents the frequency.  
    • Examples of the effect of frequency on physical manifestation are demonstrated
    in the research of Masaro Emoto and revealed in his book, Messages from Water.  
    In his book Dr. Emoto shows the different crystal structures that form in response
    to different thoughts and emotions.

Morphic fields: Research conducted in the 1950’s at Yale University by Dr. Harold
Saxton-Burr demonstrated that embryological development is organized by a polarized
field of electromagnetic bio-energy surrounding the embryo (8). This field acts as an
energetic template of the developing material form.  Burr called this a morphogenic field,
or life-generating field. British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, (Clare College, Cambridge
and Harvard, Boston) furthered this theory to explain an anomaly of species evolution
commonly called the ‘100th monkey’ effect.  Sheldrake postulates the existence of a
‘morphic’ field that contains the combined developmental information collected by all the
experiences of a given species. Members of a species have access to this information
through resonance of their individual field with that of the group mind, or morphic field
(9).  In our discussion we can view information as frequency. New information changes
the frequency of the field and when enough people experience this frequency, everyone
will have access to it causing a global change in consciousness.  

Ley Lines: Alfred Watson discovered in the 1920’s that the landscape was grided with
crisscrossing lines that connected ancient sacred sites (10).  He named these ley lines
and they are now believed to be pathways of earth energy.  Energy sensitive individuals
dowse ley lines which they believe contain high levels of subtle energy, as do sacred
sites. It’s been postulated that sacred sites are positioned and constructed in such a way
as to amplify and direct earth energy.  Dr. Bruce Cathie has conducted scientific
research into harmonic mathematics over the past 50 years.  He has mapped out an
energy grid covering the entire planet. Specific areas on this grid are convergence points
for many energy lines and demonstrate higher amplitudes of electromagnetic and subtle
energy (11).  England is one of 12 main convergence points on the planet. Not
surprisingly, England has a large preponderance of ancient megalithic sacred sites and
exhibits 90% of the crop circle phenomenon worldwide.  In addition, a predominant
number of crop formations appear in the landscape in relation to ley lines, water, and
sacred sites.  Research indicates that crop circles that are situated on strong ley lines
have more associated anomalies than those that aren’t.

Sacred Geometry: Paul Devereux writes in his book Secret of Ancient and Sacred
Places that “Sacred geometry is the geometry inherent in all nature, whether it be the
energy dance of atoms and molecules, the formation of a crystal, the growth of a plant or
human skeleton, the motion of weather systems or galaxies. Certain patterns and ratios
are used by nature in the formation of the manifest universe: the process of becoming is
governed by the implied geometry. Such geometry is used in magical invocation for the
same reasons.” (page. 22) Can it be that crop circles, in utilizing sacred geometry at
energy centers, activate a heretofore-unmeasured energy inherent in nature?   Can this
be affecting consciousness? This theory is already being utilized in California by Mr. Bill
Witherspoon, who makes patterns in the landscape with the intention of changing the
field of consciousness. ( )

Electromagnetic effects: PSI researchers have found that incidences of telepathy,
expanded states of consciousness, and paranormal events are often associated with
fluxes of electromagnetic fields.  
Magnetometer readings inside crop circles indicate a
rotational shift in the earth’s magnetic field corresponding to the geometry of the

Harmonic Resonance: The earth produces a frequency averaging approximately 5.8
to 7.2 kilohertz, known as the Schumann frequency. Physics tells us that this frequency
entrains the vibration of all matter on earth. Everything on earth has relationship to the
vibratory pattern of the planet.  The harmonic resonance of the planet has been
impacted in potentially harmful ways by such experiments as the Woodpecker in Europe
and Harp in North America.   Crop circles may also interact with the harmonic resonance
of the planet in a beneficial manner by introducing frequency into the planet’s energy
gridwork and atmospheric field.

The Global Consciousness Project: The G.C.P. is an experiment being conducted
at Princeton University. It reveals that shifts in human consciousness precede significant
world events, indicating a link between mind and matter on a global basis. Some
significant events include the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Princess Diana’s death and the
9/11 terrorists attacks on the world trade center. Research conducted by the Global
Consciousness Project and crop circle researchers Simeon Hines and Ron Russell have
produced significant results. (

Considering these many areas in relation to crop circles we can speculate that:
    1) Crop circles emit frequency specific to their geometric pattern.  The frequency
    effects individual physiology, mind-states and levels of consciousness.
    2)The effects of crop circle frequencies are magnified when crop circles are
    located on ley lines.
    3) Crop circles have relationship to fluxes in the earth’s electromagnetic field and
    demonstrate an electromagnetic signature.  
    4) Crop circle frequencies impact the human energy field.  Changes in the human
    energy field are transmitted to the physical body effecting physiology and states of
    consciousness. This may be measurable with Kirlian based video cameras and
    brainwave monitoring equipment.
    5) Changes in human frequency effect planetary frequency and Vic-versa.  Crop
    circle frequencies transmit information along ley lines.
    6) The interactive element of both the crop circles and the orbs of light seen
    around them, are indicative of human consciousness establishing connection with
    higher consciousness.  This can be linked to the Global Consciousness

The earth exhibits a grid-like pattern of energy that is constantly transmitting information
and creating a harmonic resonance.  All life exists in relation to this resonance. Crop
circles interact with the planetary resonance by augmenting different frequencies that are
transmitted along energy pathways, or ley lines.  Coming into contact with crop circle
frequencies alters people’s individual energy fields and the altering of their field creates
changes in physiology and consciousness. As consciousness changes, the information is
fed back into the planetary field, creating a feedback loop and furthering the changes
taking place in the harmonic resonance. It makes no difference whether the circles are
man-made or made by unknown agencies.

Colin and I will be investigating, researching, and eliciting opinions from the best minds in
many fields to illuminate the above topics.  We’ll be conducting field experiments as we
obtain funding.  In the meantime, check back for articles we’ll post on past research we’
ve conducted in this area. The next article will be on brainwave research performed with
Masahiro Kahata (
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