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THE ASSESSMENT  Presentation.
Looking at the man made - first presented by Colin Andrews during
October 2000.
REQUEST: I have been asked to
make available again the article I
first published in 2002 in
Journal of Meteorology'
showing the
swirl signature:
Colin Andrews and C.P.R.I.
Research Projects, Findings and Reports:

Orbs, UFOs and known by locals as 'The Avebury Lights' or 'Balls of Light'.
By Brigitte Trahan (with Colin Andrews)

Avebury - Infrasound & Leylines
By Robert Hulse.

Independence Day solar fireworks support crop circle prediction of July 7 solar storms
By Michael Salla, Ph.D

Watch Colin Andrews historic presentation at the 2009 Exopolitics X-Conference in Washington
D.C. - Objective: To prove that the British Governments 'official' statement regarding their
involvement in crop circles is patently untrue.
June 11, 2009

Recent circles and rings discovered in ice, clouds and radar returns raise serious questions.
June 3, 2009
By Colin Andrews

British Government secretly studies crop circles & UFO connection
April 18, 6:36 AM.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
By Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Divining the power within the land.
By Maria Wheatley & Busty Taylor.
Expert dowsers Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor explore how earth energies are intimately
associated with ancient sites, such as Avebury and Stonehenge and also crop circles.

Tree Trilling (sounds recorded from trees and compared to the Cheesefoot Head and other sounds
heard in crop circles - an amazing discovery)
By Pat Delgado and Win Keech

Cheesefoot Head in 1989
By Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado
- What happened reached the highest levels of the British Government and figured into the reasons a
document was removed from Andrews article below.

Crop Circles and Government.
By Colin Andrews
Includes an investigation to secure aerial photographs and data from the Ministry of Defence in
Great Britain, the police forces and the secret air base Boscombe Down.  Also to have the subject
raised in the British Parliament. I present evidence correcting details published in 2006 by the
Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope about the Governments involvement in crop circles.
By Colin Andrews

The Swirl fingerprint. First published 2002.
By Colin Andrews.

By Dr. Jean-Noel Aubrun and Colin Andrews.

Two circles at 'Operation White Crow' during 1989. Soil analysis
By Dr. Elizabeth Sheffield and Colin Andrews.

Surveillance operation 'Blackbird' - Attempts to film a crop circle forming.
By Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, BBC and Nippon Television with the Ministry of Defence help!

Photographic Archive collection
By Colin Andrews.

The Carlos Diaz UFO case in Mexico.
By Colin Andrews, with a team which included Dr. Jean-Noel Aubrun,
Dr. Randall Ferrell and Jaime Maussan.

The all important EYE WITNESS accounts.
By Colin Andrews  

Plant Analysis of circles in two locations during 1991.
By Dr. Rachel Davey, Dr. Milton Wainwright, University Sheffield and Colin Andrews.

Full scale excavation carried out at the site where several crop circles had appeared in East Field,
Alton Barnes, England.
By Colin Andrews, Dr. Synthia Andrews, Terry Butcher and members of the Andover metal
detection club.  

Electrostatic field and Consciousness.
By Dr. Simeon Hein and Ron Russell.

Human Consciousness and crop circles.
By Dr. Joachim Koch and Hans Kyborg.

The Rockefeller Initiative.  (Look down the left hand column to find).
By Don Berliner, Antonio Huneeus, Richard Hall, Robert Teets, Dr. John Mack, Dr. Leo Spinkle,
Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Bruse Maccabee, Linda Moulton-Howe, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Colin Andrews,
Victoria Alexander, Karl Pflock, Dr. Richard Boylan. Gov: Vice Pres. Al Gore, John Podesta, Con.
Bill Richardson, Webster Hubbell, Melvin Laird, Sen Clainborne Pell, Sen. Patty Murray, Marie
Galbraith, Sec. SheilaWidnall and Rep. Steven Schiff.

Blind test of plant analysis by biologist William Levengood and Nancy Talbott at B.L.T.
By B.L.T.'s own sampling team and Colin Andrews.

Creation of a design with the minds of the 50 of us present.  The Triangle CE5 Project.
By Dr. Steven Greer and Colin Andrews.

Infra-red photography
By Freddy Silva and Colin Andrews.

The Intuitive, channelling and crop circles.
Dr. Job Sherwood and Rachel Sherwood.

The Meteorological theory and research
With Dr. Terence Meaden and Colin Andrews.

Topography and tramline alignment.
By Colin Andrews

The Assessment and 20/80 finding
By Colin Andrews.

Brainwave measurements and experiments.
With Masahiro Kahata, Dr. Synthia and Colin Andrews.

Interactive phenomenon.
By Colin Andrews.

Crop Circles and UFOs.
By Colin Andrews. -

A Crop Circle Experience
Written by a journalist who was with the Circlemakers in the making.
By Ned Pamphilon

Crop Circles and Government - BRING IN THE NEW
By Colin Andrews

A complex design found in sand - Tofino, Vancouver Island - 2003
By Terry Tibando ( CSETI Vancouver Coordinator  )and Annice Hardin-Tibando
2009 Media Report and slide show HERE
Huge Crop Circles and Land Art seen from space in snow, sand and cereals.
December 28, 2009.

Crop Circle Cartoons.
December 28, 2009 - updated.

New documentary claims British Intelligence MI5 involved in designing and making crop
December 11, 2009
The same week as the British Government closed its UFO reporting office, explosive revelations that
MI5 agents designed and constructed crop circles. The new television documentary
Crop Circles
– The Hidden Truth
is a detailed investigation into the crop circle mystery and as Colin
Andrews says “Goes places many are afraid to go”. The alleged MI5 Agents are named and
the human Circlemakers are unmasked.  Also an exclusive today: The CIA agent who
approached Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado during a BBC Television interview and later at
their homes is also named……These are disclosures that have major implications.........
Select HERE to see Crop
Circles for Good
March 14, 2009.
Tree Trilling Sounds recorded and investigated:
(Follow up research from the Cheesefoot Head Sound article}
U.S. Navy
Cheesefoot Head
Crop Circles
BBC Equipment
The Barge Inn
The Unknown Story behind The Famous Crop Circle Pub,
By Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews - 38 years of research
Colin on The Veritas Show - 2010. SELECT BANNER