Brazil - New complex crop circle just discovered.
29 October 2009.
From Prof. A.J. Gevaerd
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Prof. A.J. Gevaerd - Brazil.
What seems to be the first Brazilian crop circle in 2009 has just been
By Prof. A.J. Gevaerd

Dear colleagues of the international UFO community:

The crop circle phenomena is entirely new to Brazilians and even to Brazilian UFO
researchers. Although it has been registered in UK and in several other countries for
decades, most in the Northern Hemisphere, we have never had a crop circle case in Brazil,
except for last year, when about a dozen have been found and investigated. But never

The reason why Brazil – a country so well known internationally for its diversified and rich
UFO history – had never had a crop circle case in the past is probably a great mystery.
Everyone knows that it has been here that some of the “most amazing case of all” have
been registered, as once noted by English Ufology pioneer Gordon Creighton, when
referring to Villas-Boas case.  

While these more than two decades that the crop circle phenomena has been abundantly
reported in UK and in several countries, nothing like that happened in Brazilian territory,
except for landings and some of physical evidence cases, mistaken by crop circles and
later identified as other types of UFO traces. This absence of the phenomena here is very
intriguing and has been subject of serious debate.

However, last year, for the very first time, not only one but two crop circles have been found
in the small town of Ipuaçu, a vast area of wheat and derivatives crops in the state of Santa
Catarina, South of Brazil. They were presumably produced between 10 p.m. Saturday
November 8th, 2008 and 2 a.m. Sunday, November 9th, 2008, and were found on that
morning. I have investigated the case thoroughfully and reported it widely.

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Those circles were followed by several others and then suddenly stopped, perhaps due to
the tragic and intense rains that felt over Santa Catarina, leaving a lot of people homeless.
Before that, all circles found had in common total absence of hoax indication and/or human
action. All of the plants were crumpled in clockwise direction, both within the circle and in its
outer ring.

They are individually bent a few degrees to the right in order to make up a near-perfect
spiraled pattern. Read the above report to get a clear notion of those cases.

Now, on October 29th, in the same town of Ipuaçu, by a few miles from the precise spot
where last year’s circles have been found, a new sign in a wheat plantation was registered.
This time, however, it is nothing like a circle, but a figure far more complex and with precise
measures in its internal features. Take a look at the diagram:
The case was first reported by newsman Ivo Luis Dohl, consultant of the Brazilian UFO
Magazine, who lives nearby and was the same investigator to report last year’s cases. He is
on site 24/7 evaluating this new case and waiting for others to come, and in permanent
contact with the magazine HQ in Curitiba. This new circle was found by Bernardete Trevisan,
who lives in the área where the formation was found. She called Vagner Visoli, officer from
the City Hall, who went to the place and called Ivo Dohl.

Visoli was the first to arrive at the formation area and assured the Brazilian UFO Magazine
that he found no indication of human action at all. No footprints, not tractor tracks (except for
old ones produced during plantation process, weeks before), no indication at all of how the
formation was produced. With lots of experience in wheat plantation, however, Visoli was
afraid to enter the formation. He took the first pictures, which were sent for analysis.
The origin of this new crop formation is not known yet. However, agricultural technicians
have assured that there is no method, equipment or instrument that could produce such
effect on the plants and cause them to lay down so tidy as it can be seen in the photos.
Besides, nothing could cause the plants to bent and form such precise figure.

So far, this has been what is believed to be the first Brazilian crop formation in 2009, and if
this country has really entered in this phenomena last year, as reported above, it is
reasonable to expect that many more formations would happen this year. The Brazilian UFO
Magazine team is prepared to investigate and report any new activity.  

We are in contact with top international experts in this phenomena and we expect to able to
count on the assistance of the international UFO community to investigate this cases.
(Note: Colin Andrews is assisting Prof. Gevaerd and has offered assess to CPRI Database)

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Report by

A. J. Gevaerd,

Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
Coordinator, Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU)
National Director, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)   
A 2008 Crop Circle in Brazil