Crop Circles - What is this all about?
It seems like this video comes from someone who has been
inside my head. Hoaxing? Yes, UFOs? Yes, Creating our
own new reality? Yes. Its all about US.
Crystalline Crop Circles This is a distillation of my powerpoint presentation about how crop circles act like liquid crystals with properties
similar to photonic metamaterials and fractal, "tuned," resonant structures. Thanks to Ron Russell, Colin Andrews, Matt Williams, and Peter
Sorensen for photos. Original music by Simeon Hein,
Select HERE to see Crop
Circles for Good
Sputnik Observatory for the study of contemporary culture
Extraordinary Minds Shaping Modern Thought.

I am honored to have been invited to be part of this project.
Conversations include topics on crop circles. For example:
Evolution and ratios / Certain crop geometries rotational aspects related to the Earths magnetic field /
Crop circles, Dowsing and Gaia and others..... HERE  
David Lewis Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The World Genesis Foundation
United Nations, Ambassador for Youth

Hello Mr. Andrews,

On behalf of the youth in Romania, the World Genesis Foundation and the United Nations
(UNESCO) we want to thank you again for your support. Your presentation about Crop Circles
had a very positive impact, inspiring the youth and stimulating many interesting discussions for
many days.

Your participation and messages were a high point for the youth and managers attending the
Academy this summer. Links to a press release announcing your support, videos of your
presentation, and other related links are provided below.  If we can provide any other support or
information, please let us know.

Press Release

World Genesis Foundation – Official Site

Atlantykron Project – Official Site

With warmest regards,

David Lewis Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The World Genesis Foundation
United Nations, Ambassador for Youth.

“Leave no child without hope for the future”
The World Genesis Foundation - United Nations,
Ambassador for Youth
COLIN ANDREWS Presentation to the children in
August 2010.
Presentation: World Genesis.
NOTE of clarification:

My reference to the 'Solar System'
crop circle in which I speak to the
date 2033 and the Katun. The date
shown by the position of the crop
circle depicting the Solar System is
September 1st 2033. This alignment
represents the end of the first Katun
of the new Golden Age, also known
as the Fifth Age. The first Katun of
the fifth age begins in 2013 and ends
in 2033.
Colin Andrews and Dr. Synthia Andrews present Crop Circles, Consciousness and the Akashic Record with 500 international students, guests
and teachers at a youth academy operated by the World Genesis Foundation under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization in Romania.
Filmed and directed by Brendon Stuart:
2010 - After Thirty Long Years, Suddenly The Crop Circles Have Reverted To The July
12, 2010

In 1980 fields around the ancient iron age hill fort known as Cley Hill, in Wiltshire England began to see simple single crop
circles. The town of Warminster within sight of these fields was already known as the UFO Capital of the world for good
reason. Today an amazing and much more elaborate crop circle has arrived where thirty years ago the modern day
mystery began. Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Dr. Terence Meaden walked these fields researching the
mystery at its inception. It was just a few miles away at Bratton Castle that Andrews ran the famous surveillance
Operation Blackbird, designed to film a crop circle forming. The crop circles disappeared not long after that 1990
operation but it looks like they are back with an incredible 3D design.

In the adjacent county of Hampshire to the east and south of Colin and Busty Taylor's home town of Andover, another
amazing crop circle has been discovered. Again in the fields where the first research team used to regularly be found
responding to farmers mysterious discoveries.

Other crop circles have also been reported in fields where they have not been seen for 20 to 30 years. The most prolific
area for many years has been near Silbury Hill and Avebury where thousands have travelled from distant lands to visit the
circles, almost guaranteed to be found in great numbers - suddenly the fields lay mainly devoid of the artistry.

Colin is flying to England in a few days to take a closer look at the situation and to visit these new comers. He will also join
Dr. Simeon Hein and Welsh Researcher Phil Hoyle along with several farmers who have seen strange lights in their fields
and then found cattle mysteriously mutilated in ways seen in a number of other hot spots around the world.

Latest crop circles select header above.

For those who might at this late stage wish to join Colin and Dr. Simeon Heins, a few places are still available.
Presentations to the children of Romania.
The Video Posted on Facebook - View and
Join the discussion. Select logo above.
The Official British Government's Untrue Statement on Crop Circles
Corrected.  The Evidence as Presented by Colin Andrews in the presence
of Nick Pope, the Official who wrote it -
Washington D.C. 2009
X- Conference 2009
X-Conference 2009
Head of State
Prime Minister
May 3, 2009
B.B.C. Colin with Nick Pope.
Listen to BBC Radio Interview some days after the above presentation, when Andrews
was unexpectedly ask to go on air to join the interview with Pope.
Dec 15, 2010

We should be responding
Comments posted on  UFO TV after they posted the presentation a few hours ago (Dec 16th,
2010) . I am honored and grateful - Below

I just wanted to congratulate RePetes1 for his comments on how the Colin Andrews presentation has caused
him to question the ‘consenus reality’ view of crop circles. I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever
read in YT comments of someone reevaluating their former ‘sceptic’ position…it really fills me with hope &
shows the importance of hosting videos like these & of course huge kudos has to go to Colin for the way he
presents the information, how he does it and what he has to say!

this was simply fantastic, thanks so much for bringing this to us!

Excellent presentation. Really wish you had more time and didn’t have to rush through the end. Thank you.

Wow!..I mean.. Wow..! 8(
..Must admit that i´ve never really bothered to look into the CC-phenomenon, as i honestly considered the most
likely scenario to be something involving pranksters with boards, stilts, compasses, strings, measuring-tape -and
way to much time on their hands..
It certainly appears that my sentiments where in pretty strict accordance with the intents of the “principal
consensus factory”.
-This is pretty heavy-weight stuff, -seems i´ve got a few giggles to swallow back up..

Colin is the man !!!. After following this phenomenon since high School, I took a trip to England this year to
experience the crop Circles, it was incredible… I even managed to be sent in as a runner and was the first
person into the Stanton Bridge formation !!.. I had put it out for this to happen before I left Australia and it did..
their are no coincidences

i love this guy,i’ve seen him on the telly on and off for years

Colin Andrews is one of the most courageous and forward-thinking researchers to orbit the crop circle world.
The fact that he coined the term ‘crop circle’ should indicate the stature of his involvement. Like the evolving
CC phenomena itself, what I like about Colin is the evolution and expansion of his research to include non-
human entity phenomena and the role the State & the military & civilian intelligence structures have in the
phenomena. His book of the same name is essential reading.

this is the video i was waiting for on the crop circle phenomenon and its very interesting, but i wish the
presenter would have showed the more recent ones, but i still think that he did a good job of it, thanks to

--------------------- Source:
Jan 2011
Scientist says crop circles could
be made by ETs.
Two New Crop Circle Books That Are Different.
Select Images to read special article by the author David Wisbey
The new DVD “Conscious Circles” is about my research findings and the two amazing
discoveries that presented themselves only a short while ago and after 30 years investigation,
i.e.: A specific message and geometry of importance to this moment.
 "Conscious Circles" will
be widely available any day now at Create Space and Amazon – Select jacket below to view the
trailer and/or place your order.
March 28, 2011
Six different crop pictures from July of 2010 showed “nuclear energy” or “biohazard” themes, in the
context of a nine-month lunar calendar centered on March 19, 2011, and seem to have predicted the
Japanese nuclear events eight months beforehand. By scientist Red Collie (Pseudonym) Colin wishes to
thank him for his permission to post this and also The Crop Circle Connector
Filer's account of Prince Philip's UFO interest gets support from Colin Andrews, a coined
by Andrews. Andrews was in contact with members of the Royal Family and Prime
Minister Thatcher's cabinet during the early days of his crop circle research. Full AOL
Story select header above.
Nuclear Concerns
By John Scott
Posted April 3, 2011

Also on the same theme:
Six crop circles from
July 2010 showing
Nuclear Energy or
Bio-Hazard Themes
By Scientist Red Collie
(thanks to The Crop
Circle Connector.
Andrews Catalogue of Crop Circle Designs and the 'Searl Solution
to Pollution' (and more)?
By Colin Andrews
April 21, 2011
Above are a series of crop circle patterns which first appeared on our planet, and recorded in the unique
Andrews Catalogue just now published.  

My nearly three decades of research has concluded that the least important question in the research is:
'which designs are made by people as opposed to another source'. The more important question is the
role of consciousness and the intuitive process by which in either case, they arrived.

Then having overcome the impediments associated with deliberate human deception, although that is
important to establish, we need to know why the geometries are playing themselves into the tapestry of
our lives during such large scale transition. That and the human interactions surrounding the circles is
where my current work is focused.

Other findings, soon to be presented, strongly indicate that there is no coincidence in certain geometries
and ratios now coming to the forefront.  The precise placement of energy of any kind is essential in its
effectiveness in executing desirable functions for which they are engineered. This is evident for example
if we stop troubling ourselves questioning if UFOs are real but except to learn by what credible people
have observed, i.e. the placement of light sources on those craft in certain precise places. With that in
mind, is the following 'Searl Solution to Pollution' one useful application of the new studies into the data
that is arriving via open minds from universal knowledge and what we call
The Akashic Field?

I wish to acknowledge and thank Stephen Balon for all his help with locating the many pieces of John
Searl's research.

Colin Andrews
John Searl System - Solution to Pollution and more?
The largest assemblage of original aerial film in the public domain is shown in
Quest for Truth - All Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Linda Moulton Howe's
repeating pattern.
Linda Moulton-Howe:
Copyright: Colin Andrews
George Wingfield.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
"One should speak out when one knows a
statement is untrue - Full story
Award winning film-maker Terje Toftenes who made the documentary "Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another
Dimension" appeared unexpectedly via Skype on Circlemakers TV during the show this week (May 18th, 2011).

Terje told the show host Matthew Williams that he became interested and involved in crop circles in 2002 and had
been convinced they were not made by people. His film received awards but now he felt foolish and embarrassed
he said but went on the congratulate the people making them because they had made such a good job of them.  He
told Matthew that he thought it was time for the truth about all this to be told and went on to say that he was
equally convinced now that there were also strange things happening around the circles.
Crop Circles - The Final Phase and The Truth.
Who or What Is Behind The Intelligence of
Filmmakers Scrap as the Myth Makers are
Exposed but What Comes Next?
By Colin Andrews
May 20, 2011
Colin Andrews Crop Circle Research Continued HERE
Terje Toftenes with
his EBE award 2011
Claudio Dall'Aglio
Galileo - CUN (Italian National Ufo Center)
Parma - Italy
A New Crop Circle Theory from Italy
Full Article HERE
The First of Its Kind Interview Between Researcher Colin Andrews and Circlemaker
Matthew Williams.
Wed June 15, 2011 - Live

Small Group In The Early 1990s" - "Its Irresponsible For Those Who Deliberately Present Just One Side of The Story and
Cultivate A Myth When Native Peoples And Others Make Life Changing Decisions Based Upon What These People Say Is
Real - Its Worse Than That, Some Researchers Claim The Circles Heal Specific Illnesses With No Proof.  There Is No Need
To Invent A Mystery When Ive Seen Since The 80s That A Tremendous Interactive Process Is At Work, Now Admitted By
The People Who Make Circles". Military and Police Photos of The Circles Are Shown and Discussed For The First Time
and Former Head Of The MoD UFO Project Is Taken To Task. Matthew Williams Reveals The Patterns He Made.  A No
Messing Program.
Crop Circle in Italy 2011, see #16 - HERE
SECTION -1: The Crop Circles as they were when he coined the term. Those believed to be real. Should be
viewed along with Section 2.  SECTION - 2: The swirl details that did not support the stomper boards being
used in some by Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. SECTION - 3: Some of the Orbs and Unexplained objects
seen around the circles. SECTION - 4: Inexplicable/Interactive or Intuitive Cases taking place with researchers
and human circlemakers (Its highly reckommended to view the new DVD 'Conscious Circles).SECTION - 5:
The Assessment project in England during 1999-2000 and how it was learned that approx 80% then were
man-made. SECTION - 6: The official photographs taken by the Police and Military, also top secret airbase of
the crop circles, given to Andrews for use in his report to Prime Minister Thatcher and the Queen. Highly
recommened to see all official documents in the new book Government Circles. SECTION - 7: The books and
DVD in which Andrews presents his 30 year long investigation. Please note all photos and graphics are
copyright Colin Andrews except where they are marked differently. You can contact Colin Andrews
Public Outraged by Claim That Crop Circles Heal Parkinsons by
Croppie Researcher Lucy Pringle
Posted July 8, 2011
Lucy Pringle - Copyright Peter Sorensen
A 2011 Crop Circle in Wiltshire
Full report HERE

The Math and Science of Crop Circles

Some people look at the mystery of crop circles and see the work of extraterrestrials. But University of Oregon
physicist Richard Taylor sees elegant forms derived from sophisticated mathematics, so much so that he decided
to do a full study of how circle artists create these formations. His new article on crop circle science proposes that
artists might be using more intricate tools—microwave emitters, laser pointers and GPS—to get the perfect
proportions and shapes........................................

Q? So—how do people make crop circles?

A: Well, the crudest way is to use a stomper, which is a plank of wood with a rope attached to both ends. People
hold the two pieces of string and put the plank underneath their foot and knock over plants.

But ever since the explosion of crop circles in the last few decades, there are many patterns that are quite intricate
and would be a challenge to carry out in a night with a stomper.
In my article, I propose that people could be
using portable microwave transmitters, called magnetrons, like ones that can be easily obtained from
microwave ovens, to make crop circles.
Past research has shown that it's possible to knock over plants with
microwaves, which superheat the stem, causing it to expand and the plant to fall over. [Editor's note:
One study
found evidence that crops knocked down to create crop circles bore evidence of such
heating.]....................................Full Article

Read more: The Math and Science of Crop Circles - Popular Mechanics
Windmill Hill, Wiltshire | 29th July 1996
Copyright: Colin Andrews

"There was one specific night in 1996
when I was traveling around southern
England, staying above a country
pub. I awoke to noise of these guys
talking outside, looking over this big
sheet of paper. The next day there
were photos of this amazing crop
pattern that had appeared in a field
just down the road".

"But I should emphasize that I don't
know if people are actually doing
this. Part of the reason for
publishing this article is that I think
people are being very blasé about
crop circles. This is a major artistic
movement—one new crop circle
appears every night on average
around the world".

With respect, this is about as
ludicrous an idea as rutting deer
and mating hedgehogs to
explain crop circles.  How do
these guys think the lateral
force is created over such large
areas to bend millions of plants
using a microwave transmitter?.

There just has to be something
going on behind the scenes for
a man like Michio to stick his
neck out like this. I smell a rat
and for sure I just got to see
the way this plays out.

Experiments are going to take
place near Stonehenge soon.
Please do have a fire
extinguisher or two handy and
put on your lead vests. Oh, and
don't forget the generator and
thousand feet long extension
cords for each team member!

Fact: When microwaves are
applied to growing plants at
the critical amplitude that
causes the plants to collapse,
they drop down in random
directions and they die. We
did these experiments many
years ago and discounted
such a notion.


That is not to say
microwaves are not involved
at the subtle levels. Dowsing
is known to detect minute
levels of microwaves and it is
also thought that plant
communications take place
using this energy. Its simply a
none starter though to
believe people are pushing
down huge designs at night
holding such devices.
<<< Colin's Comments in left hand column
Professor Michio Kaku says "Yep That's Right, They Are Made With Microwave Ovens!!!
The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circles
Unveiled [Hardback & Paperback]
Kenneth M. Heck (Author)

Thousands of crop circles have been discovered
and recorded in this generation, but no
interpretative key has been available until now.

About the Author;

Kenneth M. Heck graduating from Drake
University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science
degree. He later became a Fellow of the Society
of Actuaries in 1968.

Download your free pdf  HERE
Crop Circle Cartoons
On the Fourth Attempt, National Geographic Come Within A Hairs Breath
of Getting it - Almost!
The Truth Behind Crop Circles
Crop Circles & 2012
Short TV interview with Colin at the University of Toronto, Oct 2011
Colin Andrews Presentation at The United Nations,
World Genesis Foundation, Ambassador for Youth
Program: For The Children of Romania
Video Part2 : See Part 1 and the program below.
Preparing Our Children For
The Future Beyond 2012
The Conscious Crop Circles, & How To Embody The Changing World into our Consciousness.
Attend personally or by Webinar the first of its kind workshop weekend in New York State - April 28-29,

CA: Another version of spinning the crop circles. This is similar to work carried out by Doug Ruby some years ago
and written about in his book The Gift.
Hello Mr. Andrews,

I listened to your show with George Noory this week (Dec 12-13) and the subject of spinning crop circles came
up. I have made a HD video with very accurate reconstructed crop circle pictograms spinning at different speeds.
See link below.

In the past there have definitely been circles that depict "ufo" propulsion systems. There is one in the beginning part
of this video . Do to an old computer and trial version software this is the best I could do for know and this
particular circle isn't in the spinning part.

Very interesting optical effects do take place but in how far it has an effect on the brain is guesswork for me. I
hope you like it and keep up the good work. =)

For beautiful crop circle art go
Circular Evidence - The Movie
Under Development.
Many will be familar with the work into cymatics by Hans Jenny.
Pattern Created by Sound Frequencies
From the Andrews Archives
Cymatic Imagery of Sacred Chants Recorded Inside the Great
Pyramid Resemble Crop Circles.
Colin Andrews - Posted January 17, 2012.
Colin's Presentation at The Gateway to Your Future Conference at University Toronto, Canada
In loving memory of Jose Arguelles.
(Colin introduced 10 mins in)
WATCH - personal thanks to Sheena Singh
Drunvalo Melchizedek says that the
crop circles have been decoded by
Russian Scientists and the Russian
Government backs them up in their

Posted April 10, 2012

The scientists, under cosmonaut
Marina Popovitch says that the
circles speak of seven huge disasters
that will strike Earth and that the first
will be a large solar flare.

CA Comment: Caution

I know Drunvalo and also Marina
Popovitch and have had contact with
the Russian team of scientists
Drunvalo refers to in this video.  I
also have studied the crop circles for
three decades and suggest caution
with these alleged findings. I believe
there are problems with this work
and strongly suggest great
discernment.  Im sure that all the
parties concerned mean well and are
Watch the interview HERE
"Crop Circle Research Was
Hijacked For Profit By A
Small Group In The Early
1990s. Its Irresponsible For
Those Who Deliberately
Present Just One Side of The
Story and Cultivate A Myth,
When Native Peoples And
Others Make Life Changing
Decisions Based Upon What
These People Say Is Real. Its
Worse Than That, Some
Researchers Claim The
Circles Heal Specific
Illnesses With No Proof.

There Is No Need To Invent
A Mystery When Ive Seen
Since The 80s That A
Tremendous Interactive
Process Is At Work and Now
Admitted By The People Who
Make Circles"

Colin Andrews on
Circlemakers TV, June 15,

Read on below:
Some Interesting Key Data

All photos and graphics are the
copyright of Colin Andrews
unless otherwise stated.
This material was used to
demonstrate some of the points
made by Colin during his
interview with Matthew Williams
Circlemakers TV - June 15,
2011. The show can be seen on
this page.

What Crop Circles Were
When I First Coined The Term


Swirl Details Which Did Not
Conform With Stomper Board


Unexplained Objects

Removed - Update soon.

Interactive / Intuitive Events


The Hoaxing Assessment in
1999 & 2000


Government, Royalty and
Crop Circles


Latest Books & DVD

Dutch Medium Robbert van den Broeke Claims That Images Appeared on his Camera of Three Deceased Crop
Circle Researchers and One of the Original Human Circlemakers - These Claims Among The Many Others,
Including Messages Has the Attention of Colin Andrews and Experts Working With Him - Two of the Families
Affected By These Claims Have Issued Public Statements and a Special Investigation is Being Undertaken. The
Coverage of These Claims on website: are Here>
1 - 2 - 3
Crop Circles according to Wikipedia:
                        Posted April 24, 2013
                           By Colin Andrews

The corruption of facts and our history by Wikipedia is a serious issue, if you care about them. Unlike
Wikileaks who uncovered truths and could still have long term positive influence on our future, its near
name-sake, wikipedia will not the way its going. The idea started off as a great one but its accuracy depended
upon integrity in our adding or subtracting information. For those in our ranks who have an axe to grind the
exact opposite is what they have in mind. They will surely destroy the orginal concept. I published some
concerns on Jan 5, 2010. My own place in crop circle history is a good example of what is happening. My
own input is well known by those who have followed my work, since I created the term 'Crop Circle' in the
early 1980's, but those who are seemingly determined to re-write the subject inaccurately have changed all that.
I have informed the moderator of the page but each time anything related to my involvement is entered, its
removed, leaving a great deal of the research Ive done uncredited, which is a large amount. As of the time I
wrote my 2010 article, all the references to me have been deleted which leaves most of my 30 years work on
the subject uncredited by the Wikipedia site.  You would never know that I remain the longest living researcher
of the subject along with my friend Busty Taylor.  We took part in all the first series of TV documentaries and
most of those that followed, did most of the ground work researching with Past Delgado and Dr. Terence
Meaden. I wrote the first book on the subject with Pat in 1989, 'Circular Evidence', featured in the first DVD
and video's ever made on the subject and travelled the planet investigating and presenting as well as writing
reports for my Prime Minister and Head of State etc
(BIO).  Its a whole different story according to Wikipedia
and that for all other subjects and the education of our children, this behavior is of great concern. If you feel
strongly enough about correcting or inserting the facts on Crop Circles, if you know them to be true, please go
HERE.  Updated: October 28, 2013: Following this posting, the fact that I coined the term Crop Circles has now been
permitted to be show on the current page.  That is all though and that could obviously change too.
Posted July 4, 2013
As predicated by my research, the
crop circle season in England is
experiencing a sudden turning
point. Just as in all other fields of
human activity, as we face our
own demons and embrace the truth
surrounding the subject, it
becomes obvious to the informed
that this is indeed The Crossroads.
2013 crop circle update coming

of interactions with a non human
"One of the most important series
higher mind, has taken place over
the past three decades. Some might
say an experiment by unknowns, to
fine tune human interaction.

We are truly on the edge of a new

Colin Andrews
The paradigm shift now taking place will not be stopped - These interviews and the new book
'On the Edge of Reality' reveal WHY - Some of the recent favourite interviews - select above
Colin Andrews interview on Paracast on
November 10, 2013 was quickly followed
Matthew Williams on November 24, 2013.
The interviews with these two men who
have found themselves across two sides
of the fence for many years, book ends
the crop circle subject as its been known
and marks the beginning of the most
important phase - The truth and their
shared understanding and experience that
a higher mind is actively involved. Colin
believes involved in ALL subjects and
humans future.
Two men who found themselves different sides of the crop circle subject
but agree that an even more bizarre mystery exists.
Posted December 4, 2013
Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG), the brain child of
Francine Blake has closed its doors. Trustees of CAER Statement:
Posted December 24, 2013
December 24, 2013
As the year closes out, as
predicted, we have seen the end
of the crop circle mystery as we
knew it. With the
mystery solved
and a conclusion well beyond
many to grasp, a strange silence
has settled over the landscape of
the subject. The new book
the Edge of Reality'
presents a
platform from where the new
research and second phase of the
subject, joins other subjects in the
study of human consciousness.
The man-made crop circles
migrated to the sandy beaches
and snowy mountains,
unquestionable proof presented
itself that Colin's findings in 2000
of the human involvement was
correct. The Wiltshire Crop
Circle Research Group (WCCRG)
closed its doors and a natural
transition has begun just as it has
across the whole range of human
activity.  As truths separate from
lies, the new horizon has
appeared and our big moment for
lasting change. This is part of a
much bigger story unfolding. -
Colin Andrews. Updates: crop
circles 2013 and Research
Early Plant Analysis
by Colin Andrews:
Dr. Steven Greer interview with
Colin Andrews on New World Puja
Radio Network.
January 27, 2012
Crop Circles & ET Visitors
Below is a Release From Black Projects Channel:
'Secret Circles' - BBC 1989
Featuring the early research of Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Dr. Terence Meaden and Busty Taylor.

A famous classic which raised the interest in the subject.
SELECT TO WATCH (Bottom of the page)
Posted February 9, 2014
2000 - 2021
Three Cycles of Seven Years
by Frank Hoogerbeets
1989 production .

"On occasions they seem to locate
themselves by request. . . . at
29:43: This is deeply profound but
if we are dealing with something
that is reacting with the psych of
mankind, then we are looking at
an intelligence that we simply do
not understand......I believe we are
looking at the interface between
this dimension and another. There
is very deep spiritual content here
and the answer rests in nature." -
Colin Andrews in the 1989 video
Undeniable Evidence, the first
video ever produced on the subject
of crop circles, a term he coined.
2015 Crop Circles:  Select
By which ever means this 2002 crop circle
appeared, its message has been consistent with
those received by a whole spectrum of unexplained
phenomena - Colin Andrews.
Below gifted by a
devoted crop circle fan.
(High Res)
English Edition
USA / UK / Australia / Canada
Check out the circle
illusion created by straight
Crop Circles Research Since 1983
Crop Circle Research Since 1983
Dutch Medium
Robbert van den Broeke
Claims to have received
messages from my
deceased friends
"Nancy Talbott and BLT
got it wrong and they
should just admit it and
move on - that is the
scientific approach"
Colin Andrews
BLT claimed to know real crop circles by William Levengood's analysis - My blind test proved this to be
false. I certainly do not suggest there was deliberate mischief but I was able to prove (on film) that two
features that appeared in England, which he claimed to be exceptional cases of real crop circle energy, was in
fact made by BLT's own plant sampling team and the other was flattened by wind and rain (lodging)
HERE  Angry response from one of the original BLT samplers - Update HERE
Colin Andrews Book
Government Circles
A small selection:

1 - 2 - 3 - Much more in book
2015 Crop Circles:  Select
Watch the trailer in the Store page
Colin inspecting flattened plants in the 1980s,
which he coined 'Crop Circles'.
Message from God? - An Excellent Research Presentation by Simon Miles (Australia)
A message Colin was invited to present (in English) to accompany the publication of 'On the Edge of
in Romania. The Crop Circles and non ordinary reality is unwound and the crop circle subject
has been reset for its full and final assessment beyond even the people making them - We are all
involved at this fork in the road. Please select to listen:  
Watch Simon's presentation HERE

Posted November 3, 2015

7 times that science explained
PBS By Nsikan Akpan and Joshua
Barajas  October 28, 2015
(CA: And 7 times arrogance and
prewired mindset missed the truth)
Even Doug Bower and Dave
Chorley in this German interview
held back a secret, i.e. that they
knew something more than
themselves was involved. Read full
account in
'On the Edge of Reality'.

PBS article: HERE


Posted November 3, 2015
New Movie About Crop Circles.

'Cropped' is about a group of UFO
enthusiasts who clash with their
cynical crop circle tour guide.
When night falls the group have to
set their differences aside when the
mystery of the crop circles is
Crop Circles, UFO's or you name it: The final question is the most scary
one. I know a non human mind is playing with us but who or what is it?
Dec 30, 2015
Relax, reflect and enjoy
By Leonard Cohen
"We asked for signs, signs
were sent"
The First Crop Circle of 2016 'Black Star' in Sand.
David Bowie Passing
Posting January 19, 2016
Artist Marc Treanor knew he had to pay tribute to
his music idol, so he did it in the only way he
knew how. He visited his favourite beach, Mwnt,
near Cardigan in Ceredigion, and recreated Bowie's
last album cover, Blackstar, in a sand circle.
Full story.
Crop Circles, UFOs and Missing Time.

The mysterious American Phantom Car
from Wiltshire, England to New York, USA.
Told by Dan Aykroyd and Colin Andrews
Posted April 7th, 2016
"My findings across several fields of research
strongly support the view that humanity is being
directed by another intelligence and rarely sees
these interactions for what they are. Things are
often not how they appear and even our thoughts
and resultant actions are projections from that
unknown mind, a mind akin to God. This is taking
place on a daily basis inside all human activity. A
master chess player has the board rigged and
perhaps its just as well. Hidden in full view by
directing highly illogical actions but leading to
outcomes beyond our logical calculus" - Colin
Andrews, Oct, 2009.
Chris H. Cooper
Simple crop circle, 1987.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Complex crop circle, 1995
Copyright Colin Andrews
Updated with
of this segment of
Coast to Coast
May 3, 2016
Psychic News
'Nano Man' claims.

Its not just the crop circles experiment that
has been subject of the mysterious
chessplayer who has the board rigged
Colin Andrews 2009.

The term 'rigged' is getting a lot of political
spin currently and Ive recently promised
myself not to continue dialog on the low we
have reached in that subject. I do feel though
its very relevant to re-post my 2009
conclusions surrounding my studies of
consciousness, UFOs and the people making
and researching most of these ground
markings BECAUSE its way deeper than just
about everyone is thinking.
Following is my 2009 public statement.
Appropriate that today, seven years later, a
key focus has been placed upon the same
term 'rigged':

CA 2009:"My findings across several fields
of research strongly support the view that
humanity is being directed by another
intelligence and rarely sees these interactions
for what they are. Things are often not how
they appear and even our thoughts
and resultant actions are projections from that
unknown mind, a mind akin to God. This is
taking place on a daily basis inside all human
activity. A master chess player has the board
rigged and perhaps its just as well. Hidden in
full view by directing highly illogical actions
but leading to outcomes beyond our logical
calculus" - Colin Andrews, Oct, 2009.

As posted on my Facebook page
After 33 plus years of investigation, for some the real unexplained phenomena remains and it’s not about how they are made or by whom - for me those questions
The most significant real mystery of all are the ‘High Strangeness’ events which have constantly taken place around the crop circles and those making and researching
them since the beginning.

Bizarre experiences have taken place since the small original team started research in the late 70s – The first was photographed in 1979. The first research team
reported many strange synchronicitys and feelings that something knew what they were doing or saying – A trickster kind of energy. Pat Delgado, Dr. Terence
Meaden, Busty Taylor and myself all had experiences throughout.

I have little doubt that this ‘interaction’ (discussed in detail in the last book
‘On The Edge of Reality’) will continue to happen where ever humans focus their attention
while they are charged with the emotional energy brought about by a mystery. The Emotional spectrum generates an electro-chemical reaction in the life force of
animals and humans and can be detected as well as sets up a bodily function response. More for another time in detail. A better understand of Emotions and their
purpose: ‘The Path of Emotions’ :

Just as doctor’s surgeries have a certain ambient associated with them because of an emotion produced by anxiety or fear, so certain 'entities' interact with individuals
whose attention is focused upon a mystery or the creation of a mystery. The human becomes responsive to another domain – call that ET or something akin to God.

There is no denying the fact that these ‘interactions do exist and they are profound in the extreme. They are associated with an intelligent process of some kind - all be
it often surrounding man made crop circles and UFOs. There is a lot in the theory that mankind must imagine first what it may later manifest.

Hardened believers who believe beyond all the evidence that the crop circles are constructed by ETs, I believe know the truth privately – i.e. they are made by
people BUT as I have said for the last two decades that is where the real mystery begins and not ends.

While some people hold out for the ET explanation for actual manufacture, they appear to have deceived themselves as well as the public to the degree that they have
missed completely the importance of the common denominator between crop circle artists and sincere truth seekers i.e.: Interactive phenomena by an unknown
source has been woven into the crop circle fabric and life itself. Humans constructed the likes of Stonehenge, coincidentally at the center of crop circle activity, and
many life changing experiences have happened to people who have gone to look at them. Very little difference to the crop circles made by talented artists which also
produce life changing experiences.

The bigger shock is that this unknown mind is involved with every aspect of the transitioning period we are experiencing today. The unbelievable nature of events
happening around us hold potential for even more new and unrecognizable phenomena.

Nothing is quite what it appears - seems a safe bet.

This recent well researched new posting by Andy Pyrka speaks to the dilemma still for some involved with the struggle of accepting change when its not what we
want or are equip for :

Colin Andrews - Dec 7, 2016
An Excellent in-depth Television Documentary filmed in 1990-1991 by Nippon
from Japan and shown many times in that country. A great amount of my aerial
footage and photographs - Much of it not seen before in the west.

Exclusive footage they filmed of a UFO which interacted with the film-crew and myself
early ours over crop circle fields at Alton Barnes, England. - Story on page 129 in my book:

On the Edge of Reality.
" Air Traffic Control confirmed 'live' that only two aircraft
were in UK airspace. They asked pilots to remove all inside
and outside lights off for 20 seconds - The UFO remained and
continued to flash back to us."
During Surveillance at Alton Barnes, England on the 18th August, 1991, all of us stood alongside a Television crew from Nippon Television (Japan) and witnessed a UFO which began interacting with our
flash-lights. Colin Andrews telephoned Air Traffic Control (life) and they confirmed it was not an aircraft - The exclusive film and Andrews telephone call can be heard in the documentary ( 1 hr: 8 mins )
The UFO appeared in the sky at the same location we had seen them before but this time we had a TV crew with us and captured it on film - One of Andrews interactive UFO experiences with Dr. Steven Greer also took
place here.