An interview with well known Echan Deravy,
Director of the film Earth Pilgrims.

……it should be obvious that politicians and activists who bark on
about peace at levels of consciousness far below these are
seriously wasting both our time and their own. Peace is not a
result. It is a primary cause. It is not a reaction to war, it is the very
foundation of civilized and conscious life. The idea that we can
protect ourselves from enemies and thus have peace is patently
absurd. Either you have it, peace in your heart, or you do not. So
how do you get it? One must somehow raise one’s
consciousness, but there is the quandary.
In zen we had great ways to express this like ‘trying to pull yourself off the ground by yanking up on
your own bootstraps.’ Sure we can and must make efforts, but then there is also the working of
something entirely different. Call it grace. Call it the Lord. Call it what you will. I call it prayer. I prayed
constantly as I walked. It was enormously demanding and tremendously fulfilling. The power of
prayer becomes the engine of peace. Its cleansing spirit reveals our focus on the inner workings of
the monkey mind and the jaded heart. It is essential for us, thus motivated by virus infected brains
and dilapidated hearts to overcome the primal fear that underlies all emotions that keep us from
peace. No amount of positive thinking does that. You need a spiritual life that is real.

What led you to create the film 'Earth Pilgrims'?

Disillusionment. Age. Exasperation. But not necessarily in
that order! I had become a rather well-known public speaker
and writer in Japan, especially as a proponent of the idea that
not only is conscious evolution now imperative, but also of
the now popular idea that there seems to be a time limit set
on humanity’s awakening i.e. 2012. I had interviewed dozens
of scientists and thinkers over the years including Deepak
Chopra, John C. Lilly, Fred Alan Wolf, Graham Hancock,
Terence McKenna, Hunbatz men and a whole host of
shamans and maverick researchers in multiple fields to get a
holistic view of this shift we all talk about. I had brought their
work and my interpretation of it to Japanese attention via
books, interviews, television and 37 actual research trips to
sacred sites around the planet. We did not just study crop
circles for example, we went into them and lay down in them
with Colin Andrews back in the mid-nineties. I took remote
viewing to Japan and taught over 700 people.............
Echan Deravy
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Echan Deravy (Rt) with Colin Andrews. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Echan Deravy, is a lifelong pilgrim from Scotland, passed through 75 countries before settling in Japan
where he established himself as an author and public speaker on issues of planetary concern,
metaphysics, spirituality, and remote viewing. Echan has become a vital link between Japanese culture
and the West, acting as interpreter for figures such as Graham Hancock and leader of many journeys
with Japanese to sacred sites around the planet. He currently has over a dozen books in print in
Japanese and a series of DVD talks recorded over the last 6 years-all in Japanese. His key concern is
conscious evolution. Visit his homepage at:
Earth Pilgrims

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Earth Pilgrims