GWR Radio and the Government D Notice
Dave Barrett
GWR radio was one of the first of many media to visit Operation Blackbird. Their outside broadcast vehicle (seen with
tower mast above) was in position and ready to cover the moment that Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado entered the field
to look at the new crop circle formation which appeared in front of the bank of special cameras. Looking through
binoculars from the control vehicle (black structure seen above) the report was that there was something in the center of
the circle.  This followed reports from observers at 4.0 AM that morning, that a triangular array of lights hovered over
the field.

As dawn broke, Colin And Pat entered the field.  TV cameras were kept out of the field as four military aircraft suddenly
came in from the east and flew at low level directly over their heads.  GWR radio were about to go live to air when the
station received a D notice from the M.o.D. to stop all transmissions.  Well known television and radio presenter Dave
Barrett was back in the studio and has confirmed to me that the D notice was indeed served on them. This has been
refuted by the former head of the British Governments UFO Project at the Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope in a
article written by him.
Government D Notice
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January 12, 2009

E-mail to Colin Andrews

Hi Colin

I now live abroad so its not so easy to contact me by phone but please feel free to email if
you need anything else.As I recall it was somewhere near Alton barns, a crop circle had
been discovered with some mysterious item found in the centre of it. We sent the radio car
but were prevented from viewing it and a D notice stopped us reporting on it, it was when I
was on GWR in Swindon.

All the best

Two of the four Army trainer aircraft flying over the heads of Colin and Pat as they walked into the new  crop circle.

Frame grabs taken from the video being taken by Colin as he approached the formation.