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Sunday January 24, 2010.
To: webops@bom.


My name is Colin Andrews.  I am a well
known researcher and author who has
received many e-mails from Australia
since January 15, 2010 asking me
about the unusual radar returns seen
on the Bureau’s national weather

My website is receiving many
thousands of visitors who are asking for
an explanation for these patterns.
Several technicians working with the
Australian Bureau of Meteorology have
sent me a range of possible
explanations but frankly they don’t
seem to answer all the cases seen the
last 8 days including the radial black
lines centered upon a red star feature
positioned over the NW quadrant of
your country (see website).

You will see the various questions,
explanations and theories being
posed.  There has been quite powerful
evidence received here of weather
modification attempts, can you
categorically respond to this please? Is
the Australian Government involved
with the HAARP project based in

As an amateur Meteorologist of 40
years myself and being aware of
incomplete radar returns and low rain
settings on the software concerned,
some of the effects seen on your
national radar system recently do not
seem to fit these explanations.  I would
greatly appreciate your response or
please convey this inquiry to the
appropriate office – many thanks

By the way, to congratulate the Bureau
on an excellent website, it’s

Best wishes

Colin Andrews – Connecticut, USA
This Dramatic Spiral Burst known to 'insiders' as The Ring of
Fire Fault
was observed on national radar over Melbourne
Australia today - but then what?  Is this the
HAARP smoking gun?
By Colin Andrews
posted January 27, 2010.
                                            Recap First
Its been a very busy twelve days for anybody interested in strange weather effects, possible weather modification experiments
or the secret agenda behind the global HAARP project. So lets recap where this started, on this website on  January 15th, 2010  
(16th in Australia) and which has now exploded into a potentially very important story.
Fig 01 A ring shown on radar over the
South West on January 16th
Fig 02 Series of broken concentric rings
over Melbourne area on January 22nd.
Fig 03 Black radial spokes
from a ruby red star centre over
Broome, in the North West.
Sequence leading to events of today, January 27.
One of the numerous E-mails I received through out the night last night ( 26-27th).
Hi Colin,

I'm sending the images before and after the Melbourne spiral image as well as the original
Melbourne radar spiral...what's interesting is in the spiral image there are white dots appearing in the
same area as the 15 January radar circle in Western Australia (Kalgoolie)...these are only there
when the spiral is visible and not in the before or after spiral images...

With this data and more I collected from the Bureau of Meteorology's own site and from numerous
e-mails coming in from all over Australia during the early hours of this morning I got to see that
something quite remarkable was taking shape - by coincidence or not we will perhaps find out. Read
on below:
Fig 04-01 One hour before the spiral burst
appeared. Notice two radiating lines which connect
at what becomes the center of the radar burst 60
minutes later.
Fig 04-02. Close up of the interesting combination of evolving events.
Apart from the two radiating (radar) lines, notice also a series of
spiraling arm arcs appearing in wave action in the sea to the south
and also similar effects but as clouds to the east. Look again at
these after what becomes a dramatic further development seen in fig
Fig 04-03. When the 'Ring of Fire Fault' takes place
one can see that its center is the same spot the two
90 degree (radar) lines meet.
Fig 04-04. The wave action from the ocean can be clearly
seen by satellite to be aligned and separated by same
spacing ratios as the radar or other arcing arms. Also to the
west what is known as a
cloud street has formed, again the
alignment and placement seems beyond coincidence and
in just minutes just like magic become intrinsically part of a
new low pressure system.
Fig 04 Black spiraling radial
arms from a much larger ruby
red star center, this time over the
south west on January 27. The
same facility as Fig 02 which
appeared on the 22nd.
As of this posting Ive received a number of confidential messages from technical staff and scientists working
within the Australian Government about these images.  One refers to Fig 03:

"This is regarding your radar anomaly images on the 22/1 over Australia. The one over North
West Australia is a fault known by our technicians as "the ring of fire fault". Its caused by sever
arching inside the pulse forming network of the radar. Its nothing suspicious, its just a very rare
fault, and its the first time that its ever happened on one of our radars"
. ....clip....

Strange indeed that following the events to which he refers a second apparently very rare event took place
five days later (Fig 04 and sequence series Fig 04-01 - 04-04 ).

I have sent an urgent request for information and explanation to one of the top experts in Australia  Dr Tom
Keenan who is Leader of the Weather, Oceans and Environment Program in the The Centre for Australian
Weather and Climate Research (A partnership between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology) and is a
Senior Principal Research Scientist employed by the Bureau of Meteorology.

What is so very amazing and alarming to many is the fact that as I watched all this unfold in
Connecticut with many who were watching the radar back ion Australia, I noticed that the
satellite loop showed a new counter-clockwise vortex developing in the lover atmosphere
below where this Ruby Red Star burst had occurred.  This new weather system, a low pressure
system can be clearly seen rotating and evolving as it moved with the upper level winds, east.

The loop I saved of this developing weather system is corrupt and I am searching the Bureau archives to
see if I can retrieve another copy - without success at the moment. If anyone can find and save the loop that
immediately followed the radar effect I would be grateful - please make contact with me

Have we the evidence now to strongly request an official explanation about the roll of HAARP and other
facilities across Australia and around the world? These strange effects have been seen worldwide and only
some have been explained away as radar defects or settings that are too low for effective returns. Like
some of the effects seen over Australia recently, it leaves a lot of questions.

As a personal reaction to what Ive seen in Australia in the last few hours, my hope is that if
indeed this is deliberate government/s driven agendas at work, that they are in the hands of the
good guys.  Its possible that as the planet's climate comes under more and more stress and
even possible collapse, we will need all the expertise in weather adjustments we can muster.

If these are the bad guys God knows what they are up to or where they will take us.

Colin Andrews
Posted January 27, 2010
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HAARP in Australia?
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One suggestion received here today is that this
phenomenon are electical discharge patterns shown
above - hope to follow up on that idea later.
The story from the beginning
Posted January 15th 2010.
Further Reaction from Visitors
Posted January 28, 2010.

Hi Colin.........Just a quick comment about the AU images...did you notice the recent comment by
Obama in a speech, where he referred to global warming and then said the government was
working on a solution including "geo-engineering" to deal with it?   He did NOT try and specify what
this meant, and no news media have since picked up on the story, like it never happened.  The
question I have is if "geo-engineering" could be the first public reference to HAARP being
developed as a weather modification is a fact it IS, but so far no admission of that. HAARP
has several uses, but the original design purposes were for 2 things, 1. To enable "over the
horizon radar" to work, by energizing the ionosphere as a reflective surface much like the temp
driven "atmospheric lensing" explanation of UFO's by Dr. Donald Menzel, and 2. To enable
communications with submarines worldwide.   But then weather and mind control are also being
studied. Nikola Tesla would be so proud.

comments = Just to let you know there is a very small nuclear power plant deep under
ground at NW Cape , at Pine Gap and another near Geelong in Victoria if this helps you
understand the power source.
There are HAARP transmitters, like in Alaska, and then there are
receivers...some think Exmouth could be used as an vlf receiver...but it
would not have any part in heating up the ionosphere, or weather
making. It does not fit the HAARP tech profile but it does fit the vlf profile
for naval and sub is even listed in wikipedia:
  The longer the antenna wires, the lower the freq can go...HAARP is
just the opposite...very short, high energy, multiple units, which in unison
can heat.
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