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Feb 6, 2010.

I was intrigued by the photo (hexagon) on your site...I went to look for it....that photo I sent is
on the same Exmouth peninsula and its also a hexagon, but what struck me was the strange
effect on surrounding vegetation.

Those towers were built shortly after the disappearance of PM Harold Holt, 1963, I have no
idea what they are or if they are a part of HAARP, but I watched the strange weather pattern
post the 22nd January, am interested to learn more but thought you might know more about
Feb 8, 2010
Hi Colin,
attached is a current pic of our National Radar (below). As you can see it appears to
originate from Perth. I checked the individual radar's at: Geraldton, Kalgoolie, Perth,
Esperance and Albany
radars, as well as their 256 and 512km composites. Each one showed absolutely nothing,
which must surely be a clue as to whats going on.

The National Radar is a composite of all Australian radars (including the above). Yet no
radar shows what's on the National Composite.

Even those 2 persistent "lines" that show up heading roughly (but not quite) SW and SE
from Melbourne appear on local radars (Looks like they might be at a 90 degree angle to
Feb 7th - Satellite.
Feb 8th - Only visible on national
composite. Not seen on the local
Perth radar station.


Feb 10.
Don’t let the obvious in WA distract you, the most major weather mod  is happening in
Victoria. It looks like thunderstorms everywhere in Vic but we aint had a drop even though
the sky has been black for hours. The sky was white with white lines from horizon to
horizon all day before any non-synthetic clouds actually arrived. Rampant weather mod.
They’re telling us 50mm of rain over the next two days, last week they predicted 4inches
and we got less than 10mm.             


I saw your post about the January Broome (Australia) radar "HAARP caused" anomaly at
about 4pm (AEST) this afternoon. Interestingly enough, I went to the B.O.M (Bureau of
Meteorology) website to just check the radar and there was another sign of HAARP
activity today AND I have proof they changed the timestamp of radar images just after it!

I don't have a place to host files, so I could only upload a zip file to a free service for you
to access them since I couldn't find your e-mail address to attach them.

I included among the pictures, date/time'd screen-captures of when I saved
these files. You can also see the clock of my desktop in each picture which is at
GMT+10 (I live in Brisbane, Aust). If you compare the times of picture creation,
my desktop clock and the time on the radar images, you will see how it skipped
1 hour and a half on the radar time in less than 30 minutes...


In the rar(zip) file are 11 pictures. Some from the National radar perspective and the
others from the Broome perspective. The images are amazing yet disturbing.

Just now, I found this website that has a repeat of the days loop and archives them. In
their captures, they have the anomaly
Its Broome again - Feb 10, 2010.
Feb 10, 2010- Broome #2
- ---- Email Continued:

I included my full phone number (including country code), if you would like to discuss this
in more depth I would be more than happy. I've been conducting my own personal
research into HAARP for the last 3 years and am trying to gather as much information as
possible on what they are actually doing with it.


Paul from Oz

Broome Radar Images (Multiple Attachments)Wednesday, February 10, 2010
11:51:50 AM
From:XXXX Removed
To:Colin Andrews

Hey again Colin,

These are all my screen captures I have of the B.O.M website from today. I
mentioned it before but be sure to look at the time of each picture from
my desktop clock and the time shown from the B.O.M and you will be able to
see how their radar times skip ahead. (Comment by Colin: I have all his images in my
possession - The key evidence is below)

See : 128km Radar Loop for Broome, 21:00 10/02/2010 to 21:00 11/02/2010 UTC

Select image.

In this Tom Price instance we appear to have a possible direct link to US bases. Thus
it is feasible that high-powered EM weapons systems are being tested by the USA - or
some other foreign government - on Australian soil, or that off-planet alien UFO
interest in the Exmouth US base is being demonstrated in these sightings.

Regular passage of three such slow-speed fireballs, ultimately increasing rapidly to
very high speed, occurring at exactly equally-timed intervals, along the same very-low-
altitude trajectory and course, cannot involve any normal meteor or bolide-train event.

These fireball events do not appear to represent any known natural phenomenon, and
certainly appear to fit the alien UFO, secret military spaceplane-testing or EM weapons-
testing scenarios.

Eyewitness information about the interior of the Exmouth Peninsula "US VLF
submarine communication base" proves to be extremely interesting. The main
transmitter (Tx) site consists of one very high central aerial called "Tower Zero"
positioned upon a low hilltop and surrounded by 11 equispaced smaller towers (each
about 1,000 feet high). Each tower is connected by aerial wire forming a series of
three concentric circular loops (in excess of 2.5 km diameter). Tower Zero is encased
in wood/asbestos sheeting to form a very high, enclosed oblong box, and has a two-
man elevator running up the inside of the tower. The top inner aerial shape is
surrounded by a larger enclosed box.

The aerial array utilizes enormous quantities of copper tube and wire "ground
counterpoise" arrays buried in the ground under the entire complex.

Access into the hillside tunnel opening takes one into a large (at least three-storey)
underground section at the base of Tower Zero. Here is something like the innards of
a giant "transistor radio" with a huge heavy-duty copper-wire coil some 50 feet high
and 15 feet in diameter - all supported on hardwood (Jarrah) frames fixed with wooden
(Jarrah) nuts and bolts! Sections are lined with stainless- steel sheeting. There may be
further and deeper sections under the copper coil which were not seen by this

There is a large power station at the site, possibly running on gas from boreholes into
a large natural-gas reservoir nearby.

Although officially recently handed over by the US Navy to Australian Navy control, the
base still has many US "consultants" who live in the nearby town of Exmouth. The
Jarrah fittings and copper coil in Tower Zero were installed in 1968, after the main
building contractor teams had left the facility. Supposedly this Exmouth Tx site is
transmitting VLF or ELF radio messages to submarines. However, this eyewitness
description of the underground wooden frame and giant coil is a dead giveaway. It
perfectly describes major elements of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe, Long Island, Magnifying
Energy Transmitter - and his earlier Colorado Springs research versions. The wooden
construction is required to handle very high voltages and very high frequencies
(possibly as high as microwave-band frequencies) by containing the induced coil
electrostatic wave from discharge. It is not needed to handle very low frequencies
(VLF) or extremely low frequencies (ELF).

Tesla claimed in 1908 that he could hit any antipodean planetary city with an
enormous EM energy pulse, delivered in microseconds, that would "create an
explosion equivalent to more than the power of the extant world navies’ combined ’
Dreadnought’ battleship broadsides" (i.e., a huge force similar to that of a nuclear
explosion) from just such a device.

Therefore, it would appear that the Exmouth US Tx site contains "Tesla" or "scalar" EM
weapons systems and has been active since about 1969, i.e., in time to conduct the
1970 and earlier tests for which we see evidence, due east of there in the Great
Sandy Desert, as many grid rows of 10-km-spaced earthquakes, looking like a
chessboard - each of 3 to 5 Richter power.

The Broome symbol of January 22, 2010 - It followed a symbol over the Melbourne station.
Note that these also happen to be the two stations located in the center of massive dense
exploding cloud clusters? (NW and SE Australia).
Concerns over secrecy types and control over HAARP

comments = Hi Colin, very interesting stuff re those spirals. As a member of the
Planetary Truth Project started by Joseph P. Skipper from his site
http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/, I have been watching the Secrecy Types try to
keep a handle on the fact that mars is populated by technologically advanced races, &
at the same time knowing their secrecy (end)game is almost up and that they are
allowing certain civilisation evidence photos out so investigators like Skip can find them.

My worry is their 20th century attitude coupled with control of Haarp, & how they will
choose to behave towards these races. No doubt they are attracting races whom will be
as manipulative as they are. Re Mars, I think if those races were malicious, they would
have exerted their malign influence long ago. I'm more worried about the secrecy types
here, and their control over Haarp .

Richard Papaconstantinou

February 11, 2010
While I have been looking over the white lines that radiate from the Brisbane area and
show up on the Brisbane (Marburg) Radar I’ve noted that the radiating lines have been
emanating actually from just north of the town of Toowoomba to the west of Brisbane.   
In fact at the town of Cabarlah outside of Toowoomba there is a rather large
Military Communications base.  This base was scheduled for closure a couple of years
ago but then why is it still operating and appears to have been completely revamped
and modernised.

The first image shows the actual camp with the main entrance to the left of the image.

The first image shows a blow up of the antenna farm.  On this photo there is a street
camera on the left side of the image to which I went and the third image is the result
and shows the antenna located just to the left of the camera.  The three lines going
across the image are power lines and have nothing to do with it all.

So I feel that this unit is up to some nefarious activity and using the guise of the near
weather station to cover it all up and the Met people are unaware and claim there is a
fault in the system.             
February 11, 2010 - Two important discoveries.
National radar shows broken concentric rings around Melbourne but look closely at the local radar below - the
broken rings are NOT centered on the cross lines of Melbourne but a military facility to the north of the town called
Puckapunyal.  I will look at this after first looking at the details Mike referred to in his E-mail above i.e.. Broken
radiating lines near Brisbane on the east coast (Right hand side of photos - Mid center).
Copyright: Australia Bureau
of Meteorology
Cabariah - Exposed. Here we have our problem Houston.
The National radar image on
the left allowed detective work
to uncover two of the military
bases likely to be breaking
into the Australia Bureau of
Meteorology's National radar
system and which we are to
assume, as BOM have no
knowledge of what is causing
these effects, must be
classified. The question now
remains, is this part of the
HAARP global network and
what is its function? And if the
Australian Government's own
Bureau didn't know about it
then who did and who is in
charge?  -
Copyright: Australia
Bureau of Meteorology
Detective work has also discovered this tower near
the official BOM weather radar facility at Broome in
the north west. Its hexagram is clear at the center of
what is a very concerning effect on local vegetation.
(effects of the surrounding ground by
electromagnetism? VLF?
Above the military base at Cabariah that everyone was told was
closing but has been revamped and busy doing
Copyright: GeoEye 2010.
The tower at Cabariah.
The pairing sequence first seen on January 22, 2010 when Melbourne and
Broome fired off effects within a short time of each other was repeated again on
February 11, 2010.  This would seem to be proof that there is something the
public and the Australian staff running the weather Bureau are not being told.
January 11 did not just see the military stations of Cabariah and Puckapunyal
active in these radar creations but below Broome radar on the north west coast
(again)  - The official radar histogram at Broome showed a wave of very high
energy peaking in nanoseconds as another ring appeared there - see below..
The 38 days of intensive observations of the radar systems throughout the continent of Australia with
the help of tens of volunteers in that country has laid the ground work for future research into HAARP,
Weather Modification Projects and questions about International Law. None of what has been written
and postulated in these pages has had the advantage of statistics and information existing ahead of
time and capable of being back engineered to fit any particular hypothesis - we have been live and
when the observations began on January 15th Australia was still in a serious state of drought with
weather systems locked off and dry air prevailing.  After witnessing the most bizarre effects take place
we have seen the drought break, levels of humidity and saturation levels rise also and in many places
heavy rains have fallen. Below is the weather alert section of the BOM website as I close this file on
Saturday February 13, 2010.  Reports are still being received here of ominous black clouds that hang
in the sky threatening rain but the rains don't fall.  When they do, tests carried out on the chemical
composition is disturbing.

At this stage I will hand over the baton to others in this field of research. As a fellow human being and
with a love and interest in Australia and the people there, I will be watching things closely.

Thanks to the many for your help. - Colin Andrews Feb 13th 2010.

New Development see bottom of page.
February 11, 2010 - A repeat cycle of events to what took place on
January 22, 2010 when Broome and Melbourne stations fired up
symbols within a short time of each other - stations many hundreds of
miles apart.
Local radar at Yarrawonga (A) reveals the source of this 'Interference' - another military
facility at Puckapunyal (B) a facility not shown on official maps as a radar facility. The white
concentric rings which are allegedly showing clouds have two off-set centers.  One at the
Military base (B) and Melbourne BOM station (C). Below as a reminder is the BOM map
showing radar stations used on the national weather network.
Tinkering with the evidence and two military bases uncovered - Houston
we have found our problem.
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February 11, 2010. Top right: What at first glance look
like radiating lines from the Brisbane BOM facility.
Copyright: Australia Bureau of Meteorology
February 11, 2010. Looking more closely these
radiating lines takes a bullseye to a location west of
the city to a military base called Cabariah.
Australia Bureau of Meteorology.
Locals had been told the Cabariah base was closing but it has been refurbished and doing
'something'. As Mike says in his Email above, is nefarious classified work being undertaken here
which is one of the sources of interference on the national radar system and referred to in the
official reply to me from BOM. It would appear that this might be one of the facilities that has come
on line since January 15th and is behind what looks like weather modification at work ?
As those troubling advertisements on television say "But wait there's more".

What about the broken concentric rings over the south east that also appeared again on
February 11th. . At first glance they look like they are centred upon Melbourne - but close
inspection reveals that in fact three radar stations tell the whole story and
one isn't on the
official map of radar facilities.
The official BOM radar stations.
39 days after the symbols appeared and we began observations the continent transformed from drought
into rain falling in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin.

     Perhaps that speaks for itself.
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of article
==========================Below Since Project End Date=======================
February 15, 2010 - Thanks to Paul Harris.
A well informed professional
said of this whole situation:
"Very likely EM/Scalar covert
weapons test, like the
Norway spiral".
February 17, 2010 Update:
BOM have issued a new updated caption to the national radar which continues to support the
speculation raised by me over two weeks ago and that is that there appears to be something very
unusual at work over Australia and that what ever it is is interfering with frequencies used by the
Bureau of Meteorology.  My speculation is that this might be a covert operation which BOM themselves
are not privy, hence the new notice they have posted makes clear - they are attempting to resolve the
"Cause of the interferences".  Remember this is not an unknown problem at one radar station but many.

Below a new You Tube movie by Jack Verbeek, who has been one of the many observers working with
me across Australia over the past three weeks.  Still events continue and so even though I have to
move my attention to some other pressing needs I will update again shortly.  Heavy storms shown on
radar while satellites show nothing visible.  Storms surround certain facilities as if about to attack its
prey and nill weather over the target - data on these and others are being retained for future research.
Watch: BOM Meltdown
Nearly five weeks after this investigation began the Australian Government BOM has issued this
caption to the national weather radar system. Acknowledging an unknown source is interfering with
their system:
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology:
If you notice any circular patterns or straight lines originating from the centre of
the radar location, this is due to occasional interference to the radar data. The
Bureau is currently investigating ways to reduce these interferences.
World View from Satellite
Rainfall from 1-19 February 2010
"It looks like someone kicked the huge High Pressure system out from Melbourne"
February 19, a spectacular spiral star burst of 'Interference'.
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