"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but consistent with the paradigm
we have entered, all views and perspectives are respected and hold equal weight"
Crop Circles - The Hidden Truth allege British intelligence
MI5 enlisted agents to design and make crop circles.
The human Circlemakers unmasked.

Additional Agents have since been named by the Executive Producer of the film Richard D. Hall with
explosive ramifications for the subject and for the British Government.
Richard D. Hall's no nonsense expose of the facts behind the modern day crop circle phenomenon cuts through the
pseudo science, the rumours and the disinformation leaving the viewer with a clear picture of the true situation. The
film features the most objective British crop circle researchers in the business: David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy
Dutton. Until now, their work has been kept largely out of the public eye, and is unleashed in this extremely telling and
poignant documentary which leaves no stone unturned. The evidence presented will leave you in no doubt that there
are two entirely exclusive instigators of the modern day crop circle phenomenon, one of which is non human. The
results are chilling and could change your view of the way you see the world's media organisations and the powers
that control them. –   RICHPLANET -
Richard D. Hall the Executive Producer of the film writes:

Following today’s airing on national TV of our documentary
“Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth”, (SKY Channel 200, 7:00pm
in U.K. ), which uncovers the involvement of MI5 in crop circle
making, we are naming certain individuals who we believe are
involved on UK Psy-Ops disinformation.

You can watch the whole 57 minute documentary below or
online from this link:

Colin Andrews has seen the film and comments below...…

UK Psy-Ops Operatives Uncovered Page:

Best Wishes - Richard D. Hall www.richplanet.net
Colin Andrews comments [crop circle researcher]
It's good to be in touch and let me straight away congratulate you on Crop Circles -
The Hidden Truth and the other projects you are undertaking. I have viewed the
program and suspect the findings are going to hit some headlines when it airs.
Like I said to David [Cayton], you deserve high praise and respect for the courage
shown in going places that many are afraid to go.

The conclusions you come to at the end of Hidden Truth are very concerning,
powerful and potentially explosive. Thank you for sending me the copy which I very
much enjoyed. I will happily post a piece about it along with your comments and
David and Robert's after it airs in UK.

Richard D. Halls comments [director of Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth]
Like crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, I am an Electrical Engineer. All
engineering professions are 100% objective in their approach. There is no grey
area in engineering, every effect has a cause and every fault has a reason. In my
years as an engineer I spent much of this time fault finding. Not just faults in
electronic circuits and software, but faults within complex systems such as
motorway communication networks, nuclear loading systems for the trident
programme and power station control systems. I would be told about the problem,
then off I would go with my toolbox, soldering iron and a pair of clean underpants
not knowing how long I would be away for. Usually I wouldn’t be allowed back until it
was fixed. What you learn very quickly in this type of work is that you cannot trust
what people say to you and you soon work out ways of testing or measuring
assumptions in order to eliminate a range of possibilities for the fault. By using a
series of different tests, you then hone in on the fault. By the end of the process
you usually get down to actual problem and can then fix it. You are effectively a
forensic detective. In order to be able to do this you need a total understanding of
whatever system it is you are dealing with.

Having moved on to investigate the UFO and other related phenomena, this
background is second to none in trying to fathom the truth. I am not what you
would call a “croppie”, I have no leaning towards the “mystical” or “magical” powers
people claim are at work within crop circles. I believe that people use words such
as this, simply because they are unable or can’t be bothered to find the true cause
behind what they are seeing. They’re not really interested in actually getting to the
bottom of what is going on. In this film I have selected the people from the UK,
whom I believe to be the most objective researchers in this area. With the intention
of finding the truth as far as is humanly possible with the resources I have at my
disposal. I have found that the world of crop circles, like many other related areas
have what I call an “information war” going on. I believe that much of this
information is being spread by intelligence agencies via their “operatives”. These
operatives are researchers or journalists whom are broadly accepted by most in
the crop circle or UFO community. I now know who several of them are and in the
coming months I hope to expose these individuals to the world and end the
disgraceful psy-ops programme which MI5 have been pedaling for decades.
Incidentally they have been using tax-payers money to bankroll these individuals.
Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth will hopefully shock you, but this film is merely the
start of things to come.

Robert Hulses comments [crop circle researcher featured in film]
Crop circles have now been a feature of the landscape for many years,and to
date, most people have been content to gaze in wonderment at the beautiful
designs.There have been a few amongst us, who have worked tirelessly to explain
the complex mathematical aspects inherent in some of them. Others, like the B.L.T.
team in the United States, have striven successfully to prove by techniques in the
laboratory, that certain aspects of the genuine formations, cannot possibly have
been created by the hands of men.

So where does all this leave us? The answer is simple, and perhaps it is time to
face up to its implications.We may still allow ourselves the pleasure of enjoying the
beauty of the genuine formations, which seem to touch us at a deep spiritual level,
but can we now confront the most important message of all, which is expressed by
the very existence of those formations. This simple message is that we are not
alone !

This message is at once wonderful and terrifying.The daunting reality which
genuine crop formations convey is the reason why so many of us have shied away
from the truth which has been staring us in the face for so long.This is the reason
why so many people have been happy to accept with open arms,the confusion,
brought about by hoaxed formations. It is one thing to stand in a crop circle, safe in
the feeling that there is a chance at least, that it was created by people with
boards and ropes. It is quite another,to stand alone in the circle, and know with
absolute certainty, that it was created by visitors to this world, using technology
which we have probably not even dreamed about yet.

The secret arms of governments have known these facts for many years. Perhaps
the main reason why they have striven to debunk the genuine crop circles is that if
they were accepted as having been created by an extraterrestrial civilisation, then
all the other aspects of ufology would automatically become acceptable. The ufo
sightings, the abductions and the animal mutilations would instantly become so
much more difficult to laugh off.

Have we wallowed in confusion for too long? Our childhood in the circles is coming
to an end. Are we now ready and bold enough to face the truths and
responsibilities which adulthood will surely bring? It is plain that the crop circles
have been a very gentle knock at the door of mankind. Are we now ready to open
that door and say hello?

For some,all the crop formations have become temporary temples, and to be sure
there is some magic in genuine formations. For me, however, the magic lies only in
the knowledge that genuine crop circles represent a contact between ourselves
and another race of beings. Surely, what could be more magical than that? To
sully that truth by the making of hoax formations is but another facet of the effort to
keep us in the dark, and we must not waver in our determination to seek out the
truth, discard the ignorance of our past, and come into the light !

Roy Duttons comments [crop circle researcher featured in film]
Your investigations of the 'circlemakers' are very challenging and, through them,
you really are 'stirring it up'! --- so it will be interesting to see what the limited public
reaction will be. (Limited because, like us, I suspect that not many people
subscribe to Sky 200). Exposure on your web site will no doubt increase the
number of viewers, but as global warming is now getting full billing by the news
media, it seems unlikely that our collective message will make any big impact. For
more than two decades I've tried to communicate testable scientific proof of
monitoring by ETs and their bewildering aerial technology, (which, also, has been
demonstrated to be used to create genuine crop formations), so, after scattering
seeds of new knowledge over stony ground for so long, I hope you'll understand
why I can't get too excited at present. Even so, well done that man! Your efforts
deserve to be recognised and applauded.

David Caytons comments [crop circle researcher featured in film]
Following an early retirement from the Design Engineering Laboratories at British
Aerospace, Woodford, Cheshire, in 1993, Roy Dutton, another ex BAe colleague
and friend, got me seriously intrigued and involved with the crop circles and the
UFO subject. Roy features in Richard’s film outlining his early pioneering research
in how he thinks the ‘genuine’ crop circles are formed.

Roy suggested that I join the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, which I did in 1994. In
1993, I also became a UFO investigator for Quest International, working with Tony
Dodd and Graham Birdsall. After three or four years of ufo investigations, Tony
made me aware of the animal mutilations, some of which had occurred in Britain.

I then decided that perhaps the crop circles and the animal mutilation problem
might well produce more positive tangible physical evidence of extraterrestrial
entities actually setting foot on our planet? 12 years of investigation into these two
aspects of ufology has without a doubt, demonstrated to me that they have!!

The early endeavours of Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, ‘Busty’ Taylor, Roy Dutton
and others within the CCCS, convinced me that I should get down into the fields of
Wiltshire and have a serious look at the circles. My first crop formation was a 1997
oil seed rape one near Barbury Castle.

By the late nineties, I had become very friendly with another mutual friend of Roy
Dutton, Robert Hulse. In 2000, I persuaded Robert to join me in a Wiltshire visit to
experience the wonder of the crop circles and we quickly teamed up to closely
examine as many crop formations as we could, with the prime objective to
determine which were genuine from the man made circles. With a gradual
increasing disappointment over the past ten years or more, we came to the same
conclusion as had Colin Andrews, in 2000, that the majority now were deliberately
being produced to deliberately ‘muddy the water’ and to confuse the crop circle
visitors, and more importantly, convince the public at large, that ALL the crop
formations were man made hoaxes.

Robert and I had long held belief that the principle circle making team, The Circle
Makers, headed by John Lunberg, had backing and financial support and
‘encouragement’ from the security services at large, possibly also across in the
USA! To us, this made sense, as the whole cover up and debunking of the UFO
phenomena, is clearly lead by the United States, who ;direct’ and ‘assist’ other
Countries around the globe, in dealing with their respective ‘problems’! We
additionally noted, the continued long term presence and activities, in the Wiltshire
crop fields of certain foreign nationals, who added to our suspicions!

Robert and I were therefore, with some very mixed feelings, because we KNOW
there have been 100% genuine circles, more than pleased to co-operate with
Richard D. Hall’s film theme for his ‘’Crop Circles, The Hidden Truth’, having
already experienced his other documentary film work, notably, ‘Silent Killers’,
alongside many topics he has dealt with on his website.

Although I personally feel aggrieved that our exciting years spent in the crop fields,
has lead to this disgraceful intervention by unscrupulous governmental and greedy
factions, it is vital that the truth be told. I hope Richard’s brave efforts will have the
right effect, to apply the brakes to their acts of deception, funded by the U.K. tax
payers’ and ‘Uncle Sam’? David Cayton, December, 2009.

Important interview from the past with Colin Andrews...

This very revealing interview with leading crop circle researcher Colin Andrews
shows just how seriously the intelligence agencies see the crop circle
This self confessed CIA agent named for the
first time in public today.
John Lundberg
We revealed in the television documentary “Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth” that
Lundberg was probably recruited by MI5 in 1992. Since then he has been paid by
British Intelligence continually. We believe that due to the anomalies about the
property where he lives, MI5 have also been providing him with free lodgings in
London since around 1995.

As many people know, Lundberg’s activities have been in making crop circles
throughout the UK, and sometimes travel to foreign countries such as Italy, to
trample down fields there too. We believe MI5 has funded these activities for
almost 2 decades and have been giving him money to pay the rest of the crop
circle team. There would typically be 5 or 6 in a team.

MI5 made a big mistake in 2004 by paying for Lundberg to re-train as a film
maker. This we believe was a gross miscalculation on their part and provides even
more evidence that MI5 disinformation is what Lundberg is part of. If Lundberg
was a true “artist” as he claims, why would he be interested in the “UFO” subject
for his film making? His latest film “Mirage Men”, promises to be a superb piece of
disinformation. He has managed to interview some of the top names in Ufology;
namely Linda Moulton Howe, Bill Ryan and Richard Dolan. These individuals may
well regret taking part in this programme as MI5 and Lundberg have set out to
debunk them.................See full list of alleged agents on this link:

Sandy Reid - CIA. BBC
Crop Circles - The Hidden Truth!
The MI5 team inside the crop circle subject.
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