The CPR research team that
worked inside the Julia Set
during 1996 consisted:

John Langruish, Dave Probert,
Masahiro Kahata, Freddy Silva,
Jayne Ross, Pam Jones, Richard
Andrews, Busty Taylor, Synthia
Andrews, Paul Vigay, Lynn
Gladwin and Colin Andrews.

This field has hosted crop circles
during 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996,
1997 and the farmer next door to
the Sandel field has seen circles
right back in the 1960s.
A meeting Dr. Jonathan Sherwood and
I had with farmers wife, Ratchel Hosier
near Stonehenge during the summer of
2002. We were both interested to hear
from her that crop circles had appeared
in these fields since the 1960's - a full
twenty years before hoaxers Doug and
Copyright Colin Andrews 2002
Lucy Pringle website and report:
I took this photograph shortly after the crop
circle was discovered. Stonehenge can be
seen top of photo and the busy A303 London
to Exeter highway cuts between the two.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 1996
The original 1996 article published by the Circles Phenomenon
Research International Newsletter.
There were two articles, the second is below.

Stonehenge Formation T 444
This is truly the most spectacular formation to have ever appeared (see Fig. 2, pg.
1). It is awe inspiring, not only in symmetry and precision but in the circumstances of
its arrival. It was found on Sunday, the 7th of July.  Light aircraft pilot Rod Taylor of
Weyhill near Andover, Hampshire was flying a passenger over Stonehenge at 5:30
PM.  The pattern was not there. They were looking intently at the dramatic scene of
Stonehenge and its surroundings and are certain they could not have missed it had
it been there.  At 6:15 PM the passenger was driving past Stonehenge from
Thruxton airfield on his way home (
Correction Note #1).  He looked out his window
and saw it to his left.
Following two full weeks of investigation it seems certain that this pattern did appear
during a 45 minute period, in full daylight and on a very busy major highway, the
A303 London to Exeter Road.  I have received the full cooperation of the Ministry of
Defense at the top secret air base of Boscome Down, the county Police
headquarters in Wiltshire and Hampshire counties and the English Heritage security
services at Stonehenge.  Nothing unusual was reported or seen by anyone.  
Stonehenge, as a national monument is under 24-hour guard.  Anyone who has
visited Stonehenge in the evenings when it is available for special event entrance
knows the diligence of the security team.  It is highly unlikely that they would have
missed any evidence of the formation’s construction.
The pattern is the spiraling Julia set, a mathematical construct representing a
collection of points expanding at approximately the same rate, as described in fractal
chaos theory. The formation consists of 151 circles set out in a pattern 920 feet long
and 500 feet across.  The largest circle is 50 feet in diameter, the smallest is 1 foot 2

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has offered a 1000 pound reward for the first
prosecution of hoaxers caught making crop circles in England.  I appeared in a
heated debate on Meridian Television (southern England) on Friday the 19th of  July
with the president of the NFU.  I challenged the NFU to fully represent the farmers by
looking at the overwhelming evidence that something beyond human feet is involved,
and to fund a scientific investigation after looking at the database CPR has
gathered.  CPR and the NFU are united in the desire to bring nuisance copy cat
hoaxers to justice.
Even the most hardened skeptics have been impressed by the video photographs
CPR authorized the British media to transmit this past week.  These amazing
photographs were taken from a helicopter just after the formation was discovered
and before the damage was done by the many thousands of people who blocked
roads to the henge after the first television reports went out.

The farmer, Mr. Philip Sandell, of Pikes Cottage, West Amesbury, was initially very
dismayed to find this formation in his field.  When I talked with him on July 7th he was
upset, wondering how he could keep all the tourists at Stonehenge off of his
property.  On realizing that he couldn't, Mr. Sandell allowed entrance, charging a two
pound admission fee.  Consequently many people have had the enjoyment of being
inside this formation and the farmer has not lost his crop profits.  This is certainly the
most visited site in England, ever.  For those who made donations to the air
surveillance, you will not be disappointed.  I was fortunate to have obtained the only
photograph of the undamaged, pristine formation with Stonehenge in the frame.  For
me, it was the shot of a lifetime!

One last aside. I received a letter in my office shortly before leaving Connecticut
from a psychic who said she was being told that we would have a dramatic
demonstration around the 6th or 7th of July.  When I return to the US I will contact
her to see if the details of her experience can be shared.


The follow on article also from the CPRI Newsletter.

      T444 The Julia Set -Colin Andrews

In our last newsletter we reported on the spectacular Julia Set formation which
appeared on July 7th in a field next to Stonehenge. The formation consisted of 149
circles (corrected from 151 reported in our last edition), arranged in a spiral pattern
912 feet long and approximately 500 feet across.  This is certainly a most beautiful
and extraordinary formation which touched me deeply.  We focused the majority of
our research efforts of the summer on this formation and have been impressed
every step of the way with its authenticity.  So much so that I have said several times
that on this formation, we can rest the credibility of the phenomenon.

While in Helsinki, Finland this past November, Synthia and I had extensive meetings
with Robert Irving, one of the more prominent crop artists.  A full report of this
meeting will be made public after I have had time to compare some of the claims with
the CPR database.  However, there was substance to some of what Robert Irving
had to say.  Part of our discussions focused on the Julia Set formation, and Robert
claimed to have knowledge as to its human construction.

As much as it shook me, I hope I will always be honest enough to seek the truth. It
was said that a man named Dickenson made the formation with two others and that
proof would soon be made public.  I made a statement via the Internet that these
meetings had taken place and that this proof was said to be forthcoming.  Many
have criticized me for making this statement and in retrospect I believe they are
right.  I will always listen to any evidence, from any source, and weigh its veracity
against the facts that I have.  To do less would not be a true research effort but an
effort to sustain a belief system.  That is not, and never will be, my intent.  However,
no proof has been forthcoming and I agree that prudence in this case would have
been a better policy.  Should evidence be forthcoming, I will of course review it, but I
stand by my original assessment of the authenticity of this awe inspiring formation.
Many thousands of visitors paid
the farmer two pounds each to
visit the crop circle.  It is thought
that he made around 15,000
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Eye witness to the formation of a crop circle opposite Stonehenge.
Posted October 15, 2009
By Colin Andrews

In July of 1996 one of the most complex and spectacular crop circle designs ever
seen appeared in a field opposite Stonehenge. The design became known as “The
Julia Set” because it resembled the mathematical fractal called by that name. The
formation was remarkable not only because of its complexity and beauty but also
due to several anomalies associated with its discovery.

It arrived in daylight on a sunny day opposite a busy tourist spot surrounded by high
traffic roads such as the A303. What is exceptional about this event is that it is the
first time the window of arrival can be narrowed down.

The formation was first spotted from an aircraft at 6:15 PM. The pilot crossed over
the field with a passenger (a medical doctor taking pictures) at 5:30 PM and both
reported that there was no formation in the field at that time. This is corroborated by
the security guards at Stonehenge who claimed the formation was not in the field
earlier in the day. The pilot landed his plane at the nearest airfield, the passenger
disembarked, and the pilot refueled for another flight. The pilot took off again and
crossed the field at 6:15 when he saw the Julia Set formation in the field. At about
the same time (6:30) his previous passenger drove past Stonehenge to see cars
pulled off the side of the busy road (
Correction Note 01). These cars will prove
important to today’s new release.

The airspace around Stonehenge is secure airspace due to the proximity of the top
secret air base of Boscombe Down. This means that all flights are monitored and
reports are made. In my investigations of the claimed events I made inquiries with
security at Stonehenge, the flight tower at Boscombe down, and checked police logs
at Hampshire & Wiltshire Police control rooms. There was no evidence of anything
occurring in the field before the sighting at 6:15 PM. This is the first report of a
formation created in broad daylight in a busy area with no witnesses. Or were there?

Other anomalies of this sight showed up during field investigations. I spent several
days with a team of researchers examining all aspects of the formation; taking soil
and plant samples, dowsing, measuring magnetic flux patterns, and interviewing
people. We discovered that the design was energetically connected to Stonehenge
by magnetic flux lines (below).  When I interviewed the Wiltshire Police I was told that
the police emergency lines received several 999 calls just before 6.00 PM reporting
a large number of vehicles pulled off the road causing a hazard.

What has recently been revealed is that the people in those cars may well have
seen the formation forming. According to researcher Lucy Pringle, a woman has
come forward to say that a taxi driver and passenger were with the parked vehicles
and the occupants could not believe what they witnessed. They stood for 20
minutes witnessing this large design form under a swirling cloud of mist. The full
story can be read on Lucy Pringles website at (below).

According to Lucy’s report, she gave a talk in April, 2009 at Alton College in
Hampshire. Shortly afterwards a friend telephoned her to say that “a friend of hers
had been in a taxi and had mentioned to the taxi driver that she had just been to a
fascinating talk on Crop Circles. M, the taxi driver, said: I saw one appear opposite
Stonehenge.”  Lucy soon realized the formation being discussed was the Julia Set
of 1996.

Lucy writes, “She mentioned that when people see maybe two cars or more pulled in
and looking down into the field, other cars stop and gradually the traffic builds up
and more and more cars draw in to have a look.” What the group saw is described:
“There was an apparition, an isolated mist over it (the formation) and as the circle
was getting bigger the mist was rising above the circle. As the mist rose it got bigger
and the corn circle got bigger. There was a mist was about 2-3 feet off the ground
and it was sort of spinning around and on the ground a circular shape was
appearing which seemed to get bigger and bigger as simultaneously the mist gets
bigger and bigger and swirled faster. It was gradual and you are standing there and
you are thinking what is going on and everyone is discussing it and more and more
traffic is building up and everything and you just think that all the time you don't
really realise what is happening and then you think then that's it and the thing is
getting bigger and you are thinking of the beginning and end. But you don't realise
what you are looking at. I didn’t understand what was happening.”

Lucy continues in her report to say that there was a clear space between the
ground and the mist as the crop circle formed and there was no wind or dust.

Lucy’s witness reports that the event took about 20 minutes to form although they
can’t be sure because they lost track of time. When they left the mist was still there
and they can’t be sure the formation wasn’t still expanding. It may have taken more
than 20 minutes to create.

Please go to Lucy Pringles' website for the full story. At this point there are no other
witnesses coming forward having seen either the mist or the formation of the crop
circle. It was widely believed at the time that people gathering at the side of the road
were looking at the completed formation. Further investigation of these claims must
occur for validation. Below are the two original CPR articles covering the Julia Set
discovery and published in the Circles Phenomenon Research International
Newsletter, in 1996.

Anyone who might wish to purchase the original aerial photograph I took shortly
after discovery select the image below.
Stonehenge opposite this field is visited by many thousands of visitors each day and is
Great Britain's number one tourist site..
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Standing in the center of the open and closed ends of the spiral, magnetic north clipped
precisely the right and left hand stones of the Stonehenge circle. Meaning that the crop
circle design contained the intrinsic dimensions of the henge and was positioned exactly
on the same magnetic flux lines encompassing our planet.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 1996
The farmer was initially angry at the visitors but when he realized
the crowds visiting Stonehenge opposite were also coming down
to see his circles, he mounted a large sign bragging the best crop
circle in Europe. There were so many visitors lined up to enter that
the traffic backed up three miles along the major A303 highway.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 1996
After the thousands of treading feet had subsided and
Stonehenge again returned to be the number one local
attraction the field was harvested and the Britrish people ate
the crop design in their bread, the farmer piled his bails of
hay into a circle, leaving them piled in his field in celebrating
his exceptional harvest. The newspaper headline read
Strawhenge brings bales of laughter.
Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Stonehenge is my favourite place.  
I lived just 15 minutes drive away
and was often taken here by my
parents to sit on the stones and
have a picnic as a young child.
That could not happen today -
Guards, ropes and way too many
Copyright: Lynn Gladwin.
Our family after our Sunday picnic
at the Stones - 1953.
Gordon Andrews 1953.
Comments from Freddy Silva and Lucy Pringle.
Colin Andrews presents his theory
during 1989 television documentary - seen here during the closing of part 1 HERE
Correction Note 01:
17 Oct 2009.

Busty Taylor sent me this

Colin, They flew
Stonehenge, then returned
to Thruxton Airfield, Rod
got out of the aircraft and
the doctor took off again
and flew west back over
Stonehenge again towards
Exeter (his destination)
and saw the crop circle.
When he landed at Exeter
he called Rod and I got to
know shortly after at 7 PM
- when I called you.

Colin adds:

Busty showed me the
photographs that were
taken as the aircraft circled
Stonehenge which could
have provided 100%
certain fact that the design
was not there 45 minutes
earlier.  None of the
photographs taken around
the henge show the field
concerned.  One photo
misses the spot so closely
that you want to pull your
teeth out.  So close and
yet so far off
The Big One.

At the time the police
confirmed cars parked on
side of highway.