Independence Day solar fireworks support crop circle prediction of
July 7 solar storms
By Michael Salla, Ph.D
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The sun has decided to join in the July 4 U.S. Independence Day celebrations with its
own display of spectacular fireworks. A Sunspot Alert has just been issued which
supports a crop circle prediction that Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) will hit the Earth
on July 7, 2009. The Alert is for Sunspot 1024 which suddenly appeared on July 3 and
4. According to the Alert issued by
Sunspot 1024 has “a dozen individual dark cores and it is crackling with B-class solar
flares.” It typically takes CMEs, traveling at around a million miles per hour, three to four
days to reach the Earth. So if Sunspot 1024 does generate CMEs towards the Earth,
they would arrive right on the predicted date of July 7.

Here is the full Alert as it appeared on July 4:
The most active sunspot of the year so far is emerging in the sun's
southern hemisphere: movie. Sunspot 1024 has at least a dozen individual dark cores
and it is crackling with B-class solar flares. This morning, amateur astronomer David
Tyler caught one of the flares in action from his backyard solar observatory in England
[image above]

The magnetic polarity of sunspot 1024 identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24.
Its rapid emergence on July 3rd and 4th continues the recent (few-month) trend of
intensifying new-cycle activity. This sunspot is the best offering yet from the young solar
cycle. Monitoring is encouraged.

Significantly, Solar Cycle 24 has been very quiet and the last observed sunspot was on
June 24. So it is a ‘coincidence’ that a sunspot would suddenly appear on U.S.
Independence Day that is generating solar flares.

B-Class solar flares are at the lower end of the classification system and any CMEs
they send towards the Earth typically have minimal impact due to the Earth’s protective
magnetosphere. However, a giant breach in the magnetosphere reported by NASA on
December 16, 2008 makes it far easier for solar plasma to enter into the Earth’s
atmosphere. Therefore the impact of a CMEs generatd by B-Class solar flares passing
is unknown.

The crop circle with the CME prediction first appeared at Milk Hill England on June 21
and has evolved over three stages up until June 30 . Researchers interpreting the
complex images in the crop circle believe it represents planetary positions on July 6 and
7 as dates when CMEs will hit the Earth.

As to the question of who created the crop circle there is some debate. According to
the CMM Group of researchers that interpreted the Milk Hill crop circle as predicting
July 7 CMEs hitting the Earth:

"No one is talking anymore about "Doug and Dave" or "hoaxers". These are clearly
messages from extra-terrestrials, meant for the whole population on Earth. Yet the
newspapers and TV channels remain strangely silent. Why is that?"

In contrast, pioneering crop circle researcher Colin Andrews recommends caution in
reaching any firm conclusion about the creators of Milk Hill being extraterrestrial life. In
a private email he wrote:

"I think we must continue to be skeptical and real but leave all possibilities open.  Its
way too soon to say they have arrived, it would be a terrible disappointment if when the
lights come on the microphones go live to that field, we find six or seven straggly young
and middle aged men with flattening boards and string, not with an ET message but a
human one to get our act together.  I would accept the message either way but if these
guys are doing this then I do think we need to have them step forward NOW because
the ramification of IF NOT, are great:"

If CMEs do hit the Earth on July 7, as the Milk Hill crop circle predicts, that will certainly
help answer the question as to whether they are hoaxes or extraterrestrial in origin.
Regardless of debate over the ultimate creators of the Milk Hill crop circle, the impact of
CMEs hitting the Earth on July 7 will confirm the seriousness that needs to be attached
to crop circle research. If crop circles are extraterrestrial messages, they may be giving
advance warning of solar events, and how these might impact on the planet in the
years leading up to and beyond the peak of Cycle 24 which is around 2012.

An associated article about the crop circle coding, also written by Michael Salla Ph.D :

Crop Circle depicts solar eruptions hitting Earth on July 7 . Copyright: David Tyler. 4 July 2009.
I thank Prof. Salla for his permission to publish his article here.
The very latest from SpaceWeather 5th July, 2009.
The latest close up of 1024. Copyright: Pete Lawrence.
Important 3 July - Sun event
Thanks to Dave Smith for this alert.