72 Divine Names, Crop Circles & The DNA Repair
         An exchange of ideas between Joseph Mason and Blanche McLanahan
                 Posted with their permission

Hello Blanche.

Thanks much for the information and your complementary words. I am sending a cc of this
to Colin Andrews because it is quite related to crop circle formations. I doubt that he will
have time to read it or respond. He is a busy man.

I presume that you read this article --

The Cycle of Time Number 432

One of the most interesting findings was comparing the base number of the Mayan cycle to
the Biblical cycle (Adam to Noah) --

1872 - 1656 = 216 (half of 432 and 6 x 6 x 6)

The 72 Divine Names, of course, are composed of three Hebrew letters each, for a total of
216 letters.

The 1872 is based on the 13 Baktuns of 144000 days each, for a total of 1872000 days,
which is about 5125 years.

Your comment, " . . . infinity is the illusion created by measure of linear time, and would be
how the time was changed," reminded me of the Hundred Acres crop circle formation of
2005. It relates to symbols showing how creation is created in each moment via the Breath
of the Compassionate. See --The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations - Part Eight

One acre is 22 squared times ten = 4840 square yards, or 11 x 11 x 4. Your idea cause me
to figure --

484 - 432 = 52

That result is interesting because of another calculation on that 432 page --

144 = 36 x 4
1872 = 36 x 52

It is said that there are 52 years in a Mayan century. The cycle of 1872000 days can also
figure as 52 x 36000.

Your ideas about the number 48 brought back a memory of an early crop circle formation
-- the one at Cheesefoot Head,
Punchbowl in 1988. There were three circles with diameters of 10.8 meters each. The
three circles were arranged in a triangle in such a manner to have common tangents. The
young plants grew back up to form patterns within the circles. Each circle had seven
concentric rings and forty-eight spokes.

When I read about this in 1990 in the Andrews/Delgado book, "Circular Evidence," I figured

3 x 48 = 144
3 x 7 = 21
7 x 48 = 336
21 x 48 = 1008

I mentioned some of this in this article --

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations - Part Six

At that early stage, I did not know much about ancient numbers, but I did know about the
144000 in Revelation. I was to learn much more over the years, including the importance of
the number 108 and related numbers, such as 1008. There are 108 goddess names
recited in India. Also, using Pyramid Pi (22/7) --

1008 x 22/7 = 3168

John Michell mentioned the number 3168 as emblematic of Lord Jesus Christ, in his article
about the 1991 Barbury Castle pictogram. The total square footage of the circles was
31680, the sub-lunar distance around the New Jerusalem. This is figured by combining the
radius of the Earth and the radius of the Moon (3960 + 1080 = 5040), then --

(2 x 22/7) x 5040 = 31680

The same number also figures as the circumference of the box drawn around the Earth -- 4
x 7920. This is part of the idea of squaring the circle, which is so commonly found in the
geometry of crop circle formations. Interestingly, 5040 is the factorial of seven (7! in
scientific notation), and well known by the ancients --

5040 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 48 connection was also part of the 432 article --

<< There is said to be a converting factor with the verses of Revelation 21. The stadia is
said to be the same measure as the furlong of 660 feet. Twelve thousand stadia converts
to 7920000 feet. The breadth, length, and height are equal, so the figure becomes 4 x
12000 stadia or 48000 x 660 = 31680000 feet.

Dropping the ending zeros, the basic figure is 4 x 12 = 48, and then, 48 x 66 = 3168. >>

The 1988 formation at Cheesefoot Head was also used by Gerald Hawkins in Theorem I of
his geometrical/musical analysis of the crop formations --

The Crop Circular: crop circles, Gerald Hawkins

I read another article about the formation that posited a theory about the inner triangle
drawn between the centers of the three circles. There were 12 of the radial lines within the
triangle from each of the three circles, for a total of 36. This leaves a remainder of 36
radial lines within each circle outside of the inner triangle (48 - 12 = 36). I felt that this
demonstrated an interesting relationship between the numbers 36 and 48.

3 x 48 = 144
4 x 36 = 144

Many of these numbers show up when the frequencies are calculated, based on
conventional 440 cps tuning and Hawkins' ratios --

The Crop Circle Music Wheel

Note that 440 x 72 = 31680 and that the precession number is 360 x 72 = 25920 years.
Campbell pointed out that 25920 / 60 = 432.

In my figuring, the geometry fit with a triangle with 11 marks on each side, for a total of 33.
Similar numbers have popped up elsewhere in my questing. For example, the
ratchet/Mercury spiral of the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular formation was said to be 333
feet in length. Another example is the ten spheres of the Tree of Life crop circle formation
-- they were each 33 feet in diameter. The Mega Glyph crop formation of 2001, with its 409
circles, had 55 small circles in each of the six arms, for a total of 330 little circles. The
suggestion seems to be related to the Trinity, where three combine as one --

1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1
0.33333333 + 0.33333333 + 0.33333333 = 0.99999999 . . . to infinity

You have probably heard about Solfeggio Music and how it is thought to heal DNA. I
covered some of the subject in this article --

Creation Numbers - The Differences in the Squares of Mirror Numbers & Solfeggio Music

In the theory, the central "C" note must be set at 528 cps. "Coincidentally," that number is
on the Music Wheel in its proper position.

Recently, I was interviewed on a radio talk show about the ancient numbers --

Oopa Loopa Cafe Radio - Munck's Code

The first quarter of the interview article is about Munck's number code. The following parts
relate to the "DNA repair." Look for the heading, "

"Yucatan Coincidence
Cellular Communication Via DNA"

The "Cellular Communication" idea is supported by the work of Cleve Backster. See --

YouTube - Primary Perception

Cleve also has a web site --


I pointed out in the interview article that there is a chain of "coincidences" related to the
number 1296 (6 x 6 x 6 x 6), sometimes with various zeros after the base number. Several
important crop circles are related.

The 2008 "Pi" crop circle formation is one example. The big Pi coincidence was finding this
multiplication of the ten digits of Pi (3.141592654), as given in the formation --

3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 129600

That number is the square of 360 (360 x 360), the number of degrees in a circle. The
number 129600, and harmonics, like 1296, were part of the discussion about ancient
number codes. For example, the 1991 Barbury Castle pictogram indicated the number
12960 by the angles to the ratchet spiral (120 x 108). There were six ratchets on the spiral.
The indication is six Ages of the Zodiac (6 x 2160 = 12960).

The 1996 DNA crop formation was 648 feet in length.  That is half of 1296.  The 2002
formation that appeared at Crooked Soley indicated mitochondrial DNA.  The tube torus
type pattern, which looked like snake skin, was composed of 1296 little diamonds.

"Coincidentally," when I looked up that 5040 Wikipedia page (linked above), I found this
statement --

<< On the 27th of August, 2002, a crop formation was discovered at Crooked Soley in
Wiltshire, England that had an outer ring split into 1,296 curved, diamond-like sections.
The crops in 504 of those sections were still standing while the crops in the other 792 were
leaning virtually horizontally. >>

The information was not new to me, but I was surprised to find it on that Wikipedia page.

One apparent message of the crop circles is that a DNA repair will take place, which will
vastly increase the psychic abilities of the human race.  The DNA molecule is shaped like a
radio tuning coil, which may help explain cellular communication.

During the radio show interview, I mentioned that I found an article almost 20 years ago
that told of Hunbatz Men and his theory about the DNA repair. For this to happen, he said,
the ancient sites must be activated.

No wonder crop circles appear next to or aligned with ancient sites. No wonder the
mitochondrial DNA 1296 message is found at Chichen Itza in the steps of the Temple of the
Warriors and the Ball Court hoop.

I believe this DNA repair message is related to other messages in crop circles and dreams,
which indicate an increase in the feminine attribute, or a duality balance, or the return of
the feminine.

There may be a clue here as to the identity of the "Circlemakers." There are many
indications that the "real" crop circles (not man-made) are related to human
consciousness. The cells of the plants are apparently in constant communication with all
other cells, including the cells in our bodies. We humans may be creating or co-creating
the formations on an unconscious level.

Many are saying that we create our own reality. This may be quite literal.  My research
suggests that we co-create the reality each moment on an unconscious level.  We will learn
to be conscious co-creators, symbolized by Lion King and Royal Power. The crop circle
phenomenon may be showing the way.

The collective unconscious is apparently progressing in an evolutionary cycle. Symbolic
messages may be progressing from the dream and inspirational sources to physical
events, including UFO/ET events, meaningful coincidences, symbolic events, and crop
circle formations.

Thanks again Blanche.

Best wishes and regards,

Joseph E. (Joe) Mason


<< Subj: 72 Divine Names
Date: 11/13/2009 11:34:59 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Blanche
To: Joe
CC: Colin

Mr. Mason,

Your work stimulates my memory. I sense in your written word is link to a key that unlocks
the ancient knowledge and their wisdom. You've a firm grasp on the numbers.

Time is the current dictator or creator. Yet encoded in the number 432 lies root of the
hidden key. If Pi is 3 and maybe one of the missing Hebrew characters, then infinity is the
illusion created by measure of linear time, and would be how the time was changed.

72 Divine names [link substituted for graphic]

Each Hebrew yod signifies completion of the chain of genetic lineage of these characters.
Each line a chain of command in the hierarchy of the Holy of Holies....sequences of the
building blocks for the proteins life synthesizes.
Divide the 72 names by 3.

24 is the true number of chromosomes that the nuclear DNA held at one time in creation.  
The root number here brings us to the basis in our genetic framework using the root
number 3. 3 is creation, and in so doing requires four inversions, which equate 12 of the
genetic tribe. Another division of the daughter cells and we see 24, yet another of the
daughter cells and we have 48. 48 chromosomes are true remiss the chromosomal divide.
But, despite the nuclear divide fragmenting the code they've been held temporarily within
the mitochondria awaiting the time of return to the arc of the covenant.

If the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters is missing two, then these represent the missing
chromosomes (letters). When fission divided the waters, Noah's flood.....and the genetic
spindle divided, electromagnetic fields magnetically repulsed fragments of the mother's
nDNA. Apparently, the Ark could not hold all the pairs.

So Moses' commandment to "honor thy mother and father" has an extended meaning (as
do each of the ten commands). We do not get 1/2 chromosomes from our mother, only
from the father. But, her fragments are delivered to all through the water. Moses' means; to
extract, draw out of the water. Encoded here is a great deal more information if just one
name can encode that kind of information.

What Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew and told for posterity is in regards to the mt DNA
and how this circular DNA encodes the missing fragments once held in the arc of the
covenant or nDNA. This, a secret only the Vatican knows!  Or so they think it has been
concealed. What Mary rubbed on Jesus' feet (whether a metaphor or gospel) taken from
the Alabaster jar was the decomposed/disintegrated remains of the blood of the menses.
As the non-nucleated RBC's disintegrate the embryonic nuclei forms. Rubbing this on his
feet allowed these dedifferentiated nuclei to migrate into his body via capillary flow for
redifferentiation and repair of damaged cells, as the injury to specific threads of DNA called
them for repair. Just as the zygote once embedded into the uterine wall uses the old blood
of the menses lining it........so too did the ancient ones procure use of the blood of the
menses. Simply they new how to heal themselves leaving us reminder written in the past.

The 72 names of three letters represent codon sets of missing nDNA data.  The thread of
these letters holds the genetic memory of the stories they told. Each letter's numerical
value places it within the code at specific base junctions, where our geneticists have
already isolated them in lieu of disease. For instance, the code CAT begins on the 6th
descending in-tron of the 1st base junction and GTA for Beta Thalassemia falls on the 19th
descending in-tron of the 2nd junction. Interestingly, each can be isolated with the
conversion of the genetic letter to the Hebrew letter dalet, number 4 meaning the door.
That speaks for itself. The conversion of the letters will show specific points of insertion at
which time the shift occurs replacing the fragments of code back into the nuclear DNA. So it
is very important to follow Moses' command to honor that which our mother and father give
us in life. We should not splice in genes to repair the disease we suffer, nor should we
clone life. We will again create giants, monsters....as there are too many missing letters.
This is the mistake the ancients made in the past which is now their future. These words
were written so we would understand and remember as time drew to the close of the final
word, the last verse on the last page of the book. The program is ending.

We must simply comprehend these things, and do nothing.

Once converted to the genetic alphabet using  4 very specific Hebraic characters as a
base in conjunction with its numerical value we can then isolate the missing code.

I do not claim that knowing this makes any difference. Though, understanding that the
ancients experimented with genetics, and had some part in the mishap, it is good to look
back in time so we do not make the same error again. But, overall it will be the upcoming
shift of the forces and alignment of Earth, sun and the Milky Way in 2012 that will
magnetically draw these circular chromosomes within the cytoplasm using a retro-inversion
(reason for the AIDS virus)  through the double lumened nuclear envelope into the
chamber of the Holy of Holies spoken of the High Priest.....DNA.

There is another vital secret Mary and Jesus knew. In their writings if read between the
lines is held the key to our immortality. Jesus said, "a grapevine has been planted outside
the mother and father. It will be uprooted and destroyed". He is referring to the mt DNA that
is gift of our mothers and literally marks the beginning of time. That grapevine refers to the
code missing from the nuclear DNA. And since which time it is the life we now live outside
the garden or paradise. The machinery it uses for life it built from this code. All the
potential of the organelles that live in the cytoplasm of the cell belongs in that magnetic

When these fragments of code rejoin nuclear DNA..........we will no longer be created in
likeness, rather in perfection.

Within thread of that code is memory of the embryonic nuclei where all of creation began
using the 3 letters of G-d.  When the promise is fulfilled and the code returned to the
garden, this mechanism for immortality will circulate in our blood, the Holy Blood. All
disease will be erased and "Hashem will wipe away all our tears".

Your analysis of the numbers aligns to the research I have been doing. Much of which is
synthesized in dreams. So I am delighted to see your dreams guide you as well.

216 totals 9 (3 squared) in Gematria, ......and 3 is the number for God. His work is encoded
in our DNA.

We are not forsaken, and soon the true meaning of resurrection shall be known.

The Torah is a handwritten printout of the words imprinted in our DNA, expressed by the
human mind through the emotion of man. It is the story of life held within chambers of the
human genome expressing our evolution through time. A computer store of the memory
encoded in our DNA, a crystalline microchip specific to each individual, yet encrypted
through all the generations of man maintaining in each the wisdom of the ages. It is, and
we are the Living Book. The ancient ones knew this carving it into stone, writing it down for
posterity sake. The artifacts in the rubble of time tell us so.

I simply cannot say enough regarding your work. As I continue to read I sense a cutaneous
piezoelectric pulse and a cellular vibration from truth held in the meaning. This knowing
strikes stimulating me like lightening, and thoughts loud as thunder pound in my head. It is
instant, a simultaneous knowing, an event without measure of time in between, a constant
in which all knowledge is held and will be known.



<< Subj: Fw: 72 Divine Names  
Date: 11/13/2009 11:48:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

Larry, TOO WEIRD.....I had just sent this 72 Divine Names and checked my mail.

There was your email.......G-d works in mysterious ways.

[116] "And now, O Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own self, with the glory
which I had with Thee before the world was."

That verse says what I just said.  "Put the missing DNA back into me, so I can be whole like
you."  I am a bit blunt with wording, theirs is more obscure.
How did you know I was composing that message?

I just love moments like this. It shows time is speeding up and the overlap at 30 degrees is
aligning to the whole or sum of 360 degrees to equate a 24,000 Earth cycle in place of
time's dictation or dogma.  We changed the time, but soon it will be no more. Now I can
understand how the differences in the numbers could equate to the shift in the decimal
point and the infinite realm of pi....................it is a big lie!

Read this and tell me if that verse does not say it all. Fewer words really strike a chord. I
guess that is why it is written as such.

"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but consistent with the paradigm
we have entered, all views and perspectives are respected and hold equal weight"