Melbourne has never seen anything like it, thats official.

Visitors to this website know that for nearly two months I have been reporting on strange
and inexplicable radar patterns that have appeared on the Australian government
Bureau of Meteorology
(BOM) website. An extensive range of designs has been
observed since January: radial spokes, spiral arms and doughnut patterns have
appeared like glyphs from some amazing aboriginal art work.
The radar patterns continued to
appear over Melbourne even as
the storms continued (see radar
image below)
Amateur footage of super storm - Melbourne Friday March 5th 2010.
January 22, 2010 - Concentric rings
January 27, 2010 - Spiral arms around a fire red
and yellow center. Ocean and clouds take on form.
February 11, 2010 - Broken rings.
February 19, 2010 - Another series of black spiral
arms from a blood red center. A few less arms
than January 27.
What turned a 1,000 year super drought into a 100 year super storm
over Melbourne, Australia?
By Colin Andrews
C.P.R. International
March 10, 2010
Mini-cyclone, record floods hit Australia
                           Mar 7 01:36 AM US/Eastern

Melbourne was bracing itself Sunday for further storms after a mini-cyclone ripped through
Australia's second largest city, bringing with it hail stones the size of tennis balls.
The storm dumped heavy rain across the southern state of Victoria, and smashed into the
regional capital with winds of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) an hour, cutting power to 100,000

Some 26 millimetres (one inch) of rain fell on Melbourne within an hour while other areas recorded
up to 70 millimetres during the Saturday storm.

"Yesterday we had golf-to-tennis ball-sized hail and certainly there's a prospect of similar sized
hail somewhere in the state today," Richard Carlyon, the Bureau of Meteorology's senior
forecaster, told ABC radio.

"Whether it's Melbourne I'm not so sure about... but if it's not Melbourne, I think there's a very
good prospect of large hail being reported somewhere in the state."

In the city centre the National Gallery of Victoria suffered flooding, while the Docklands Stadium
was among those buildings damaged during the violent storm, which washed out horse races.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Wasyl Drosdowsky said the hail that hit in one suburban area
was up to 10 centimetres (four inches) in diameter.

"(It was) tennis ball size roughly," he said. "As far as we can tell, that's close to the biggest hail
we've seen in Melbourne."

As the city readied for further violent storms Sunday, once-in-a-century floods were peaking in the
state of Queensland in the country's northeast, parts of which have been in drought for almost a

Townships in the state's cotton-growing south were cut off by rising flood waters and in St George
the Balonne River reached 13.5 metres (44 feet), its highest level since records began in 1890.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the cost of the flooding would be in the hundreds of millions
of dollars, as there had been major damage to highways and rail lines had been washed away.

"This is a massive water event which has smashed all the records known here in the southwest,"
she told reporters Sunday as she toured St George.

"All this water ultimately is going to mean great things for local (farmers) but there is a lot of pain
to be felt in these communities before we can see total recovery."

In the nearby tiny town of Nindigully, residents were marvelling at the amount of water surrounding
the rural outpost.

"Overall, we are happy to have experienced this flood because of the beauty of vast expanses of
water through the bush that you never forget," Steve Burns, the owner of the 146-year-old
Nindigully Pub told AAP.
Huge Hailstones Blast
Melbourne, Australia
March 7th, 2010

Powerful thunderstorms struck
Melbourne, Australia, Saturday
with high winds and hail.
According to the Australia Bureau
of Meteorology the largest hail
stones were 4 inches across
(softball-sized). Widespread
damage occurred, mostly from
hail, but also 60 mph winds and

Satellite image at the time when
the powerful thunderstorms
slammed Melbourne.

Thunderstorms moved through
during the middle of the
afternoon. Downtown Melbourne
was struck especially hard. Water
was 1 to 2 feet deep as it raced
through city streets during the
downpour. Golf ball-sized hail fell
for 10 minutes. A few of the
hailstones were as big as
baseballs and even softballs.

Marquee landmarks across
Melbourne were damaged. The
large hail tore holes in the South
Cross Train Station, one of the
busiest in town. Major roof
damage affected the Etihad
Stadium and the Arts Centre.

Powerful thunderstorms are not
common to Melbourne. The city
lies next to a cold body of water,
similar to cities on the West
Coast of the United States. The
monster hail reported in
Melbourne could be
unprecedented for the city.

The thunderstorms were part of a
storm system that has affected
eastern Australia for several
days. Days after the rain ended,
major river flooding is occurring
in Queensland and New South

Story By Accuweather
Saturday March 6th 2010

Hailstones measuring up to
10cm in diameter
came down
across metropolitan Melbourne
causing hundreds of millions of
dollars in damage to homes, cars
and businesses.

Mr White said it was fortunate no
one was killed although several
people were hospitalised after
falling off roofs while trying to
repair damaged caused by the

"This was one of our wildest
weekends of severe weather and
the hailstorm event in Melbourne
was the largest recorded in
Melbourne's history," Mr White
told reporters on Monday.
HAIL the size of golf balls
struck Melbourne today
as a
huge storm wreaked havoc
across the city.
The weather bureau warned of
severe thunderstorms across the

The freak Autumn storm struck
about 2pm.

Roads were blanketed in ice so
thick it looked like snow.

Cars were forced to a halt in the
city centre.

Emergency services were in

Reports of damage started
flooding in from across the city,
including caved-in roofs.
Photo: The Daily Telegraph.
I inquired directly with the BOM agency asking for an explanation. The agency
responded by providing suggested causes for some of the interference
patterns that had appeared in the radar transmissions, while admitting that the agency
was attempting to resolve what they called the other ‘unknown interferences’. Amongst
the most bizarre of these patterns consistently showed up over Melbourne. The patterns
have been appearing on a regular basis across the entire continent and seem to impact
weather conditions when they arrive. The entire ensemble looks like a chess game being
played by someone
manipulating weather conditions over Australia.

investigation began on January 15th following a single report of a doughnut design
observed over the southwest of the country by a friend of mine who prefers to remain
anonymous. He saw the anomalous patterns while viewing the weather radar to check if
the weather was likely to cooperate with his daughter’s birthday. His report made me
curious and I posted it.

As the days passed, more and more inexplicable patterns appeared. I began to receive
reports from people
all over Australia. When my investigation began in January, the
country was in a drought that experts considered a 1,000 year super drought. The
drought ended this month with the worst storm in 100 years, a super storm raining golf
ball sized hail pellets. The storm was the final stage in a sudden extreme shift in weather
patterns from super drought to tropical storm

The reports on my website elicited e-mails from professional meteorologists, some even
within BOM itself, who told me that I was not the only person wondering what was going
on. I was told that some of these radar patterns had never been seen before. This was
not just a casual curiosity, but a scientific mystery. Visitors to my website began
contacting BOM asking what was causing the strange symbols. The impact upon the
Bureau resulted in two
official statements. They also placed a caption about the designs
on the official website (read below).
Many of the strange patterns that have had meteorologists and other scientists baffled since January 15th 2010. These are the actual radar
patterns seen on the BOM national radar system.
These strange radar patterns over Melbourne. Mimicked those seen nationally.
Saturday March 6, 2010 - Center of Melbourne.
As the storms continued to move over Melbourne, the strange spokes can be seen by radar under the cloud
cover. All orginal frames The Australia Bureau of Meteorology.
World class scientists have also contacted me, such as Thomas Bearden and others
who want to remain un-named. These scientists expressed the opinion that the
top-secret joint program between the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and
Australian governments, called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
(HAARP) is behind the interference. They believe the program is involved in weather
modification. If true, this would appear to be sanctioned by the Australian government.

Viewers watched closely as
tropical storm Olga appeared to be pulled south and
southeast directly towards Melbourne where it was joined with a new weather system,
one that seemed to be purposefully seeded over the city. What we can say with certainty
is that the weather has changed significantly over many parts of Australia, in particular
Melbourne and the south east, and coinciding with the observance of odd radar
interference patterns. It is very possible that a much bigger international story is waiting
in the wings about what, or who, caused the 1000 year super drought to turn into the
100 year super storm over Melbourne on Friday 5th March 2010.

Colin Andrews
C.P.R. International
Posted March 10, 2010.
BOM placed this caption after yet another unique 'fire burst' pattern appeared, this time over Brisbane.
The start of the investigation HERE.
Melbourne super storm. Select banners.
Mysterious rings appear in clouds
above the latest NASA mission
launch at Cape Canaveral.
Video by Jack Verbeek - You Tube:
March 11, 2010.
Dr. Bruce Maccabee
weighs in as new
orange rings appear
on Sydney radar
March 12, 2010
Sydney radar out of

March 15, 2010
A viewer has this to

March 15, 2010
New Cyclone Ului and
new unexplained.
       Comments by Dr. Bruce Maccabee

?I presume these are typical rotating radars that scan around 360 every ten - fifteen seconds or
so, recording the distances to reflective targets at each angle.   I presume that electronic
interference "properly applied" could make strange patterns on a radar (creating spurious targets).
However, electronic interference, if from an external source, would come from one direction unless
the interfering source were able to travel around the radar antenna so that it was always within the
radar beam. Hard to imagine an interfering source that could stay within the beam. 'Internally
generated interference might do it.

I think I know what could cause a spoke. A radar "spoke" would be created if along some direction
angle theta with a direction width of "delta theta" there was something that gave the equivalent of
essentially continuous reflection at all distances (some amount of reflection at all distances within
range) and at angle theta plus delta theta, extending for another delta theta, there is no reflection
or minimal reflection and then at theta plus 2 x delta theta there is another spoke of width delta
theta with continuous reflection at all distances, and so on around a circle.

A spiral would require, at a particular angle theta, a series of strong reflections at varying
distances, and this series of distances would change with angle theta such that a series of curved
lines of reflection would be created, making a collection of spiral patterns all ending at the same

One main thing that strikes me as "impossible" is the fact that strange targets are seen all the way
around (360 deg).

Obviously this requires either a signal input that is independent of direction of the radar antenna,
such as an internal (noise or jamming) source, or something in the atmosphere that surrounds
each radar station, or something that actually travels around each radar station in order to remain
within the radar beam.  Each of these "explanations" is as bizarre as the phenomenon itself.

Maybe these are "radar agriglyphs"  (crop circles).  LOL

Dr. Bruce Maccabee website:
Bruce Maccabee (May 6, 1942) is an American optical physicist formerly employed by the U.S. Navy
As I was receiving the reply from Dr. Maccabee, when a new pair of concentric orange rings showed up on Sydney radar (above). Right: As
seen with Satellite and radar overlay. Middle: Only radar selected. Left: Close up shows two concentric rings. Moments before these
disappeared from the national composite, Terrey Hills radar just to the north of Sydney showed a single blue ring (seen far left) on the local
radar. All images are the Copyright Australia Bureau of Meteorology
Thomas E. Bearden
Is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army who is "active in the study of scalar electromagnetics,
advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, and overunity systems". Considered by many to be
one of the world's leading theoretical scientists.

What is happening over Australia?  HERE
Another pair of concentric rings
appeared on Sydney radar for three
hours on March 11, 2010. Right >>
When the pair of orange rings disappeared,
this single blue one showed for a short time.
With thanks to Jack Verbeek
Less than 24 hours after the above unknown interference on Sydney's Terrey Hills radar station, again the
equipment was taken out of service.  BOM radar system still in meltdown. Below was what visitors to the weather
radar screen witnessed on March 12, 2010.
Check out current Earth and Solar Weather, also Earthquake and Tsunami Monitors. Click Andrews Observatory below
16:42 UTC - Two rings.
Thanks to Dominic Deligny
15:42 UTC - One ring.
A television viewer from Australia had this to say HERE
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