Nancy Talbott (BLT) and Robbert van den Broeke have made many claims, which have
included capturing on digital photographs UFOs, animals of all kinds and even Elvis
Presley. Robbert claims special knowledge of when and where
crop circles will appear near
his home and they have.  I must though say that these have all been very un-impressive
and highly reminiscent of many hoaxes Ive seen over the years.  

Recently they claimed to have mysteriously captured clear images of my deceased friend
and research colleague,
Pat Delgado and crop circle maker David Chorley, of Doug and
Dave fame. Both men are said to have given personal messages to Robbert and Nancy

A full report posted at:


In light of the latest claims the family of Pat Delgado have issued the following statement:

Statement by the Delgado family:
Alresford, Hampshire, England
May 15, 2012

It is the considered opinions of the family of Pat Delgado and his close
friend and researcher Colin Andrews that the alleged messages and
photographic images purportedly produced by the special powers of
Robbert van den Broeke were created by trickery. This trickery
involving images of Pat Delgado, a beloved husband, father, grandad
and best friend is a disgrace, which reaches a new low with the
unscientific extreme elements of the crop circle research field. No
attempts have been made to discuss these images or communications
with the Delgado family before posting them on the Internet nor it would
seem have any transparent evaluations been made by the various
camera manufactures or professional magicians etc. If they have, his
family would like the courtesy of seeing them.
Pat Delgado's family were deeply involved with his work and are
appalled at the adoption of his voice and putting at risk his high
integrity by people who never even met him. Playing with the reputation
of Pat is outrageous, despicable and unacceptable.

Issued on behalf of the Delgado Family by Colin Andrews

Norah and Pat Delgado 2008
BLT Work, not for the first time
found to be un-scientific and in
The Family of Deceased Crop Circle Researcher Pat
Delgado Issues a Statement Following Claims
by a Medium, Robbert van den Broeke and Paranormal
Researcher Nancy Talbott To Have Made Contact with
him - "Its Trickery they said".
Posted by Colin Andrews
May 15, 2012
Alleged image of Pat Delgado (left) - Robbert van den Broeke and Nancy Talbott
Crop Circle Trickery
Posted by thetruthhides on May
15, 2012

As the crop circle season begins to
get into full swing, crop circle fraudster
Robbert Van Der Broeke has pushed
his trickery to new levels, now claiming
to have captured spirit images of Pat
Delgado and Dave Chorley. This story
will be pinging around the internet and
there will be those taken in by his
fakery, but this video nicely uncovers
the trickery…

- - - - - -

Robbert Van Der Broeke Trickery in full
Posted by thetruthhides on May 17,

As previously reported, Robbert Van
Der Broeke has just released a video
claiming to show contact with two of
crop circles legendary names. Both of
whom are dead. This isn’t the first
time Robert has courted controversy
with his claims of psychic abilities,
here is an extensive look at his career
and how he has failed to convince the
world of his abilities…(but has fooled
some researchers who should know
Linked to
The Pathetic Crop Circle

Andrew Russell
British Researcher Andrew Russell reports:
Crop Circle Connector
Medium Robbert van den Broeke & Nancy
Talbott show images of Pat Delgado.
Family issue statement in belief its
trickery. Statement
Thank you for all your messages.  
They send great loving support and
sympathy to Pat's family. They also
speak to the outrage fealt by the
postings on the
BLT website and
also that of the alleged medium
Robbert van den Broeke. One of
your emails - Posted May 17, 2012
Graham Harrop writes from
Lyneham, Wiltshire, England:

I would just like to say how
disgraceful I find what Broeke and
Talbott are coming out with
regarding Pat Delgado. Just how
insensitive are these individuals. I
have enormous respect for the
work you and Pat did in the early
days, I was deeply saddened when I
heard of Pat's passing,what a

You two started me off on the
subject way back in 89 and I am still
in awe of the subject today, it has
changed my perspective on life so

Just wanted to let you know how
much I am disgusted at these two
and their gimmicks.

Kind Regards, An old cereologist ,  
Graham Harrop.
UPDATED: July 15, 2012. Claim That Two More Friends Appear (Bottom)
Retired Goldsmiths University of London
Roger Wibberley has uncovered where
he believes Robbert van den Broeke obtained
the frames of Pat Delgado and David Chorley:
From a television interview filmed in 1991, now
freely available on You Tube.
Thanks to Pat Delgado's daughter Jan Delgado (UK)
Pat Delgado
Images exactly as filmed by
BBC South Today during 1991
Images Robbert claims appeared on
his camera. Wibberley says are faked.
Dave Chorley
By Roger Wibberley - Rtd University of London - Goldsmiths
2012 Crop Circles:
The People

The worst on record and hardly qualify for the exquisite nature of the phenomena
of the past thirty years.

With Holland and the ongoing saga of self proclaimed medium Robbert van den Broeke
taking center stage, its ironic that in his small band of followers , that well known
controversial film maker
Suzanne Taylor again sets forth more hatred towards others who
disagree with her views,
including myself. just as Robbert himself says that "unconditional
is the message he claims came to him with one of the latest crop circles. Which
incidentally he knew was coming.

In the last few weeks Nancy Talbott of BLT has touted claims by Robbert that he has
captured images of my deceased friend Pat Delgado and also deceased hoaxer of the
80s Dave Chorley much to the shock and disappointment of Pat Delgado's
family who
issued a statement calling it Trickery.. More below.

Circles in recent weeks have been reported in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic,
Sicily, The Netherlands and England.

My continued thanks to the
Crop Circle Connector Website and photographer Steve
Alexander. I hope to be able to visit those in England soon.

The real work goes on as the egos and show biz fraternity get silly ramping up sales of
DVDs.  I'm afraid consistent with many other subjects during this 2012 period, we have to
shake off the fraud and myth makers before we can move forward with truth and yes
'Unconditional love'.

Colin Andrews
June 15th 2012

1. Anybody who has followed my research knows I have not researched this subject for
just a couple of years, it will be 30 years next month.

2. Regards  the BLT findings in the Edmonton, Canada formation which I was well aware
did not extend to UK. BLT findings were that statistically significant findings were found in
the more simple designs, exactly what I also found from a very different study of simple
designs in UK during 1999 and 2000 - these also showed the more simple designs were
likely not to have been made by people.
My point was that BLT and my results showed agreement in that simple designs are
more likely of the whole, to be non-man made.

3. I did not claim the BLT report of images of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley on cameras
operated by Robbert van den Broeke was Trickery - this statement was made directly by
Pat Delgado's family which I posted but I did agree with their view. That is an important

4. Like anyone else I am allowed my opinion. No I have no absolute evidence that
Robbert has hoaxed these images, its my opinion that he has - that is all, although the
evidence presented by retired University of London lecturer Roger Wibberley is very
compelling .  What I do know is that Pat and Dave are deceased and claims of their
images with comments made by them beyond the grave place the burden of proof not
with me but Robbert and Nancy Talbott. Lets get real.

5. Taylor says she is skeptical that Pat Delgado's relatives contacted me.  This is highly
offensive to me and again Pats family. I would be taking a huge risk posting a statement
which was not true, as she suggests especially because Pats daughter is a British
magistrate and is the equivalent in the US as a lower court judge. My tail would be on fire
within minutes of making such a erroneous claim/statement.

This  aside and knowing how these people are using the good names of deceased love
ones, nobody, Taylor, Talbott or even van den Broeke has picked up the phone to Pats
family or written a single word of apology for their unprofessional and insensitive public
announcement. They choose instead to attack the messenger who would have the nerve
to question their claims. Such is the way of todays politics everywhere.

2012 does seem to be a mirror to us all for us to work harder on unconditional love and
respect - with that I agree with Robbert.

I also want to ask those concerned, how will they feel if it is proven these images are

If I am shown to be wrong about all this then I will be the first to apologize. I do admit that
Robbert does appear to be a quiet gentle person.

It has crossed my mind that Robbert might not be his own boss in these matters?

Colin Andrews
June 15, 2012

British Researcher Andrew Russell reports:
Updated report from Andrew Russell:

Robert Van Broeke, Pat Delgado and Crop Circle Trickery
rumbles on........

According to Suzanne Taylor the crop circle phenomena is under attack! Shock! Horror! And
who are these dark forces doing the attacking? Well generally it’s people trying to bring a bit
of objectivity to the nonsense. Now Suzanne, who is being sued by researcher Steve Bassett,
has a lot of unfounded nonsense to say about far too many people, and sadly Suzanne’s
loyal followers do not get to see the other side of the story. So here at this link to my other
blog are some good links to people who are  bringing the objectivity that is so desperately


Suzanne is desperately trying to get out of the lawsuit that Steve Bassett is pursuing. She has
gone to such lengths as organising an on-line petition, she was due to go onto an internet
radio show to discuss the case (which many are seeing as an attempt to pressure or shame
Steve into dropping his case, it also brings into mind what legal advice she is receiving as her
discussing the alleged details on air is probably not a good approach prior to any court case)
but technical problems prevented this and she is using her website and facebook connections
to garner support. I think Suzanne should save her energy and her lawyer should utter those
four words that resolve most legal arguments – Out of court settlement.

We Weave Our Web: Update on the claims made by
Nancy Talbott from BLT regarding Images beyond the
Grave of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley
Posted June 21, 2012
Crop Circle Wars! Fake Video Shakes Credibility of
One of Thrive’s Main Sources.
A bizarre little drama is going on right now in the world of crop circles. A fake video designed to
bolster belief in the supposed paranormal origin of crop circles has been making the rounds on
the Internet, igniting both indignant recriminations and spirited defenses. This matter may seem
extraneous to issues involved in Thrive—until you realize that the fake video controversy
directly concerns a website called, which is one of the Thrive movie’s go-to
sources for the crop circle nonsense that appears so prominently in the first part of the film.

Just a brief recap. In Thrive, Foster Gamble makes
the assertion that crop circles are made by
extraterrestrials visiting Earth, and that these circles contain mathematical, engineering and
possibly spiritual messages from the aliens for the benefit of humanity. Specifically, Mr. Gamble
claims the aliens are trying to tell us about this “torus” shape, which Thrive says is the answer
to all the world’s problems because it can give us free energy, if only those evil Global
Domination Agenda people would quit meddling with it. Crop circles, therefore, are a key part of
Thrive’s message.

Crop circles have also proven, much to my surprise, to be the single most controversial subject
we’ve ever covered on Thrive Debunked. To date we’ve had more comments and more angry
buzzing about the debunking of crop circles article than any other in the history of this blog—
more than free energy, more than
David Icke, and more than the Global Domination Agenda.
Clearly, I struck a nerve; this alone merits revisitation of the issue.

What’s the Controversy?

Here is what happened. A Dutch crop circle enthusiast named Robbert van den Broeke, who
also claims to be a psychic who can predict when crop circles form, recently said that he made
contact with the spirits of two dead people. One of them was Pat Delgado, a British researcher
of crop circles; the other was Dave Chorley, the notorious British prankster who, with his
partner Doug Bower, made hundreds of crop circles in English grain fields and then confessed
in 1991 to having done so. To “support” this bizarre claim of contact from beyond the grave,
Mr. van den Broeke produced a video which he said captured spectral images of Mr. Delgado
and Mr. Chorley. The video is
here. Prepare to be underwhelmed. All it shows is Mr. van den
Broeke sitting in a chair looking like he’s nodding off to sleep. The disembodied, semi-
transparent blue heads of Mr. Delgado and Mr. Chorley appear near his head, float around a
bit, and disappear. That’s it. There’s more supernatural fireworks in your average episode of

These claims, and clips from the video, were made public on by its main
contributor, Nancy Talbott. Here is the link to the page where
Ms. Talbott explains this
“miraculous” visitation from beyond the grave.

What did Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley supposedly say to Robbert van den Broeke while their
Photoshopped—er, I mean disembodied spirits were floating around his head? Oh, some New
Agey stuff about the spiritual power of crop circles and how important they are, etc., etc.
According to Ms. Talbott here’s how this little séance went down:

Delgado’s image, which appears to be the same one throughout the video clip, moves about
slightly during its brief appearance (about a minute long), sometimes brighter and more distinct,
sometimes less so. While Pat’s face was present Robbert “heard” him say that he was still
“energetically” very involved with the circle phenomenon, not only in the UK but also elsewhere
in the world. He also expressed gratitude for all of the circle enthusiasts who continue to search
for the truth and who realize the “cosmic” nature of the consciousness which is involved.

And with regards to Dave Chorley, the key bit is here:

Chorley’s “consciousness” then communicated his awareness (now that he is “in the afterlife”)
of how important it is that people respect the loving force behind the crop circles. Chorley also
expressed sincere regret that while he was on earth he had gone to the media and said that
crop circles were “just a joke”, and that he and Doug had said they made them all.

There you have it. Chorley himself (supposedly) tells the true believers that he was wrong, and
crop circles really do have a paranormal origin! Wow! Isn’t this amazing! And there’s no proof
of any of this except what Robbert van den Broek says these spirits told him! But who needs
proof anyway?

Another British crop circle researcher, Colin Andrews—who worked with Pat Delgado before the
latter died in 2009—came out with a statement denouncing the fake video. That statement is
here (above). Mr. Andrews’s report contained a statement from Pat Delgado’s family.
Understandably they’re quite upset that his image has been used in this way. Their statement

It is the considered opinions of the family of Pat Delgado and his close friend and researcher
Colin Andrews that the alleged messages and photographic images purportedly produced by
the special powers of Robbert van den Broeke were created by trickery. This trickery involving
images of Pat Delgado, a beloved husband, father, grandad and best friend is a disgrace,
which reaches a new low with the unscientific extreme elements of the crop circle research field.
No attempts have been made to discuss these images or communications with the Delgado
family before posting them on the Internet nor it would seem have any transparent evaluations
been made by the various camera manufactures or professional magicians etc. If they have, his
family would like the courtesy of seeing them. Pat Delgado’s family were deeply involved with his
work and are appalled at the adoption of his voice and putting at risk his high integrity by
people who never even met him. Playing with the reputation of Pat is outrageous, despicable
and unacceptable.

Mr. Andrews also stated that a fellow named Roger Wibberley has investigated the video and
concluded that the images of Mr. Delgado and Mr. Chorley were lifted from a video interview
done with them in 1991, freely available on YouTube. If you go to Colin Andrews’s page you
can see comparisons of the van den Broeke séance video with the real 1991 interview. In a
nutshell, the Robbert van den Broeke video is a crude fake.

Who Is Robbert van den Broeke?

Robbert van den Broeke lives in Holland and has been involved for some time with various
claims involving the paranormal, extraterrestrials and crop circles. In 2005 he went on Dutch TV
telling a woman whose husband just died that the husband had lived a past life and died in the
1820s—a claim whose details were easily disproven with a perfunctory Google search on the
man van den Broeke claimed the husband had been. Mr. van den Broeke has also dabbled in
“spirit photography” before, claiming to have photographed aliens. This information on Mr. van
den Broeke is available

Mr. van den Broeke’s main claim to fame, however, is his assertion that he can “predict” when
crop circles appear. For this alleged “ability” he is thought of as an important person among
those who believe that crop circles are not made by human beings. What they fail to realize,
however, is that most of the crop circles Mr. van den Broeke claims to have “predicted” appear
in his backyard. Convenient, yes? But could (perish the thought!) Robbert van den Broeke
actually be making these crop circles himself, in precisely the way that I demonstrated in my
original crop circle article that all such circles have been made by human beings? Believers in
paranormal origin of crop circles shriek bloody murder at the mere suggestion that human
beings are the exclusive creators of crop circles. Therefore, the conclusion of simple logic—
that Mr. van den Broeke is most likely creating these crop circles himself, or that he’s at least
somehow involved with or has knowledge of the human beings who create them—is absolutely
verboten among believers in the paranormal origin of crop circles.

So, here we have a fake psychic who has been exposed for his trickery before, who’s
attempted to claim “spiritual photography” before, who now suddenly comes up with a video
where another dead person appears and preaches the party line to paranormal crop circle
believers. In a rational world this article would end right here, because it’s patently obvious that
Mr. van den Broeke’s video is fake. But, in an eerie demonstration of the same sort of Bizarro-
world thinking permeates the Thrive universe, we (unfortunately) can’t stop here because the
true believers won’t let us.

The Punch Line: True Crop Circle Believers Think the Video is Real! (Or, At Least They
Won’t Say It’s Fake).

When I first heard about this story I scoffed and dismissed it as a prank—just a fake video that
went viral in the crop circle underground, and not worthy of any serious response. However, I’
ve been absolutely astonished that various people who claim to be bigwigs in crop circle
“research” are asserting that the video is real—or at the very least, they are unwilling to say
that it’s an obvious fake!

Nancy Talbott herself, the driving force behind, certainly invites her readers
to jump to the conclusion that the video is real. She engages in a lot of mumbo-jumbo about
time stamps in the fake video, which she suggests is evidence of perhaps some sort of weird
effects on the fabric of time. (She never mentions the possibility that discrepancies with time
stamps could be evidence of digital manipulation).

Ms. Talbott has been getting support from another prominent paranormal crop circle believer,
Suzanne Taylor. Ms. Taylor is the creator of a film called What on Earth? which is a
documentary about crop circles. You can buy it for $19.99 on her website. She has also been a
frequent commenter here on Thrive Debunked, where she opposes Thrive in general, but is
generally hostile to any material expressing doubt that crop circles have a paranormal origin.
Here’s what Ms. Taylor has to say on
her blog about the video:

Colin claims not only that Nancy’s report about the appearance of the late Pat Delgado, an
early circle researcher, on Robbert’s digital and video cameras, is “trickery,” but that she and
Robbert have offended Pat’s relatives. Colin provides no substantiation for the trickery claim,
and I am skeptical about Pat’s relatives contacting Colin and not Nancy. Also, In the videotape
posted in the report (link above), you will see how touched Robbert is at recognizing Pat’s face
and how much regard he feels for him, and if any Delgado family member saw the BLT report it’
s hard to believe they would have felt that Pat had been mistreated.

Ms. Taylor seems to have missed the part where Colin Andrews did provide substantiation for
the claim that the video is fake, in demonstrating that the images of Mr. Delgado and Mr.
Chorley who appear in the video are obviously taken from the 1991 BBC interview. But you don’
t even need this level of proof. We’re talking about a video that purports to show images of
dead people from beyond the grave. The basic threshold of proof to demonstrate that
something like that is possible anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances has obviously not
been met here, to say nothing about the succeeding question of whether this particular video
purporting to show video of dead people is real or fake. As for the offense given to Mr. Delgado’
s family, I would ask Ms. Taylor if she really thinks any member of the family would be thrilled at
seeing how the image of their dead loved one has been misappropriated, especially for a highly
partisan purpose.

Incidentally, a new blog (not by me) has gone up just recently devoted to debunking Suzanne
Taylor’s claims about crop circles and those in her movie What On Earth? You can find that
here. Debunking Ms. Taylor’s film is beyond the scope of this blog. For the record I have
not seen her movie, nor do I plan to.

There is a clear division in the world of crop circle research. The main issue appears to be to
what extent it is permissible to admit that crop circles are made by humans as opposed to being
of paranormal origin. (Note: it’s not a totally binary universe. Virtually all believers in the
paranormal origin of crop circles concede that at least some circles are made by humans;
however, there are ferocious disagreements among circle researchers as to what percentage
are clearly of human origin and which ones are supposedly paranormal). The issue of the
Robbert van den Broeke video seems to have inflamed this division.

What Does This Have to Do With Thrive?

Much of Thrive’s supposed research on the subject of crop circles relies upon the site. If you go to Thrive’s silly
“fact checking” section and expand the various
crop circle topics, you’ll see links to material............. Read the rest of this
excellent report:
The in depth report below comes from the website Thrive Debunked.  The report is well
researched, fair, balanced and is well written.  My conclusions about the crop circle mystery
itself are not as black and white as the site itself believes but the report about the topic at
hand makes an important and excellent overview - hence why I have posted it and thank
them for taking the time to delve into the claims being made by Nancy Talbott and Robbert
van den Broeke.

I should add that I am not part of a debunking of the movie Thrive, which I think has a lot
right and as we can see, some things wrong.
Colin Andrews - June 21, 2012
Posted July 12, 2012

An in depth investigation is currently underway into photographs taken by claimed medium
Robbert van den Broeke in the presence of his IT expert and magician friend Stan. A fraud
consultant working with Colin Andrews is currently investigating computer files, website traffic
routing and downloads and other undisclosed specialist fields, including special effects and
camera circuitry and design. The investigation is at an advanced stage.
Keep your eye below for a report which will be published soon.

This will be published as a technical paper only

The hands on research into this case has been carried out by BLT and communicated by
spokeswoman Nancy Talbott for many years:
Updated July 15, 2012
Medium Says that two More Of Friends Have Appeared on
Robbert's camera with messages and a warning for me - then
BLT issued a new version of events.
Colin Andrews.
Read the latest astounding reports HERE
July 15, 2012
"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are
August 19, 2012
Deceased Crop Circle
Artist David Chorley's
family issue a statement,
the second family to do so:
August 19, 2012
Deceased Crop Circle
Artist David Chorley's
family issue a statement,
the second family to do so:
August 19, 2012
Deceased Crop Circle
Artist David Chorley's
family issue a statement,
the second family to do so:
Research Goal

My goal is to investigate with a
team of experts working with
me, some of the specific
claims made by Robbert van
den Broeke and Nancy Talbott
on their respective websites. It
is my aim to establish what
has actually taken place and
establish mechanisms and
methods by which they have,
or have not, been achieved.


To eliminate human error or
interference could be to learn
more about the established
subject of Mediumship and
miracles that could be larger
than any of us.

I am not prepared to place my
blind trust in recent claims
surrounding my deceased
friends and colleagues, Pat
Delgado, David Chorley, Paul
Vigay and David Kingston,
based upon restricted data
and denied access.

Hence this work.

Colin Andrews
August 2012
August 26, 2012
Family of Paul Vigay
issue a statement.