Divining the Power Within the Land
                   ©2009 Maria Wheatley & Busty Taylor

Expert dowsers Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor explore how earth energies are intimately
associated with ancient sites, such as Avebury and Stonehenge and also crop circles.
Their research offers a valuable new insight into the energetic properties associated with
stone circles and crop circles. Some of the theories presented are the work of Maria’s late
father, Dennis Wheatley, who was considered a Master Dowser and a world authority on
the Geodetic System of Earth Energies.
Located close to the West Kennet long barrow the above crop circle was also aligned upon a ley line
                                coursing to Silbury Hill and Windmill Hill.
                                               Photograph Busty Taylor

Earth Mysteries is a fascinating subject which embraces the idea that ancient cultures  
aligned their monuments upon energy lines and patterns creating regional power centres.
In the Wessex region of Southern England some of the finest prehistoric monuments were
constructed, such as Avebury Henge, the West Kennet long barrow, Silbury Hill and
Stonehenge.  Crop circles invariably appear in close proximity to such monuments, and as
we shall see, stone circles and crop circles are both associated with geodetic energies.
Tantalising clues left behind by a long forgotten civilisation allow us see circular temples in
a new light.

The power within the land
The ancient Chinese feng shui masters recognised that the Earth emits energy lines and
earth energy currents. According to Chinese philosophy, straight lines conduct ‘sha chi’
(negative energy) and should be avoided. Whereas, the meandering yin and yang earth
energy currents, known as Lung Mei (the Dragon’s breath or Dragon Lines) emit beneficial
and life enhancing energies. Monuments and buildings sited upon the earth currents
become imbued with positive energy and are considered auspicious locations.

Earth Energy Rivers
In 1985 Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst discovered two great geomantic rivers of earth
energies coursing for 300 miles across Southern England from Land’s End to Hopton on
the Norfolk coast, which they dubbed Michael (yang) and Mary (yin). Along the undulations
of these intertwining energy rivers were over 300 sacred sites aligned with high accuracy
along the currents. They had, in effect, found the earth’s ‘dragon lines’ so highly revered
by the ancient Chinese feng shui geomancers. For reasons unknown, these two mighty
currents snake and coil around the adjacent St Michael ley line, which was discovered in
the 1960s by John Michell. Many professional dowsers have noted that other yin and yang
earth currents also entwine ley lines. Although we are seeing the vestiges of a long lost
geomantic science it is tempting to think that the ley line somehow controlled or harnessed
the yin yang earth energies.

Neolithic Feng Shui at Avebury
The prehistoric architects of Avebury Henge skilfully integrated the Michael and Mary
currents into the vast megalithic complex. For instance, the West Kennet stone avenue
coursed across the ritual landscape for one and a half miles connecting Avebury to a
smaller stone circle called the Sanctuary. Pairs of carefully selected standing stones
created a long processional way, which marked the exact width and flow of the Michael
energy current.
The standing stones of the West Kennet avenue mark the width of the Michael earth current.
                                                 Photograph Busty Taylor

Crop circles and energy lines
Located due south of Avebury Henge stands Silbury Hill which was an integral part of the
Avebury Henge complex. Silbury Hill was the largest man made mound in Neolithic times
dated to c2400 BC (latest carbon dating). The conical mound is 130 feet high, 550 feet in
diameter and covers 5 acres. The internal construction of the monument is complex and
consists of a circular; six-stepped pyramid made of chalk cubes.  Successive excavations
in 1777, 1849, and 1970 have not revealed the purpose of the mound.
Earth energies determined the precise location of the mound which was carefully aligned
upon the undulating Mary earth energy current. In the summer of 1988 numerous crop
circles appeared close to Silbury Hill. Fifteen of which appeared within a few days of each
other in the field opposite to the mound. The first five appeared during the night of 14th –
15th July. Hamish Miller points out in his book The Sun and the Serpent, Pendragon Press
that the crop circles were located exactly on the Mary current as it coursed between
Silbury Hill and Swallowhead Springs. I suggest the polarity signature of the female line
imbued the crop circles with yin energy. Make no mistake - the knowledge of earth
energies was handed down by the Bronze Age geomancers to the Celtic Druids - who
likewise handed the information to the Knights Templar and the European Masonic
Brotherhood. Architectural evidence in the landscape supports this claim beyond all
reasonable doubt. Over the distance of 300 miles nearly all the medieval churches aligned
upon the Mary current were dedicated to Mary or another female saint. The Master
Masons clearly recognised the polarity of the line which influenced the dedication of the
church as well as the ambience within the construct. The same is true of the Michael
energy current and the churches aligned upon it.

Successive crop circles have also been associated with other powerful earth energy
currents in the region. Two highly charged (and non-Christianised) yin yang currents
course through the Uffington White Horse complex, which include sacred sites such as
Wayland’s Smithy long barrow, Dragon Hill, the Uffington Castle and the stylised Uffington
White Horse. Over the years many crop circles have appeared upon the path of the earth
                 A powerful yang line is associated with the white horse.
                                                   Photograph Busty Taylor

Spiral patterns
Not all earth energies are meandering currents. In the 1940s, the field archaeologist and
Master Dowser, Guy Underwood, rediscovered the geospiral earth energy pattern. Dennis
and Maria Wheatley have studied the geospiral pattern for 15 years and have confirmed
Underwood’s original findings.  A geospiral is a harmonic surface pattern in the earth
forming a spiral formation, which is associated with a ‘blind spring’ (called a ‘water domes’
in America). A blind spring is water that is produced chemically deep within the earth
known as primary water by water diviners. When primary water breaks through to the
surface to form a spring the water is considered sacred and healing. Underground water
conducts electromagnetic energy and similarly the harmonic spiral pattern is a highly
magnetic geometrically perfect spiral with coils in multiples of seven. Interestingly, the
central features of stone circles are always sited above a powerful geospiral pattern.

Although an expert in dowsing earth energies, in the summer of 1988 the late Dennis
Wheatley dowsed the Silbury crop circles. He was astonished to find that the first five
circles, which formed a Celtic motif, were set above a powerful spiral pattern, and noted
that the depressed corn also swirled round in a spiral fashion mirroring the harmonic
rotation of the geospiral.

Dennis also noted that many other crop circles, including pictograms, were often located
above a geospiral pattern which energised the formation. He concluded that earth
energies were an integral part of the crop circle mystery.

The Stonehenge Spiral
Busty Taylor was one of the first researchers to point out that stone circles often reflect
the dimensions of crop circles. He suggests that the ancient megalithic designers located
important power centres upon crop circles which dictated the size of the monument; and
Stonehenge is no exception. Although this is pure conjecture, it seems reasonable to
assume that the megalithic masons would have revered such circular depressions, which
have been recorded throughout history.

     Circular depressions known as Fairy Rings were known to the Celtic Druids
                                      and were recorded in medieval times.
Guy Underwood discovered that the near-central stone feature of Stonehenge – the Altar
Stone - was sited above a 7-coiled geospiral formation. Other circular earth energies
which often manifest alongside the geospiral pattern also embrace the entire monument,
creating a magnetically charged circular region of exceptional geodetic power.

Many other expert dowsers, including Sir Charles Jessel Bt. Past President and honorary
life vice president of the British society of dowsers have confirmed the geospiral
phenomenon at sacred sites across the world. Hamish Miller believes that the geospiral is
responsible for the sudden change in direction of earth currents such as the Mary and
Michael lines. The geospiral is one of the strongest forms of earth energy, which is
constantly rotating and generating a vortex of energy which spirals upwards. The
perpetual motion of the geospiral has continually charged sacred sites, such as
Stonehenge, for millennia. At certain lunar phases the geospiral reverses its rotation spin
direction, creating an intense power surge, which can be experienced, sensed and even

Certain stones can harness and transmit the spiral energy and Busty and I have proved
this by taking electromagnetic readings at standing stones. Megalithic power exists and
undoubtedly it was created and utilised by the men and women of prehistory. Our results
have surprised even the harden sceptic and can be found at www.theaveburyexperience.
co.uk. Interestingly, all of the medicinal and magical trees of Druidic tradition invariably
grow above the magnetic geospiral pattern. Is this the reason why certain trees were
deemed ‘magical’ by the Iron Age Druids?

The Templars, Masons and other mystery schools also revered the spiral pattern which
was secretly integrated into numerous medieval churches and cathedrals. This fact is
illustrated in my Stonehenge booklet. A rare geodetic survey by the late Guy Underwood
of Westminster Abbey, London reveals the intriguing relationship between royal
coronations, the placement of their tombs and spiral earth energy patterns. Sir Charles
Jessel informed me that he too found similar geodetic encoding associated with Greek
temples and cities.

To prehistoric people the spiral pattern has always been closely associated with water and
the ceremonial way to approach spiritual dimensions. Undoubtedly, the geospiral surface
pattern was perceived as hallowed ground and a gateway to access the spiritual realms. It
is not beyond the realm of possibility to suggest that to our forebears’ stone and crop
circles, which were associated with the geospiral formation, were revered as sacred
locations where one could access information from higher sources. Today this tradition
still continues as many people that visit stone and crop circles channel information from
Higher Planes.

Stone circles, crop circles, burial mounds, shrines and holy temples were all sited above
the sacred geospiral pattern; connecting man to the power within the land creating an
energetic pathway to new dimensions and spiritual realms.

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