>From: Dave Haith to Nick Pope
>To: UFO Updates <UFOupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
>Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 22:51:10 -0000
>Subject: Head Of State Asked For Statement On Crop Circles & UFOs

Breaking News from Colin Andrews;
Colin Andrews
January 22, 2009

Crop Circles and UFOs - Head of State asked for statement today.

To inform you, especially those living in the United Kingdom, that a major article is
being published by The Sun Newspaper tomorrow January 23, 2009.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (head of state) and the Duke of Edinburgh are
today being asked for a statement regarding my latest report:


In the last 24 hours I have been instructed to remove one of the many
documents posted on my site in that article. I stand by the complete
contents of my allegation that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the
Queen and the public were lied to regarding Crop Circles and UFOs. I
also stand by my commitment to lobby for a new period of openness and
honesty regarding such topics as the UFO and crop circles.

No government has the right to control the growth of human
My article was written and support documents have been
released for the first time to support this new era and to see to it that the peoples
business really does bring in the tide of change that we all deserve.

The Sun Newspaper will syndicate worldwide and also have copy of part of this
article tomorrow on their website:


Check into the website from time to time for the next stage of releases from the
'private sector'.

The aim of myself and many others is that some day real soon it will be
the turn of the United States Government to release what they know on
both subjects.

Colin Andrews


Here's The Sun's article:



From Nick Pope to Dave Haith:

Colin Andrews and I have discussed this over the past few days, as
his article
implies I was involved in a cover-up.

Some of the issues Colin highlights have arisen because the line between official
and private interest (even within government, the military and the intelligence
agencies) can be blurred.

There are particular sensitivities and political difficulties when members
of the Royal Family are involved.

I agree that the MoD has downplayed its interest and involvement in the
crop circle issue, as it has with the UFO phenomenon. This has been the
policy for many years and it's no secret that I had to play my part in this
when I worked for the government.

Here's an article I wrote, setting out the official position:


Best wishes,

Nick Pope



From: Colin Andrews to Nick Pope
January 23, 2009

Thank you for the copy to Dave Haith, Nick.

I have not seen the article as printed in the newspaper, compared to what they
have on their website.  Is it the same?

If so I thought it was very tame.  Hardly worth three difficult days in helping them
prepare it.  As we both know, there is nothing new in this.

Nick, I think I will back off now on this matter, other than post e-mails/letters in
other words feedback on my 'Letters' page.  
Would you object to me posting
your reply to Dave, assuming he does not object also?
 Or would you like to
make a response to me directly about this matter and then we can move on?

I do hold respect for you and your position, and as friends and some mutual
colleagues will vow, when I first met you,
I knew you were going to be a key
person in the transition between that past and future ways of dealing
with the UFO subject.
 I hold your courage in high regard. Having also spent
many years inside the politics of local government, I observe your natural
professional ability to work with the many interests. I just wanted you to know
where I am coming from.  
You have and are taking on a pivotal position on
the UFO matter.  I do get the impression at times Nick that your previous
bosses are somewhere in your wings? I cant think they are too far away.

This article did bring a very interesting e-mail to me yesterday from a well known
person who tells me ...XXXXXXXXXX  
president.  Now there is another story!

If you are willing to put a small response together, what ever you want to say, I will
post and call that job done.

Oh, what do you think of the newspaper article, assuming its different to the

Have a good weekend.  Colin

Nick Popes reply 24 January 2009:


The article in the newspaper was, as I recall, identical to the online version.  
Space is always tight in The Sun, so stories are often edited down to brief
summaries.  But it gets the story out.  The Press Association picked up the story
and as a result it appeared in countless other media outlets (search for your
name in Google News):


I have no objection to your passing my reply to Dave (or anyone else).  I
may put together a more substantive response and if I do, I'll forward it to you,
with permission to pass it on/post it as you wish.

I do what I can to keep the UFO issue in the public eye, e.g. another story in The
Sun today:


But as you correctly surmise, my former bosses are never far away ...

Best wishes,



Corespondance between David Haith (British Journalist (rtd), Colin Andrews and
Nick Pope.
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