A true Angle has Passed - Sandra (Sandy) Shepard Wright
December 16, 2009    

I just received notice from Steve Bassett of PRG of the passing of my friend and
generous supporter Sandy Wright.  

Sandy was a highly intelligent woman with an thirst for information across a wide
spectrum of subjects.  From UFOs to crop circles and all matters health and
spirituality she engaged deeply.

She travelled to England some years ago to join Synthia and I as we undertook crop
circle research projects partly funded and equip by her.

Synthia and I said our farewells to Sandy as she left her seat at the X-Conference in
Washington D.C. for the last time earlier this year. I was greatly honored to receive
award alongside Sandy at the conference.  Many in this field will miss her
wonderfully warm personality and her true commitment to truth. So very
disappointing that she did not see the United States Government release its UFO
secrets, which she fought so hard for.

She leaves behind a
large and dedicated team who will continue her work for that

Colin Andrews - Dec 16th 2009.

Sandy Wright and Sergio Lub with their Angel Awards.
Copyright PRG
                                  From Steve Basett:

PRG is very sad to relate that Sandy Wright passed quietly at her home on
December 14.    This bright and ever curious woman played a significant role in the
UFO/ET truth process.   She was a long serving member of the board of the Institute
Noetic Sciences (IONS), a co-founder of the Friends of IONS (FIONS) and a great
friend of
Dr. Edgar Mitchell.  She was directly involved in the Rockefeller Initiative
and provided support to a number of researchers and activists.   Most of her
contributions to the field are not publicly known as she was a very private person.

Sandy Wright was the largest supporter of the advocacy work of
Paradigm Research
Group.  Much of PRG's efforts would not have been possible without her.  For that
reason she was presented the PRG Angel Award at X-Conference 2009.

Another seeker of truth has passed without witnessing the Disclosure event which will
and must take place.   Each new loss, whether it be a John Mack, a Gordon Cooper,
or a Dick Hall, is a reminder of how long this misrepresentation of reality by our
government has lasted.   

Sandy Wright's kindness, class, thoughtful advice and generosity will be sorely
Steve Bassett PRG
Photo: Jim Boka