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What are crop circles and what do they mean? Who-or what-is responsible for the
thousands of complex patterns found in cereal crops all over the world? Are they made
by aliens or Government satellites? Are they screams from a dying planet? Are we in
danger, and are crop circles some kind of warning signal? Colin Andrews, author of the
first book about the crop circle phenomenon, brings the world up to date with his many
years of research into this fascinating subject. He takes you on a mysterious and
informative ride into the world of the crop circle phenomenon, providing an overview
and setting the record straight about the nature of crop circles, their origin, and their
meaning. He and Stephen J. Spignesi, explore the many theories of crop circle
formation, describe Colin's first experience with crop circles and how this led him into
his life's work.              

Stephen Spignesi is a New York Times best selling author of many books.
Crop Circles: Signs of Contact
By Colin Andrews with Stephen Spignesi.


Mind Opening and Mysterious.,
April 19, 2003
By  Simeon Hein "Planetary Intelligence author" (
www.OpeningMinds.info, Boulder, CO, USA)
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This review is from: Crop Circles: Signs of Contact (Paperback)
After two decades of research, Colin Andrews, the world's foremost authority on crop
circles, has written what may be the most comprehensive book on the subject. Starting with
his early years of research Andrews recounts some of his first crop circle encounters.
Readers will learn about the characteristics of the phenomenon before complex patterns
began to appear in the late 80's.

This is one of the few crop circle books to adequately explore the connection of crop
circles with nature and global environmental conditions. Andrews continuously reminds us
how crop circles serve to raise our awareness of the planet. Throughout the book, Andrews
clearly wrestles with the reality of human circlemaking activity. Coming from someone who
previously disregarded the significance of this aspect of crop circles, he still refers to it as
"hoaxing," implying a certain degree of recklessness and irresponsiblity on the part of the
human circlemakers. He also tacitly recognizes their role in the evolution of the patterns.

Personally, I think it is unfair to call these human-made patterns "counterfeits" given their
beauty and genuinely weird effects on our cameras and other equipment. As far as I know,
there is no evidence to suggest that any of the complex patterns made since the late 80's in
England are created by anyone or anything else than human circlemakers. Nonetheless,
Andrew's book bridges many different points of view and leaves us with a mystery rather
than a closed case. As a bonus, the book contains a catalogue of every circle to appear in
England since the 1980's. It is quite a sight to see all these patterns together. There are also
detailed discussions of Project Blackbird and the Oliver's Castle video.

This book is recommended for anyone with a passing or strong interest in crop circles. You
may not agree with Andrews on every point but you are certain to come away with a
greater appreciation of the phenomenon and the mysteries that surround it.

(Dr. Simeon Hein is the author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters,
Crop Circles, and Resonance (2002, Mount Baldy Press, Inc.)
Years of research later the mystery remains a mystery..,
December 26, 2004
By  Takis Tz. (Germany)     

This review is from: Crop Circles: Signs of Contact (Paperback)
Colin Andrews calls himself the world's leading authority when it comes to crop circles and
I wouldn't contest that -simply because i wouldn't know how- but the lingering question
after reading his immensely interesting book is this:
-if the top authority on this phenomenon has no definite answer about what causes it after
20 long years of intense research we might start developing some cautious "pessimism" that
we're a long way from the answer.

That having been said, this is a very good book on the subject albeit certain points that
deserve critique.

Collins tries to condense all the information he has in a rather short book. The several
theories about the causes are all listed and somewhat summarily explored, as are Collins's
own speculations about it all. The book has numerous crop circle photographs as well
(many of them spectacular).

Collins tries to put to rest the aging matter of whether crop circles are man made or not by
saying that his research has led him to believe that a whooping 80% of them are indeed
man-made. This leaves of course 20% of them unexplained and this in turn is a huge number
considering that there have been 1000s of crop circles reported and/or recorded around the
world. If one considers that crop circles have been reported from time immemorial then the
mystery deepens.

The crop circle phenomenon is in certain respects even more intriguing than the UFO one
itself. One has the eerie feeling that a certain intelligence is trying to tell us something. If that
would be true the implications are are of course of paramount importance. But even if that is
not the case, still, any explanation holds tremendous interest. If one looks at certain crop
circles, especially ones that have not been explained away as man-made, he will find it
extremely difficult to explain them as geophysical phenomena exactly because of their sheer
geometrical complication.

Collins does emphasize (i had the feeling) the Gaia theory, a theory that professes that the
earth is a living organism in itself and it has the ability to provide messages or "signs" when it
is in danger. Very interesting indeed but even more difficult to support than that of the
extraterrestrial interference.

There's various books out there about this subject and this one here is no bad place to start
by any means. My notion is that one would serve himself well if he went on reading what
other researchers have to say about this all. What is certain is that no researcher -so far- has
definite evidence about what he speculates as being the explanation. But that being the case
it makes it all the more "obligatory" to entertain all available theories.
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