Madness on the M6 Motorway in England - Twins from Sweden - What caused
this to happen and who are these woman?  
September 2010
Colin Andrews
This extraordinary case involving twins from Sweden, raises so many
questions and few answers that experts can agree on.

Police witnessed what appeared to be two woman with either complete unawareness of their
surroundings or a deliberate suicide attempt, not once, twice but three times. From the moment the
first police units arrived things did not seem normal: After reports of two woman running into the fast
lanes of one of the countries busiest motorways they found them simply stood there - but then things
became even more bizarre.

In police presence each again ran in to traffic and were knocked unconscious, sustaining serious
injuries but they were shocked by one of the twins extraordinary recovery in front of their very eyes.

She showed an amazing ability to withstand pain and injuries and change from a state of
unconsciousness to running and fighting police and calling out to those nearby 'Call the police' being
unaware these uniformed officers were the police.

Were the twins acting out a dual tandem mind process and actions?.

They appeared not to have awareness or familiarity with their surroundings or environment. They did
not seem to see the vehicles that should have killed them both nor the police in full uniform. One
shouted to the other as one fought to get away from the 'police':
"They are tryng to take our organs".
They also exhibited extraordinary strength. It took six police officers to subdue one of the twins after
she rose from unconsciousness and attacked the police and again ran into traffic in the opposite
carriageway. Look at the sequence below and the videos.
Then things got really strange

The police on the scene got the impression that the woman were under the
influence of drugs or alcohol and that they had attempted to carry out a
suicide pact but
.............. Full medical examinations and blood tests etc revealed that there
were no drugs or alcohol in the woman's bodies and no evidence could be found for suicide.
So what and why did this happen?

Was this a very rare case of mental illness in one twin which was transmitted to the second and
acted out by both, or something else?

Draw your own conclusions by watching the Discovery/BBC documentary here -

Be warned its not suitable for children.

I would value any thought or ideas HERE.
The woman seen on CCTV running into the M6 from the central reservation.
The first police unit to arrive talking with the twins.
One sister suddenly runs into fast moving traffic and the second calmly
stands appearing completely unconcerned. The sister is seriously injured
by a truck which ran over her.
Then the second sister runs into traffic and is thrown over the top of a car
and is also badly injured.
Both sisters lay unconscious in the motorway
- both straddling lines of the same lane.
The damage to the windscreen and roof of the car that hit the sister in red.
One of the twins rises to her feet as if nothing had happened.
She fights with the police and makes off across into lanes of traffic on the
opposite carriageway with such aggression and apparent anger.  She behaves
as if nothing has happened and showing no signs of the fact she had been
unconscious seconds before.
The twin exhibited such strength that it took six police officers to subdue her
so that she could eventually be treated and flown by helicopter to hospital.
"Call the police" - we are the police.
"They are trying to take our organs"
Any thoughts or views please CONTACT
Saturday May 17th 2008 M6 Motorway
Posted September 5, 2010
Astounding incident on the M6 motorway in England. Two woman exhibit telepathic connection and super
human abilities, some would say demonic. A shocking case which some believe was a scheduled event which
even the police became part of. Some think that the woman were not of this Earth and others that this was a
very rare mental illness experienced by one and lived out by both..  You will be shocked as the whole series of
events are caught on film (and 'that's another story).
From researcher Andrew Russell in Wales, U.K. :

Hi Colin,
Yes, it is truly bizarre, I have never seen anything like it.

A long shot but I have pinged off an FOIA request for all police documents relating to this. Will let you
know what I have found out as and when. I am also making enquiries to the Central Motorway Police
Group, who were first to the scene as well as all the relevant police authorities, and the Crown
Prosecution Service (CPS) so I can see the relevant Psych reports etc etc. I will forward all
documentation to you as soon as I get it.

My view is that IF the psych guys are correct that one twin can influence the other that powerfully then
that is a huge acknowledgement on consciousness! BUT, I do not buy into that, the twins had been
apart for a while, so that bond may not have been that strong, I think there is a lot more to this, what
that is I am not sure



Colin, What was in the bags? Why did she only have a clear plastic bag when she left the
hospital/police station? All they said was that there were no drugs.

Notice how the woman in green sets the white bag down right next to the black bag (gingerly) as she
tears out to get hit by the truck?  Too strange, Colin. Thanks for the interest in this. Tom

This footage of the twin sisters is amazing and disturbing.

Psychiatrist can call it in their terms, but who knows this has been some secret mind
tampering-experiment  involving a trigger established under hypnosis, with the objective to test people
in the face of danger? It reminds me of the X-files and more even: the series Fringe. Or, a second
obvious probability: possession. By whom or what is another question.

It's a scary documentary. Having worked in psychiatry for many years the woman strikes me as having
the kind of facial features similar to other long term psychiatric patients, so maybe the evaluating
psychiatrists were right to think she was 'only' disturbed. But I can't help thinking there could be other
forces at work in 'being mad', which the DSM 4 doesn't cover. Other realities and strange invading
entities should be taken seriously, without dragging every patient to an exorcist, of course.

I have been following your work and books on crop circles for years, and you certainly are no stranger
to weirdness. I admire your courage in a field that is so controversial and 'tricksterish' .

Loes Modderman

Re: Motorway Madness
Prednisone?  2-5% of people who take prednisone experience psychotic reactions of various degree,
yet it is commonly prescribed for allergies and severe skin problems like poison ivy and psoriasis.  It
could wear off after a time, and at that point would usually lose its affect.

I am aware of this because of a cat friend who was given that drug for a skin allergy and began
hallucinating.  It works the same for felines as for humans apparently, based on some research I did at
the time.

Of course one could also say 'demonic possession' or that both sisters are ETs, but I'm trying to think
of some reason other than a really rare mental illness.

(Ed: Second e-mail received) :

I also take prednisone for allergy purposes, as my sensitivity level was too high for even
desensitization shots to help me.  Fortunately, that is less of an issue in recent years, so I'm no longer
'living' on the drug for 6 months a year.  But even so, it is a steroid and has some 'wind up' kinds of
effects on me.  I can't imagine what someone sensitive to the drug must feel, especially if they are part
of that low percentage who are so susceptible as to have psychotic reactions.  However, it is so widely
prescribed that most police and probably most medical personnel would be unlikely to know, or to
even remember they knew about, the psychotic disorder potential of this drug had they found it
among the sisters' posessions - it would simply appear to be a commonly prescribed and 'safe' drug
for allergies or skin conditions.

Rev. David Bier

"Astounding incident on the M6 motorway in England. Two woman exhibit telepathic connection and
super human abilities, some would say demonic.

Who would say Colin? hardly demonic, more mentally disturbed and paranoid delusional. Super
human abilities ? no Colin my step son is Autistic and feels no pain, his pain threshold is incredible, he
to has been arrested and thrown several police around like rag dolls, but in normal life is very quiet
and introverted.

A shocking case which some believe was a scheduled event which even the police became part
of.Who Colin, who?

Some think that the woman were not of this Earth and others that this was a very rare mental illness
experienced by one and lived out by both..  You will be shocked as the whole series of events are
caught on film.

Colin, Colin, Colin it irresponsible statements like those you made above that only go to de- value any
serious work. Evidence -Evidence-Evidence not hearsay or assumption. You have blown this story out
of all proportion

Colin's reply:

The Roswell UFO incident  took place over 50 years ago, not just two years but I research it and other
events every single day.  That is my work.  I dont get where you are coming from.

Inquiry and research is what I do. Truth is what I work for and so accepting without question a bizarre
case like this is the kind of case that interests me.

One man says this is down to mental illness while many others dont agree and we are all supposed to
accept it without question. I believe the case deserves close inspection for its importance and for what
we can learn by it. This is your view and I will post it if you would like.  I get the sense that the case
rocks your reality. Your comfort zone is under threat, maybe Im wrong.

Personally I think its a possible rare case of mental illness but the story itself speaks for itself.  There
is nothing here being blown out of proportions - what to raise questions and have people think for
themselves is wrong?  Even the professionals and the police are still baffled.  


I'm writing from Montreal, Canada, regarding the mysterious incident with the Swedish twins being
repeatedly hit by motor vehicles without dying from the extremely severe wounds they must have
suffered in the process(es), like any sensible person would have done. Like everyone else, I cannot
explain the how of their bizarre exploit; rather, I write to bring your attention to a historical precedent of
major proportions of such physical invulnerability, namely the "convulsionnaires" of XVIIIth century
Paris/France. You can google them, or read Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe, chapter 5 (A
Pocketful of Miracles); the section titled Mass Psychokinesis in Eighteenth-Century France. When I
first learned of their existence through a book by Whitley Strieber, who was referencing their
mentioning by Talbot in his Holographic Universe, I just could not believe that something that big was
not common historical knowledge. But our world is what it is, alas.
Michel Vigneault.


These woman are not mentally ill they are ET's.

Roy Savill


Hi Colin;
What a strange story on those twins, disturbing, baffling---!

Took me back to that Martin Cannon book 'The Controllers; a new hypothesis of alien abductions.' He
suggests that many assumed abductions and later 'abductee' behavior may be cloaking for
government agendas. Like crowd control or loose 'wingnuts that suddenly go crazy on command.
Canons footnotes are voluminous and I've tracked many to their source; he really does his research.
Interestingly, he also believes some alien abductions are real---

But the seeming intentional highway death and resurrection reminds me of a readers offering in Fate
a few years ago. He was a retired policeman, now working as a long run trucker. Very early one
morning driving on the freeway, he came up behind a car with the passenger door open. To his horror
he watched as a foot, then a leg and finally the body of a large man leaned and then fell out of the
car, crumpled as if severely injured. He parked and called 911.

Before help could arrive, the car had backed up and one of the other passengers was now leaning
over him. After a bit he got up, as if completely healed, and walked over to the astonished trucker,
giving him a few words of marital advice (?!) and assuring him that he didn't have to die unless he
wanted to. Then he joined the others in the car and they drove off. I've puzzled over that one for years.
The connection I'm thinking of between it and the twins was this apparent intention to test death? And
why both on the highway?

  More Comments below
HERE IS THE REPORT - Thanks to Valenya


Mind Control - thanks to Stephen Balon

The TETRA System: Mass UK Mind Control Technology and the Zombification Of Britain's Police is
Now A Reality

The Secret Use Of Microwaves By British Police And Army   By Tim Rifat

Electronic Mind Control by Rixon Stewart
Detective Superintendent
Dave Garrett said: 'The
reasons for the two events
may never be truly known or
understood but the taking of
Glenn's life was a violent and
senseless act.'
Read more:
Read full article about court findings and other strange developments
after the M6 events. Daily Mail U.K.
Thanks to John at Newbury News in UK
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Sites covering this page:

Unknown Country - Whitley

"Death is all in your mind. You
cant die if you don't really
want to."?
Retired Policeman Ed

The mans body came to
rest in a motionless heap
against the center barrier
- he was unconscious and
unresponsive but then got
up and walked to my side
door and said..........
September 24, 2010

After a flood of e-mails about this article, a researcher (Kathy D) from Australia contacted me
after she noticed a very strange occurrence while watching the third video on this page.
What will the police have to say about this?  What is it?
At 8 seconds
Or witnesses from those cars
who must have seen the twins.

it must be that one of them was convinced of being an 'alien' -(see fear of losing their organs?) or
(call the police?)- so she tapped into some unconscious power that brought up this type of strenght
and surviving of the crash. I would not call telepathy an evil or that the women were 'demonic' in any
way; that sounds like a verse from the Inquisition....please!

the fact that twins share the same genes and thoughts etc brought up the whole 'sister act' the one
acted  out of conviction or being 'superhuman', the other acted out of love for the 'other half'.

Love can also be seen in the fact that silence was kept throughout and there is also an element of
'sacrifice' so to speak: the death of an innocent man
and the woman who killed him can be seen as a victim, as she felt that her sister was in danger, as
it has been put pressure on her to reveal her sister's whereabouts.

I reckon this is the case of this very interesting story and as a side note I would say how little do we
know  about our nature and the power of the uncoscious mind.  (Name not given)


I would certainly be interested in more 'back story' on the twins involved in the bizarre set of
circumstances on the roadway. How about interviews with their friends and family members? What
were these two like as children, and what kind of relationship did they have growing up? Did they
have incidents of high strangeness in the past?

My gut feeling about these two is that they were victims of some kind of possession, but not
necessarily in the traditional way of thinking. If one believes that one soul could be living parallel
lives in some other realities, I think there could be a case for realities to bleed into one another on
occasion. For instance, I have very vivid "memories" of other lives, but I no longer feel they are
"past" lives, but lives being lived in the now (non-linear time, as I see it). Maybe for a brief period,
those twins had other aspects of themselves occupying their bodies in this reality, while also
experiencing something totally different, consciously, in that other reality (They did not see police
helping them, but possible enemies in the other reality?)

Many thanks for your time and consideration!

Darlene MacFarland


I live in England and only the other night this was on TV. You havent mentioned that after all of this
one of the twins got bail and ended up stabbing a man to death and nearly killing another man with
a mallet/hammer and could not remember a thing about it and was cleared of being mentaily ill by
up to two doctors.

The programe was called Maddness in the Fast lane if you was interested in trying to find it
Cheers Neil


Based on the facial photo, there is a lot of energy/aggression in her eyes. I'm surprised the mental
health specialists couldn't see it. The other issue is they think the organ thieves are after them,
terrible paranoia and delusion. The actions described and the photos look like what the Catholic
church calls demonic possession. Mental health professionals have clinical terms for it. We become
very powerful and unbreakable so to speak, when we shift into altered states. There are various
cultures who have medicine men/women, holy men/women, and shaman who have similar powers.
Both of these women should be working with mental health professionals.  aj weishar


One of the twins were possessed by dark spiritual entities. It's that simple. Even kids when
possessed becomes super strong.  It's common for twins to be inter connected, so one influence
the other. Leandro Almeida


As a result of my work, I am aware of thousands of almost identical cases.
I am enclosing just two videos:

Regards, (Name given but withheld on request)

They could also be ETs (but the mostly uniformed public, outside of the military, will never accept
such possibility). Their vulgar language discount such possibility, IMHO.

          Latest on the Investigation
                                      By Andrew Russell
                              Posted November 16, 2010
Police Officer at the scene: "I don't think
she comprehended in any way how
seriously injured she actually was. Very
strange, very very strange indeed. You start
to wonder what is going on here. There is
something seriously wrong in this incident"
Regarding this strange
effect, I asked
former U.S.
Navy Photo Expert Dr. Bruce
Maccabee his opinion:

Don't know what made the
strange looping fuzzy "stuff"
that seems to entwine the
guard rail.   Closest guess - a
water drop on the lens.  
Unfortunately the video does
not dwell on that scene long

Colin's reply:

Thanks Bruce.  I have had a
couple of colleagues also
wondering about water
droplet but as far as all the
rest of the video footage
appears not to show any other
droplets.  These camera's as
you know have
windscreen/windshield wipers
for rain conditions and none
are in operation.  The roads
are not wet but I can
appreciate its possible a few
drops of precipitation might
have been falling.  I will
investigate that possibility
further - thanks for looking.
This is a quick update for those following the case:           

I have made quite a few FOIA requests to all involved authorities and have been refused by all of
them, usually with the most spurious of reasons. I have appeals lodged with them all and with the
information commissioner (ICO) poised to wade in if my appeals are refused. I have quite a bit of
experience with the FOIA so I know when I am being stone-walled, and in this instance I most
certainly am. I can't even get a copy of the initial incident report from the motorway incident. All
mysteriously sent to Staffs police with no copies being made.

I got in touch with her legal team, but they cited client confidentiality when I requested some of the
psych. reports, which I can understand, it was a long shot. I have applied for a visit with her, but I
expect it will be refused as she doesn't know me from the back of a bus. I have sent a letter to her
explaining my interest, so time will tell if I get a response.

I have a few favours being called in with some reporters I know in Ireland (where she was living
before she met up with her sister in the UK) who are doing some digging there, just to see if she had
appeared on the local radar so to speak. I speak from experience in the fact that in Ireland
(especially outside Dublin) everyone knows everybody's business. It's the classic rural grape-vine,
so we may have some pointers there.

I find this a deeply disturbing case, many are pointing towards demonic influence, but my
money rests with mind-control, I know it is early to say this, but it is what I feel. But its
speculation until I see something of interest in the files, especially that psych report.

Andy Russell.
UPDATED: November 26, 2011
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November 26, 2011
Did New Digital Television Transmissions Cause The M6
Twins To Have The High Strangeness Experience?
A Woman Who Had A Similar Experience at The Moment
Transmissions Began, Wonders.
Colin Andrews
Posted Novemeber 25, 2011
The Trenton television transmitter near
Stoke-on-Trent. Signal Map: Yellow shows strongest
signal strength which reaches the M6 between
Interchange 15 and 16 where the incident happened.
The twins incident on the M6 motorway in England, occured on May 17, 2008 about 8 miles from
Stoke-on-Trent, near the Keele Services between Junction 15 and 16.

second strange incident involved twins again this time it was at a shooting centre in Cherry Creek
State Park in Denver on Monday. Nov 17 2010.

I am further investigating these incidences following an e-mail I received on November 3, 2011 from
Kerry Fees who comes from LaGrange in the United States.  Kerry has kindly permitted me to share
her emails.
Kerry Fees, LaGrange, United States - comments:

I think the twins definately had a brief psychotic episode. I had this experience myself although not to
this extreme. People thought I was on drugs. I was not. I was very scared & confused. When the
twins say that they are going to steal their organs I can relate to that comment in the sense that things
you hear in everyday conversations, which you may not believe, suddenly become real to you. It is like
random bits of information become your reality. One of the experts say that after a few weeks the
person is normal again. That is true as it happened to me.

It really made me question the idea of free will. I did many things that were not things I would do
normally. After I came out of 'it' I had all kinds of embarrassments to deal with. I do not know what
caused my episode but the one thing I ALWAYS found curious is that I became sick right at the time
my area switched from analog to digital tv. I immediately felt a loss of consciousness and could not get
my bearings. Things progressed from there for me and I was hospitalized for observation.I would be
VERY curious to find out if the area in which the twins were doing this had recently swithced to digital

I thank God I am back to myself, and have not gone through the experience again. It has been almost
three years; I am still wondering what happened and if others became ill during these digital changes?
Perhaps it is only a coincidence but I have always wondered.  Thanks for allowing my input. Kerry

After Kerry gave me permission to share her e-mail I received a second:

From Kerry Fees


Thank you so much for getting back to me!  Yes, you may post my letter & I do not mind if you use my
name. I would like to know if others had similar experiences or illnesses.

I know there was a group of Dr's from Germany that wrote a letter to our president before the digital
changeover warning them of the adverse health effects of digital signal.  You can find that letter at   

In my case, I knew the digital changeover was happening on June 12th 2009 but I had no
idea until much later that at the exact moment I became sick was the exact moment the
change happened in my area.
(I saved the news article that lists the time the Cleveland area
switched)  I know I did not explain things well in my first letter because I was not sure if I was limited to
only so many characters on your site.

I do not want to take up too much of your time so I will try to be brief.  I was at work on June 12th 2009.
I am a hair stylist and I just shampooed my client & I was in a great mood. I was talking to her when all
of a sudden I felt a loss of consciousness. I stopped combing her hair and told her I did not feel well. It
did not exactly feel like I was going to pass out but I felt VERY odd. I could not get my bearings. I knew
for sure that I could not drive.  There were a lot of things that happened that day before I was
hospitalized.  I had a lot of mood swings from so scared to high as a kite.

I was diagnosed initially as schizophrenic but it was sorted out later with my counselor that I was not.  
For one, I was 39 at the time and schizophrenia shows at a much earlier age.   I had a brief psychotic
episode which can last up to month. And after about a month I snapped back out of 'it' and became
'me' again.  I take no medications and I am back to myself without any further episodes.

When I was admitted the nurse asked if she could take my picture for my file.  She told me it was my
chioce and I did not have to comply. I thought, 'I am not going to let her take a picture because she is
trying to steal my soul'  And I really believed that.
Now my son who hates to have his picture taken would always joke that he did not allow his picture
taken because it steals your soul. This is the belief of the Amish people and he thought it was a clever
thing to say get out of having his picture taken.  Now I do not believe that pictures steal your soul and I
always knew he was joking BUT when I was sick I TOTALLY believed that is what they were trying to
do.  That is why I believe the twins think the police were trying to steal their organs.  Organ stealing is
one of those things we have all heard about and I believe it just became a reality to them regardless of
the facts.

Anyways, I recognize their behavior as a psychotic episode.  I know people thought I was posessed as
well. I tried to look up when the digital signal was changed in their area but all I could find out is that
the change happened already in that area, not when.

I am curious as to what happened to them. Does anyone know?

I TRULY appreciate that you took the time to respond to me, as I am always looking for answers.
I am a fan of your work and I really enjoyed your book on crop circles!!


NOTE FROM COLIN: I am happy to forward any messages to Kerry.  Please send your messages
I have established that the transmissions of digital signals began in areas south and west of
Stoke-on-Trent on 30 September, 2009, with total switch over including Stoke-on-Trent which includes
the Trenton transmitter, during 2011.  The Fenton transmitter coverage is the strongest between
Junction 15 and 16 of the M6 motorway and north east of it. It is not yet known when test
transmissions began
. It is noted on the CCTV that the incident happened at Junction 15
If you have Freeview, BT Vision or
Top up TV, you will need to re-
tune your TV or box at each
of the two stages of switchover.
If you are watching the Huntshaw
Cross or Redruth main
transmitters you will need to
re-tune again on 30 September
2009 to continue receiving the full
range of channels.
The coverage of some of the TV
channels will improve in 2011/12.
To find out if this affects you,
visit the postcode checker † at
These three cases are works in progress.  Any thoughts, comments or knowledge of digital TV
turn over and testing dates in any of these regions are appreciated.
First video:,uk_madness__swedish_twins
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