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Part 1 = FICTION Part 2 = FACT
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These Bees Were Not Normal – A strange story of a golden
spherical object found inside a large Carpenter Bee!!!.
Posted by Colin Andrews, May 27, 2011
An Elderly man, a retired government scientist  who worked on secret non lethal weapons research
and who lives today at an undisclosed address sent me this story a short while ago.

He became aware that a number of large bees were showing a rather bizarre interest in him and were
moving in unison as if scanning him. Ive seen this kind of behavior from bees before myself and so
wondered what was so special about his own experience that he felt strongly enough to make contact.

He said that when he moved they moved together as if attached to each other.  He struck out at them
and they speed away together  as a close knit bunch but a few feet away from him they separated
and went off in different directions only to re-appear from various new directions and join up as they
approach again. It was like they were a team working together.  He counted six at one point but three
stuck around for several minutes and paid special attention to him.

Several others nearby, moving in tandem also looked like they were scanning his kitchen window.  At
one point he thought he observed what looked like a green laser like beam, very small and lasting but
parts of a second, emanate from one of them towards the window. His interest changed from
inquisitive to apprehension when it began to shape up in his mind that these were not normal bees.  
They looked like Carpenter bees and about the same size but he had not seen this behavior before.
He sat down at a table on the deck to eat late breakfast but the original set of ‘bees’ persisted to scan
his face and body.  He got up to go indoors to get away and struck out hitting all the bees but just one
dropped to the ground.  He stepped on it and left it there, and continued indoors to finish his

When he went back out onto the deck about thirty minutes later he noticed ants were already
surrounding the large motionless
'bee'.  He told me that he picked it up and placed it on the small
glass table he had been eating on and suddenly felt compelled to cut the bee open across the head
above the eyes. He went to his garden shed found a razor blade and did exactly that. He was shocked
by what was inside the head of the bee. What appeared to be a golden metallic sphere with a
flattened edge, on which was set what looked like three minute green balls or lights.  In the center of
this triangular cluster was a red filament, a bit like the end of a strand of fiber glass but it was a blood
red color and this was attached to body tissue of the creature.  He eased the object out of the bee
and photographed everything and then placed the bee into one envelope and the golden object into
another and sealed them. He took them inside to his office intending to scout around for someone to
analize them. I asjked why he had called the slightly raised green balls, lights?  He said that not only
did they exhibit a luminance in the color or material but that he believes it was one or all of them that
created the green light beam, like a narrow laser.

I was dissapionted that he had not checked if the sphere was magnetic but he said it moved very
freely and did not hold onto the razor or the metal edge of the table where he placed it for his
photographs.  He had the impression that the three sixteenth of an inch diameter ball was not
About four hours later after hearing a kind of humming sound which he thought was his refrigerator
but coming from the ceiling or now he thinks perhaps over the house itself, he went to look again at
the envelopes.  One envelope with the bee had gone and the second envelope containing the golden
sphere was there but the sphere too was missing.  A hole, roughly the size of the sphere was pushed
through the sealed envelope from the inside out.  The edges of the hole appeared very slightly

The photos he sent me are all that now exists of the encounter with the strange bees. I have received
several reports in the last few months of wild creatures reacting in strange ways. Makes me think
someone must have seen this before or that dare I say, our government is working with new strange
mechanisms or could this be ET’s own observation system – Implanted Bees???? Why not other
insects too?  Makes good sense to have micro technology implanted inside small insects and other
creatures as natural observers.  More effective than having to fly aircraft or other platforms to carry
out surveillance. Whether it’s in Afghanistan or New York, bees like this one could be doing a first
class job for either an advanced government project or indeed an extraterrestrial specie. Had this
retired government scientist not managed to hit one out of the air and then have an urge to cut it
open, no one would have been any the wiser.  Are your bees watching you?
They looked and flew like normal Carpenter bees.
The golden sphere that came from the head of
the bee. Set into a flattened surface were three
green 'lights' and red fiber strand in the center.
After hearing a loud humming sound over the house, he found that one
of the envelopes with the bee in was gone and the second evelope was
there but the golden sphere missing. The sphere had left by pushing
itself out of a scorched hole in the envelope.  All that remains now is one
envelope and a scorched hole.
The envelope with hole in it after golden sphere dissapeared.  The hole where pressumably the object exited.
Ants were attracted to the bee within moments of its death and after the scientist
had removed the golden object from its head. See similar object on fly (left
column) in Nth Guilford, Connecticut June 3, 2011- fact )
Golden Sphere (right)

The flattened portion of the sphere
can be seen on the right in which
three dark green raised balls were
positioned. The entire flattened
portion took up approximately one
third of the size of the sphere and
that flat surface was patterned with
multiple gold braids, looking a little
like a miniture circuit board. A
single red strand pertruded from
the flat and was positioned just off
center of the three green 'lights' or

Why is it that the human race behave so counter intuitively when it comes to their own

Is there a reason that we have not yet considered, like being hijacked by another extraterrestrial specie
for its own ends? Being used by them to manipulate our hive and to utilize our DNA material along a long
but common journey around the Milky Way Galaxy ?.  Are the brief glances of UFOs and ETs a glance of
our hosts as they go about their normal business and dropping into the Zoo checking on the slow, patient
but seemingly successful process.

Like any organism in trouble there must begin a process of modifying that process, rejecting it and
re-gaining control for our own survival. This begins in the mind, then the heart and finally collective
consciousness where materializing our future happens.

If insects hijack others and have them perform what is perceived a necessary function, then why would it
be unreasonable to believe that the same natural mechanism wouldnt be used by extraterrestrials or
others on a targetted form such as ourselves? We show many signs of such interference.

COLIN ANDREWS - May 31, 2011

They are solitary insects, and most are parasitoids—the larvae feeding on or in another insect which
finally dies. Being in the same order, ichneumons are closely related to other hymenopterans such as
ants and bees.

Members of the family Ichneumonidae are usually larger than members of the Braconidae, and are
distinguished primarily by details of wing venation. Many species in both families utilize polydnaviruses to
suppress the immune system of the host insect.

Some members use many different insects as a host, others are very specific in host choice. Various
ichneumons are used successfully as biological control agents in controlling pests such as flies or beetles.
"Why is it that the human race behave so counter
intuitively when it comes to their own survival? Is there a
reason that we have not yet considered, like being
hijacked by a extraterrestrial specie for its own ends?
Manipulating our hive and utilizing our DNA material as
we travel a common journey around the Milky Way
Galaxy? Here is another example of insects hijacking
others to do their own dirty work – Again we can pose the
question “Are the Bees watching you? – It poses a new
approach to the question of what is the UFO and who are
those ETs" - Colin Andrews

Colin Andrews
May 31, 2011
                     CASE #1 - FACT

"This weird metalic orb floated silently and steadily up
our back yard towards the kitchen window that I was
looking out of.  It was very close to the wall of the
house and appeared to be scanning.

It had a flattened portion from which a pattern of green
lights occasional burst out of like lasers.  These narrow
green lights were aimed at the wall.  In the central
area.  There was a raised red thing like an eye in the
middle of the flattened area, which I imagined was an

When the orb reached the window it stopped and
immediately turned 360 degrees and shot off.  It hit a
structure nearby and dissapeared completely in a flash
of white light.

My husband is an employee of the XXXXX government
and has been employed in secret projects and knows
much more about things like this than he can say.  In
fact he is dying of multiple kinds of cancers and
believes these have been created by the government
because regrettably he knows too much - and I believe
this also"

First hand report given to Colin Andrews in confidence.
Names and locations withheld for the security of all concerned.
          CASE   #2 - FACT

this is XXXX in Sydney; its Saturday the 28th of May
at 1:50 PM.

I am writing to share with you a sequence of 'strange'
happenings that occurred here today, outdoors.

The day started out fine; clear blue as far as the eyes
can reach; though this did not last for long as the
billowing towers of rain bearing nimbi began to crawl
over the skyline towards us from the east. It was now
that the first 'strange happening' happened - I was
getting the towels in off the line and looking at the
approaching cloud bank when a white blur, faster
than any winged insect, shot skywards from the east,
so fast that it was almost imperceptible, akin to a
shooting star in reverse. Roughly an hour later I went
outdoors again to close the side door on the garage
and I paused on my way back to the house to look at
the darkening sky, when I caught sight of another of
the luminous blurs; only this thing shot northwards
from the east and a short while later a third 'blur'
crossed the sky just below the clouds from the east
into the west, toward the blue mountains. It is
probable that these things were going over us all
morning and I had only managed to see the three; it
is highly probable that the 'incidents' were observed
by other people around the metropolitan and in
greater number? The three events I witnessed defy
immediate resolution...........
                                                      Case #3 - FACT

The Hummingbird For Perform Stealth Reconnaissance

Nano Hummingbird:
AV is developing the Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) under a DARPA sponsored research contract to develop a
new class of air vehicle systems capable of indoor and outdoor operation. Employing biological mimicry at
an extremely small scale, this unconventional aircraft could someday provide new reconnaissance and
surveillance capabilities in urban environments.

The Nano Hummingbird met all, and exceeded many, of the Phase II technical milestones set out by

Demonstrate precision hover flight.

Demonstrate hover stability in a wind gust flight which required the aircraft to hover and tolerate a
two-meter per second (five miles per hour) wind gust from the side, without drifting downwind more than
one meter.

Demonstrate a continuous hover endurance of eight minutes with no external power source.

Fly and demonstrate controlled, transition flight from hover to 11 miles per hour fast forward flight and
back to hover flight.

Demonstrate flying from outdoors to indoors, and back outdoors through a normal-size doorway.

Demonstrate flying indoors 'heads-down' where the pilot operates the aircraft only looking at the live
video image stream from the aircraft, without looking at or hearing the aircraft directly.

Fly the aircraft in hover and fast forward flight with bird-shaped body and bird-shaped wings.

Watch Video of this in action
Nano Hummingbird - Read below
Latest Update: June 3, 2011 (Below)
Updated: May 31, 2011
Case #4 - FACT

Robot controlled by Rat Brain Cells

Posted by Colin Andrews
June 3, 2011
300,000 living Rat brain cells were removed and soon began to make connections to each other.  The
signals from these living cells became predicatable and were used to control the movement and distance
censors controlling this robot at University Reading in England.

Again we have to think just how far down the road other extraterrestrials must be and as discussed in the
first report above, are brainwave signals from certain insects already acting as surveillance scouts for
them.  Are the bees in your area watching you???
Updated: June 3, 2011

Look What Showed Up Today
June 3, 2011 - 4.15 PM

What a coincidence.  This fly
followed me around the yard
here today, one week after
posting the original article on
this page. Can anyone identify it?

Copyright: Colin Andrews
More photos of this insect.