Thomas E. Bearden is
a retired Lieutenant
Colonel of the U.S. Army
who is "active in the study
of scalar electromagnetics,
electrodynamics, unified
field theory, and overunity

Tom Bearden website:
I asked Tom Bearden what he thought about the strange patterns that
appeared on the Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar system during the
exact same period the weather dramatically shifted gears over that continent ?
Colin Andrews. Posted March 4, 2010

See : 128km Radar Loop for Broome, 21:00 21/01/2010 to 21:00 22/01/2010 UTC

Select the image above to watch this particular radar loop in
motion. Copyright: The Australian Bureau of Meteorology
"Dear Colin,

Please be aware that in physics there are many kinds of electrodynamics, not just the horribly
mutilated and crippled old electrical engineering model.

By simply switching to a higher group symmetry electrodynamics (e.g., quaternion
electrodynamics, which is very close to Maxwell's original 20 quaternion-like equations in 20
unknowns, then one can design and build systems that produce phenomenology totally outside
the present "electrical engineering" approach.
So to properly think about the obviously-induced weather phenomenology, and earthquake
phenomenology as well, one must look at the situation(s) through the eyes of several kinds of
much more comprehensive electrodynamics.

So, yes, much of the weather and earthquakes and tsunamis now are being artificially induced,
with several major nations having that capability.

They also seem to be "leaning over backward" not to induce hostility and warfare between them,
so SOME sort of coordination is apparently going on also.

That's about all we can say simply; to really get at it, one would need a team of physicists who
have worked in such areas. Here in the West, we don't have access to such fellows, as far as I'm
aware, or at least not openly.

Hope this helps clarify the problem. The new weapons and projects are here now, multiple
nations are involved, and so as time goes by, we will continue to see more and more deviations
from the sad old "electrical engineering" textbook.

Also, be aware of "precursor engineering" actually discovered by P.A.M. Dirac in 1930 or so. By
Dirac Sea vacuum tickling with patterns of little tiny pulses, one can directly engineer physical
reality itself. We have some explanations of this process on my website, and also on Vlad's
Russian website.

Now note that all our auto ignition systems, light switches, digital communications, footfalls, etc.
involve myriads of energy pulses, in overall random patterns but occasionally by sheer
coincidence involving specific patterns that do in fact affect the gross physical environment in
specific manners. This effect can be occasionally involved in earthquakes, tsunamis, strange
effects on the weather and atmosphere and winds etc., and detrimental effects on humans and
animals etc. such as in weird diseases or physical effects. And all this "digital pulsing" and its
Dirac Sea vacuum tickling effects increases every year as the population and the "digital pulse
generations" increase. Thus there is a totally unknown but increasingly important threat to our
environment, water, oceans, life forms, etc. on the entire planet, and it is not as yet even
recognized and understood by our scientists. It involves both negative energy patterns
generated in the active virtual state vacuum itself (via creation of Dirac Sea holes generated by
popping electrons out of the vacuum) and actual "unhappening" of otherwise sacrosanct
physical things or parts of them, and physical processes or parts of them.

We really must get back into modern physics that negative energy that was ruthlessly and
arbitrarily torn from Dirac's theory in 1934 and the textbooks changed, specifically to prevent
humanity from discovering reality precursor engineering and thus prevent them from gaining the
ability to totally control and alter our physical world at will! We could eliminate all diseases,
reverse ageing (a little jellyfish already does it since 1990 or so), and make any physical change
desired, just by working out the necessary tickle methods and patterns for each specific effect or
group of effects desired.

Fortunately a group of excellent physicists are now pointing out that this negative energy must
be put back into Dirac's theory, because otherwise we are not even following the scientific
method. This movement is led by Dr. Daniel Solomon, Engineering Manager of Rauland-Borg
Corporation, Skokie, IL.  He and his colleagues have placed strong and rigorous papers on this
in leading physics journals, and hopefully before too long they will succeed and we will again
have the more complete physics that Dirac already understood in 1930

If Solomon et al succeed in restoring the long-missing negative energy back into physics, then
there is a very good chance that eventually it will be put back into all our texts and our
classrooms, and very shortly thereafter our physicists will again discover and directly apply
precursor engineering of physical reality itself.

After all, that is in fact the long-sought and unspoken goal of physics itself -- to eventually be
able to directly and easily engineer and change physical reality itself, at will."

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

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