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2009 Silbury Hill (South).
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A = Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt UFO/ET incident  
B = Chilcomb military firing ranges and UFO hot spot.
C = Humanoid in Winchester city center. D = Police Sergeant witness three beings.
E = Colin Andrews home where he heard the strange voice on TV.
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The first set of circles forming a cross near
Winchester 1978.
Copyright Ian Stevens.
The first crop circle 'Pictogram' ever to appear.  
Chilcomb, Hampshire 1990.
Copyright: Hampshire Police
Lets begin with a recent and bizarre report:

Councillor Adrian Hicks  - Eye witness to a humanoid in the shopping
center of Winchester City, England.
Colin Andrews


I must state clearly here that I can not vouch for Councillor Hicks’ motives or agenda. I
have interviewed people over the past three days who know him and attest to a sound
individual.  Certainly he has much to lose in coming forward and little perceived gain.
The events I am about to share have been investigated and in some cases witnessed
by myself over a period of 33 years.  They occurred in Chilcomb, an area near
Winchester where Councillor Hicks saw the alien described in the video shown below.
At the time of my investigations I lived in Andover, Hampshire, close to where these
events took place.

The story begins here.
Chilcomb is a small village in the English county of Hampshire around 3.4 miles from
the city of Winchester. It has a small population listed as 91 in the 2001 census. The
Village, complete with farm fields, graveyard and Norman church, is surrounded by
chalk hills such that it sits within a natural amphitheatre. The land south of the village is
owned by the Ministry of Defense. Strange happenings and events have been
reported in Chilcomb since World War II. Here is a list of events related to the subject
of UFO’s and crop circles.

Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt were driving on the edge of a wheat field in Chilcomb
when they had a close encounter with aliens and a UFO.  During the encounter Joyce
and Ted were shown designs which they were told would appear in the crops in the
field they were in. The designs did later show up as crop circles in this field, reports
that are currently held in the CPRI Archives. Although Joyce Bowles only gave initial
interviews to the press, I was able to interview several people close to events including
Ted Pratt’s wife and several close friends of Bowles. My colleague Pat Delgado
investigated the site within hours of the incident.  One of the most memorable aspects
of this encounter was the couple being told by the ET’s that the wheat field they were
in belonged to them. The exact words were: “this is our field’. Details about the
patterns shown to them inside the craft are held in CPRI Archives and will be published
Less than a quarter of a mile from the Bowles incident and one hill over was the location of
the bizarre
Cheesefoot Head incident.  A report on this event was forwarded to The Queen
and Prime Minister Thatcher as can be seen on the previous link.  Earlier this year I posted
a letter about this event written by
xxRemovedxx.  I was instructed to remove the letter from
the site and also from my presentations 'forthwith'. This has been done.

The report on the Cheesefoot Head incident includes the recording of an unexplained
trilling sound which we interacted with during the event. A very similar sound was recorded
earlier this year by my friend and first co-author, Pat Delgado. He recorded the sound
coming from a tree on a hill overlooking the Cheesefoot Head basin. I asked Pat, along with
our colleague and researcher Paul Vigay, to  join me on site this past July to take another
look at the whole situation. We were all excited by the project but who could have known
then that regrettably both Pat and Paul would pass over before this could happen:
Dedications to
Pat and Paul can be seen on my site.

The first crop circle 'Pictogram' ever to appear on the planet was discovered by
Hampshire Police in the field adjacent to the Bowles incident of 1976. Two senior
citizens Doug Bower and David Chorley, infamously known as Doug and Dave, claimed
to have made it. Numerous permutations of this first design followed in the same area and
exploded outwards into adjacent counties and then around the world.
Councillor Hicks from Winchester City Council went public a few weeks ago (March 25th
2009) about an encounter he  witnessed along  he says with hundreds of shoppers in the
center of the city of Winchester during 2004. He claims to have watched a ‘humanoid’ for
ten minutes and to have stepped in front of her three times. Here is his
interview (bottom of
I contacted Councillor Adrian Hicks today and he sent me to this video of a speech he made
recently, aimed at the Space Command and the top secret group titled Majestic.
The video
is now posted on the Internet again after You Tube removed it from their site.

Councillor Hicks is taking a stand for opening all the UFO files and to expose
top secret projects like the MAJESTIC group via his position in local government.
Any updates to this story see below and also I will present updates at the C.S.E.T.I. Contact
conference in Arizona on the 23-26 October:

A more detailed interview with Councillor Hick has now taken place and can be seen in the
updates on the next page.

Real Voice of an Alien

MayorOfCydonia|MySpace Videos
Another  good general account of the incident can be found at this link:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: August 6, 2010:
A new important eye witness, a policeman, reports a 9 feet tall 'Spaceman' same night.

The modern day crop circle phenomenon began with a single crop circle appearing in
the field where the Bowles/Pratt encounter occurred and was discovered by Martin
Payne, a farm worker on Longwood Estate, who owns this land.

What sounded like an alien voice broke into a television news program and was heard
by millions (including myself) in this region of southern England.  The event began
when a television broadcast was interrupted by a strange metallic voice and a blank TV
screen. The voice proceeded to deliver a profound message that lasted several
minutes while engineers rushed to understand what was happening. A message which
was encoded into a crop design twenty years later. I was watching the evening news
bulletin when this event occurred and just happened to have my tape recorder running
to capture the voice. I was one of thousands who telephoned the independent
television network to ask what was going on. A full investigation was undertaken by the
network and engineers at two major transmitting stations but the incident remains a
complete mystery. It had never happened anywhere before nor since - The message
did say "We are leaving now leaving your plane of existence".

The transmission area of the two transmitters involved covered the same
ground area that soon became the focus of enhanced crop circle activity.

(Note: In October 1974 Dr. Andrijah Puharich wrote of his ET contacts ...the most amazing story in print DETAILING
the start of their communications, their work, and the lengths they went to ensure peace on this planet. They
mentioned in October 1974 that they were ready to take over radio and television transmissions if the mission wasn't
accomplished) - thank to Lindy Tucker for this additional data).

The first crop circles forming a cross appeared just north west of the Bowles
incident (Circular Evidence page 16)
Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt Interview
My thanks to David Haith - UK
The Winchester Cluster
Colin Andrews re-investigates 33 years on.

Pages 1 - 2
There has been a large response to this article, with many more witnesses coming forward to
various events included within it.  Also superb assistance from researchers around the world -
thank you.
 Updates will be added as they are ready - next page.
On the 15th August a quite amazing crop circle design was found that was obviously an
'Alien Face' holding a disc. It appeared below a large television transmitter mast at
Crabwood, near Winchester.  Excellent work was done by my colleague Paul Vigay who
quickly realized that this was computer language known as ASCII code. An anonamous
person left the first version of the decyphered message on a website run by UFO
researcher Linda Moulton Howe. Paul took a close look himself by looking at the threads of
ASCII and confirmed the message which read:
""Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts &
their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is
GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)"
Another variation in the interpretation can be found on The Crop Circle Connector :
The crop circle 'ET Face' holding a disc below the Crabwood television transmitter near Winchester - 2002:
Steve Alexander.
All of these reports spread over thirty three years could be
hoaxes but if just one is not then we have a
message of
extreme importance - The dilemma remains with our history of
lies and deception and hence an inability now to confidently
move into certainty and awareness and thus denial is where
we find the safest place to remain .  Some lessons come hard
but none might be larger than this one. This time requires
brave men and woman to step into the conditioned public
arena and state their truths, it could make the difference.
Colin Andrews, 11th October 2009.

Keep checking in - more data is being evaluated and more witnesses coming forward. The
updates page will keep you informed.
The Crabwood ET Face is the second face seen in this excellent short movie.
The alleged voice of Ashtar Galactic Command.  Recent E-mail regarding Ashtar

Side Note:
Dec 8, 2009.

At the request of Adrian
Hicks, Colin working with a
well known Remote Viewing
Institute has instigated a
remote viewing project
regarding this general
location. More later.  Adrian
Hicks will appear on
Unknown Country with
Whitely Strieber:

UFOS and crop circles in Southern England - A long and entangled
story. Putting the pieces together we get a 'message'.
4.15 PM 9th October 2009-10-09
Colin Andrews
Here are two more cases of alien voice transmissions.
Thanks to Ian Halling U.K.
6 August 2010