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A Fun weekend at the UFO Festival in the streets of McMinnville, Oregon but also some very
important new information on the UFO and crop circle subjects. Fascinating details not known
before about the Roswell incident from retired police sergeant James Clarkson. A very impressive
presentation from a meticulous and trained professional and a story he was asked to reveal on the
death of a friend who knew more than her life was worth when she was alive. This outrageous
control of human beings has to stop. Some of our people have to die for us to learn what important
truths are kept from us which we are entitled to know and which help us forward and to a new home.
An amazing new piece of the Roswell story given to policeman Jim Clarkson by a woman who was
sworn to Q level secrecy and who's anger finally broke her open just before she died, finally spilling
the beans. UFO disclosure is happening - the domino's are falling (Last week former New
Hampshire Legislator also disclosed important details - this interview coming too.)
Note: I could not disagree more with a recent statement made by Whitley Strieber that the
government should not make the UFO disclosure because we are not ready to handle it.

We have no choice.  Accepting that the United States government be given our permission to keep
these secrets and control the rate of our education and consciousness at a critical time of the
transition now underway is an abdication of all humanities hard work thus far and the many who
perished getting us this far and for our children's future.  Agreeing that some unknown secret sect
within the US government be given approval to control us like this is outrageous. The facts, the
truth and nothing less will do it this time. No more silly balloon stories or Venus and swamp gas
Highly Successful 11th Annual UFO Festival in Oregon.

Another witness speaks out about Roswell before she died.

A reminder of the great importance of the only case ever, where a
UFO abductee was reported missing during the abduction - Travis
Walton 'Fire in the Sky'.

Crop Circles  and where they fit into the oneness - thirty years of
'Conversation' with an intelligence but now we must move forward
together with what we have learned.
Strange looking beings, super amazing craft and sharing this place with them is no worse to
some than sharing it with human looking men who make up wars and fight over the next piece of
turf.  I truly think we are ready for change from that, especially if we can be sure to show that
this change is accompanied with a new mind set of love.

I heard new details from Travis Walton, a man who I have known for some years and trust. His
case is for me the single most amazing missing person case in history - UFO abductee Travis
Walton told his story punch by punch as clearly as Ive ever heard it. Details from inside the UFO
and where he spent conscious time before he was finally rendered unconscious was
fascinating.  His description of controls inside the craft and other craft seen within a base or
mother ship was also greatly interesting.  I was honored to be given the very first copy of his
new edition of the famous book 'Fire in the Sky' during the four days my wife Synthia and I spent
with him in Oregon.

Crop Circles taken to a new level. We don't need to continue wondering which are real versus
which are man-made or if the plants really are changed by the circle makers etc. Its all been
done and we know what we have got. We had better understand what is taking place with
people researching them, reading and thinking about them and making them. We can not afford
to spend another 30 years spinning our wheels listening to the infighting, the egos and the
outright lies or even simply stamp collecting. Humanity is engaged in a multiplexed 'conversation'
which is highlighting two very important human shortcomings: These are the need to develop
our sixth sense (Intuition) and to rid our society of liars and manipulators. Only truth will do it
now. Look at the evidence that shows we are ALL involved not just inside the crop circle subject,
all subjects, all of us are deciding the future of our life on this planet, of that I am certain.
Colin Andrews.
Peter Davenport from the National UFO Reporting Center
introducing Travis Walton. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Travis Walton talking about the two types of aliens he witnessed inside
the UFO. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Travis discussing the second type of beings he saw in
the craft, these looked very humaniod
Colin Andrews Takes The Stage in Oregon and Finishes with a Standing
Ovation After Speaking of the Bigger Picture and our Future.
Hundreds pack into McMinnville Community Center.
Extraordinary Research by James Clarkson as he talked about meeting June
Cram who held "Q" clearance for secrets she held about ETs and downed UFO
crafts. Before June Died she asked Jim to "Tell my story" A full review of James
book coming soon. - Photo Copyright: Colin Andrews
Below are some of the profound experiences that revealed consistent information which after 27 years lead to
his conclusions that a conversation was and still is taking place with humanity. This includes everyone, even
the people who make crop circles.  He believes humans must develop their sixth sense/Intuition and not be
maligned for speaking about that ability and also work only with truth. Those who knowingly lie to us are
confusing the landscape and denying us the vital truths on which we can evolve and make better decisions for
our future. He spoke of organizations, political parties, governments and religions as well as individuals who
are guilty of falsehoods and deceptions, all guilty of their part in where we have arrived. A huge transition is
taking place which a very special crop circle forecast in 1995.

His presentation is still evolving and becoming even more meaningful as more and more pieces fall into place.
Andrews presentation will soon be heard by Power Places Tours in England, Dr. Simeon Heins Crop Circle
Tour also in England and Wales then to the CSETI Conference in Nevada and finally Malta. If your
organization would like Colin to speak please contact us
HERE. Don't forget his next book along with his wife
Dr. Synthia Andrews is due in print on 1st July
'The Complete Idiots Guide to the Akashic Record' (Akashic
was often referred to by Edgar Cayce).
The two senior citizens who claimed to have conned the world by making many crop circles in the 80s later revealed they felt like they were 'Being
Told to Make Them'. Busty Taylor and Colin Andrews chatted in the aircaft about what it would look like to find a crop circle made up of all those
that had appeared before. The next day that is exactly what Taylor found exactly under where the aircraft had been when they said that. A third
person seemed to be tuned in and listening or was dishing out the thoughts before events materialized. Graphic Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Andrews prayed for a Celtic Cross to appear near his home one night after returning from a circle with two rings, to find that a Celtic Cross did appear
that night in the closest cereal field to his home and next to the circle he left that night. Tai Chi instructor and Circlemaker Graham Pritchard
planned to make a Flower of Life crop circle with his brother in a field at Barbury Castle but his brother fell ill and the plan was called off.  The
following morning to their shock a Flower of Life crop design was discovered in the exact same field they planned to make it.  In both cases some
kind of Conversation seemed to be going on. A conversation with a non human and one with profound implications for humanity itself. Copyright:
Colin Andrews.
Wiltshire Police, Farmers, their union, Researchers and the public alike have all been drawn into the profound
nature of what is taking place in our fields and what this means to us and what decisions we have to make.

In one week of July last year (2009), a farmer was accused of allegedly firing a gun over the heads of crop circle
researchers.  Wiltshire Police fire arms unit was mobilized with air support and dogs to enter the field and arrest to
farmer.  After the court hearing the National Farmers Union got said "We know the crop circles are made by
people and that the willful damage is being done to farmers livelihoods".  

The farmers are getting angry, the public don't know what to make of all this and people go on making crop
circles. All of them more involved than they might think.

That same week just fields away and in the same county of Wiltshire, another policeman entered a field to
investigate three beings next to a crop circle just over the hill from the gun hoe farmer.  This time however it was
not researchers claiming ETs made the crop circles but a policeman saying ETs, three of them were stood next to
one and appeared to be examining the plants. What are the police, the National Farmers Union and the skeptic to
make of this - what is anyone to make of it.  It fits directly into Andrews findings that a plan is being executed and
we are all involved.  This is the hand of our creator's and no body has been left out.

Andrews believes if we listen to the conversation we  will find out. Consistent information has given us some
answers to work with but to take advantage of this we must find a way of coming together and working on our
failings....................Andrews Presentations
Travis Walton and Colin Andrews
in the Kennedy School Hotel before
presenting. Copyright: Synthia Andrews
Peter Davenport in the parade
Copyright: Colin Andrews
During July last year, Wiltshire police were called to arrest a farmer who it was reported fired a gun over
researchers entering a field to view a crop circle. After the incident the National Farmers Union responded by
commenting that all the crop circles are made by people. Ironically and highlighting the dilemma, during that
week a policeman from the same force discovered three tall aliens near another crop circle nearby. This crop
circle was a Mayan design. Who is hoaxing who? Where are the instructions coming from? Who is controlling
the 'Conversation'?. Yes the police and everyone else have a dilemma. Hoaxes exists but which ones are they.
If the Mayan design was man made then why were ETs examining the plants next to it? Who are these Tall
Beings and where do they come from?  Artist Copyright: Wayne Mason for Colin Andrews Research and drawn
from details given and published by the Police Sergeant.
These images formed part of Colin Andrews presentation at the Oregon UFO Festival along with others that showed evidence that there is one key
geometry being communicated.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
July 2009 a police sergeant witnessed three identical Tall Beings in this field opposite Silbury Hill, England.  They appeared to be inspecting the cereal
plants close to a crop circle which resembled a Mayan Head-dress. Full Story
HERE. Please note strict Copyright of Wayne Mason.
Independent reports from those who attended:
Special thanks to Tim Hills (center) seen here inside the Howard Hughes H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose) with Travis Walton and myself at the Evergreen
Aviation Museum just before my presentation. Tim is a historian doing great things for his company
McMenamins (the sponsors of UFOFest) who have found
the right way to renovate and re-launch old buildings while retaining historic atmosphere and content. Tim looked after our every whim so graciously. Our
thanks also to the event sponsors McMenamins and the organizing committee who did a fabulous job. An event I can highly recommend to everyone for
Independent reports from those who attended: