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More strange radar interference and weather - this time in the
United States but KTVL  weatherman Ken Lollis comes right out
with the explanation - Its the military. Whoops! did I hear that right?
By Colin Andrews: April 10, 2010

Another smoking gun as the research moves forward. As John Lennon once said "We can do
this people if we try".

I have been researching unexplained 'interference' patterns on the Bureau of Meteorology
weather radar system across Australia since January 15, 2010. There have been suggestions
by scientists whom Ive consulted that I might have stumbled into a secret weather modification
program, perhaps being conducted by the United States military in turn working with the
H.A.A.R.P. program in Alaska and other locations. This seemed to become an even more
logical possibility during my project when a 1,000 year super drought turned suddenly and
amazingly into 100 year super storms in that country.

Today I was made aware of a weather forecast being transmitted live on KTVL on the north
west coast of the United States during Thursday 1st April, 2010 (no this was not an April fool

Weatherman and former United States Marine Ken Lollis was giving the seven day outlook as
exceptional cool weather was moving into the north west coast ahead of a deep Low system
while record floods moved onto the east coast.  He described the skies over the area served
KTVL when strange bands showed up...................
...................."We've got a bit of an unusual situation. Now this first portion
of the radar cycle shows a fairly bland and typical (sky) but then you see
these bands moving into the region. That is not rain, that is not snow.
Believe it or not that is Military aircraft flying into the region dropping Chaff.
Small bits of Aluminum. Sometimes its made of plastic, even metallized
paper products but its used as a anti-radar issue but obviously 'they' are
practising but they will not confirm that but I was in the Marine Corp for
many years and I can tell you right now, thats what it is.........".
Meteorologist and
former U.S. Marine
Ken Lollis
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