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More strange radar interference and weather - this time in the
United States but KTVL  weatherman Ken Lollis comes right out
with the explanation - Its the military. Whoops! did I hear that right?
By Colin Andrews: April 10, 2010

Another smoking gun as the research moves forward. As John Lennon once said "We can do
this people if we try".

I have been researching unexplained 'interference' patterns on the Bureau of Meteorology
weather radar system across Australia since January 15, 2010. There have been suggestions
by scientists whom Ive consulted that I might have stumbled into a secret weather modification
program, perhaps being conducted by the United States military in turn working with the
H.A.A.R.P. program in Alaska and other locations. This seemed to become an even more
logical possibility during my project when a 1,000 year super drought turned suddenly and
amazingly into 100 year super storms in that country.

Today I was made aware of a weather forecast being transmitted live on KTVL on the north
west coast of the United States during Thursday 1st April, 2010 (no this was not an April fool

Weatherman and former United States Marine Ken Lollis was giving the seven day outlook as
exceptional cool weather was moving into the north west coast ahead of a deep Low system
while record floods moved onto the east coast.  He described the skies over the area served
KTVL when strange bands showed up...................
...................."We've got a bit of an unusual situation. Now this first portion
of the radar cycle shows a fairly bland and typical (sky) but then you see
these bands moving into the region. That is not rain, that is not snow.
Believe it or not that is Military aircraft flying into the region dropping Chaff.
Small bits of Aluminum. Sometimes its made of plastic, even metallized
paper products but its used as a anti-radar issue but obviously 'they' are
practising but they will not confirm that but I was in the Marine Corp for
many years and I can tell you right now, thats what it is.........".


I draw this to everyone's attention not because I think it offers the complete answer to what is
going on across Australia but it might well offer some of the answers and also demonstrates
from an expert in the field that military operations ARE EFFECTING weather radar and perhaps
even weather.
Meteorologist and
former U.S. Marine
Ken Lollis
                Table of contents and easy access to this research project

January 15, 2010: This is very strange weather happening here.
January 21, 2010: The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology and the public response to this article.
January 22, 2010: What now? Seen on radar by thousands today over Australia. What is going on?
January 22, 2010: H.A.A.R.P. in Australia plus updates.
January 27, 2010: This dramatic spiral burst known to 'Insiders' as The Ring of Fire Fault was observed on  
            national radar over Melbourne Australia today - but then what? Is this the H.A.A.R.P.
                 smoking gun?
January 29, 2010:
Two new bursts over the north west of Australia as the H.A.A.R.P. Melbourne Low Pressure
                 system heads towards Cyclone Olga - watch this low.
January 29, 2010:
NASA comment about the unusual persistence of storm Olga.
February 1, 2010: An unplanned case study into strange weather over Australia. Out of a single radar ring
                 report, came a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days. I just
                 happened to monitor it all unfold. Was it the perfect cup of tea by HAARP?
February 1, 2010:
The well known 'no messing' former United States Governor Jesse Ventura investigates
February 4, 2010:  "
Houston we have a problem" - H.A.A.R.P. or not the Australian National Weather radar
                   network goes into meltdown after the strangest 18 days on record. Official statement admits
                  they have an "Unexpected problem". It begins to look like more than cyclone Olga was
                  being controlled.
February 4, 2010:
 A reply from the Australia Government's Bureau of Meteorology.
February 9, 2010:  The Australian Government begins an investigation into mysterious radar images.
February 9, 2010: Official reply from the Bureau.
February 9, 2010:  When the drought-ending rains came to Australia what was in the water that fell?
February 9, 2010: Striking comparisons between the real crop circle spirals and the radar patterns. Also UFOs
                  witnessed at the site of both phenomenon.
February 19, 2010:
It all started here, but since then, there have been many strange symbols, tropical storm
                   Olga and two human made weather systems, this is the map. Now is someone going to
                   explain what is going on over Australia?
February 19, 2010:
Melbourne at the center of something strange from above or below - HAARP?
February 23, 2010: A report of happenings today.
February 23, 2010: 'Cloud Ripples' as seen on Australian radar, appear mysteriously during NASA mission
                   launch at Cape Canaveral.
February 25, 2010:
UFO? captured on Australian weather radar off Sydney shore today-new pattern appears
March 4, 2010       : Thomas Bearden and the radar/weather patterns over Australia.
March 4, 2010       : Looking for answers the Shaman way with dowsing.
March 4, 2010       : Looking for answers from inner intuitive - Secret Weather Control by American Military.
March 10, 2010     : What turned a 1,000 year super drought into a 100 year super storm over Melbourne?
March 10, 2010     : Dr. Bruce Maccabee comments on the radar images.
March 15, 2010     : Another cyclone ( Ului) approaches Australia and a second series of mysterious
                   interferences on the national radar system.
March 25, 2010     :
Shocking symbols, Super storms and UFOs over Australia - This madness keeps coming.    
March 29, 2010     :
Cyclone Paul hits north coast of Australia and just as before a new series of mysterious
                   rings explode over the national radar system. N.A.T.O. report is smoking gun.
April 5, 2010          :
Toyota and BoM on the same radar screen. N.A.S.A. to join search for unknown
April 8, 2010          ;
Coffs Harbour and also after three months, conclusions.
April 10, 2010         : KTVL reveal source of strange weather radar in the north west of the United States.
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