Colin Andrews One-Two Punch Creates a Fire Storm.      

Colin Andrews delivered his first punch when he disputed the British Governments document that set out their official position
regards involvement of the Ministry of Defence in crop circle and UFO research. Andrews showed documentary Evidence from
his new book 'Government Circles' that they lied and not just once.  Punch two came during a fire storm presentation at the
X-Conference in Washington D.C. a  week later.  And a few days later again Andrews appeared live with Pope on BBC radio,
where Nick Pope admitted that Andrews was right and withdraw much of the original statement.  The true facts as shown by
Andrews are extremely important for both the crop circles and UFO subjects and demonstrate why we need to be vigilant with
the accuracy and truthfulness of statements made by governments, EVEN during this 'so called' period of change and
transparency. Andrews said "Its the truth we demand not version two of version one, he said. We have to be sure that history is
not re-written to distort the foundation on which full disclosure is made and also that it IS full disclosure when it comes - so far it
has NOT been".
Our Transition
"It's important to maintain our
sense of humor, to allow
ourselves to dream and to enjoy
each day that we are given.

Sometimes freedom feels as if
it will be temporary for some
and never coming for others but
the gift of this moment is surely
lost for those in government who
are blinded by the need to
control and own our destiny.

We refuse to be the enemies of
someone else's battle.

In our hearts we are always
winning and always free.

Out of this chaos is coming a
new time".

Colin Andrews
Do You See What I See?
"Time" - Signs of Change.
Listen to the Elders
Government Circles
Presentation in Washington DC

A big thanks to for making this available - it is well worth watching this incredible presentation from Colin Andrews
a couple of times to really catch what he is saying about the constraints Nick Pope is still under regarding his "former" bosses at
the M.O.D. I also recommend that anyone with an interest in exopolitics and ufology checks out the new book by Colin Andrews
which details the intense and enduring interest the British state has with the issue of crop circles/glyphs and UFOs.

- Paul Harvey

To work for truth in Politics, Government and Business. To promote Environmental Awareness and Education.
Illuminate the truth in the
Crop Circle & UFO Phenomenon  and to Investigate Consciousness as an energy field. Increase awareness about the
mistreatment of Animals and our 'Mother Earth' in general and to ensure that we Give our Children Hope. - link
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Colin Andrews presentation to The United
Nations, World Genesis Foundation, Ambassador
for Youth Program (pt2)
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Colin Andrews
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Don't be taken off balance by
'The Signs of Change'
Colin Andrews
The new CD 'Action Moves People'. By  invitation of Grammy Award Winning producer Kevin Mackie and co-producer
Krista Wallahagen, includes Colin's poem,
'My Wish for Mother Earth' - accompaniment by Todd Secki. The website:
Poem can be heard here with more about those strange events..
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February 24, 2014
We have to stop with the idea of creating peace on earth and begin with creating peace with Mother Earth" -
Tiokasin Ghosthorse.
CA: We have lost our way and our children stand at our sides confused on this profound
crossroads. Colin and Synthia have travelled the Earth to share with and listen to our native elders: HERE
Tiokasin Ghosthorse
1989 production .

"On occasions they seem to locate
themselves by request. . . . at 29:43:
This is deeply profound but if we are
dealing with something that is reacting
with the psych of mankind, then we are
looking at an intelligence that we
simply do not understand......I believe
we are looking at the interface between
this dimension and another. There is
very deep spiritual content here and
the answer rests in nature." - Colin
Andrews in the 1989 video Undeniable
Evidence, the first video ever produced
on the subject of crop circles, a term he
A few still Available on DVD -
Colin Andrews Research into strange radar patterns appearing on Australian Weather systems in 2010,
lead to the discovery of weather modification contracts and suspicions of the use of HARRP technology.
It all started
Humanity at The Crossroads
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The Path of Energy - Norway
Crop Circles +
Reflect on what could be - HERE
Join Hearts and Souls Together'
2014 a critical year - Select
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Colin Andrews, 2014.
"We must educate and take care of
our children and ensure we enable the
world around them to manifest
Colin Andrews
31 years in the fields.
Colin presenting at a conference in
Malta during 2010.
"Most fear to ask this about climate
change: Is the climate changing or is it
By whichever means this 2002 crop circle
appeared, its message has been consistent
with those received by a whole spectrum of
unexplained phenomena - Colin Andrews.
This website is dedicated to my wife,
Synthia - Synthia's song:
What a wonderful world
Why Are We Finding it so Hard to Love Each Other?
The book that is receiving
a lot of renewed attention
STORE - The Show

, (Host Dr. Bob HieronimusExposing Deliberate Disinformation to control what you think about
UFOs and the paranormal. ),
Colin AndrewsPeter  & Robert Salas.
The book that is receiving
a lot of renewed attention
Eternal message to my daughter Mandy in England and wife Synthia in the USA:

. .Like the restless wind in the tree tops, like a whispered voice in my ear, I will always be there for you, I'll always be here.

Like the sunrise over the mountain side, like the bird that has to be free, there's a part of you, that will always be part of me.

I bless the wings that bring you, back across the shore, if I could touch you now my, darling, and love you just once more.

If I could hold you, hold you, hold you, I know you'd understand . . .
Complete song lyrics
The Study of Consciousness (select)
and the continuing selfish madness of the
NRA gun lobby and the everyday carnage that
it is in part responsible.
So young and innocent, Grace has been taken
by a madman with a military style gun, along
with 19 class-mates and 6 staff.
Crop Circle Cartoons
Excellent exclusive two hour interview with Synthia Andrews about the new book
'On the Edge of Reality'. Interview March 8, 2015
Who said 2012 Prophecy wasnt accurate or real! - transition began then and is in full flow.
Thanks Dave Haith (UK)
"Give us strength and understanding, give us all one song to sing. Let the music play, play it loud
and make it clear. It's time to stand up to a new world that is now so near" .
By  Lionel Richie
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June 12th, 1941 - Feb 4th, 2013

My Friend Reg Presley

Strange synchronism
occurred around my research
into crop circles, UFOs and
consciousness from the
beginning in 1983.
This was one of them.
In memory of 'Cecil'
callously killed by a sick mind
I proudly stand on the side of the planets creatures.
The abuse of animals must stop.
There are good people we can help fight this insanity
Shirley MacLaine Show
Crop Circles Unwound
With Colin Andrews
I will never forget the innocent face of Grace who
perished along with teachers and friends at Sandy Hook.
A big thank you to everyone who has supported my research - friends, family and thousands whom I have never met.  I consider the last 36 years a team effort - Thank You..
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"I do believe that 'time' is an illusion and doesn't play the role we ascribe it and that 'sequence' is the vital delivery that dictates the intelligently controlled
outcome. This is a vital part of evolving or devolving consciousness. The Guardian/Angel or some would say God/Allah is behind the sequencing of
events, knowing the outcome is predictable and in accordance with the agenda. What we believe are our own thoughts are on occasion short circuited
and confused with those from the higher source and we confuse them as our own. In these times of tremendous change on all levels we can expect,
what appears to be highly illogical shifts in social behavior, but my sense is that these are in fact brilliantly conceived actions, played out in an illogical
sequence, hence we don't see the ultimate outcome. I begin to see a wizard chess player moving the pieces, where from the first piece moved
(sequence), the desired outcome is guaranteed" -
Colin Andrews - Sept 18, 2015
'On the Edge of Reality'
by Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews

More than a paradigm shift, human consciousness is engaged in a process of integration with a higher mind. The process is occurring
through encounters with non-ordinary reality that are known as high strangeness events.

What exactly are these events? They are incidents that defy the laws that govern our physics and the expectation of our experience. They
include interactions with UFO, orbs of light, strange sounds, humans making crop circles and researchers investigating them, and altered
states of awareness and/or perception. They include messages from deceased loved ones, the sense of interaction with an unknown
presence, answered prayer, spontaneous healing and synchronicities that bring meaning to seemingly random occurrences.

Such events represent an interface with the unknown, an interaction with parts of reality we do not yet understand. They are not paranormal or
supernatural, although both words are used to describe them. Rather, they are normal and natural to a worldview that we are presently being
introduced to and will one day inhabit.

These interactions are creating a shift in paradigm resulting in a new view of reality.
'On the Edge of Reality'
Outstanding endorsements from those at the top of their fields

This book represents 100 years of research and study
Humanity is on the Verge of Enormous Change
May 26, 2011:'Late Night City' with Pete Price.
Since this interview the  latest findings have now been published in 'On the Edge of Reality'
This website is dedicated to my wife Dr. Synthia Andrews, N.D.
She is an outstanding person, whom I love deeply.
S.O.S - Save our souls. Hunters in the thousands line
up to shoot the only rare
Wolfs left in Norway
Dec, 14, 2015
Giving our children hope.
My Daughter Mandy
2015 - You can read the reports thanks to #WORLDCLASS
Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Andrews,
Dr. Anterasian and
Dr. Sandoval,
Biomimicry, the practice of looking deeply into nature for solutions
The Award introduction  video
Lifetime Achievement award
2009 PRG Lifetime Achievment Award
Hall of Fame Inductee - Colin Andrews
The Lifetime Achievement Award
We have reached our fork in the road
which will we choose?
Stock photography by Colin Andrews at Alamy
Colin Andrews Photographs
Available at Alamy
"My findings across several fields of research strongly support the view that humanity is being directed by another
intelligence and rarely sees these interactions for what they are. Things are often not what they appear, even our
thoughts and resultant actions can at times be  projections from an unknown mind, a mind akin to God, which I spell
'Nature'. These interactions' are taking place on a daily basis within human activity. A master chess player has the
board rigged hidden in full view and directing what appears to be highly illogical actions but which lead to outcomes
our logical calculus" - Colin Andrews, Oct, 2009. HERE
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Lost in The Digital Age

Colin Andrews poem
'Lost in the Digital Age' for  The United Nations World Peace Project.
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