The Lead Codices
" I knew the day the books left Israel, history would shift but how and to what
extent hard to say" -
Published July 13, 2011
Colin Andrews
Most people will by now have heard something about the series of metal books (believed 20) that were
discovered in Jordan in the last two years and are considered by some experts as the most important find
since the Dead Sea Scrolls and by others as more recent copies - but as one expert said to me, copies of
what ?

My first knowledge of this discovery came during a meeting two years ago in Hollywood with archeologist
David Elkington.  I was asked to keep that meeting secret until the official announcement was made. Just
recently the announcement was made and I published the first report.

Shortly after my blog and website posting of my
original article about the secret meeting and the British
national newspaper reports about the books, I received an email from a source claiming to speak for the
Bedouine owners of the
books (also known as codices). My blog had been read in Israel and Jordan by
those involved.

There was general concern expressed to me that the true background to the story behind the discovery
was not being reported correctly in the news media.  I questioned the authenticity of the contact and they
quickly responded with proof that information being given to me was originating from Llan Shibli, the joint
owner along with Hassan Saeda, both Bedouines. They own the books and also other artifacts not seen in
public before.  I was given exclusive permission to publish them on my website and I was told that these
items are among many others that were found close to the codices. These additional artifacts were
spectacular statuets which, like the books, are thought to be very old indeed and made of a special clay
which is coated in a significant metal.

Please note that all the items on these pages are copyright of lLan and I thank him and his associates for
allowing me to show them and also to permit enlargements of some of the artifacts so that those with
expertise can view them clearly and appreciate them.

I'm in contact with parties close to both owners and researchers and I recognise there is a sincere belief
something of importance has been discovered.  Opions come somewhat charged understandably and Im
not going to add my own layer to this complicated situation which could easily enter a new phase within the
coming days. Its even possible that an International dispute could erupt between Israel and Jordan
dependant upon a number of factors.

This is not a subject I have any qualifications or expertise but I respect that a sincere honest Bedouin by
the name of lLan Shibli was first shown these books quite by chance by a taxi driver in Jordan which he has
since been trying  to find out their true history, authenticity and contents.

Here is one of the many e-mails I received which places the main concerns of the Bedouine tribe from Shibi:
The Bedouin tribes from Shibli are from a pretty biblical place.

This above all is a human story. Ilan Shibli  is a normal guy who works to train horses like a horse
whisperer. HIs personal contact and openness in Jordan meeting the local guys initially and friends for a
while before anything on the books popped up despite holding an Israeli Passport etc showed cross
border relations.

The fact that with Hassan in their search they "sought guidances" out in the fields in their camel ranch
near Mount Tabor" and then later went to Jericho in  deepest oldest Palestine to a coin dealer says alot

I knew the day the books left Israel, history would shift but how and to what extent hard to say. It has been
an incredible journey over the years- but if you get back to  basics, it is an extraordinary find  that " could'
be significant.

If any one was " chosen" it was clearly ILan- A man with absolutely no agenda - just a curiosity and zest
for life. He is son of a big Israeli Captain and he is an award winning horseman, speaks four languages.
Hassan Saida is the second Bedouin involved in this story although there are three or four others who
wish to remain in the background. Hassan is a more flamboyant person and who is involved in some of
the discussions and transactions and is joint owner of the books with lLan..

The main story though is that a simple Bedouin " horse whisperer" ILan Shibli met a cab driver who
showed him one of the books and later Hassan Saida got involved. Hassan was his partner in their hay
business at the time, also a jeweller from Jericho was involved.......lLan knew only of 20 codices as well as
the statues but Hassan talks of as many as 70. My information is that there are people who believe some
of the additional books Hassan has are fakes......

Colin Andrews continues:

I received e-mails from a reliable source close to lLan who said:

I feel responsible in that I opened Pandora's box. It was my idea to start the European trail and thus
travelling with the items and knew history would be changed in some way, but several years before the
Brits got involved we just had a few nice academics around but mostly curiosity and dead ends.

The most important thing is to discover what if anything the books really are and then to know what to do
next. It is ironic that reasonable efforts to talk with Jordan from our end with nothing to hide have not
resulted in much but we are just waiting and seeing, I have already as I told you seen greed craziness
tragedy and families in crisis as a result of the books - if you do publish anything lets keep it positive and
stick to the facts. Just to add that the Bedouins paid David Elkington to take pictures for them (
CA: Which
David Elkington refutes
). To reiterate that the items at the center of this were obtained by lLan and his
pureness and naivety in making inquiries  all came with good intentions. ........... END

Colin Andrews continues::

To close, Its clear to me from the Bedouin owner of the books, he has made honest attempts to find out
what these books represent and he feels that the growing bands of people getting involved are clouding
and complicating things. That is also the view expressed to me by at least one of the experts.

From the academic side I received the following e-mail today from British expert
David Elkington:

......the latest tests on the codices performed by the Government of
Jordan have all come through positive and the academic consensus in
the light of the latest tests is that they are indeed genuine -
there will be a major (very) announcement sometime this week by them
so expect a great flurry of news p thought you might like to know
this before anybody else - do go ahead and put it on your website -
the findings coming up in the wash are literally amazing. END

CA continues:

I have been told that discussions  have taken place with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I do not hold any opinion or take any side in this fascinating discovery only to say I hope that proper
research will indeed prove what these codices are and also the additional artifacts found nearby and that
the man who brought all this to light by his gentle inquiry, i.e. lLan Shibli is remembered and respected for
his efforts.

Colin Andrews
July 13, 2011
I sincerely thank my sources for the trouble they have gone to in difficult circumstances.
A Report paid for by the
Bedouin's and Commissioned
by the British group said:


That they are not parchment or
papyrus was the first obvious thing to
take my interest. However, the fact that
most of them are sealed all around, by
a series of thin lead wires, also raised
my curiosity: for there is a later
historical precedent for this factor that
may well be derived from these
codices: and therefore may be a factor
for subsequent discussion.    The
codices vary greatly in size – from the
very small to a much larger format    
akin to a medium format modern book
size. There is no doubt that the
discovery of these codices is a unique
event: unique in that they are
comprised completely and solely of
lead – and they seem, at present, to
have no equal: they are without
precedent. This raises various issues
in terms of geology, geography,
theology and symbolism as well as
metallurgical analysis.  That these
documents impart a religious/magical
intent, in terms of the choice of lead as
a medium, is equally interesting – as is
the circumstance of their provenance,
which also raises issues about the
nature of the organisation behind their
creation and original purpose................
"lLan  Shibli made the first
contact with the books ( by
chance) after befriending a
taxi driver, he bought and
then brought the books to
Israel and contacted me.

Hassan then became
involved. Hassan and lLan
spent a good six months
trying to research the items
in Israel before even trying
to take them to Europe".
SELECT to enlarge - Copyright lLan Shibli
This is one of the statuettes which were
discovered close to the codices. Shown with
exclusive permission of lLan Shibli
Copyright: lLan Shibli
This is one of the smaller
lead books, not much
larger than a credit card.

Copyright: lLan Shibli
Two of the attractive clay statuets found near the lead codices. The clay has a coating which contains a metal of
significance. One of them has an icon on the front and the Menorah on the back.  Experts in museums of repute
have been shown this and none have any ideas what it means. The statues were given to lLan in Jericho shortly
after discovery.                                
All images are the Copyright: lLan Shibli.
Two of the smaller codices - scaled against a cigarette. Copyright" lLan Shibli
---------------------------------cut...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Analysis Report
"As I write, there is agreement from various contacts that something important is about to be announced from
the government of Jordan in the coming few days.  

lLan said by phone in Israel today that he had heard "the Jordanians are coming to Israel".  British archaeologist
David Elkington, a member of the British team researching the codices, told me yesterday that "the government
of Jordan are about to announce the results of detailed analysis of the books and they will say THEY ARE FOR

We are about to hear confirmation that these extraordinary codices are the first of their kind ever seen. Beyond
this the work will begin in earnest to decipher what is written in them?  My information is that there is already
some pieces have been deciphered and its Red Hot. I'm sure there will continue to be wars of words from
religious leaders and followers alike about the contents but is it possible that on a page or two inside these
sealed books could be some of the definitive answers about our religious beliefs which might change the way
we view the world in which we live"    

Colin Andrews, July 14, 2011
Back of one of the statues. Copyright: lLan Shibli.
The Place They Were Discovered
Bedouin lLan Shibli
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