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There are a handful of people you meet in your life who make a difference to everyone
around them.  Jock Jenkins is one of those special people. He is truly a caring man who I
have had the pleasure to know since I was a 19 year old fireman under his
supervision. He was my Sub Officer when I was a fireman in my home town of Andover,
Hampshire, England.  Many in Andover (population approx 40,000), and the surrounding
villages have a lot to thank him for; some even for their very lives.  He is that person who
given any circumstance, resolves the problems and makes things work.  He is a good
human being and has been a member of my family since my brother Peter married his
daughter Jean some thirty three years ago.  

He is truly a man who puts others first, evidence I’ve personally seen many times on the
fire ground and beyond.  

I wish to dedicate my Photographic 'Action' section to this 'action man' - Jock Jenkins,
now remarkably 87 years of age. NOTE: Matt is his first name but he has always been
called by the nick name of 'Jock'.  Jock is an English term of endearment for our Scottish
(My Niece) -
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Fireman Colin Andrews in action under Sub Officer Jock Jenkins
My brother Peter with Jock's daughter Jean at a serious road traffic accident.
The fireman at Andover Fire Station, under Jock Jenkins - 1966
The sad loss of Fireman Gus Tulk, who was killed on his way to an incident.
Thanks Jock for the friendship, the camaraderie, the fond memories (some in the work,
not so fond) and for the safety you promoted.  
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Jock sadly passed away today.
He will be missed by his family, friends
and a community he served so
Colin Andrews - February 21, 2012
February 21, 2012
The Passing of Jock Jenkins

Jock was my long time friend, distant relative and Sub-Officer during my Fire and Rescue days
back in the town of Andover, England. Jock's daughter Jean is married to my brother Peter.

I was honered to have posted my
special respect page for Jock a couple of years ago on this
website, just my way of acknowledging his service to his community - my dedication to him..

A great guy, warm heart and a man who liked helping others.  We will all miss him. I can tell you
from personal knowledge that Jock helped hundreds, in various levels of need, many of them
will not have known his name. I am proud to have served under this special human being.
Colin Andrews.
Matthew (Jock) Jenkins
5th January 1921 - 21st February 2012
Photos below by:
Busty Taylor & Colin Andrews
9th March 2012
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