"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
Some notable letters received by Colin include those from Queen
Elizabeth, The Duke of Edinburgh, Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro
and Sir David Mitchell M.P. - Full documentation of sources from U.K.
Government have been published in his latest book
Circles". Notables HERE.
Queen Elizabeth
Nancy Pelosi and Rosa L. DeLauro

Hello Mr. Andrews,

On behalf of the youth in Romania, the World Genesis Foundation and the United Nations
(UNESCO) we want to thank you again for your support. Your presentation about Crop Circles
had a very positive impact, inspiring the youth and stimulating many interesting discussions for
many days.

Your participation and messages were a high point for the youth and managers attending the
Academy this summer. Links to a press release announcing your support, videos of your
presentation, and other related links are provided below.  If we can provide any other support or
information, please let us know.

Press Release

Watch Colin Andrews Presentation on Crop Circles and also Dr. Synthia Andrews on
Consciousness and The Akashic Record

World Genesis Foundation – Official Site

Atlantykron Project – Official Site

With warmest regards,

David Lewis Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The World Genesis Foundation
United Nations, Ambassador for Youth.

“Leave no child without hope for the future”
Dated August 16, 2010. From:
David Lewis Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The World Genesis Foundation
United Nations, Ambassador for Youth
Presentation World Genesis.
NOTE of clarification:
My reference to the 'Solar System' crop circle in which I speak to the date 2033 and the Katun. The date shown by the
position of the crop circle depicting the Solar System is September 1st 2033. This alignment represents the end of the
first Katun of the new Golden Age. The first Katun of the fifth age begins in 2013 and ends in 2033.
Nancy Pelosi and Rosa L. DeLauro - Congress 2009.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Duke of Edinburgh: Fascinated with the crop circles.
Colin Andrews with Sir David Mitchell M.P. in a
crop circle.
February 10, 2009
Regarding the latest Article about the Cheesefoot Head sound:
From Pat Delgado

Varying Reports Explained

Having read all of the pieces in Colin’s presentation, it has strengthened my belief that we all have a so-
called aura.  To me, an aura is best described as a frequency-loaded envelope surrounding the whole body,
the frequency and its harmonics is like a spiritual fingerprint.  It can also transmit and receive information
over vast distances.
Everything we hear, see and sense is filtered through the aura and is registered indelibly in our mind, to
which we have a recall.   
It answers why the recollection of a group of people experiencing the same incident can recall that incident
with variations between them.  For example, a group of dowsers may describe their findings wildly
different while in the same location.
The strong forces and energies we encountered that night at Cheesefoot Head circle greatly affected our
filtering auras to such an extent that certain details of what happened can become interchanged, played
down, exaggerated or even eliminated but through this mist there is always a list of hard facts.
It must be remembered that encountering the scary events of that night, the experience was unique in
many respects to all of us.  Furthermore, auras are responsible for sensing ‘atmospheres’ in certain
locations or the feeling of someone’s eyes on you or instantly liking or being wary when meeting a person
for the first time.  This in some ways is similar to tuning in a radio station.
So again, that night, our auras could have been highly tuned and with a high degree of expectancy, the
impossible was possible.

Pat Delgado.

January 10, 2009
David Cayton (British Aerospace, Rtd) writes:
Hello Colin,

Brilliant, your expose of the Cheesefoot Head events!!!  It was absolutely 'trilling'!!!!  Sorry for my play on
words! What a stroke of genius that you took your recorder into the field that night AND went back later
to do it! I had heard the tape sound before via your previous release BUT of course we were not aware of
all the associated 'goings on'!  Thanks so much to you and Pat, along with the other witnesses, for giving
us all the full SP after all these years. It greatly restores ones belief and confidence in the real crop circles
amid all the recent years of field art!


January 24, 2009
From: Former head of the Ministry of Defence UFO Project Nick Pope
Replying to Colin Andrews new explosive report HERE.

January 22, 2009
From: Dr. Steven Greer
With regards the latest report on your website and the pending publication in the UK's the Sun Newspaper:  
Colin, Good for you! And I have proved that the US President and Congress have similarly been lied to
about UFOs. Having been one of the few people to brief senior members of government around the world,
it is clear that a global secret organization that has complete disdain for the law and the people, are
controlling information on these matters.  And you may quote me on this! Steve

January 21, 2009
Following the posting of my new article about the involvement of the government and Royal family in the
crop circle and UFO research, I received a very supportive e-mail from Stace Tussel who has also written
a review here:

January 20, 2009
I am receiving a large amount of e-mails about my new article taking the MoD, Nick Pope and the
government to task about the crop circles and UFO. I will be posting some when time permits.  Watch out
for The Sun publication in UK on this article - this week.

January 11, 2009
Ned Pamphilon has checked his diary and responds again to Patricia Kelly dated Jan 8 below:


I've listen over again to my recording and been up into the loft and referred back to my diary of 1994...

Went set out the evening of Monday 08 August. I drove. We made our first attempt to enter a field at 11.30
pm. We aborted this attempt because because we came across a parked car next to the field. We returned
to my car, re-parked and entered a second field about midnight, probably commencing 'stomping' of the
wheat just after midnight.

Notes from my diary...

Monday 08 August 1994
"There was no moonlight yet the sky was adorned with stars... I saw several shooting stars and a satellite
or two. At one point we were all aware of a lightning-like flash a couple of times. The night was clear, still
and the source of this flashes unknown and distant; not in my face. Apparently, such flashes have been
experienced before by circle makers. It bothered me little, either local military air base flashes or distant
lightning I guessed. The animal noises could sometimes be unnerving. Stopped about 3.30pm. The crew
were frustrated by lack of time and couldn't complete the design in full... Home 13 minutes to 7am."

Wednesday 10 August 1994
On my way home back to Highgate from a 7pm fencing lesson in central London...
"Suddenly it poured down with rain tonight. Some of the strongest I've ever encountered to the point it
took ages to drive home. Could hardly see where I was going."

Thursday 11 August 1994
"Just spoke to John... they're being interviewed by the BBC tomorrow... they finished off the circle in the
rain last night can you believe!?"

The conclusion: the formation was started just after midnight; first hour on the morning of Tuesday 09
August. It was completed night of Wednesday 10/morning of Thursday 11 August. It was only raining that
second night; NOT non-stop for 4 days as suggested. Of course, heavy rain would have helped keep
unwanted observers away from the field. According to my diary, I was aware of flashes of light.

I suggest you publish this evidence of account. I declare this information as true and as accurate as I can
bare witness.


January 9, 2009
From Ned Pamphilon responding to Patricia Kelly below:

My reply is be amazed Patrica! I was amazed at the result and I was there. Listen to the recording. It is all
factual as I remember though I do end the commentary with "Was I really in a field" etc...
It was NOT raining the first night. I have kept daily diaries for over 30 years and will go back and check
August 1994 as soon as I can. If I am wrong, so be it, but the sound recording is genuine and there is no
significant rain if at all. Your recollection of rain is therefore, mistaken.

Please understand technically we were trespassing I suppose; I had been invited on some one else's
adventure; I wanted to maintain the vagueness of 'did we or didn't we?' I was in the entertainment game
creating a programme to be entertaining for people lying in hospital beds for hospital radio - it was a 'bit of
laugh' for me at the time.
Do not kid yourselves - listen to the recording, it is all factual and real.

However, compared to Greer, Corso, Hellyer etc,,, my experience is child's play. We must all wake up and
get real. More people are reported dead in the world due to combat on my radio this morning. We must
change the world psyche. The UFO-ET issue and energy and very much related. Stop worrying about
whether the crop circle is real or not and write to your MP, write to Obama as recommended by Stephen
Basset - not that I have yet! I should!


January 8, 2009
Refers to the E-mails below from Ned Pamphilon, who says the 'Web' crop pattern near Avebury in 1994
was man made:

From Patricia Kelly, New York:
Hi Colin,
I was there in England when the web appeared.  I am amazed to hear it is man-made.  It rained day and
night for about 4 days non-stop during the appearance of the web- didn't know something so precise could
be man made in a downpour.

January 7, 2009          
Background note by Colin Andrews about the following letter from Ned Pamphilon:
Ned Pamphilon has also written an article

I received an e-mail on January 5, 2009 from Ned Pamphilon (www.nedpamphilon.com ). Today Ned is
an artist, but was once a former hospital radio presenter at The Hampstead Royal Free during the 1990's.
In his e-mail he told me that he supports government openness on the UFO issue and that we should have
a national UFO/ET policy. Certainly, he is tired of the cynicism from the mainstream on the subject.   

His main reason for contacting me was to inform awareness that the crop circle known as 'the spiders
web' made in August 1994 (Andrews Catalogue
#T0340), was man-made and he was present during its

He was there as a radio journalist having requested to be present during making of the pattern in order to
sound record it for his radio programme. He said he was merely a by-stander, though he was invited to
have a go with the board; so he did technically and physically contribute. He was present for the first
phase and visited the day after the second and final phase of completion. I listened to his recordings at:
//www.circlemakers.org/ra.html. The process is all documented there. I told him that I was aware that the
design had appeared in two phases (I had two witnesses to that fact in my database) and thanked him for
making me aware of his evidence.

Listening to one of Ned's recordings I was also interested to hear him mention a 'flash of light' seen by all
of those present. These flashes have been witnessed by 'Circlemakers' and researchers over many years.
Our original research team, including me, witnessed them several times and mentioned them in Pat Delgado
and my first book, 'Circular Evidence' published back in 1989. Here among all that humans do to test
themselves and their reality, IS part of the true mystery and why my study is now into
consciousness . We will though never learn or advance unless we deal with the true facts, whether we like
them or not.

The following is a second e-mail I received from Ned on January 6, 2009:   

From: "Pamphilon, Ned"  xxxxxxxxxx
Thank you for your response Colin,

I'm currently based back in the UK having been Istanbul based for 10 years. I met a leading Turkish UFO
researcher who said a decade ago he'd been invited to brief 80 members of the Turkish military including a
3 star general; they didn't laugh at him; they swapped information and wanted to know how much the
Americans might know?

The problem is I understand how feasible it is to man-make crop circles. Of course, there seems to be
plenty of 'eye witness' reports of patterns unfolding before people's eyes. I recall Reg Presley on UK
morning TV suggesting The Web was probably not man-made. I could only smile at how wrong he was. I
am aware how easy it is for some to trick others. I was never a crop circle maker; merely a hospital radio
presenter who saw an interesting opportunity and adventure to record the making of one.

For example, once I heard Rod Dickinson was responsible for film footage of a UFO within Out of the
Blue, I asked myself whether the clip was genuine or not; it dented the authenticity of the evidence
presented in James Fox's film. Tell me Rod, is it genuine? I loved my crop circle experience and always
maintained a vagueness about who was responsible. However, now it is too important to play games. Al
Gore is scaring the world with carbon footprint twaddle and the likes of Dr. Steven Greer tell us alternative
energy is already here. Come on BBC Radio 4, let's have some serious investigative journalism instead of
this daily banal tosh and nonsense. Larry King occasionally gives us moments of encouragement on CNN,
but he's so mainstream I always suspect there is a catch.

I am impressed by the likes of Paul Hellyer doing the rounds, a man apparently once responsible for
Canadian national defence decisions, yet today side lined by the regular mainstream.

I find it both exciting and overly optimistic that Stephen Basset predicts disclosure by the Spring. Time will

Best wishes,
Ned Pamphilon Productions

December 31, 2008
From: Anne Harvey

Don't ever give up. Your work is really much respected. I have been the founder of three businesses, most
recently a school of arts with education for those with developmental disabilities and mental retardation -
have 41 years in the field. I could have given up along
time ago but new this would all work, somehow. I now have a full to capacity school, love these
individuals and have a waiting list, not to mention a wonderful staff.

I truly respect what you do. I am working on curriculum with staff to introduce the circles and have them
incorporate the knowledge and the designs into intricate art work. Your name is now a household word
here at Dazzle School. My oldest son was a Navy SEAL for 14 ye ars and now works for ATF out of
Dallas. Of course there is much classified information about alot of things that I am not privy to however
he knows of my interest in the circles. He is most encouraging.

Just a little bit about myself so you can "get to know me" a little, (editor: Before we meet with Ron
Russell's tour group in England).

Thank you again, Colin. I look forward to your emails.

Kindest regards,
I have respectfully decided not to post a continuos stream of letters and emails - the volume is too large