Major Disclosure Announcement from Dr. Steven Greer
Posted May 1, 2012

Dear friends of Disclosure,

The Disclosure Project and CSETI has teamed up with Emmy award winning filmmaker
Amardeep Kaleka to make an historic new documentary on Disclosure, Contact and
the suppression of New Energy.

The combination of the extensive top-secret witness testimony and evidence collected
by The Disclosure Project will be combined with the highly accomplished filmmaking
talent of Mr. Kaleka and his group to make a film that will change the course of history.
No major studio or media group will touch this story : It is simply too explosive and
world- changing for large corporate interests to embrace.

For this reason This will be funded, produced and distributed through the support of
people like you.

You can make a contribution at:
www.sirius.neverendinglight.com. . Each contribution
comes with great incentives ranging from a free Director's cut of the film to attendance
at the Red Carpet Premiere, to a week long Contact Expedition with me and the CSETI
Contact team.

Please let all of your friends and contacts know about this major new Disclosure
initiative by providing links to us on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media

It is time for the next big step in Disclosure. Since 2001, dozens of governments have
opened up their UFO files- and more is coming. Now the entire world must know that
we are not alone, and that the secrecy has been driven by greed and corruption- to
hide from humanity the earth-saving technologies behind UFO energy and propulsion

The proceeds from this film will go to fund the research and development of New
Energy sources. If you can help us make this film a success, we the people will do
what neither the government nor big corporations dare do: End the era of oil and coal
and usher in a new, abundant and sustainable civilization on earth- capable and
worthy of traveling amongst the stars.

Please help us in any way you can- if all of us pull together the result with be a Global
Spring and the renewal of human civilization!

Thank you for your help and support!

Steven M. Greer MD
Founder and Director
The Disclosure Project and CSETI

This publshed admission appeared in Open Minds, Issue 11. http://www.openminds.tv/
The Admission Above came after Colin Andrews revealed evidence that the British Ministry of
Defence ( MOD) had lied about Crop Circles - Then the domino's fell. Below is that evidence,
presented by Andrews in the company of Nick Pope at the X-Conference, Washington D.C.
during 2009 and below that is a BBC radio Interview that Andrews unexpectedly appeared during
one of Nick Pope's interviews - during this interview you will hear for yourself what is going on
behind the scenes of government with subjects they don't want us to know the truth about.
The BBC Telephoned Andrews during a radio interview with Pope and invited him on
air unexpectedly to challenge MOD's version of the truth - Listen to the short
interview below. Now we know.
Posted May 3, 2012 - By Colin Andrews
The Award video introduction
Lifetime Achievement award ceremony
2009 PRG Lifetime Achievement Award
Hall of Fame Inductee - Colin Andrews
The Lifetime Achievement Award
The Maverick Award

2002 Recipient of


for his liftetime achievement
in pioneering scientific
Crop Circle research
and creating worldwide
public awareness of the
- - -
September 14, 2002
The Toby Award
Presented to:
Colin Andrews
For His  Outstanding Research
The Toby Award
UFO reports continue to come from West
Kennett Long Barrow and Silbury Hill, England
Posted on May 12, 2012
By Colin Andrews
This Army helicopter speed in and landed close to Silbury Hill, a soldier jumped out and seem to recover a video tape from a hedgerow
below the hill.  You can just make out people stood on top Silbury (illegally) who witnessed this.  I happened to see the helicopter activity
and took this photo. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Silbury Hill is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and one of the tallest in the world. Its
estimated by Archaeologists to have been built about 4,750 years ago. The mound is located in
Wiltshire, England and it overlooks West Kennett Long Barrow, a Neolithic tomb, both archaeological
sites are a little less than a mile south of one of the largest monolithic standing stone rings in the
world, built around 2,600 BCE. This spectacular archaeological area is well known for strange reports
of ghosts, one being a soldier dressed in world war two uniform and numerous high quality witnesses
have report UFOs and tall beings.  One of the more recent reports of tall beings was
made by a local
policeman who saw three in a field next to a Mayan crop circle design just south of Silbury Hill.

I have investigated many of these reports myself and am in the long process of checking them all out
and writing them up for publishing.

The purpose of this posting is to show more examples of UFOs captured in the same small area of
sky between Silbury Hill and West Kennett Long Barrow.

Report with photographs HERE

More Classified UFO Documents Released to the Public.
British Government's Ministry of Defence Begin to Release
the Good Stuff:
By Colin Andrews
July 13, 2012
Thanks to Tara and Jack (UK)
"Government officials believe aliens may visit Earth and suggest
harnessing UFO technology for UK defences, files say"
Documents from the Ministry of Defence classified archives show staff believed aliens
could visit for “military reconnaissance”, “scientific” research or “tourism”.

In a 1995 briefing now published by the
National Archives, a desk officer said the purpose
of reported alien craft sightings “needs to be established as a matter of priority”, adding
there did not appear to be “hostile intent”.

The unnamed official said it was “essential that we start with open minds”, explaining “what
is scientific ‘fact’ today may not be true tomorrow”.

Clarifying he did not “talk to little green men every night”, he said: “We have a remit that
we have never satisfied. That is, we do not now (sic) if UFOs exist.

“If they do exist, we do not know what they are, their purpose or if they pose a threat to the

“If the sightings are of devices not of the earth then their purpose needs to be established
as a matter of priority. There has been no apparent hostile intent and other possibilities
are: 1) Military reconnaissance; 2) Scientific; 3) Tourism.”

He added that “if reports are taken at face value” they showed extraterrestrial vehicles had
“a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy”.

Thus, he suggested, “we could use this technology, if it exists”.

His briefing document lists possible reasons for UFO sightings, including mass
hallucinations, US aircraft, “atmospheric events” and hoaxes, but indicated none provide a
fully convincing explanation.

It adds there are “some indications that the reported incidents are only the tip of an
iceberg and many people do not wish to risk embarrassment and so do not report

He also noted that the number of reports of “strange objects in the skies” increased
dramatically after the Second World War, with most sightings coming from “farmers,
policemen, doctors and lovers”.

“Most people think that UFOs are a recent phenomena (sic) but they are not,” he said.
“There are reasonably reliable reports of strange objects in the skies dating back
hundreds of years.”

In 1979, an official briefing written by the MoD in preparation for a House of Lords debate
on UFOs questioned why aliens would want to visit the Earth.

An unnamed intelligence officer said it would be prudent to consider the number of stars in
the universe, the number which might have inhabitable planets and a list of interesting
places in the universe that an intelligent community might wish to visit".

He said: “A visit to an insignificant planet (the earth) of an uninteresting star (the sun)
would probably not occur more than once in a thousand years or so, even if one assumes
that every intelligent community made say 10 launches a year.”

Thus, he concluded, “claims of thousands of visits in the last decade or so are far too
large to be credible”.  
Papers also show the existence of a "Flying Saucer Working Party" within government
during 1950-52.

In 1998, one worried member of staff annotated the file to say: “Oh dear! This makes our
'no interest' in [flying saucers] look suspect. I know not now but maybe then."

Dr David Clarke, UFO consultant at the National Archives and university lecturer, said:
“These files also detail the background to the MoD’s decision to release these files to the
public in the first place, something I had been campaigning for over several years under
the Freedom of Information Act.

"Now they have been released at The National Archives they will provide future
generations with a fascinating snapshot of an unexplored aspect of contemporary social
history.”   source -
The Telegraph, UK

Continued below

UK National archives for download of files:

The job on the UFO Desk:
This is good news but we must always be thinking 'agenda'
and possible manipulation.
Colin Andrews continues:

Just a couple weeks ago, Nick Pope, the former head of the UFO project at the MoD said
some strange things to the British media which was reported widely:

At first I thought it must be April 1st or Nick had fallen and hit his head. He said:

Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the
Olympics Games, warns former MoD UFO expert
•        UFO expert Nick Pope says massive summer
events like the Olympics would be a prime time for an
alien encounter
•        Ministry of Defence 'has planned for the worst
outcomes - attack and invasion'
•        'We should be prepared for even the most
seemingly unfathomable'
By Eddie Wrenn

The following report from The Daily Mail - select banner to view
MoD files make UFOs history
By Dr. From David Clarke
Colin Andrews continues: So I sent an email to Nick Pope as follows:

Message : Jun 09 2012, 01:39 PM
From: Colin Andrews
To: "Nick_Pope"

Subject: Nick Pope: Daily Mail "Alien Invasion - Government Prepared"

Hey Nick,

I got to say that when I was sent this by someone in Australia my initial reaction was to
check it wasn't April 1st. I'm sure you are receiving plenty of emails about your quotes in
this Mail story but I did want to ask for your reactions?:


Did the paper exaggerate your comments or do you stand by them?  This does not read
like your usual careful and well reasoned commentary. Has the MOD cleared you to say
that they have prepared for an alien invasion?  I cant see it somehow.

I returned from UK three days ago, where my brother was critically ill and passing with
cancer. He had a big interest in your work and often called me to inform me about your
articles etc.

I hope all is well. - Colin

Nick's reply:

Thank you. FYI, I responded to some other questions on all this and the following article
contains my quote, which you're also free to use:


Thank you for your email. I was very sorry to hear about your brother.

While reporting of my remarks was a little wide of the mark, I am currently working on some
parallel projects that involve thinking about a range of post-detection/post-contact

Best wishes,
Nick Pope
..............................................END  ............................................
Former CIA agent Chase Brandon says the Roswell UFO
crash was for real - trouble is that his government
continues to Deny it.

Full report HERE
There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film "Sirius" the scientific testing of
a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is
deceased. This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute desiring further scientific
evaluation of the possible ET. We cannot reveal at this time the location of this being or the
name of the person or persons who possess it.

Dr. Jan Bravo- who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician- and I
have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE and have personally and
professionally examined the being. It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most
certainly is not plastic or man-made. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs and is humanoid .
We have seen and examined X-Rays of the being. Its anatomy however is not homo sapien
(modern human) or any known hominid (predecessors to humans).

As you can imagine, the security and scientific issues surrounding the further testing of this
potentially explosive and world- changing evidence are mind-boggling. However, we feel we
simply must proceed expeditiously but cautiously. The cost of doing proper MRI testing, full
and dispositive  forensic-level DNA testing and carbon dating with other isotope testing are
considerable and certainly not currently funded. We must rule out other hominids, bizarre
genetic defects and so forth. But it is most certainly an actual biological specimen - and it
may be - well, what it looks like.

If you can assist further with funding the campaign for Sirius we will attempt to carry out this
scientific inquiry, however daunting it may be. We are currently investigating what these
costs will be, but they will certainly be in the tens of thousands of dollars and perhaps more.

Dr. Bravo, myself, Dr. Ted Loder, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, and
other scientists who wish to remain confidential will be doing the examinations and testing.  
A top DNA lab will be engaged for appropriate DNA evaluation.

The only reason I mention this sensitive matter at this time is that in order for this possible
ET body to be properly evaluated and disclosed in "Sirius" - which is planned for
completion in December 2012- we must act immediately. We will need your help with
funding this and the rest of "Sirius". And we cannot buy the safety and security that millions
of people knowing about what we are doing can afford.  Shadowy classified projects would
prefer for us not to proceed, just as they wished that we not proceed with
DisclosureProject.org in 2001. But we did. And we are here to tell the tale because millions
of people knew what we were doing well before that historic event.

You the public are our shield. You are our protectors, along with providence. While the
testing will be confidential and done very discreetly until results are known- the fact that we
are pursuing this evidence must be known by millions of people in order for us to be
protected. Tell everyone you know-now.

The worst case scenario is that this being is not what it appears to be. But if
it is: My God!

Please help us if you can.  HERE:  www.sirius.neverendinglight.com
Dr. Steven Greer
The scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological
Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased.
Posted August 1, 2012
By Dr. Steven Greer
Thanks to Dave Haith (England)

ET Hair Sample
Evidence for Alien Abductions" (2005).
Posted by Colin Andrews
August 1, 2012
Peter Khoury and the "Hair of the Alien" - 20 years on

The past week marked a fascinating anniversary of an extraordinary experience which
drew me into a groundbreaking investigation and a potential breakthrough research

Peter Khoury had a bizarre experience on July 23, 1992, in Sydney, Australia.  He had a
shattering experience on July 12, 1988, which he was ultimately able to understand as an
alien abduction.  It changed his life. He would go on to help others who had similar
experiences by establishing the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA).  But
nothing prepared him for the July 1992 episode.  It was so shocking that Peter would only
share the experience with his wife and a few close associates.  

The July 1992 incident had yielded a remarkable piece of evidence - a hair sample
apparently from a blonde "nordic" entity.  I was able to work with a biochemistry team which
would provide the world's first DNA analysis of a biological sample implicated in an alien
abduction experience.  The team wanted to see if the sample provided forensic DNA
evidence that might support the extraordinary story.  It did far more than that......
Full Report
Year-long Stay on ET Base
Posted August 4, 2012
Updated: 2014-1212

In 1969, a French farmer was asked to spend one year living and working at a
subterranean base in the Himalayas.
A 40-year silence was imposed following his return,
and in 2005, Robert L. came forward ...

• Intimate contact with ETs
• Daily instruction in yoga, information on the Universe,
galactic communication and Earth’s dilemma
• Mission to provide genetic material for Earth-like planets
• Spacecraft excursion and encounter with French fighter jet
Farmhouse in Aveyron region of southern France
Aveyron, France — 1966
Over a period of months a farm in southern
France was plagued by the appearance of
lights. Balls of light appeared in the evening and
surrounded the house of 20-year-old Robert L.,
who lived with his parents and his grandmother.

Large balls of light moved over the ground,
seeming to extinguish and re-light, eventually
joining up with a giant bullet-shaped form
standing vertically.

They appeared to be intelligent.
Read the full report HERE
Aug 7, 2012

Bottom of
this article
August 5, 2012
Film director
Kaleka praying in
the parking lot of
the temple,
waiting to hear
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Updated: August 11,
2012:  Former British
Ministry of Defence
Official, Nick Pope
Hoaxed Olympics Claim:
Updated: August 11, 2012:  Former British Ministry of Defence Official, Nick Pope Hoaxed Olympics Claim:
EBE Film Award - 1995
EBE Film Award 1995
Reg Presley, Colin Andrews and Busty Taylor
An unprecedented event with historical implications

Posted April, 2, 2013

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human
race (CHD), will include forty researchers and military/agency witnesses who will testify
for thirty hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress.
The CHD will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five
years - seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.
HERE. (Thanks to Steve Bassett)

May 1st 2013
Alien-Looking Skeleton Poses Medical Mystery HERE
Also this week in Washington D.C. Disclosure Hearings HERE
Yes, we have been lied to and that’s official.  Jimmy Carter’s attorney was given access to the
secret classified section of Project Blue Book files, with guards at his side. “There was no
question that these photographs were taken by US Air force of a UFO embedded in a snow
field. The dome had symbols on it…..”

Daniel Sheehan testifies about classified photos and government records of a flying saucer
crash and the connections to churches around the world...from the Citizens Hearing Group.
This well known lawyer represented Jimmy Carter and was able to look at the CLASSIFIED
files from Project Blue Book; yeah we've been lied to. BIG TIME. Crashed saucers, alien
writing, etc...Below
Attorney for President Carter witnessed official UFO photos
"We have been lied to"
- Posted May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013
UFOs and ETs Real
A big week for those of us who
have an interest in UFOs.

Stay up to date with the Disclosure
Hearings in Washington D.C.


Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, Ret.)
testified and described a series of
incidents that he witnessed first-
hand (and has continued to study)
U.S. nuclear capabilities
were disabled or compromised in
conjunction with sightings of UFOs
and unexplained phenomena in the
vicinity of the bases:

Former US Congressman Cook:
“Its Time To Try The President of
The United States”:

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell:

"To the extent of what is known and
is going on, there is a clandestine
group, a quasi government group
or  a quasi private group, as far as I
can tell, it is without any kind of high
level government oversight and that
is of great concern:

A.J. Gevaerd: "Ten Military and
Government Officials sat down with
civilian researchers & in July will
release more secret UFO files":
He talks of Project Blue Book being partly a fraud.

When he began talking by telephone about doing this interview, he was walking to the grocery
store when two men in black suites got out of a black Lincoln town car and told him to stop
talking, which for a while he did.  Another high class witness who made the Citizens Disclosure
Hearing truly historic.  How dismal and shocking that only three media networks covered the
Filmed March 5, 2013
Made public May  3, 2013
Posted May 5, 2013
President Eisenhower instructed the Whistleblower and his boss to
visit area 51 after MJ-12 refused to cooperate with his inquiry.
WHISTLEBLOWER - Anonymous goes on the record 5th March 2013 - interviewed by Richard Dolan,
somewhere in the United States.
"We saw several Disc Machines, the one from Roswell was real strange.  It looked heavy but was between
150-300 pounds and rocked easily.
The whistleblower had White House Q Clearance, said that after he and his boss visited S4 and Area 51 they
flew back to Washington D.C. to report back to the President in the Oval office. President Eisenhower, Richard
Nixon and Edgar Hoover were there.  The details they gave them and the extent of the black budget seemed to
shock them, he said.

Seen above front left J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and over his right
shoulder his Vice President, Richard Nixon.
"MJ-12 were supposed to
report findings on
Extraterrestrials back to
Eisenhower but failed to do so"
"Eisenhower called MJ-12
people at area 51 about the
Extraterrestrial thing but they
told him that the government
had no jurisdiction over what
they were doing"
The hearings placed into the public domain a great deal of
evidence.  It also demonstrated what we are all up against in our
search for truth and justice on this subject of UFOs and disclosure
Update and comments by David Haith and Colin Andrews
Posted May 9, 2013
Colin with Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell in Washington DC and New York where they presented together.
Edgar lived close to Roswell and knew many of the main witnesses to events there.
Colin and Dr. Jesse Marcel were friends. They spent time in Japan representing the United States at a special
event in the Hakui Space and UFO museum. Jesse senior was the army major who held the fragments of the
UFO and showed Jess a beam structure with glyphs on.  Jesse can be seen above drawing them for Colin on
their tour bus as they drove across Japan.
The last beacon for truth about the Roswell incident, Dr. Jesse Marcel passed away.
Posted September 3, 2013
United States turns off UFO
detector satellite today
Sept 1, 2013
My Tribute to Jesse - By Colin Andrews

Jess was a friend and a truly nice man. He was very unassuming with a quiet pleasant temperament.
He could also be miss-calculated if one took his demeanor to mean timid.  He was a proud
American and a very brave one who did his duty in the military fields of conflict without fanfare.  He
cared about people, hence being an ENT doctor and one prepared to sit armed on a black hawk
helicopter to rescue his colleagues from brutal warfare.  This man was special in every sense of the
word.  I spent many days with him on and off as we presented our respective subjects around the
world, him on Roswell and me on crop circles and human consciousness.  He recently wrote a
strong endorsement for my new book, with my wife Synthia, 'On the Edge of Reality' just published.  
I sent him the new book just last week and was waiting for him to finish reading it and report back –
In it some of the work he helped sow at the very end of his life. I will miss this wonderful man and am
deeply honored to have known him as a friend. Synthia and I send our deepest condolences to his
children, larger family and many friends who already feel the hole left behind him.
- Colin Andrews
Roswell witness - Open Minds
My investigation into the Carlos Diaz
UFO case - In 1995 our team flew to
Mexico to spend 10 days with
By Colin Andrews

Posted: Nov 8, 2008.
One of the first of many UFO photographs
taken by Carlos Diaz.
Shown with permission of Michael
Re-posting of articles March 27th
- April 29, 2011
Thanks to Andreas Mueller (Germany)
Revealed: The UFO-Files of the German Secret Service BND
Saarbrucken (Germany) – Since several decades German government officials claim, that there
never was an official interest in investigating or studying the topic of unidentified flying objects
(UFOs). But now, the editor of the German news-blog on frontier sciences and the paranormal
grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de" (GreWi.de), Andreas Muller, was able to access formerly secret UFO-
files compiled by the German foreign secret intelligence agency "Bundesnachrichtendienst" (BND),
which tells now a complete different story.

It was in 2008 that the German Federal Minister of the Interior of that time,
Dr. Wolfgang Schaeuble,
repeated what other officials said several times before over the last decades, when they were asked
about an official interest of German governments and the military's interest into the topic of UFOs
and its investigation, by saying:
"… I have no knowledge of any official agency, institution or body that deals with or investigates
sightings of unknown flying objects, so-called UFOs. Furthermore I have no knowledge of any such
officials projects whatsoever."                 

Full article.
Hybrids Rising is proud to partner with
your excellent website, Colin Andrews
Research. Hybrids Rising is an
educational website earnestly
focusing on the Contact Phenomenon
from the perspective of truth,
compassion and decades of
research. What you will read on
Hybrids Rising is not from any one
individual, but from credible
researchers and sources who have
been directly experiencing and
studying the Contact Phenomenon for
many decades.
UFO and Occupants Filmed At Reutlingen
"Ohmenhausen", Baden-Wuerttemberg,
Germany. Real or Graphics?
Posted August 15, 2014.

Published on Youtube: Dec 6, 2013

Location: Reutlingen "Ohmenhausen", Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Audio Color World own all distribution rights of the uploaded videos on our YouTube
channel. If you like to use videos for uploads or commercial use please contact

Who is watching, both inside and out?

Why some inside governments have reason to fear 'Who or What'
Colin Andrews - August 2014

To read article select
Who is Watching, Both Inside and Out?
Carpenter Bee? - Copyright: Colin Andrews - 2014
Range of recent books by Colin which cover aspects of his belief that another intelligence
is interacting with us and its closer than most would think.
UFOs cross the sun disc moments before
partial eclipse.
Posted October 25, 2014
By coincidence? the two groups of objects passed directly over the second
prominent feature and focus of that evening (23th Oct 2014)  i.e. the largest
sunspot seen in years: What could these be?  Balloons? Satellites? Solar
material? Secret space program? UFOs ? – fascinating footage which was
streamed live from Florida. - take a watch. The action starts at: 25:50 and is
zoomed with focus at: 27"14
Senior Scientist Reveals Photographs of
UFOs and Extraterrestrials and more, during
his final interview before sadly passing.
Posted October 25, 2014
Colin Andrews
Boyd was a retired senior scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned
over forty years, and has many patents credited to him. He worked with defense
contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, as well as
Lockheed Martin.

His 27 patents can be viewed

Still frames of some of the photographs can be seen below, as can the video of
this final important interview.

My personal interest is in the three materials used by the ET/Craft and the triple
placements. The method of psychic connection between ET and humans makes
perfect sense to me and the many experiences others have had.

Unless material comes forward to convince me to the contrary, after doing some
digging on this, I believe what we are given here is the real deal. -
Colin Andrews
Inquires ongoing.
source of video     ----      A 2007 Interview
A 38 feet diameter UFO (IFO) - One of the Extraterrestrials.  Below Area 51 as seen by the ETs
within the craft using their own technology. Claimed to be taken with Boyds own camera.
December 12, 2014
Mary Rodwell who believes in the presence of extraterrestrial
intelligence on earth. Now her son is challenging her to convince
him of her point of view. She agreed to take on the challenge.
More UK classified UFO
files to be released in 2015
Posted January 3, 2015

British Ministry of Defence
again lied to parliament and
the public when they said that
all their UFO files had now
been released.  

As we now know, they lied also
about crop circles and had to
confess after Colin Andrews
published his book
'Government Circles'.

The latest lies have been
confirmed by a series of
classified UFO files that have
now been 'discovered' in their
files which they say will be
released in September, 2015

A Special Program and the first of its kind for the award winning 21st Century Radio.
Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.
This live show was broadcast on Sunday 25th January, 2015

Exposing Deliberate Disinformation to control what you think about UFOs and
the paranormal.

Our guests, Robert Salas, Colin Andrews and Peter Robbins, document  recent efforts to
corrupt the facts of both the Rendlesham Forest Incident and crop circle research by
reshaping public opinion through timely and deliberate disinformation.

*NOTE: this show was planned as an alternative after Nick Pope declined our several
invitations to address the concerns of Peter Robbins and others in this live forum.
Instead we will not only review the
“Deliberate Deception” that Robbins documents is
prevalent throughout Pope’s book about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, but we
will also hear from two other researchers with their own first-hand experience with
government mis-information campaigns, particularly surrounding UFO events at military
installations with nuclear capabilities.

Thanks to Dr. Hieronimous and 21st Century Radio:
Listen Here:
Alternative link to listen:

Special radio program about
the deliberate disinformation by
UK and US Government
on the subject of  UFOs and
Crop Circles.

1st Hour - 2nd Hour

21st Century Radio - aired live:
25th January, 2015
Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.
The live show was broadcast on
Sunday 25th January, 2015
Exposing Deliberate Disinformation
to control what you think about UFOs
and the paranormal. Our guests,
Robert Salas, Colin Andrews and
Peter Robbins, will document  
recent efforts to corrupt the facts of
both the Rendlesham Forest
Incident and crop circle research by
reshaping public opinion through
timely and deliberate disinformation.
*NOTE: this show was planned as
an alternative after Nick Pope
declined our several invitations to
address the concerns of Peter
Robbins and others in this live
forum. Instead we will not only
review the “Deliberate Deception”
that Robbins documents is
prevalent throughout Pope’s book
about the Rendlesham Forest UFO
incident, but we will also hear from
two other researchers with their own
first-hand experience with
government mis-information
campaigns, particularly surrounding
UFO events at military installations
with nuclear capabilities.
Limited Copies
www.21stcenturyradio.com - Listen

Exposing Deliberate Disinformation to control what you think about UFOs and the paranormal.
From left to right -
Peter Robbins, (Host Dr. Bob Hieronimus), Colin Andrews & Robert Salas.
Dr Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD,
DT, MH, DPH, DHA has died.
Was she murdered? -
Posted February 12, 2015
Rauni was an exstremely strong woman who you knew meant business and wasnt going to be
stopped from her studies or releasing her findings to the acedemics or the public. Her studies
included 'Life after Death', 'UFOs' and 'Mind Control'. To be noted is that two of those
subjects are classified in many countries.

She spoke often of intimidation and threats, even of waking to find blood dried around her
throat in this card she sent to me (Below) with the photograph of the team I was honered to be
assembled for the first conference of its kind to take place in Norway - Yes and organised by

The following link was kindly sent to me by Kyle Jones, informing me of Rauni's death and
questions being raised by some close to her, was she murdered? - My greatest respect will
always be with Rauni for her courage in being so far ahead of her time, often in an
environment of hostility or fear. -
Colin Andrews

Dr. Rauni Luukanen-Kilde, at one time held the post of chief medical officer for
Lapland. Seen here in 1997 with Colin Andrews in Helsinki, Finland where she
organised the first conference on the subject of the UFO and Exstraterrestrial
studies, ever held in that country.
Presenters assembled by Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde in Helsinki, 1997. They included Michael
Hesemann, Prof. John Mack, Dr. Steven Greer, Colin Andrews, Dr. Rauni, Dr. Leo Spinkle.
Note of caution:
Wkipeadia is fast
becoming a government
disinformation tool.
Editors with agendas!
When researching Dr.
Rauni you might also try
a number of sources.
My long time colleague and friend Dr.
Rauni Luukanen-Kilde,M.D. has
died.People close to Rauni are asking:
Was she murdered?  Back in 1997 she
shared her concerns with me too. The
card she sent I feel now to post here

Among her many posts was the former
chief medical officer for Lapland. She
was though best known to me and
some of our colleagues as a very
courageous researcher into fields of
study that did not make her friends in
her own country or government. Her
studies included Life after Death, UFOs
and Mind Control - noting here that
UFO and Mind Control are classified in
many countries. I was honoured to
support her immense body of work by
presenting alongside her in Helsinki,
The United Nations in New York and
Berlin, Germany.
Colin Andrews: "The Raw Fact is that peace & love has
been stifled at the epicenter of social engineering, by
Military Industrial Complex.
Colin Andrews, Nov 2014
Hon. Paul T Hellyer: Talks about urgent issues
surrounding the UFO and the
Military Industrial Complex
Posted March 18, 2015
The Military Industrial Complex (Shadow Government), must be dismantled.  
"We have been given a few months, not years.....We are the ones destined to write our own
history" - Paul T. Hellyer, Canada's former Defence Minister & Acting Prime Minister
Thanks to Ellis Bradley (USA)
Three recent interesting postings:
Posted July 13, 2015

Posted on AccuWeather
Strange Formation Hovers Over Philadelphia Houses - Jul 13, 2015; 11:05 AM ET An unusual sight was seen in
Philadelphia skies on Sunday, July 5. Hector Garcia captured what appears to be a small, cloud-like mass floating just
above the rooftops in the Tioga neighborhood.

Incredible TR3B UFO Video Over Eau Claire, Wisconsin Discovered. (Amazing Footage) HERE

Could German UFO files finally reveal whether aliens have visited Earth? Court forces government to release top
secret documents
– Reference to the governments secret files were discovered by my colleague Robert Fleischer
(Germany) who filmed my Washington DC presentation
‘Government Circles’. HERE
According to news reports today, we are heading to another planet to call home soon, real soon. We will
colonizing Mars within 11 years. NASA and private ventures are heading back home (CA)!!!

After a long and intense struggle, German Government forced to make its UFO research public.

Searching for ET: Hawking to look for extraterrestrial life:
The conditions on Mars are horrible for humans to live. Some
indication of how bad scientist predict Earth will be in the not
too distant future..
Excellent resources for the
study and reporting of




Meet the Lobbyist Pressuring the US Government to Disclose
Extraterrestrial Activity
By Robin Seemangal | 09/16/15

“The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We
have statements from the most credible sources – those in a position to
know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to
be determined.”

The statement above comes from John Podesta (you can find the source for this quote, and more from
Podesta on UFOs in this
article), Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and Counsellor to Barack Obama. It’s a
powerful statement, because it’s true. We now have witness testimony from hundreds upon hundreds of
high ranking, very credible people from within politics and government, military, and intelligence
agencies saying that the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon is indeed real and deserves serious

To view some of these statements from just a few of these ‘credible’ people, you can click

We also have official, declassified documentation to back up these statements, you can view some of

If you put two and two together, it’s clear that:

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been contacting us for a
very long time.” – Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor (

But it’s not just the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon that seems to be gaining more transparency.
Strange things have been observed in space. Perhaps this is why the Russian government recently
called for an international investigation regarding the missing film footage of the U.S. moon landings, or
why a U.S. Defence physicist and the Deputy Manager of the Clemintine Mission to the moon recently
blew the whistle on
what’s really up there.

Major General Albert Stubblebine can be added to the long list. Although he did not participate in the
Citizens Hearing On UFO disclsoure (where a number of military, political, academic, and government
personnel testified to several former congressional members), his credentials speak for themselves.
United States Major General Blows The Whistle On What They Really Found
On Mars
September 26, 2015 by Danell Glade        
General Stubblebine is a retired United States
Major General. He was also the Commanding
General of the U.S. Army Intelligence and
Security Command (
INSCOM), and one of
America’s most distinguished soldiers and
chief of U.S. Army Intelligence, with 16,000
soldiers under his command.

He was a major proponent of “psychic”
warfare and a key player in the “Stargate”
project, which was a remote vewing program.
Remote viewing can be defined in multiple
ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a
remote geographical location up to several
hundred thousand kilometers away
(sometimes even more) from their physical

The results of this project were declassified
and published in the peer reviewed Journal of
Scientific Exploration. (
source) In this program,
individuals successfully described physical
objects that were nowhere near their physical

These programs were the inspiration behind
the movie “Men Who Stare At Goats.”

Here’s what General Stubblebine had to say
about Mars, perhaps thanks to some intel
from the Remote Viewing Program?

“There are structures on the surface of Mars. I
will tell you for the record that there are
structures underneath the surface of Mars that
cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that
went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there
are machines on the surface of Mars and
there are machines under the surface of Mars
that you can look at, you can find out in detail,
you can see what they are, where they are,
who they are and a lot of detail about them.”  
Dolan, Richard. UFOs And The National
Security State: New York: Richard Dolan Press)
source 2)

I’ll let you think about that for a moment. Is it
really that farfetched? With all of the recent
UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon disclosure
happening within the past few years, is it really
hard to fathom the existence of structures,
bases, etc. on the Moon and on Mars?

For our latest artciels on the
UFO/extraterrestrial subject, please click  

Councillor to Barack Obama, and former Chief of Staff at the White House under the Clinton
administration, John Podesta, recently tweeted that his biggest regret ending the 2014 campaign
was not being able to secure the disclosure of (still) classified UFO documents. (
Thanks to Christen Warwick (USA) and Link
Two clicks away
Updated November 3, 2015

Rockefeller Initiative: Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on the
Road to Disclosure

Executive Assistant to the Deputy
Director of CIA said “We have,
indeed, been contacted"
Posted November 21, 2015
Thanks to George A. Filer III

Victor Marchetti CIA says, “We Have
been Visited”

Victor Marchetti is a former Executive
Assistant to the Deputy Director of CIA
who wrote, “We have, indeed, been
contacted — perhaps even visited — by
extraterrestrial beings, and the US
government, in collusion with the other
national powers of the Earth, is
determined to keep this information
from the general public. Victor Marchetti,
former Special Assistant to the
Executive Director of the CIA, in an
article written by him for Second Look
entitled “How the CIA Views the UFO
Phenomenon”, Vol 1, No 7,
Washington, DC, May 1979. __

Pages 2-7, in an article entitled “How
the CIA views the UFO phenomenon“,
the purpose of the international
conspiracy is to maintain a workable
stability among the nations of the world
and for them, in turn, to retain
institutional control over their respective
populations. Thus, for these
governments to admit that there are
beings from outer space with
mentalities and technological
capabilities obviously far superior to
ours, could, once fully perceived by the
average person, erode the foundations
of the Earth’s traditional power structure.

Political and legal systems, religions,
scientific, economic and social
institutions could all soon become
meaningless in the mind of the public.
The national oligarchic establishments,
even civilization as we know it, could
collapse into anarchy. Such extreme
conclusions are not necessarily valid,
but they probably accurately reflect the
fears of the ‘ruling classes’ of the major
nations, whose leaders (particularly
those in the intelligence business) have
always advocated excessive
governmental secrecy as being
necessary to preserve ‘national

What Marchetti says is perfectly
consistent with the Brookings Institute
research of the late 1960s, which said
that contact would be dangerously
disruptive, since superior civilizations
demolish inferior civilizations
throughout human history, either
violently or at least culturally. He also
was intrigued by the fact that he knew
they had globally dispersed UFO
collection facilities through the
clandestine services. He thought cover-
up is further implied by the fact that few
of those have ever been released. He
also mentions in the article that he had
heard some rumors in high places
about the possession of extraterrestrial

Another highly placed rumor was in
regard to the National Security Agency’s
detection by SIGINT of ‘strange signals’
that had been attributed to
extraterrestrial origin – and this was
when the NSA denied having any
information or involvement with UFOs
until they were sued in the early 1980s
under the FOIA and won exemption, but
still conceded having some information.

In an on-camera interview with
journalist George Knapp, Sokolov says
that the USSR decided UFOs were a
unique phenomenon and could only be
extraterrestrial. He also said that
communications with the CIA revealed
that the CIA had reached the same

General Stubblebine, retired
United States Major General. He
was also the Commanding
General of the U.S. Army
Intelligence and Security
Command - "There are ET
structures on Mars".
Updated December 9, 2015
Dr. Steven Greer - How the Secret Government Works:
The Most Explosive Expose

FKTV.IS - Alexandra Bruce - December 11, 2015

A few weeks ago, a ticket to this live event cost $75 and tickets to the Live
Streaming event on the Internet cost $39. Right now, you can watch it for free!  
This is arguably the most important talk ever to be given. The truth about UFOs
and the suppression of this truth touch not only into how the Secret Government
works but also on covert aspects of the banking sector, as well as on the global
kingpins of the biggest criminal cartel in the world, who are involved with the illicit
drug trade, which he says generates more money than the global oil business. The
latter group is a rogue, compartmented operation, populated by ruthless people
who will kill their own Special Forces personnel, if there is the barest whiff of a
security breech in their lock on their vast and extremely profitable illegal drug trade.
(Which is the reason why he says such drugs will never be decriminalized - this
would move in on their "action").
Disclosure Hearing
"Get a Life and
prove that ET's are
here to help us?
Dr. Joseph Burkes
Posted Jan 1, 2016
Latest update: -
29, Nov, 2018
Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton says she
will get to the bottom
of the UFO
if she is
elected President.  
This interview of Secretary Hilliary Clinton,
represents a breakthrough moment in
American political history. Twenty three
years after her husband's administration
was engaged by Laurance Rockefeller to
release all "UFO" documents in
government files and grant amnesty to
government witnesses (
the Rockefeller
Initiative), Secretary Clinton has finally
spoken to the extraterrestrial presence
issue while campaigning in New
My friend, NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has passed away. As a member of the
Apollo 14 crew, Edgar is one of only 12 men to walk on the moon and he helped to
change how we view our place in the universe. Synthia and I send our deepest
sympathies and condolences to his family and friends.

Edgar wrote
generous praise for Synthia's 2011 book, 'The Path of Energy'. I have
fond memories of making several presentations with Edgar. One at his own Institute
of Noetic Science
in New York (which he founded) and at Paradigm Research in
Washington D.C. He always enjoyed good hearty social interaction and a pint of beer.  
Below one such session we enjoyed together at a bar in Washington DC.  He has
done more for life on this planet and our new home, than has yet been fully recognised.
- Colin Andrews,
February 5th, 2016
Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies at Age 85
February 5, 2016
Edgar and Colin doing a joint presentation at the friends of Institute of
Noetic Science in New York, 2009. Below with student from a New
York University
Colin and Edgar enjoying social time at a bar
in Washington D.C.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot on Apollo 14, passed away Thursday
in West Palm Beach, Fla., on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing.
Crop Circles, UFOs and Missing Time.
The mysterious American Phantom Car
from Wiltshire, England to New York, USA.
Told by Dan Aykroyd and Colin Andrews
Posted April 7th, 2016
Tom DeLonge and the Secret Government
Michael Kane
Something feels different this time.

What feels different – in my view – is that Tom DeLonge is offering a Public Relations platform for secret American
military interests. It’s not Disclosure for the benefit of mankind, but rather disclosure for the benefit of the US Secret
Government. This seems quite different from the style of Disclosure Dr. Steven Greer has long sought, and I dare say it
is not the unbridled “truth and nothing but the truth” we have always gotten from Colin Andrews.

Now in 2016 Delonge is unabashedly calling many in the US Secret Government “heroes.” It also seems like he is really
laying his hat on the “Breakaway Civilization” hypothesis and that the US Secret Government is “fighting” this civilization
and other “bad ET’s”. I can’t say this is Delonge’s position for sure, but it does seem that way after listening to Delonge’
s COAST TO COAST interview where he is clearly in favor of the militarization of space viewing it as an absolute
necessity for national security.

Dick Cheney and the Secret Government

I have heard Dr. Greer and other Disclosure Project witnesses talk about former Vice President Dick Cheney. From the
Disclosure Project multiple people claimed Cheney was very much so an insider on multiple top secret
compartmentalized projects. I was personally involved in a four year investigation naming Cheney as the prime suspect
in the crimes of 9/11.  I remember questioning General Ralph “Ed” Eberhart face to face at the final 9/11 Commission
Hearing. Eberhart was in charge of NORAD on 9/11. I asked him who coordinated the multiple Air Force war games on
September 11, 2001 that mirrored the attacks and allowed them to happen. He refused to give any information or
comment whatsoever. Eberhart and Cheney worked very closely together prior to – and on – 9/11.


My point is that there are sinister forces working inside the US Government. This is a fact I know for sure, and many of
them such as Cheney have allegiances with the Saudi Royal Family.


However, not everyone working for US Government and military interests are allied with such an agenda. There
certainly are well-intentioned people in high places. But I am worried Delonge is placing all of his allegiance with the
idea that there is absolutely no sinister element in the US Military Industrial Complex, only well-intentioned individuals.
This is concerning and requires critical analysis because there is so much evidence that there is a sinister group that
has a different agenda then that which Delonge lays out. Delonge states that the men who are his sources “are not
counter-intelligence people,” but he is unable to put forth any evidence to prove this statement because maintaining
the anonymity of his sources is paramount. In addition the primary job of anyone in counter intelligence is to make sure
no one is aware of their true function.

Coming Out Party?

The new Boeing commercial “Just you wait” jumps to my mind in all of this:

Video no longer available.

In this commercial the future of humankind is laid out as colonizing Mars within 100 years. If this is the direction we are
headed the US may be in drastic need of a PR platform to begin to lay out the technology involved in colonizing space.
John Podesta seems to have given his blessing to Delonge’s recent DOD supported endeavor – at least that is
according to DeLonge’s recent interview on COAST TO COAST where he named Podesta as an avid supporter for his
new work. Simultaneously Hilary Clinton feels empowered to mention disclosing government UFO documents while
campaigning on the Jimmy Kimmel show.


Something does feel different this time; but it remains to be seen if this difference is good, bad or otherwise.

By Michael Kane
Famous singer Tom DeLonge
is about to act as a public relations platform
for the United States Government regarding what
they claim to know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials.
Tom stated on the Coast to Coast radio show that
this will be Earth shaking and will change everything.

Is this new information or dis-information??? - lively debate going on behind the scenes.
By Colin Andrews with opinion written by Michael Kane (below)

Following a two hour long interview with George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM recently, Tom DeLonge grabbed the
attention of well known front line researchers of these subjects, including myself.

I have been in contact with several of these trusted colleagues and George Knapp at Coast to Coast who like myself
have spent decades delving as close to the honey-pot as we have been able, to learn what our governments know
about the UFO and ET?. What goes????

The following is a brief write up by Michael Kane, well known for his incredible investigations into 9/11, which is still
unwinding as we speak. To be current, just two weeks ago, President Obama made a flight to meet with the Saudi
Royal Family and other senior officials, to discuss new threats being made by them directly to the security of the United
States itself
if the US makes public secret findings withheld from the public about 9/11. This follows the announcement
that 28 pages of the 9/11 report are classified (yes secret), and which are now thought to show suggestions that the
Saudi government was involved in the attacks.

As I have said many times in recent months, big time resets to our reality are underway, it looks like a propaganda war
is going on, and this time sidestepping the approval of our elected officials. Michael Kane attended the 9/11
commission hearings and was able to ask face to face a very key question to the man who headed NORAD military
exercises going on at the precise moment the 9/11 attacks took place, General Ralph Eberhart. Michael takes his work
very seriously and below the thoughts from Dr. Steven Greer and Grant Cameron,  is what he has to say about what
might be about to come from the US government via Tom DeLonge
Dr. Steven Greer M.D.:

If you think 911 and its aftermath was horrible, stay
tuned. There are virtually NO sane , restrained voices
out there countering the evil alien, abduction and
mutilation nexus of UFOlogy - Unless more calm and
saner minds prevail, we are headed for what Gen.
Douglas McArthur predicted ( and wanted, as do all
war- mongers and military industrial war profiteers ):
WWIII will be interplanetary (or staged as such).
UFOlogist take events such as staging mutilations and
abductions as proof of the evil aliens we simply must go
to war with!  Such childish nonsense!- but every human
war is based on childish nonsense.
Grant Cameron:

My opinion is that it is a controlled release. He has no
clearance and therefore he has no access to TS-SCI.
If true those talking to him would be committing class
one felonies. What he is being given, as with Bill
Moore and Steven Greer is carefully controlled pieces
that have been altered in a slight way to make them
unclassified. That's what allows him to think he can be
given secrets against the established rules and that
the powerful acknowledge his power and have
become his friends.

"Of interest is the fact that Bill Clinton's former Chief
of Staff and Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta
is part of the group DeLonge is talking to. As Podesta
is perhaps the biggest defender of open government
and following the law, his apparent role almost
single-handedly kills the idea of a evil secret
government above the president who is in charge of
the UFO cover-up."

Podesta is now on record that there are classified
files that can be declassified, so the game is basically
over. It is completely contrary to the White House
position of no ETs and no cover up. The Hillary card
will play out long before anything DeLonge does
anything that will be considered significant. Even if
Hillary says she cannot release for national security
reasons, she confirms what we have been saying for
years is true. There are ETs and a coverup.
Dr. Steven Greer M.D.
Grant Cameron
Tom DeLonge says he has been given information from
top level Government operatives about ET's that will
"Change Everything"????
Colin Andrews - Posted April 28, 2016
Posted April 28, 2016

Tom DeLonge Claims
are being closely
monitored and
scrutinized at PRG -
Paradigm Research
Group and Stephen
Bassett, who is a
colleague and has vast
data and contacts in
the field. The claims
that are known publicly
are extraordinary and
therefor close
monitoring of
developments are
important ahead of
public impact.

"Thous has been here
before" - CA

PRG website:
Colin Andrews and an owl
Here is an excerpt from The
Messengers (p.147):

I’ve asked many crop circle
researchers the same question I
ask everyone else—if they have
had any odd owl experiences. Very
few have any stories to tell. I asked
this question of pioneering crop
circle researcher Colin Andrews,
and I was disappointed when he
told me no,     he’d never had any
unusual owl experiences, nor did
he recall any from his research.
This surprised me, because I see
the landscape of Wiltshire County,
the focal point of so many powerful
crop circles, as being outright

I do now question the sense I have
that there could be more in the Owl
heart connection than I had
appreciated. The connection is
obviously personal but it’s of a kind I
can’t describe but it is deeply
profound, sincere and almost
overwhelming. While one knows that
a bird like Banshee could cause
serious damage, one is literally
tugged to smooth or kiss this
incredible creature. Having an open
mind and knowing we have so much
still to learn and experience from
nature, I am open to wondering if
these birds have more going on
than meets Those Eyes. If the
emotion one feels is a message, it’s
Full article: 'Hidden Experience'
Well, there's an update to this story. - Top right>
Posted Oct 31, 2016

As posted on my Facebook page.
2016 Update
From Dr. Steven Greer.
As posted on my Facebook page.


Lab tests concluded it is an old
UFO fragment given that the
substances it comprises cannot
be combined with technology
available on Earth. Tests at a lab
in Lausanne, Switzerland, have
revealed that the strange
fragment of metal is made up of
90 percent aluminium and is
250,000 years old. Aluminium was
not produced by mankind until
about 200 years ago, so the
discovery of the large chunk that
could be up to 250,000 years old
is being held up as a sensational

As posted on my Facebook site.
Nov, 7, 2016
Tom DeLonge

Meets John Podesta
The UFO appeared in the sky at the same location we had seen them before but this time we had a TV crew with us
and captured it on film - One of Andrews interactive UFO experiences with Dr. Steven Greer also took place here.
The most extensive in-depth television documentary of them all by Nippon, Japan and they captured the elusive UFO - Watch here
The Maya boy who helped ETs with their garden.
Posted 20 June, 2017
Maya village of Belize.
United States Government Admit a Secret UFO Investigation.
Classified Footage Released with Much More to Come!
Pentagon officials say the program
ended in 2012, five years after it was
created, but the official who led it said
that only the government funding had
ended then. Credit Charles
Dharapak/Associated Press
Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’:
The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O.
KEANDEC. 16, 2017
New York Times Report:  
I have posted several articles
about this historic day
on Facebook - check them out:
Dec 17th - 1
Dec 18th - 2
Dec 18th - 3
Dec 20th - 4
Dec 21st - 5
Dec 21st - 6
Dec 21st - 7
Dec 22nd - 8
Dec 22nd - 9
The mysterious events on Bigelow's Utah
Ranch, mirror many around Silbury Hill
and the Crop Circles in England -
Coincidentally I am writing a book on that
subject now.
The Bigelow Ranch

For the place society finds itself this day and in view of my own observations and research over my life time, this is
the best, sensible, serious and informative interview I have ever seen on the subject of the UFO,in the main stream

This is a very important stepping stone for those of us who have invested ourselves in this subject and for the curious
public. A corner has been turned. Listen carefully to what Luis Elizondo says here - keeping in mind, this military man
ran the top secret program and still has very high security clearance. Kudo's Ali Velshi and CNN.

Watch the Interview - 26th December, 2017

Passing of Robert Dean