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CA: The military helicopter almost touches down on top of the ancient
'Silbury Hill' as occupents keep an eye on the researchers in nearby
crop circle, minutes before they all experienced two bouts of missing
time. Photo taken from a laybye on A4 highway by nuclear scientist.
He also managed to video tape this helicopter buzz the team in the
field.  I have that video in CPR Archives.
Below was first published in the
Circles Phenomenon Research International Newsletter
Vol 3, Number 1, Summer 1994.
By Colin Andrews
Extracted from the CPR Archives.
The same military helicopter hovering over the researchers. Photo
taken by one of the researchers who herself experienced two bouts of
missing time and a small red prick mark discovered on her neck after
she eventually returned home, as did the others.
Mysterious Black American Cars, Missing
Time and other strange events - from New
York, USA to Avebury, England.
"Until we understand all this, UFOs and Crop Circles should
all be considered part of a larger agenda or process. Real
and even man-made" - Colin Andrews
Men in Black Captured
on Hotel CCTV

MIB's enter hotel lobby at Niagara
Men in Black and the mysterious black car.
What did actor/comedian Dan Aykroyd
witness? -
Colin Andrews

I was reminded today by my friend, former British journalist,
David Haith, of strange things that have happened to me and my
best friends.

It’s so easy to forget or conveniently push into the background
such inexplicable high strangeness events. It doesn't’t seem to
matter who you are or what you do, if you have that ‘thing’ inside
you that causes you to step out of the crowd in pursuit of the
unknown, watch out because in so doing it seems to me that its
that one decision which engages a process, some of which you
will be aware but not be able to rationalize and events almost
nobody will believe.

I know because I have had several myself, some of which have
been literally life changing and several of my friends have too.
Among them are well known people like Mike Pinder of ‘The
Moody Blues’, Reg Presley of ‘The Troggs’, Annie Haslam of
‘Renaissance’, Jon Anderson of ‘Yes’ and several others in
show biz like actress Shirley Maclaine and fellow actor/comedian
Dan Aykroyd who tells his own account below, of these
mysterious Men in Black and a disappearing black car. His
experience is by no means the only one.

Dan told me about this shortly after it happened in the center of
New York City after his Sci Fi television series I had taken part
in, was suddenly cancelled. Dan’s account follows this.

One of the most extraordinary events that happened in my more
than three decades of research into the crop circles and UFO
subjects involved several fellow researchers, one of whom was a
nuclear scientist working on top secret government work. I know
these people personally and trust them 100% and just like Dan,
their experience (which lasted several hours not seconds)
started with a black American car, for them it was in the center
of the ancient site of Avebury, England, instead of New York
City, USA.

The names of those involved have had to remain anonymous
for obvious reasons, but the double missing time they each
experienced in their car, the hovering black helicopter, nose
bleeds and marks on each body, was reported in the CPR
International Newsletter shortly after it happened as they left a
new crop circle design, now known to be man made (note how
all crop circles are important!!!!). The report from the CPR
Archive is now posted in the left column. It’s an important part of
this amazing journey but just one part.

So, what happened to Dan Aykroyd as published by Dan below?
January 2002 – 42nd Street, New York City, USA

In the must-see documentary Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged On UFO's
director David Sereda spoke to the legendary Ghost Buster
himself Dan Aykroyd about ufology (Dan is practically an expert
on the top) and other interesting things. At one point, Sereda
asked him to explain an MIB experience he had back in 2002.

Out There was filmed in late 2001 and early 2002 before it was
cancelled in January 2002. Dan mentions Britney calling him to
appear with him on SNL. The Saturday Night Live with Britney
Spears episode (with Dan) aired on February 2, 2002 (http://www.
imdb.com/title/tt0694810). She appeared on it to promote her
2002 movie Crossroads (which also starred Dan):

“What happened was, we sold the show to the Sci Fi Channel and
it was called Out There and I basically interviewed all of the
people I admired in various fields of study like Colin Andrews in
the crop circle movement, Linda Moulton Howe, the expert in
cattle mutilation, John Mack.... I talked to him. I talked to the
Allagash guys who were taken in a canoe in the trip in Maine and
I, I mean, the last show we did, I had both Bassett, who has the
UFO time clock and Greer, both Bassett and Greer were there.
They were my two guests for the two.

Well, the show was cancelled that afternoon and I was outside,
before I knew it was cancelled, in between the interviews and, uh,
I was outside and Britney Spears called me because she wanted
me to appear on Saturday Night Live with her. And so, I was
outside having a cigarette, the phone rang, I was like, 'Hello
Britney, how you doing?... Sure, of course I will...' I turned away
like this (moves head to left), I turned back (moves head back
towards camera) and there was a black Ford across the road, a
black Ford Sedan and I was trying to look at the plate but the
plate seemed kind of fuzzy and... Definitely a police car and two
guys were there and a big, big tall guy got out of the backseat
and he stood in the street, on 42nd Street it was. We were on
42nd Street and 8th avenue and he looked right at me and
literally, I was on the phone 'Sure I would love to' I look back, saw
the Ford, went back like this, turned back like a half a second
later, and it was gone and that car did not go past me. It did not
make a U turn because I would have seen... 42nd Street, I would
have seen that thing take a U turn and go away. That car
vanished! That car was a cloaked vehicle of some type and
whether this was like a warning to me because the guy that got
out of the backseat gave me a real dirty look. That car vanished. I
know what I saw. And it was just this fast, talking on phone, guy
gives me a dirty look, talking on phone, car gone. That's what

Then, two hours later, we were told to not continue taping and the
show was cancelled and none of them would air. I don't know. I
don't know. Was it an MIB experience? You know, black
helicopters, military abductions that happen, people are taken
and talk about being visited by military personnel and being
debriefed about their abduction. Was it technology associated
with some of these beings that are visiting? They wanted to warn
me off or they wanted to give me verification that I was on the
right track? I don't know. But I do know I turned back a second
later and it takes so long for an automobile accelerating from zero
to forty miles an hour to reach the corner of 8th Avenue and
42nd Street going past me and then pulling a U turn and going
out towards Times Square, I would have seen that car. And I
looked around. I mean, man, I was looking (!) and it was gone.
So, I don't know. The tapes exist, I have them, we're gonna try to
repackage them. We might put them out on DVD.”

Source: Dan Aykroyd, Dan Aykroyd on UFO'S Unplugged
Transcribed by Jamie Brian

Link for original story.
Dan was on the phone to Britney Spears on 42nd
Street, New York, outside the TV recording studios
when the
phantom car with men in black drove up.
Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live.
The car of CPR researchers lost a second period of time, this time two hours, after leaving location #5,
finding themselves driving in the wrong direction on a major highway outside a town 40 miles away.  
See report in left hand column.  - All original material in the Andrews Archives.
T284 - Crop Circle in field close to and south of Silbury
Hill.  A design which was the focus of several high
strangeness events.
Copyright: Colin Andrews, 1994
I have been lucky enough to have spent time personally with many well known people and many who are not in the public eye and have listened to remarkable experiences they
each had.  Some, such as Mike Pinder, of the
Moody Blues, had many and life changing too.  From left to right:  Dan Aykroyd story is above.  Reg Presley of The Troggs, watched
a TV news item about an incident that had not yet happened. Jon Anderson of
Yes, told me he witnessed an ET emerge in his Las Vegas hotel room. Annie Haslam of Renaissance,
witnessed an ET also at her home. Shirley Maclaine saw a UFO while in her garden with US Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Mike Pinder of the
Moody Blues, parked the vehicle in
which the band were driving back to London, England to observe a landed UFO at close quarters on the side of the M5 motorway. It had followed them for some miles.
A CONCLUSION: One thing I see in common with most of these reports is that the individuals are like myself,
they have stepped forward out of the crowd, seemingly called upon to dig and find answers.  The
experiences they have, turns on an emotional switch deep inside which is impossible to explain but once that
has been activated, its more than an excitement, its almost painful and you are onboard and focused upon
what appears to be
your? mission.  Sorry, but thats the way it seems to me. And so we evolve.

The desire to learn more about who or what is out there and music, invoke powerful emotions - that is the
spectrum that drives our bodies and is not lost on me either.

Pete Price (below) asked just this question: Why do these people have the experiences, are they selected?

Colin Andrews - April, 2016
May 26, 2011:'Late Night City' with Pete Price.
Since this interview the  latest findings have now been published in 'On the Edge of Reality'