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Heliacal rising of the galactic center: The galactic center is at approximately 26 degrees
Sagittarius. To explain this term, first we have to realize that our Earth, and its solar
system, are located on the outer edge of an arm in the spiral galaxy called the Milky Way.
When looking at the night sky in the summer months (winter in the Southern Hemisphere),
especially in late June at the Summer Solstice, the thick band of small stars that run
across the sky is actually a view of the entire galaxy edge-on, as seen from Earth.
However, in late December, the Earth-view is from the Milky Way, and looking outside the
galaxy, hence no thick band of stars. Heliacal rising is when a body or point in space first
is visible on the horizon (east), rising. When the Sun is in Sagittarius (November 24 to
December 21), it is on the same side as the galactic center is. On Dec 21, 2012, the
center of the galaxy (26 Sagittarius) will first appear on the horizon at dawn.

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From Colin Andrews:

Hello Ed,

I hope this finds you well.

You came into discussions I had last night with a group here. We were discussing a claim
put forward by 3-The millennium group (Alexey Dimitriev): - - that the Solar System is
rising up through the ecliptic plane of the galaxy and due to this the Solar System is
heating up. Is it true or just theory that we are in fact rising through the plane of the Milky
Way? I said I did not think there was real scientific evidence that it was so that I knew
someone who I could ask. I would very much appreciate your thoughts Ed.

Hi Colin - Your right.   The statement that the solar system is crossing the plane of the
galaxy is not correct. In fact, the plane of the galaxy is not even well defined - and it
doesn't make any sense to 'cross it'.   The plane, per say, is a  region with a thickness
which may extend a number of light years! So it would take hundreds of thousands of
years to pass through it - but even then, it's boundary is not defined.   I think the
millennium group should check their statement against the facts of modern astrophysics.   

Cheers, Ed
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On Wednesday this week, the 16th December 2009,  the sun ejected a huge plasma
plume towards Earth, due to arrive today. Cycle 24 is ramping up with two planet sized
sunspots now formed.

The same day, in one of the seismically quietest places in North America, Nebraska
mysteriously the earth shook with a 3.5 magnitude earthquake and minutes after at
around 9 pm CST, lightning-like flashes lit up the skies around the area of the quake.
Telephones in police departments and TV stations rang with reports of bright lights, loud
rumbles and shaking ground. Sky watchers, not only in southeastern Nebraska, but also
in neighboring Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas, saw a "bright fireball" with "green
streamers" moving from northwest to southeast.. Seismographs detected a magnitude
3.5 temblor centered near Auburn.  

Yesterday, the 17th Colliding Auroras produced an explosion of light, witnessed for the
first time. A network of cameras deployed around the Arctic in support of NASA's
THEMIS mission made a startling discovery about the Northern Lights. Sometimes, vast
curtains of aurora borealis collided, producing spectacular outbursts of light.

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