Another volcano causes plans for mass evacuation. This time it’s the
turn of the Southern Hemisphere and Volcano Gaua.
By Colin Andrews
April 19, 2010.

Eruption have increased at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu since January, 2010.  Since then
Ash emissions have reached a height 3000 m. Strombolian eruptions occurred on 24th
January. Explosions were seen and heard from villages on the east coast of Gaua on
29th January.

Water level in Lake Letas has risen up to 30 cm since 22nd January. People are
advised to avoid the volcano until further notice.

On the November 26 2009 there was an increase in activity at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu
which forced the evacuation of over 300 people from three villages on the west coast of
Gaua Island. People suffered from respiratory problems as strong winds carried the gas
and ash over villages.

Renewed eruptive activity occurred at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu on 14th December. Ash
emissions were darker than before, and fall in the western side of the island. On 17th
December 3000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide were emitted.
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As of the 7th of April, the analysis of data collected from the monitoring network of Gaua
volcano since October 2009 indicates the existence of volcanic tremor. The OMI satellite
images also show the abundance of gases emitted from this volcano daily. Field
observations reported by the Geohazards officer in Gaua confirmed significant change
of activity with ticker and higher emissions of ash columns. Since the end of
march/beginning of April 2010, the ash plumes height dwell between 7000 and 10000  
feet every day. Field reports also stated that the explosion sounds could be heard from
the villages daily. Moreover, starting from the 3rd of April 2010 the volcanic bombes
projections from Gaua volcano could be observed from all the coastal villages from the
north to the south of the island with reports of the ashfall.

According to Radio New Zealand International, Volcano Gaua in Torbo Province is in
danger of erupting and its inhabitance are being prepared to evacuate.

Vanuata Island of Gaua threatened by Volcano to evacuate.
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Posted at 07:53 on 19 April, 2010 UTC

Preparations are being made to evacuate nearly 3,000 people from the
Vanuatu island of Gaua after further threats from its volcano.

The Gaua volcano in Torba province began erupting seven months ago
and there has been renewed activity in recent weeks.

Government officials have been discussing the logistics of an evacuation,
but no date has been set.

A Department of Internal Affairs meeting last Thursday concluded there
was no alternative to evacuating the people of Gaua to Sola on Vanualava

From Sola most would be relocated to Leon Bay for up to a year, on land
owned by the Anglican Church of Vanuatu.

Others would be dispatched to other islands in Torba.

The meeting heard that the evacuation needs to take place as soon as
possible because the children on Gaua have been traumatised by the
eruption and this may affect their studies.

Late last year, about 300 residents on the western side of Gaua, who
were suffering from the effects of ash and gas, were relocated to villages
on the eastern part of the island.

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Google Earth have masked out most of the Vanuata Island.
Down wind from any ash cloud in the short term is likely to
move east across the vast Pacific Ocean towards the west coast
of the United States and Mexico.
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